Join me as I discuss MIDWAY! I briefly discuss my impression of the film in this spoiler-free review.

Roland Emmerich’s bag-o-shite Naval blockbuster is here!

TAKE COVER! RUN! Do anything but watch this crip crap movie.

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YouTube Transcript

alright guys welcome back the movie pop
oh Jesus Christ let’s talk about Midway
there’s this kid you didn’t think he
could cut it I figured it was just the
usual jitters I take him under my wing
he was wanting to be scared
pearl harbors the greatest intelligence
alright guys so currently on Rotten
Tomatoes the critics have it right this
time it’s holding a 42% rating by
critics followed by a 92% from audiences
god damn mindless patriots mindless
patriots is the only reason you would
give this film a 92% you you have to be
among the audience stop I saw this movie
with who are literally clapping and
screaming and hooting hollering after
the film was overly America we did it
nude this film site its site it’s sucked
with a big fat ass I’m gonna say Hellboy
was the worst film I saw this year this
is right there number 2 right with it I
was struggling the whole time trying to
watch this movie I fell asleep
probably about 3/4 of the way through I
was falling asleep beforehand but I was
trying to keep myself awake and I just I
gave into it because it just became
readily apparent to me that this film
really had no true artistic depth and
just the acting the the dialogue of the
CGI was hit or miss in action the pacing
of it all it was just so tongue-in-cheek
so run-of-the-mill so just blase boring
nothing I this film did not need to be
made like besides the fact that you want
to get in a great big blockbuster
spectacular before the holiday Veterans
Day I think it was I don’t know hey my
bad anyhow doesn’t matter this movie
don’t go see it don’t give any more
money to it this film
Roland Emmerich Roland Emmerich I think
produced and directed this or one of the
other either way he’s involved with it
you know it’s gonna be a big heaping
pile of crap as every single film he’s
done since independence day has been
independence today being the one I give
a pass for I think it’s a guilty
pleasure I think we all can agree with
that but it does have its merits it
truly does have its merits we won’t get
into that because we’re not talking
about Independence Day we’re talking
about Midway and honestly I think we’ve
already talked about it enough this film
don’t see it it’s a certified
action boys stinker I’m gonna give it 2
out of 5 bags of popcorn the poop of
Lawrence so guys spare yourselves don’t
see this not worth your time not on
video and demand not on netflix not in
any format you could possibly imagine
this movie sucks and with that guys make
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you and of course thank you so much for