Time to engage! Jean-Luc Picard is back! Let’s talk about episode 1 of Star Trek: Picard in my spoiler-free review right MEOW!

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tract nothing but star trek sorry I
guess I’m not Jeremy Johnson this is not
Star Wars this is Star Trek Picard and I
see alright guys I just saw the first
episode for Star Trek Picard it just
dropped on CBS all access last night a
23rd of January and man you know there
were ooh man there was a lot of negative
press regarding the I guess the press
screenings that happened in London some
initial reactions some people saw oh god
man I don’t know if it was because my
expectations were so Lord and because
I’ve really began to hate what they’ve
done to Star Trek with Star Trek
discovery but who I can I can
confidently tell you this was a
fantastic first episode for Star Trek
Picard and let me let me tell you I am
totally a huge Star Trek nerd and the
next generation is my bread and butter
and if there’s no better perfect way for
me to tell you this and prove it to you
what is this this is a freakin Star Trek
next generation coloring book okay now I
haven’t colored in it I’m not that much
if in order to spend my time coloring a
but this property is near and dear to me
so let’s just talk about this this first
episode I will tell you without spoiling
it the tone is fantastic I’m loving I’m
loving the tone I’m loving the the fact
that this does have you know really
actually very well executed action
sequences but they’re used so so
sparsely this really does seem to be a
series that we’ll be focusing on like
what we know John Luke Picard for being
which is a diplomat a very well-spoken
diplomat at that so we of course want to
have great dialogue lengthy monologues
just good on camera person-to-person
discussion so awesome the beginning of
this episode there is a nice little
Easter egg and there are a couple
actually Easter eggs throughout this
episode I think we’re really cool the
first one in particular literally had me
shouting out in joy like oh they’re
showing us that oh dang cool I will say
though you know it’s unfortunate because
I don’t think the CGI will hold up over
time as compared to the effects we’ve
seen with some of the practical models
on next generation but it was cool to
see this rendered in you know 20/20
visual effects so awesome jean-luc
Picard Patrick Stewart of course he’s
doing his thing commands the screen
awesome brent Spiner making a guest star
appearance awesome
you know the secondary protagonists were
perhaps will be the protagonists of the
season it’s unclear how this is going to
play out thus far with a storyline but
he you know it’s it’s good they did a
really cool sleight of hand here because
you might say oh man she’s totally
overpowered total MarySue but you know
the reason they explain why she is quote
a Mary Sue like from the get-go makes
complete sense it total logical like 100
percent seal there as far as we can tell
so far so you know Star Trek is not
famous for having very strong starts or
even a strong first season so because of
the fact that I was so impressed with
this show from the get-go right from the
start I’m really I’m holding up high
hopes right now now I will I am a little
reticent because of you know what
they’ve done with the property for the
past decade now in the films with
discovery but this is looking good guys
so I just wanted to give you my initial
reaction a little short review without
really explaining anything at all I
think that’s really the best way for you
to dive into this so Star Trek Picard
episodes one we’re gonna discuss the
whole season I’m totally ready to do
this Trekkie and me the nerd and me the
next generation dude like check this out
let me show you something first like
this is how much I
Star Trek next generation hey buddy hey
yeah give me a spinning around oh damn I
look hot in a Starfleet uniform awesome
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