HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS Y’ALL! We’ll be doing a livestream for you! The fans and movie lovers of our wonderful movie community.

The 25th Critics Choice Awards 2020 Livestream! This is a fair-use commentary and analysis based live broadcast of Critics Choice Awards!

LiveStream Schedule

3:30PM PST: Pre-show broadcast begins with a discussion about all nominations for The Critics Choice Awards ranging from our predictions, analysis and commentary. Q&A will be open to all viewers, preferably topically related to the awards but anything movie and industry-related will be allowed.

4:00PM – 7:00pm PST: The Livestream of the awards telecast will begin! We’ll provide light and non-intrusive commentary, attempt to answer awards related questions, and summarize the progress of the show during commercial breaks.

7:00-7:30PM PST: A brief wrap up of the awards will be discussed alongside Q&A before the stream ends promtly within 30 minutes.

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