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alright guys is this gonna be a Suicide
Squad version 2.0 just a crappy you know
a half legged reboot or will this really
stand on its own and really live up to
the praise this film is getting let’s
find out this is the review for birds of
prey the fantabulous emancipation of one
Harley Quinn can I help you hi yes yes
you can I’m here to report a terrible
crime and what terrible crime is that I
told this all wrong with a fresh
perspective some new friends and loads
of fast paced action birds of prey
captures the coaly an Arctic spirit of
Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn all right
so that’s the critic consensus for the
film it’s currently holding 86% from
critics followed by an 88% from
audiences so we’re kind of on the same
page pretty much only 2% difference
basically on the same page a lot of hype
for this film which was funny because
let’s start with my expectations for
this we had two trailers released before
the film came out you had you know two
camps of people who had said looks great
looks colorful looks fun loving it I
want to see it and others who are like
damn this just looks straight stupid I
was not among the latter now I’ll let
you know right off the bat I did not
watch Suicide Squad in its full length
I’ve only seen clips cuz I wanted to see
what was up with Jared letters Jared
Leto’s Joker
I saw the ending with The Enchantress
but that’s basically about it and I
don’t have any ties to the source
material either so just full disclosure
right out of the gate but I saw the two
trailers and I’m like damn dude if color
colored me tickle if I’m not like I’m
totally engaged I want to see what this
this movie is gonna be like because it
seems to be like a fun quirky you know
cinematic experience and
yeah you know and I’m a well I’m among
one of the people actually who
appreciated the title call it long call
it what you will but you know it damn it
in the world of fast enough furious
we’re just reducing it down to f9 and
you have literally banks who like
shorten their name from Washington
Mutual hello my name is Johnson and
would you like to make it deposit at
Washington Mutual down to uh hello my
name’s Johnson would you like to make it
deposit at wamu or like you know places
like beverages and more you know we have
fine beverages and spirits being reduced
to a y’all want to get some moonshine
and like III really I hate like be
the dumbing down of our culture like I
can pronounce words with more than two
syllables so get on them for this title
anyways the point is I was totally
engaged and guys let’s just jump right
into the pros for this film
it’s a beautiful fun r-rated movie and I
mean that truly it’s a fun film and it’s
an r-rated film so you really have these
two kind of diametrically opposed themes
in a film that are just like balanced so
well I thought the fight choreography
was great I thought the acting was
fantastic I loved the soundtrack
I love the the sound design especially
with regards to the fight choreography
like when those punches happen like you
felt like that boom you know like a damn
these babes are kicking butt and taking
names and you know it it’s funny too now
I’m not talking like mom me enough
live from hooting and hollering like
that kind of funny but you know if I had
an internal monologue which I do 24/7
please God deliver me some xanax if I
had in the Troma monologue which I do
you know I will be laughing internally
which I did throughout this film so it
wasn’t like a laugh out loud but you
know I was amused it was great so you
know all around guys I really don’t have
anything negative
say about this film but I do recognize I
do have a really big blind spot and this
has to do with the source material in
terms of the narrative from the source
material with regards to birds of prey
and also some of the characters in this
film so as I said in the beginning of
this I have no knowledge of it but what
I’ve understood to be the case is that
they’re taking some serious liberties
with the characters backstories
ethnicity is really not an issue so much
but more their backstories for sure
their powers just who they are as
characters and also just the whole
narrative of birds of prey
now as a first-time viewer to this whole
concept it didn’t bother me in the least
I enjoyed the characters I enjoyed the
narrative all of it to me it was
I had no frame of reference in which to
compare the movies characters to the
source material but I really do take
issue when you have Studios basically
appropriating characters and totally
like just neutering them like why even
take that character from a source and
not adapt it to screen in any reasonable
way like why at that point you just mad
as well call them something else name
them something else who are you trying
to you know garner attention from if
it’s not the original fans who would
know who these characters are versus you
know people like me who don’t know who
they are so they wouldn’t know the
difference so even why even bother
having the name attached to it to begin
with and you know I always reference
this film right here ghost in the shell’
you know it really it teetered on the
edge of really kind of messin with the
characters now I will say I think this
was a faithful adaptation of the source
material that aside whenever I do see
properties that I don’t have any
intimate knowledge of and hear from
those who do have intimate knowledge of
it and are frustrated with the fact that
it’s been changed so drastically I
really do feel for them and I think
Studios should stray as far away from a
reality and when they when they do
something like that just doesn’t make
sense but that aside guys that’s really
the only con I could say I had for this
foam my final thoughts on it are it’s a
quirky funny and fantabulously
wacky zany r-rated film it was a treat
for me to watch especially in this month
of January as we’re beginning to close
it out February its February now guys so
forget that but all the same beginning
of 2020 I think birds of prey is
definitely worth a watch especially this
weekend it’s coming up you know so guys
hit it up my score for the film I’m
gonna give it four out of five bags of
popcorn so DC I think you’re on a roll
here guys so hey listen if you want to
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