Join me as I discuss A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

I briefly discuss my impression of the film in this spoiler-free review.

Watch now and see why Fred Rogers would be proud of this movie and Tom Hank’s performance.

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YouTube Transcript

hey neighbor thank you so much for
tuning in the movie pop let’s talk about
a beautiful day in the neighborhood it’s
a beautiful day in this neighborhood a
beautiful day for a neighbor would you
be mine could you be mine
please vote you be my neighbor
hello neighbor much like the beloved TV
personality that inspired it a beautiful
day in a neighborhood offers a
powerfully effecting message about
acceptance and understanding and yes
that is so absolutely true guys I’m
gonna call it 2019 best film nomination
and winner is going to be a beautiful
day in the neighborhood and Best Actor
nomination is gonna be Tom Hanks for his
portrayal as Fred Rogers in this movie a
beautiful day in the neighborhood my god
let’s start with the critic consensus
for this film it’s holding a 96% score
by critics followed by a 92% of
audiences so all around we’re being
swept up by the magic that as Mister
Rogers this phone I was not expecting to
be I was not expecting this film to be
so damn good it is it’s it’s it
transcends the the medium that is
filmmaking because when we go to watch a
film the other want to be entertained of
course we want to be entertained either
through action comedy some sort of drama
horror but very little or very
infrequently at least speaking for
myself do I go to watch a movie to be
inspired to be uplifted to have a
message from the film not only resonate
in terms of my viewing experience but
but but come out of the film and pour
into my life and genuinely affect my
thought process and my feelings on how I
should be as an individual and how I
should relate to others and this film
does that in spades Wow also doing
everything else you would expect a
quality film to do in terms of a viewing
experience it’s funny it’s heartfelt its
dramatic the cinematography is not only
beautiful but it’s inventive and unique
and also harkens back harkens back to
its original source material we’ve got
fantastic acting supported by a
brilliant screenplay
the music the message all of it a class
firing and also there’s easily the best
foam I’ve seen this year and honestly
the best foam I’ve seen in a long time
because of its message because it’s so
thought-provoking so inspiring so
heartfelt it will touch you and it will
move you and it really is just a triumph
of filmmaking this is not only the best
team this is not only the best film I’ve
seen all year it’s the best film I’ve
seen in a while and you know I knew like
seeing Tom Hanks America’s Sweetheart
playing the most revered American TV
personality ever seemed like a match
made in heaven and I thought you know
when I saw the trailers for this film I
was like yeah this week this looks good
I want to see this movie I’m interested
but I was not ready I was not ready for
how how effortlessly how effortlessly it
would sweep me off my feet and just
throw me into this world and then push
me back out into the normal real world
with such a feeling of elation and joy
so with that being said guys I’m gonna
have to give a beautiful day in the
neighborhood a perfect 5 out of 5 bags
of popcorn it is a triumph of filmmaking
it is wonderful marvelous there are so
many wonderful things I can say about it
there is nothing negative I can say
about this movie and I can only import
you dear viewers to go watch this movie
it just truly worth your time I can’t
wait to see this movie again so with
that being said guys listen if you want
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