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all i have for you is a word
there’s us being here now god
i have never seen anything like this
committed to film
this is absolutely for nolan fans
guys let’s talk about tenants
guys i’m a total christopher nolan fan
like you and despite that despite all my
reservations despite
how prepared i thought i was to go into
this film
i was left quite confused
and that was not on par for me not
having paid attention i was so
singularly focused on this film every
piece of dialogue every set piece
every action sequence anything i can
grasp my eyes and ears on
in this dolby cinema at amc theaters
mind you
perfect premium prime sitting right in
the middle
of this of the auditorium um still i was
throughout the film wondering like jeez
what in the hell
is going on i just want to let you know
that i totally went in
absolutely blind into this film despite
being a huge christopher nolan fan just
like you
let’s let’s just start with the pros
christopher nolan
we are going to be seeing him at his
in terms of his masterful command over
over his choreography uh high-stakes
mind-bending uh mind-altering concept
on screen committed to film you’ve never
anything like this from chris nolan or
anyone else
and you think you understand this whole
time inversion thing
i had i had a light understanding about
it no no no
don’t get me wrong your mind is going to
be be bent to your
absolute intellectual brink
until it snaps and then is reattached
once nolan says you know what i think
it’s time for you to understand what’s
happening here
uh follow me about seventy percent of
the way and then i’ll catch you on the
remaining thirty percent on your third
second or fourth
or fifth viewing
it’s it’s so complex guys
i know nolan has been he’s been he’s
been ridiculed for being um
perhaps a bit cold on the emotional side
i never
necessarily felt that way but i i can i
can agree with this
in regards to tenants for sure
there is an emotional disconnect between
the audience and the characters and i
think it does
serve a technical purpose but it is
glaringly apparent to even me
someone who has disagreed with the
naysayers against nolan for
over a decade now honestly i think the
in this film how complicated how dense
how intricately layered and structured
it is
i think honestly is not a detriment it’s
a pro because it gives us
film re-watchability it gives new
insight on a second
third fourth and fifth viewing as far as
pros guys
let’s wrap it up you’ve never seen
anything like this
now i know the trailers they show a bit
of a time inversion
you’ve got either a person
or some object moving in standard time
contrasted with some other elements
surrounding it uh moving in reverse time
and yeah that seemed all simple
but that’s only that’s that’s just the
honestly everything you see in the
trailer is pretty much
in the beginning of the film it only
gradually progresses and intensifies
over time
and takes this crazy time inversion
as long as you follow along with it you
don’t question it
you just feel it now guys there are some
cons that i do have to say about the
honestly i couldn’t understand
probably 30 percent of the dialogue in
this film
now i think one of it one of the things
it has to do with is regarding sound
mixing which i know is a problem
that nolan has had with the dark knight
rises and the dark knight specifically
bane in his mouth
i am gotham’s recorder i understand his
commitment to technical accuracy and
auditory accuracy but let’s take some
sonic liberties and let me
understand what the hell people are
saying but it is hard to understand
a a non-native english speaker
in tandem with the fact that your sound
mixing is so
so applied in the sense that the bass
and the sonic resonance of the
is so overwhelming that it it kind of
cascades over the dialogue
and i’m i’m not catching the nuances of
dialogue was a bit of an issue but yeah
character building guys i’m not gonna
bullshizzle you
the first hour of this film i was
honestly a bit i was a bit worried
i was like oh yikes i have visually
i’m engaged i i i want to be tantalized
i’m not feeling like um like how i felt
during inception in the first
hour don’t worry that feeling will pass
because once everything
is connected you’re gonna your mind’s
gonna flip you’re gonna be locked in
you’re like oh
oh all right here we go do not
do not doubt me when i say this i pride
myself in being an intellectual
and following nolan’s psalms with
without any real
issue i i love interstellar
i’ve literally read the novel or the
book written by
kip thorne on the science behind
that’s how intellectually grounded i was
and able to wrap my
my mind around the concepts of
interstellar but with regards to tenants
time inversion is a completely new
concept to me it’s complicated
especially on a first run so do not
question yourselves
uh if you walk out of this film
wondering what the hell did i just watch
but all in all guys if you’re wondering
whether or not this
is a film worth your time watching let
me tell you right now
flat out the gate this is covet approved
because christopher nolan is definitely
bringing cinemas
back in full force with
tenants i’m gonna say four and a half
out of five bags of popcorn
personally still probably interstellar
is my favorite this
is a summer blockbuster to the t it is
it is crafty it will challenge you
intellectually it’ll
give you and of course i haven’t seen it
on a second time it’ll give you
this will be a film we will be talking
about for the next
five to ten years get inside the theater
see this
christopher nolan’s tenant is a
i cannot wait to watch it for a second
time talk spoilers with all of you guys
so thank you so much for watching my
review here guys make sure to hit like
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you love it you want more and we will
see you next time