Let’s review this twisted AF and spooky trailer for SAINT MAUD! From the demented minds working at A24 studios comes a nerve-wracking feast for your eyes!

YouTube Transcript


dear God your presents graces the air
and soon everyone see somebody’s freaky
for Jesus and alright you want yes hi it
takes nothing special to mop up after
the dying they’re prettier than the last
but to save a soul has quite something
bless Amanda’s body and bless her mind
which is shrouded in darkness it’s like
he’s physically in me it’s how he guides
me my little Saviour
Hey what you up to
idle private Kara you still miss him
well I know what happened oh the good
girls good cuz even got her so I just
want to see you loosen up I’ve got more
important things on my mind him
yeah nothing worthwhile comes easy you
must be the loneliest girl I’ve ever
I’m ready and open in life no no don’t
do it
what if I’m getting it all wrong the sky
of what fuck these movies just wait here
it’s coming spring 2020 Wow shit looks
good I have faith and confidence in a 24
really have faith in my movie intended
yes nice all right gotta have faith all
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