so bonds like raj morphin power yeah
it’s me nice bull clip sir I got your
letter long time long time I realize I
know nothing about you boy your mom
really doesn’t talk about me does she
oh really
what hey it’s dad he’s he’s not how I
imagined dinner he’s not mr. guitars
quit a while around
why did you ask me to come here I don’t
want to discuss it I need to know why
you sent that letter I gotta take a crap
I know what’s happening you got no idea
what’s happening here
boy I want to pick the i0 I got this
theory bad guys have eyes and look like
not a murderer you just kill somebody
who knows maybe we’ll end up being best
friends today what the hell tinnitus for
right what the hair looks interesting
reminds me of um reminds me of the one
in the tower the black-and-white one
White House yes buzzer that also reminds
me of the Nicolas Cage and Mandy the
trailer which I have not seen the film
but same kind of tone yeah for sure it’s
a real horror comedy movie yeah alright
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