Here’s a small breakdown followed by my take on the situation over at Collider for those who already caught up with the news. Collider CEO Marc Fernandez is hosting a town hall live stream. There are a lot of hate videos about this subject, let’s keep respectful decorum and discuss it before the official Livestream and after!


2:30 PM PST (Pre Show discussion, Q&A super chat)

3:00 PM PST (Rebroadcast of Collider Town Hall with text-based live chat Q&A) On Air Q&A + discussion to follow the conclusion of Collider broadcast.)

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the movie pop presents the collider
townhall 2020 discussion brought to you
by the idiot
DJ Washington of movie pop guys this is
a live broadcast we are broadcasting
live to you from southern sexy
California and I wanted to talk with you
and hear your thoughts your opinions on
the latest controversy that is going
down over at Collider so we have seen
recent statements regarding CEO mark
Fernandez and the new content on
Collider now what’s up guys I’m a little
embarrassed to say I’m totally
sleep-deprived I am overwhelmed with the
amount of work that I’m doing on the
channel here trying to bring you quality
content and I’m trying to jump on things
as soon as I see them to bring you like
the latest news as quickly as possible
for some reason Twitter notified me that
mark Fernandez just posted that he’s
gonna have a live stream about a town
hall again I’m like wow this is really
big news because he’s already done this
once he’s appeared on Campea um so why
he’s coming back he’s got more to say
like I’ve gotta cover this as it turns
out after having a quick power nap and
getting ready for this broadcast solve
it the timestamp and it’s like January 7
oh my god damn it I missed it about
about 20 weeks late so but it’s a cool
opportunity anyways because I would love
to have my lovely fantastic community
and viewers in discussion here either in
comments live chat the super chat any of
that and also really just to get my
thoughts out on the subject matter here
because you know I am a huge fan of
Collider I always have been
and I still AM and despite really some
of the troubling issues they are going
through right now I’m really I’m rooting
for Marc Fernandez I’m rooting for the
channel I think they can be emblematic
of the phrase the comeback kids and you
know rising from the ashes like a
Firebird Phoenix into the sky that is
moving news reviews and all that good
stuff while also pushing the channel
forward into the future where some of
the stuff CEO mark Fernandez does want
to do for the channel so let’s get a
couple things I’ll give you my my kind
of money my take on this subject here
we’ll keep the live stream short today
since apparently there is no Town Hall
we had a discussion I’d like to start
off first with with my boy mr. John
Campea and he he’s about the snort some
snort some cocaine and tell us his
thoughts on the subject I never said a
thing a lot of stuff went on over there
I always just completely kept my mouth
shut I said no that’s that’s not my
place to get involved or I’m not gonna
say anything
I’m not gonna reference anybody there
I’m not gonna say anything and I stayed
absolutely quiet for two and a half
years damn until yesterday and yesterday
I I tried to still be very fair and I
thought I was very even-handed and I
thought I was fair but I cannot not say
about this all right this is something I
cannot stay quiet on now there is a
little dick weasel huh that works over
at Collider yes by the name of Jack hind
I’ve never met this kid I’ve never met
this infant this child who knows nothing
I’ve never met this kid all right
so I I have no I’ve never had any
opinion about him I I just don’t never
had any opinion about him
so yesterday on the heels of Collider
which again as I said yesterday they
made some decisions that they wanted to
make for their own company that’s within
there right let’s see what happens blah
blah but after canceling all the shows
that made Collider what it is guess what
nobody knows the name Collider
video if it wasn’t for all those people
and all those shows and that community
that was built and 600,000 subscribers
later none of that exists and this
rolling around in his diapers Jack hind
Dixit wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t
for all those things all right but they
pulled the plug on it okay new direction
I get it what happens fine
this jackass this insufferable little
twit gets on Twitter yesterday
and I’m gonna show you what this kid now
this kid jack conte he is the number-two
guy from everything that I’m told he is
the number-two guy over at Collider he
is the number-two guy over at Collider
okay other than the big guy who owns it
next the most influential guy over there
is this kid Jack hind who I don’t even
know if he’s an apparently was a very
nice event come on brother praying what
this take me to church individual
decided to tweet out I I was at a loss
for words all right come on you got
here’s what it was now Scott mance who
by the way just to be clear I was just
talking on the phone with Scott man so
about a week ago I have all the respect
in the world for Scott man I love Scott
man’s let’s just be clear about this is
nothing to do with Scott Scott’s a
wonderful individual I have all the
respect in the world for Scott man’s
Scott man’s very excitedly tweets out
this thing about how he did this QA with
the with the cast of Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood part of the four year
consideration of Lee a Collider show
that they’re doing which is awesome
that’s great fantastic by the way
just so you know the last episode I had
some people reading to me two points up
the last episode of Jedi Council on that
show has more views than every episode
of for your consideration put together
but on top of this great positive thing
that Scott mance puts out the sharing
this great fun moment and all all right
guys I’m gonna I’m gonna cut it there
for a bit just because I’m sure this is
old news anyway you know I’m trying to
wait for Jon to get to the point here
but he’s tickling our balls he’s
following us you know he’s building up
the anticipation for eventually where
Jack Hine did have to say I think we all
know what the issue with that is so you
know as you can see her Collider is just
getting it’s just getting Slams everyone
is on
our man is on the decisions he
made the direction the channel has been
going in for some time now after cambia
left after harloff left after the late
john schnap you know had his untimely
departure so on so far man I think first
and foremost what needs to be done I
mean here are some issues here are the
issues with Collider impressed
Jack Hunt number one and that’s why I
put John Campea on the video Jack Hein
needs to have a public apology as far as
like what reprimand mark Fernandez
should give him that’s that’s really
it’s not up to us and it’s not really a
public thing I don’t think either but I
think a public apology for sure yeah
absolutely like let us know that you are
feeling some sort of you know entity for
the viewers who have lost you know
they’re fantastic David shows I’m among
one of it now let’s talk about the
direction that Collider is going
apparently he wants to push forward more
things like for your consideration which
I think conceptually is a really cool
idea not only because one you get to go
there live as a participant and intended
and see you know Hollywood actors and
directors have a Q&A; after the screening
of a film at the awesome Arclight
theaters I think that’s an awesome
fantastic idea but and now this might be
a little anecdotal and a little
premature to say but I had tried
watching the most recent upload they had
for a bong joon-ho it’s Q&A; on parasite
and you know part of the issue is
tangentially related to some of the
other issues with Collider it’s a little
PC it’s a little milquetoast you know
just like lowball questions and like I
don’t care about celebrity content like
that where it’s like you know the
interviewer is like oh hey uh well what
did you think about our working work on
so-and-so on set and they’re like oh you
know like someone saw was such a treat
to work with you know every day was like
magic and fairy Rambo shooting outside
the directors ass and you know I really
just can’t wait to get that but scream
of magic but one in my face again you
know it’s just just absolutely fantastic
like I don’t I don’t care about that
kind of content you know like fans like
me fans like you we like to watch Campea
we like to watch Robert Andy signor
Mark Ellis so on so forth because we
identify with them with the content that
produced the community they’ve built
what they’ve built for us we relate to
them as specific people who just love
movies and like you know watching an
actor or actress speak about the
fantastic time they had on set which is
most likely you know pretty much PR
gloss ad infinitum it’s not interesting
so I think with the for your
consideration series I think
conceptually it’s a great idea but they
should be diving deeper something
similar along to what The Hollywood
Reporter is doing with their roundtable
series I mean really getting into the
Nitty Gritty like kind of like
methodology and the whole like psyche of
like actors in terms of like what their
experience and views are for the present
and future films that are doing and also
in the past as well I think that’s it’s
wildly fantastic widely engaging and
something some kind of content you
really can’t get anywhere else because
especially because of the fact it’s
long-form now one of the issues I think
that’s most totally unforgivable is the
fact that the way Mark Fernandez
unceremoniously fired the staff
totally what that half bro you know I
can forgive him for the business
decisions decisions he would like to
make and he has made I may not agree
with him but I can forgive them but I
think one thing one course of action he
has done and marfan I’m just speaking
truthfully to you bro and in terms of
like how content creators are and how
they should be I think we should be as
close to the truth as possible because I
have tweeted at you that hey man if
you’re looking to make more movie
content more um more fantastic content
creators on your channel you want to
bring them on board the smaller
youtubers you said you wanted to bring
on your channel
I told you man hit me up I’m totally
willing and calm the collider I’d love
to be there but I’m also I’m not a I’m
not a bullshitter bro so I just want to
say this truthfully to you you know what
happened with the staff the way they’re
unceremoniously fired without advance
notice despite what the law may say is
acceptable it was a total like dick move
just 110% like two-week notice bro
that’s all you got to do at minimum at
least give them the time to kind of you
know collect your bags and put their
underwear back on before you kick their
ass outside the house bread you know and
if I’m gonna be working for you I sure
as hell don’t want to be kicked outside
your house butt naked into the cold
Street slipping on sliding on the ice
your icy roads of Los Angeles you know
I’m saying man so yeah but you know
here’s one fact I think might be the
case for one one thing I think might be
a fact or the case I think separate from
the whole firing issue for staff I think
quite or might be paradox paradoxically
one of the too-big-to-fail things
especially in terms of life
what kind of traction the kind of
pathway they had set themselves up to be
on and where they were going and what I
mean by this is obviously they’re trying
to you know cozy up to the big Hollywood
studios and you know consequently you
begin to sell your soul
bit by bit and that kind of snowballs
into what the eventualities presumably
has become for Collider where their
content is just so light washed and
boring and not truthful or honest you
know it was like years if I wanted to
watch this crap I’d watch Entertainment
Tonight or whatever the hell that show
was called it’s inside Wheatley whatever
the crap that was on broadcast TV that
nobody watches anymore except your old
grandma but you know we come to YouTube
because we want to get some real ish so
but you know hey let’s move into the
pros because I’m always I’m future
forward I’m holy of the mind that second
chances should be given and I think
Collider really is a hallmark in the
movie fandom community on YouTube and I
would really really truly genuinely like
to see them move forward because I think
some of some of the new ideas Marc
Fernandez has are just absolutely
fantastic you know the deep fake things
hope wildly hilarious does seem to have
a shelf life however but you know as
long as we’re innovating and doing you
know short form content that can
complement your longer form content that
does build community as Campea has so
eloquently talked about at length on his
channel as long as you can keep that
momentum going yeah I think it’s a great
addition to the channel I would like to
see the movie news the movie talk come
back bring some fresh blood some some
fresh sexy individuals like myself or
anybody else on YouTube there’s so many
you can pick from so many bigger names
than I better names than I for sure just
make it happen
it’s totally within your grasp like you
could do it right now
no excuses there yeah I think that’s
about it that’s a wrap for the the whole
whole town hall discussion we were
planning to have here so I’m not gonna
bother playing the video of Marc
Menendez talking you know we’ve all seen
it I’ve seen it we’ve talked about it at
length so apologies and also you’re
welcome for giving you my side of the
opinion here so with that being said
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much for watching and stay sexy
oh man I am so glad to be done recording
I hate doing you – oh god I’m still over
40 I’m just playing with you I know you
guys were there alright guys see you
it’s these assholes on YouTube man