you know that crazy ex who had mood
swings and brought your reality into a
constant roller coaster of battered
emotions and bouts of joy that’s how I
feel with Star Trek Picard so far and
here we are four episodes in now I began
impressed with the show on the first
episode only to see a dive into schlock
during episodes 2 & 3 furthermore I felt
super stupid for liking it with the
likes of doom talk red letter media and
other YouTube pundits who totally ripped
a hole and need logic the narrative
framework of Star Trek Picard in
relationship to its predecessor Star
Trek The Next Generation now don’t get
me wrong
episode 4 was full of stupid little
things and had moments of genuine
horniness but it did ultimately present
an interesting portrait of jean-luc
Picard as an ambassador in distress at
the behold of a covertly usurped
Federation it also had fantastic acting
but you know it’s gonna be bogged down
by some Kurtzman Lovell hit-or-miss
dialogue and totally spa spotty plot
logic now I love the cinematography for
this series I know a lot of people
aren’t on board with the JJ version of
the visual look of this film I however
have been a fan since its inception and
Star Trek 2009 the Dutch angles in this
series the lens flares all the dolly and
crane shots III think all of this is
just fantastic cinematography and really
does lend credit to this high budget
television series that gives it a
cinematic look as opposed to the often
static single shot framing in the next
so I appreciate it and I think it’s
something they should continue with for
because in the modern world 2020 you’ve
got to have something better than what
was done in the 80s now I’d like to
preface this review and break down with
one simple observation I’ve made myself
and it seems to me that it’s very
fashionable right now to hate on our
largest franchises be it Star Wars Star
Trek or in the rare cases of the MCU
captain marvel or anything that has to
do with this slightest hint of what
culture and feminism and often this is
done to great acclaim with very probable
cause don’t get me wrong I’m often on
board with these causes however I do
find it beneficial to remove oneself
from the herd of mob mentality online
and then to further more remove oneself
from personal non-contributing
expectations of any franchise and to
take into account the perspective of a
production crew and their work and also
their opinions on the subject I
complained about the quote slow pace of
Picard getting into space and don’t get
me wrong it did feel that way and it
does feel that way but conversely if I
were to go on a tangent about the
opposite situation in which they if they
sent Picard into space too quickly I’d
be right and lockstep with the rest of
the internet hating on that in the
similar to how everyone said oh whoa
raisin Mary Sue and she got her powers
so quick or mine are known or not well
okay all right well now they’re doing
the opposite they’re taking their time
they’re building the narrative out like
let’s just hang in there and see like
what the outcome is before really
jumping to this this critical mass of
just complete disdain for what we’re
seeing and like I said I don’t get me
wrong like there are so many like
narrative and science I fight ropes that
are just mind-boggling bad but I want to
give them a pass and the larger
framework of seeing what
doing here and I want to show more
appreciation for what they’re doing and
then give constructive criticism to the
series because honestly reading and
listening to all these commentators on
Twitter and YouTube is quite mentally
exhausting and I think we need to have
somebody stand up and be a voice for
positivity and constructive criticism so
thus is the impetus of my refrain from
reviewing individual episodes of Piccard
until the actual narrative has been
allowed to play out and breathe however
I’m pleased to say with episode 4 I
think we’re back informed guys I really
really enjoyed this episode like don’t
get me wrong there are moments that they
were definitely cringe-worthy because it
was so sappy or campy or there was some
narrative like leaps or just plot holes
and logic but on the whole I think
episode 4 of card really if if what
we’ve seen if per card so far was a a
metaphorical shield of crap episode 4
had some chinks in that shield of crappy
armor and the essence of Star Trek The
Next Generation was able to shine
through – brilliant excellence I may be
speaking personally or perhaps in
conjunction on behalf with a
considerable portion of Trek fans
wanting per car to be TNG the next
generation 2.0
captain no I must as a matter of fact be
getting back to the British we are
exploring the unknown captain perhaps I
should remain and further entertain our
guests no now if this were honestly the
case guys like let’s think about this
have a thought experiment if we had the
next generation 2.0 basically a frame
for frame reboot with some minor
alterations you know the internet would
probably bash this for being a complete
total rehash or nostalgia Laden
fanservice facsimile of the next
generation the truth of the matter is
this the next generation was lightning
in a bottle and attempting to recapture
it is almost surely a fool’s errand the
best way forward is with a new story
that pays homage to the past stories and
let its spirit shine through in a new
way through a new story at least
initially before coming to a conclusion
that slowly winds down with work hard in
a familiar TNG setting that we yearn for
before once again culminating into a
finale worthy of all good things I think
that’s the best way to go about it let’s
start off with something new let’s let
it play out
let’s see Picard land in a familiar
place and then let’s kind of you know
lean into that familiar place for a
little while because this is the last
time we’re gonna see it guys and then
finally bring it to a close with an
all-out banger like all good things so
first off guys let us rejoice in the
very fact that we are bearing witness to
a series centered around the greatest
Starfleet captain of all time at least
right now we’re getting to see our
favorite character back again before his
eventual untimely death let’s be real
about this this is totally an
opportunity Star Wars stupidly missed by
keeping the original trilogy cast
separate from each other and when news
of the project broke out
for Picard I mean our thoughts as a
collective word wow this is a surprise
to be sure hello there oh you know like
we didn’t do our usual shtick of getting
swept up in the whirlwind of judging
this series preemptively you know we had
a lot of hope and guys don’t get me
wrong like I was judging this series
preemptively in episodes 2 & 3 and it’s
only an episode for when I’m seeing this
the shining light at the end of the
tunnel that I had to remind myself to
take pause and really collect my
thoughts and I wanted to share this
thought process with you you know if I
may say so myself guys episode 5 did you
see that preview I mean it was totally
reminiscent of like an original series
or next-generation level of camp and I
mean like why not like I welcome this as
a one-off okay just as a one-off like
tonality of course is going to be an
issue because this is going to be campy
it seems like kind of funny quirky
monster-of-the-week episode kind of
entry but but you know what if Taika
Waititi can pull it off with juxtaposing
serious dramatic content with comedy
then I’m sure it’s not impossible and
I’m gonna give them the benefit of the
doubt the writing staff the production
crew of Picard that they they will be
able to pull this off guys we got our
first space battle oh shit son did you
see this I mean I thought it was
tactically reminiscent of the next
generation you know you had a couple of
starships engaging in battle with each
other with single-shot laser beams and
it wasn’t like an onslaught of a you
know a swarm of robots shooting out of a
ship and then decimating one ship and
just having a visual onslaught of CGI
vomit on the screens that’s reminiscent
of the prequels in Star Wars or rise of
Skywalker know like this was
concentrated it was tactical it was Star
Trek and I absolutely loved it and I
want to see more so freaking be real
guys the next generation season 1 and
season 2 it kind of sucks except for its
few gem
and if you think about it would the next
generation be able to survive today with
a harshly critical climate of instant
I mean sure in my perfect reality Picard
would be a bombastic tour de force off
the bat like some rare and I mean rare
intellectual properties can pull off at
launch but guys this is the exception
and is definitely not to standard so
it’s expecting that honestly you’re
setting yourself up for failure
now while Picard isn’t my hot wet
American dream of a fantasy at the
moment I do feel that the show has
learned from discovery and as
objectively off to a better start and
only on a path to improve with time all
right so guys can we talk about then the
capitation and the fights in this
episode because man the sense of urgency
and tension was so real so gritty yes
yes yes Queen this was my biggest
complaint about the next generation was
that it lacked the realities of life I
mean imagining witnessing the horrors
and the gravity of this dangers of being
in space and seeing that in dramatic
visual effect in real life that was
never conveyed properly in the next
generation I’ll give you a perfect
example look at discovery with the spore
drive fatalities Mike a lot of people
critique that and saying what is this
like a horror movie like sob and I’m
like yo like do you just think if we
were actually like space a spacefaring
species that we would just jump from
point A to point B point a being a level
zero civilization to a intergalactic
star traveling civilization in one fell
or would we fall it make a lot of
mistakes in the way like of course I
want to see the realities of space
travel you know now Picard doesn’t and
definitely should not focus largely on
these themes but I think ignoring them
in our modern world for entertainment is
a complete disservice to the realism and
I find it’s inclusion to me most welcome
and especially in this modern context
when we’re used to shows like the
expense alright guys so let’s just talk
about that ending like wow that ending
was a fantastic cliffhanger it served as
a like narrative Lea coherent
cliffhanger while also simultaneously
being a little bit of fanservice too
because Wow seven of nine is back and
you know what I’m gonna bring this back
around full circle to my initial point
in this review and that has to do with
preemptively judging a series because
like you I was judging seeing hmm okay
we’re in episode 3 now and I’ve seen 7
of 9 in the trailers but she was on the
Chateau Picard so god this show sucks
like how long we’re gonna be on earth
we’re gonna keep going back there yadda
yadda yadda but you know what it wasn’t
contrived for a practical set budget or
an in-universe convenience having them
back at us back at his estate the reason
why she was presumably at his estate is
because she was on his holodeck which is
located on his quarters on the starship
that we are watching him on board for
this mission so I want to give a little
bit of reference here again that one
person in particular if you guys are
subscribed to Robert Myer Burnett’s
channel that brew network you know we
have a fantastic group of community
movie fans there and we have so many
great discussions this brings to mind to
me though with one particular member
Ian Samuels who was pretty vocally
persistent about professing his love for
Picard and you know like a jackass I was
kind of like replying back like Oh bro
like really serious carpets Kurtzman
sucks oh this that and the other totally
Negi you know well also I still of
course appreciate his perspective but
nonetheless definitely shitting on it as
well and so you know I challenged him in
that chat and preemptively and foolishly
you know I’m glad to have some a
retrospective reflection here on this
and I’m hoping to impart this a little
bit of knowledge or perhaps at least an
opportunity to reassess your thoughts
and let’s not so fervently go to mob
mentality in regards to shutting down
Star Trek Picard give it a chance
I think episode four does show that this
series has some merits it is finding its
footing and like its predecessor the
next generation it really did not get a
strong footing until its second season
guys so alright thank you so much for
watching my review on Star Trek Picard
episode four we’re gonna come back
probably for a midseason review that’s
going to be Episode five and maybe I’ll
decide upon that point whether or not
I’ll be reviewing each consecutive
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