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Hey guys, thank you so much for tuning into movie pop and today I’m going to be talking with you about the modern Masterpiece it’s called Joker. We all know about it, it’s finally here and for those of you who have not seen this movie yet, WTF bro…you need to see this film! It’s a modern masterpiece. So let’s just dive right into it right now, it’s holding a 68% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes…another WTF…critics, what the hell are you talking about! It’s also followed by an 89% score from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences, thank you so much…you do have a brain! So let’s just dive right into the critic consensus for this film. WOO BOY! Alright. “Joker gives its Infamous Central character a chillingly plausible origin story that serves as a brilliant showcase for its star (that’s Joaquin Phoenix) and a dark Evolution for Comic inspired Cinema” Man, what a freaking awesome summary of this film because I want to follow up on this towards the end of the review, which I do hope you stick around for and you do watch.

My question that I’m asking myself and ultimately will answer by giving you my opinion about this film is, is it a masterpiece? We’ll find out! I want to cover some of the pros and cons of the film leading into my thoughts and before we do that let’s just talk about the obvious 800-pound gorilla in the room. There’s been a lot of chatter and Noise online about this film even before it hit theaters because it did Premiere at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year to critical Acclaim and then was met by a barrage of online articles concerned about the Joker being a means to incite violence amongst incels, that’s “involuntary celibate” white men of this country to promote some sort of a rallying cry for them to have gun violence in theaters. This is a bunch of bunk B.S. We’ve heard this thing since the Inception of “bad films” and video games in the early 1990s. it’s a really old and tired line from people that really just don’t get it.

Movies and video games don’t incite violence. You need to already have a deranged mind, to begin with. it could be anything as, something as simple as you giving someone a compliment that would set them off…because perhaps they would interpret it the wrong way! Because guess what guys? Their brain is all kinds of crazy, all right! So enough about that, because kind of the running theme circulating around this movie is about the controversy and honestly I separate myself from mainstream media. So this really is not so prevalent to me as much as I’m seeing articles and commentators talking about the quote-unquote prevalence of this concern or controversy about the issue. So let’s absolve ourselves of that and get into the pros alright!

Cinematography, guys this is directed by Todd Phillips, you know him from The Hangover Trilogy, Old School, etc. He’s a comedy film director who’s starting to break the mold into some very serious drama as we can tell with this fantastic film Joker. Cinematography, it’s absolutely fantastic. I mean, Todd Phillips had a vision for this, right down to the title card sequences that are shown during the beginning of this film! You have the classic Warner Brothers Studios film logo and the film’s title card actually on animation stands! That’s a Celluloid print of the text that is overlaid on the film, so you have a nice film grit. It doesn’t look super sharp, it looks like something out of or based in the 1970s or ’80s, which obviously this film is set in. So, thank you, Todd Phillips, for that fantastic attention to detail.
The pacing of this film, all fantastic! Acting obviously…we’ve got Joaquin Phoenix, we’ve got Robert DeNiro, both fantastic actors of their times respectively helming this project. We have a fantastic supporting actress Zazie Beetz and everyone else involved in this film, every single actor, every single set-piece, everything you see in this movie is completely believable! It just transcends, really does transcend what we are typically used to seeing in a comic book film. This really does break the mold for the genre and is amongst a category unto itself. now the acting of drink.

Joaquin Phoenix is genuinely a fantastic actor and really he’s the new Joker! Heath Ledger is fantastic, I love his performance…but in comparison, especially when you pair them up with the run times of their time on-screen respectively…Joaquin Phoenix carries this whole movie, there’s basically not a single frame of this film that doesn’t involve Joaquin Phoenix and by contrast, Heath Ledger probably has a total of maybe 10 minutes speaking time in The Dark Knight. Not much time to really flesh out of character, not saying Heath Ledger is not capable of it, obviously, he is, but he didn’t have the opportunity to really dive into a character study as Joaquin Phoenix did in this film.

The score for this film is by Hilder Guðnadóttir… Good God Almighty, please forgive me I don’t speak Icelandic. I can’t pronounce that last name but you do know the composer of this film! He did the score for Chernobyl which was a fantastic mini-series on HBO. It’s brooding, it’s dark, it really just invoked a sense of dread, drama, tension and anything you could expect and ask for provided the tone of this film. So a couple of other things here, Joaquin Phoenix really sell this on the whole concept about the reason why the Joker laughs. I thought was a very inventive very fresh take on it it’s an involuntary reflex for one of the several mental diseases that Joaquin Phoenix has and then lastly…the last two things I want to cover with you are pros for the Film.

I love how they tied Crime Alley into this, because you do have to wonder with the previous versions of the Batman stories on film and of course from the original source material…you have to wonder why an affluent family like the Waynes were ever walking down crime alley. Surely they have a driver or Butler who could lead them to a car and drive them home. Why would they ever be putting themselves in that situation? But of course, as this film displays, it’s the incitement of the riots that are just consuming Gotham City, that leads and forces them to go through this Crime Alley and ultimately meet their end. I thought that was fantastic and very very very smart. Before that of course I I failed to mention the end monologue for the Joker when Joaquin Phoenix has or I’m sorry Arthur flat comes into full form that ending my any Millard I mean the tension is just being cranked up all the way past 11 until it’s a final end result where we see Franklin Murray meet his Ant-Man so you know this is a Scorsese film SRA Scorsese inspired film Taxi Driver the king of comedy were largely huge influences for the storm this conversation around whether or not taking such a large influence from these films is cheap and no absolutely not and I’ll tell you why let me give you a prime example Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and his phones have existed in the public mine for decades they’ve been available to other filmmakers before this film yet no one has able and no one has been able to take fortunes or influence from his Film Forum a joker narrative ask herhas Todd Phillips have done in this film so just simply say that although it’s cheating to take influence from Martin Scorsese account at discount that just flat-out I don’t agree and that’s one reason why one very large and important reason why to summarize this film is about mental health issues class Warfare and what happens when the institutional levers of society fail a Broken Man in every possible respect that every action you could possibly imagine and what the end result of that could possibly be that’s it and it’s it’s a chilling Prospect to think about and to engage the audience about and to really just bring pause to us as a people as a society in into thinking that we need to have more empathy for those who are economically at the bottom or dealing and struggling with mental health issues and brings into account these things and that’s that’s all the storm is talking about aAnd I really I do what I command Empire commended for bringing this to to the large screen format into this comic-book narrative and really just invigorating the character with a brand new perspective that I honestly I want to see more I want a full Trilogy of this I want Todd Phillips attack of the Batman Universe I think he is more than competent to do this so what’s my score is this a masterpiece you notice I gave you plenty of Pros no cons and I’ve tried to scatter my mind is there anything about this film I don’t like a genuinely honestly know there isn’t so with that I’m done definitely I’m going to have to credit this as a masterpiece I’m going to get it a five out of five bags of popcorn this film is this it’s it’s I’m speechless it’s fantastic. So with that being said guys if you want to see more awesome movie reviews trailer reactions make sure the tune in to our YouTube channel follow us on social media you can find all those links right down below like comment subscribe all that good stuff and thank you again for watching.