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we live yet okay guys we are back sorry
um so I got my first warning on YouTube
first warning so this did not go as well
as I had hoped for the Critics Choice
Awards as you can see here they’ve
removed the video I’ve gotten a warning
so I’m assuming I’m gonna get a strike
my first strike I’ve got three if I
rebroadcast this which means I’ll be
banned from YouTube for one week so I’m
gonna try to do this within the purview
of fair use as much as I possibly can
so I I don’t think I can play the whole
stream obviously out was right but I’m
gonna try to get at least you know tune
in while while the awards are happening
to some degree right it’s the best I can
do guys you know I’m trying my best but
YouTube YouTube is cock-blocking me they
cock-blocking me bro so let’s see
copyrighted video so I’ve got to be very
very careful about this guys hopefully I
can figure out a way
to do this properly
give me a moment guys I’m just sitting
I’m havin having to reorganize
everything here obviously live as you
can see okay
content was moved black made the
yeah don’t know if I can actually fly
cast it
I’m not entirely sure how they caused it
I’m trying to do this within the purview
of fair use right this is going to be a
commentary based broadcast we’re
reviewing it we’re talking amongst
ourselves is there and the Oscar goes to
animated feature hair loves yeah I think
that was a pretty obvious
obvious win
thanks sorry guys I am so sorry about
this you know copyright laws are so
a gym tried to help when the screen went
black I told you Brad was on station
yeah thanks bro guys I’m gonna have to
do this very like Jake you like so
basically for anybody who doesn’t have
access to TV please watch here as far as
audio goes
so we have a big team that we have the
date but time is running short I’m gonna
have to limit it I’m sorry guys not my
ideal choice here but YouTube is forcing
my hands won’t let me do this the right
way as you can see I got the copyright
there is I tried to be about it yes Jim
says I maybe just chat with us and
describe what is going on then cut to
the show when the word is actually being
handed out on the tripod break stuff
yeah I agree with you Jim I think that’s
a good way to go at least so you know if
you guys are watching internationally
which I know a lot of you are we here
last time for the building loads at
least you can find out in real time with
I apologize
but this is the way it has to be for now
so right now guys um you had the
animated feature hair love just one so
that’s that’s what’s happened there I’m
gonna have to again limit this limit
this to just cutting to the actual award
sequence and mostly describing to you
what’s happening I don’t want to get
that copyrights jacked on my channel
they gave me a warning
even though I’m just uh during you know
fair use commentary base but maybe I
wasn’t speaking enough
that’s where we’re at right now check
back here and there so while they’re
talking let’s just talk amongst
ourselves you know it’s all good we can
entertain ourselves we don’t need no
Oscars entertain us and they don’t need
a host then you guys don’t need a host
except for me right yeah if you can do
me a favor guys it’s like I’m putting my
neck out on the line here
spent like a year on YouTube building up
my channel having done any copyright
strikes I’ve got my first warning for
this so if this does get shut down there
did me give me my first strike very
least you can give me a subscribe and a
life but most importantly subscribe if
you like movie news movie news live
streams like this at least I can get
some of your love back
yeah don’t know if this is your final
setup okay Jim thank you Jeff yeah just
let me know for sure as we go on let me
know how about how that is for
hmm guys if you are tuning in right now
damn we lost so many viewers that sucks
terrible terrible but um so I tried
rebroadcasting in the livestream for the
Oscars they shut me down because I was
just doing it out right maybe not
talking enough so I’m gonna be checking
in periodically letting you know at
least live with the awards with the
what’s I’m trying to do three four four
things at once right now give me a
second let me let me take care of this
yes the livestream will be happening
guys but because of YouTube I got shut
down already so I’m gonna have to be
very sneaky about this that’s sneaky but
just I guess more within the purview of
fair use so I can’t I’m guessing I can’t
outright broadcast the ceremony so I’m
going to be trying to speak primarily
and then once we have the the nominees
on stage and they announce the winners
for the you know the nominees with
nominations then I’ll try to cut you
then maybe play some of the audio but it
seems that YouTube is really striking
the hammer down on this quick because
with The Critic Choice Awards I
broadcasted the full thing I was talking
through out of it through out of it of
course but yeah they shut me down I
think about like 10 minutes into this
livestream so sorry guys let’s check and
see what’s going on here I don’t want to
get a copyright strike you know that’s
just a review commentary you know okay
so this is just a little whatever some
some bull crap little
yeah oh lordy okay guys so um let me uh
actually gets while this is happening
Oscar’s ballots right now they are just
doing a little presentation little on
stage so you’re singing so don’t worry
nothing really interesting happening
there Jim if you could do me a favor you
know I don’t know what your schedule is
right now like how you’re what’s going
on with you but at least you know as I
said I mean you’re obviously keeping
everybody and checking everybody give it
a hand out to Detective Jim Boyer’s here
for moderating um Paul and Long Beach
says they’ll do it again DJ I hope that
god I really don’t want to strike but
I’m gonna try to keep it as like minimal
as possible here so I’m fair use come on
fair use has to have some practical
application right so I’m not
broadcasting the whole thing alright I’m
talking for the most part now this is a
movie commentary review channel so don’t
shut me down YouTube please man like
have a heart
alright like we’ve got people around the
world who want to know what’s happening
with Oscars and they don’t got TVs
broadcasting this and some of them don’t
even have TVs so yeah
so let’s talk about the okay cool
commercial time sir guys they are
playing commercials right now we are not
missing anything at the moment I’m gonna
give you live updates live up to data
yeah thanks thanks Jim thanks for
letting everybody know on Twitter
are you sure as far as I know they were
not live streaming the event on Twitter
I think they did the the red carpet on
Twitter bohunk junk says let’s see the
Jim says has YouTube ever said no to
this type of thing with the Oscars
because I know there are more than you
doing it and yeah I know everyone else
is doing so I’m not sure like why I got
hit and dude I did the UM I did the
Golden Globes like full broadcast no
and you know I rebroadcast at it twice
live and that’s when they shut it down
but they didn’t give me like a copyright
strike because it was commentary based
bohunk junk
yeah like an sub guys um god I mean do I
take the copyright hit for you guys I
would do it but I need lights I’m not
even like forget the lights I don’t care
about the lights because the likes are
gonna bring me up to the algorithm and
put me in their purview put me in their
crosshairs again put the subscribes is
at least you know now like this is my
opportunity to say hey guys this is
movie pop we talk about movies we do
movie reviews moving news and I love
talking all of you guys so that’s what
I’m here for giving you this uh this
broadcast this live stream just to meet
talk to you show the platform and if you
can do me a favor by subscribing that’d
be awesome thank you so much subscribe
subscribe okay but yeah I’m gonna check
back here okay so a commercial time
digital nomad stage if you could do me a
favor bro could you let me know I know
you told me there are other people who
are live-streaming this and then ever
like doing it live it hadn’t got shut
down so if you could let me know who’s
streaming and just talking in the
background infected yeah dude like it’s
oh yeah sorry Jim yeah I’m totally I’m
trying to manage like four or five
different things here Jim if yeah if you
could I mean you’re doing fantastic as
always of course yes yes let them know
the subscribe
I guess subscribing is like the most
important thing if they like movie news
and movie reviews the likes I could do
without right now just because I think
that’s gonna push me into the crosshairs
of YouTube and I’ll be at their mercy I
don’t want that this is more just to you
know get subscribers let them know I’m
here hey I’m movie pop I’m somebody
trying to do something yeah that’s
basically it so if you’re lucky no to
subscribe to the channel they appreciate
that be awesome
yeah let’s see where we’re at okay so
it’s still still commercial time already
they soon
I’m Kelly Marie Tran and with me is
Questlove freakin Questlove this is
crazy all right I need to calm down
because it’s time for another award here
our oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton
and a man whose matrix
hey canter Reeves alright
override oh right
sorry guys I don’t know I don’t I don’t
know what to do here alright he’s not
playing audio so I might have to cut out
the audio here but at least you know
you’ve got the you’ve got the what do
you call it closed captions
Jennifer I don’t want to see you I want
to see the Oscars well you know what um
I’m sorry I’m doing my best I can I
already got this shut down so yeah this
is what the YouTube apparently will
allow me to do I’m doing my best for you
yeah five minute OHS I’m I cut the audio
out I’m gonna check in with the audio
hearing there but I don’t want this to
get shut down again I don’t want to get
a copyright strike I really don’t like
my channel has gone pristine without any
so far so if I can avoid that that’d be
great but at least you can see it right
and then you can read what’s happening
so you’re staying up to date Diane
Keaton changed her outfit okay yeah man
I’m sorry bro you know last time the
Golden Globes I did it full we had the
audio it’s great it was perfect and you
know we talked amongst each other like
we talked about the awards happening but
apparently I can’t do it hey storm
shadow what’s up man yeah you know but
unfortunately YouTube has they put me in
jail right now so I’ve got a I guess
modified can modify the content here so
I’m more within the fair use guidelines
I don’t want to piss them off I don’t
want a copyright strike I genuinely want
this to be a commentary and a a chat
amongst ourselves about the award
ceremony happening you know so what’s
we’ll do a little bit of audio here and
it goes – oh my god bong joon-ho remove
the hashtags and all that it would but
then it’s like kind of like a catch-22
right because I’m not gonna lie to you
obviously I do this because it is nice
for you guys to have as well but I want
subscribers too because I’m trying to
you know broadcast myself because
there’s so many people online doing
movie news and reviews so how else can I
get your attention well hey here’s a big
event here’s what I do if you like it
come on check out the channel okay let’s
check some audio here let’s see what’s
going on but somebody else got an
interest in that you know no I know
oh no I do while they’re doing that we
will check back guys don’t worry for
tuning in
oh yeah it’s Twitter very clever
digital no match stage I would love to
do that I am I’m like I’m at maximum
capacity like mentally right now so I
can’t do any more we sharing on Twitter
and Instagram but yeah if you’ve got
that on point digital nomad stage I
would appreciate it if not I understand
volume is too low yeah yeah yeah if
you’re talking about the broadcast but
that was intentional
long staircase doing his own Bill
Bojangles Robinson stair dance
yes thank you hit that subscribe button
listen to Jim the man round of applause
for our moderator Jim boyars Thank You
Man digital Nomad sage thank you for
rishe airing on Twitter let’s see okay
nothing happening here it’s important so
okay they’re just doing a little a
little montage of something I’m not
entirely sure what but it’s not way
through the yeah to the eventual winner
yes yes we are streaming it right now
but I’ve got to be okay adapted
screenplay okay okay here we go this is
the first Oscar and third nomination for
type of whites
are you between
thank you
amazing thank you
this this is really light this one’s
it’s supposed to be hippie I’d like to
thank my mother anyway when I lost you
hours ago oh yeah thank you for being my
mother and and I mean many other reasons
but forgive me the book that I adapted
and and and this film existed without
you doing that just Christine for
writing book thank you to the producers
of the film
Cathy O’Neil and Chelsea when Stanley
was a right from the beginning thank you
many uh people people that I want to
thank but I won’t because I can’t
remember them
that’s it this was really great and I
dedicate this to all the indigenous kids
who live in the world do want to do art
and dance and write stories we are the
original storytellers and we can make it
here as well thank you Hika is like he’s
like I feel like he’s my doppelganger
like he’s got curly hair like me he’s
kind of brown like me he’s kind of
quirky like me – so mica hell yes Taika
Waititi for Best Adapted Screenplay
Georgia rabbit brilliant awesome
no surprises there you know like it’s
Best Adapted Screenplay Best Actor
Actress Best Picture cinematography
visual effects I think those are all
blocks so no surprises there so what are
we talking about right now
short-films okay
Hika is a freaking boss he is we should
brand this as tiptoe screaming quietly
making our way around content strikes
yeah you know what I mean so far we’re
so good right we’re 30 minutes in no
strikes it’s good guys if you’re
watching this please if you like movie
news live streams about events like this
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I’d really appreciate it I’m putting my
butt out on the line here for you so but
yeah yikes
okay heads up we’ve detected copyrighted
audio and video in your stream your
stream may be temporarily blocked again
Wow okay so this is this is tricky I’m
not sure how other youtubers are doing
it I’m gonna have to check back in
periodically I don’t know this might be
the end times here though guys so
I’m gonna check that in fact let me uh
it’s on myself so you can’t see I can
see live action short film they just did
the winner for that
sorry I missed through it was just
because I got this copyright
notification okay so the copyright
notification went away so we’re good now
so okay so I’m gonna have to do this in
short bursts for sure I’ll come back for
every nominee that gets on stage and
wins I’ll come back do a short burst and
then come back here the live shot that’s
the way it’s got to be unfortunately the
notification went away here on YouTube
studio so
yeah cinema dude I’m trying my best man
but they’re really like they are not
managing this like they were with the
Golden Globes where I guess anything
goes they’re taking of the Oscars more
seriously apparently not like anybody’s
gonna buy cable TV anyways to watch it
if you didn’t have it already but
whatever we’ll just talk amongst
ourselves let us see here
all right commercial break
yeah got to be very careful guys but
you’re careful but I’m doing my best
here for yes it’s a commercial break
right now guys and if that much is not
obvious already it’s a commercial break
so I will leave this here while the
commercial is playing so what do we have
so far guys we had bong joon-ho who won
what did he win cuz Joe Joe Taika
Waititi won Best Adapted Screenplay bong
joon-ho what was he what did he win oh I
know he won something right hi jeez I’m
sorry my brain is fried I’m trying to
manage so many different things right
now here – so probably need to have a
moderator just for that they keep tally
of like what we’ve won so far what
they’ve announced says winners so far
yeah guys I think it’s mostly BOTS Jim
you are correct because I got the
notification right now after ty cut with
td1 for georgia rabbit for Best Adapted
I screamed that with the audio and the
video and then a little bit after he got
offstage and then I got the notification
oh we detected something it may be
temporarily blocked so as soon as I saw
that I pulled away and then about a
minute later you know the notification
went away so I want to preempt that
strike actually going into place and I
think yeah bots are doing that so if
that is the case well we’re just gonna
have to be be on our best behavior
aren’t we yeah it is a it’s a commercial
break right now okay cool so yeah guys
it’s a commercial break right now if
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it and lettin you know I’ve got some
special things coming up too with some
actresses here in Los Angeles some other
YouTube personalities who will be coming
on the channel so I’m working on all
that but yeah we also do these
livestream spirits here so we did the
Golden Globes last time it was awesome
the Oscars obviously it’s a little more
tricky we did Wonder Woman the the live
trailer world premiere for Brazil
comic-con CC XP and today we’re trying
to do the Oscars so yeah they’re playing
a commercial right now still okay here
we go this is the awards
so hopefully this will suffice for you
this is super ghetto I’m so sorry but
youtube is forcing my manager I’m gonna
have to read it to you hi
Maya Rudolph she is ugly hot isn’t she
tonight we’ll be honoring the work you
know what I can’t do it no because we’re
upset oh we are upset you know what you
guys don’t want to know
we’re P up okay whoever is transcribing
this does not know how to tie it frankly
okay I’m not gonna read it anyway
but you guys could read it yourself here
for those of you have been watching
I know bong joon-ho one for parasite
what the hell what was it for
there wasn’t best adapted screenplay
because Tiger with teeny one that would
Joker rabbit what was it for oh let’s
see if I can keep up Oscar winners hey
guys and thank you so much for all of
you who are tuning in right now this has
already been shut down due to copyright
reasons so what I’m gonna have to do is
turn the audio off I’ll turn it on when
the awards are actually happening when
the nominee or nom yeah the nominee
winner comes up but right now it’s just
going to be a chat amongst yourselves so
original screenplay
okay oh yeah that’s right original
screenplay yeah dude that’s it perfect
okay good
cuz it was original screenplay I was
like yeah it wasn’t adapted so cool
thank you guys
awesome so bong joon-ho won for original
screenplay we have a tiger with TD for
Best Adapted Screenplay awesome
we had hair love for Best Animated Short
Feature awesome
that’s all I recall so far cinema atm
thank you thank you thank you I’m trying
my best I’m sorry this is so ghetto
right now but oh yeah I’m already see
Wow heads up we’ve detected copyrighted
audio in your video in your stream your
stream may be temporarily blind I have
to talk
apparently I mean I’m trying to keep
this video limited as possible and I’m
already getting that warning right now
so before they even shut this down I’ve
got to pull away
and I’ll bring it back in in short
spurts I think that’s the way I’m gonna
have to do this guy’s because even when
I do my movie reviews what I’ve noticed
you know if I play a movie trailer and
my videos my content being monetized the
movie trailer is not the reason people
are watching it like out of an eight
minute video I play 30 seconds of a
trailer about 30 seconds isn’t the
reason why I get monetized but I started
hit I’m talking on YouTube
if I play 30 seconds but if I play like
two seconds three second increments no
so I guess same same kind of application
applies here
I can’t play the video I can’t I turn
the audio off I can’t even play the
video at any length so I’m gonna bring
it back in okay they’re doing the
nominations right now for production
design so once once they have the winner
I’m gonna bring it back in for the video
on the audio and then I’m gonna pull it
back out
oh wow already how long
did it get closed down
wait are we back now or like what’s
going on
cuz I’m already I’m already taking my
clothes off so
am i back now is it I’m like taking my
clothes off my well I guess that’s a rap
guy oh wow okay this is really awkward
isn’t it okay so hey if we’re back I’m
back I’m gonna keep trying guys hey okay
hey cool let’s do this bill riot bill
o’reilly on Fox News says f it we’re
let’s do it let’s go f it we’re live
alright cool
hey I’ll do my best
I’ll play like five seconds out five
seconds of the Oscars I don’t know what
they want from me
now I get the stripe for nudity yeah I
know I can’t win man Jesus well I’m
already taking my shirt off here so
let’s just get this bad boy going excuse
me guys
we’re getting we’re getting all informal
up in here whoo okay all right um let’s
see where we’re at with the Oscars here
but where are we at okay
somebody’s talking let’s see what do we
what is this you know I’m gonna play his
little video as possible it’s a frozen
okay so they’re doing they’re doing in
um they’re doing like a somebody singing
some fat chick is singing right now
she’s really fat and really goth and
sorry I’m not trying to be mean I love
fat chick trust me actually I used to be
really fat myself like huge I had a
definite glow up as I got older so I
have a fat card I can use and a black
card so anybody who gets offended we’re
talking the wrong guy used to be fat and
Edea don’t want to get copyright strike
for that too but um fellow is in better
shape than I am
yeah dude but you know what it’s a
little too jiggly here for me try my
best you know like you know once you
start notice you start getting fatter
you know I’m just kinda like oh oh okay
alright I need the lay up donuts and the
the Pizza Hut I know I had the
refreshing moves in your work but for
you badly okay yeah cuz as far as I can
tell I have an excellent connection
according to youtube studio Oh guys you
know what not only am i taking a
copyright hit for this obviously I have
to go to work in a half an hour
I work graveyard so I’m using my unpaid
time off right now to do this to my
I do it because I love you you know if
you can do me a flavor hit that
subscribe button if you like movie news
movie content movie reviews most
importantly we do primarily movie
reviews on YouTube here on the movie pop
channel let’s see what’s happening with
the Oscars
okay she’s still singing so you’re not
missing anything right now and I try to
do live streams for events like this
Bolden Globes went without any problems
the Oscars is a whole nother beast it
seems so cool Jim I’m glad you’re on
page here
Stephen earnest says obviously you can’t
broadcast any Oscar video on audio I
know I noticed I felt like I was kind of
pushing it but it worked so well for the
Golden Globes
then the second time around I figured
all right if I cut the audio off I cut
the video you know you’re permanently
showing it removing it keeping a
commentary based fair use based it’d be
all good but then they I just
temporarily shut my channel shut the
livestream down but then they brought me
back on so I’m still here which is why
you saw me half naked so yeah let’s see
where it happened where we at what’s
going on okay so we got jumbo jackass
she’s still singing
Jimbo jackass that’s a play on words if
you live in California or you have a
jack-in-the-box near you they have a
fantastic hamburger called the jumbo
yeaji wolf dude yeah dude I’m gonna try
to stream to the very end bro whatever
YouTube will allow me to do
I guess they temporarily shut the stream
down for the second time brought me back
in mid naked let me change my clothes so
cool it’s a commercial break right now
guys as you can see on ABC commercial ok
nothing happening here so we are waiting
make sure the like subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already we do
awesome movie reviews movie news and
live streams like this that’s the end of
my schpeel but yeah most importantly
guys I mean my favorite part about this
whole thing is talking with all of you
guys – you’re talking about movie news
bran what up yeah dude we’ll come back
so here is how the format has to be
apparently I tried playing the full
speech with audio and video I don’t
think that was working the second time
around they kind of caught up there’s a
little bit of a delay here with the
stream so what I’m gonna be doing I’m
probably gonna be doing half the speech
audio and video and then pulling back
and kind of jumping back and forth like
that the throw off the bought algorithm
because I just want to talk about this I
want you guys to know what the news is
right that’s that’s what we’re doing
here we’re broadcasting what the news is
for the Oscars showing it to you pulling
it back talking about it bringing it
back yeah
haiji we’ll see in a bit bro thanks for
tuning in
okay so Kirsten red carpet
so guys um while we’re in a commercial
break right now like what are your
thoughts so far are you happy with the
the nominees the winners so far as I
recall we had bong joon-ho for parasite
for Best Screenplay oh alright here are
the nominees for Best Documentary
Feature guys I’m gonna have to remove
the video I’ll bring it back in once the
actual winner is announced so right now
we have who plays the Hulk what’s his
Mark Ruffalo Mark Ruffalo presenting for
Best Best Documentary okay Edgar’s DOMA
edger democracy okay so if you guys know
the best documentaries let’s see if I
can bring it up here
sorry give me one moment oscar’s let’s
Jim Boyer says okay I only really care
about Supporting Actor and I’m great
with Brad Pitt winning yeah I’m great
with that too I want Tom Hanks the
window Jim okay so uh Mark Ruffalo the
Academy Award Oscar goes to American
Factory okay cool no surprise there
right if you guys have heard about this
huh so far so good
what the fuck oh god damn it
fucking serious
I’m back in my back I don’t know if I’m
back I’m back I’m here I’m not I’m here
they’re shutting me down they’re putting
back on it’s kind of janky my dad came
upstairs and turned the internet off I’m
like no not during the Oscars man now
let me know if that’s happening here
so we’re up are we up
all right
let’s see
guys I’m gonna refresh the broadcast for
the Oscars so stay tuned I’m trying to
like battle at YouTube right now to
bring this to you so bear with me okay
here we go oh my gosh ah there he is
okay thank you guys for sticking around
where are we talking about Supporting
Actress I think we’re talking about
supporting actresses right now now guys
as I mentioned I am unable to play the
full livestream to you
unfortunately so I’m doing my best I
will bring the the nominees up on screen
with audio as it happens
but I’m limited YouTube is limiting
severely so if you can bear with me
yeah we are talking about the um as you
can see I believe it is yeah the
Supporting Actress right now nominations
are going up so cool
okay Jim thank you so much for
confirming I am on Beck on one more time
back from the dead I got more lives than
a cat right yeah that last time I got
shot down that wasn’t because of YouTube
my dad came upstairs and started
tinkering with the router I’m like no
bro not during the live stream for the
Oscars No
okay cool guys thank you so much for
sticking around I appreciate it
right now we got a um I’m not talking to
you Google search Florence pew is such a
isn’t she isn’t she so fine alright so
rehearsal Holly says he’s talking right
now he’s probably safely saying
something very inspirational smooth
voice hey how are y’all doing here
tonight at the Oscars are so I just want
to talk to you about the eyes
listen to my sultry smooth black boys
let’s see how they graduate yeah yeah
The Grudge won Best Picture Best Actor
to a Best Director I think it just took
the whole thing away
yeah best visual effects all of it best
foreign film then Joaquin better win
yeah dude he’d better freakin okay Kathy
Bates Laura Dern Scarlett Johansson
Florence Pugh Margot Robbie who is it
going to dude no no is that is that will
return Oh No ah I told you guys I’m so
pissed off about her with her
performance of captain Holt oh oh okay
laura dern just won the third Oscar
nomination that’s her third Oscar
nomination laura dern just won Best
Supporting Actress for her role in
marriage story I gave you a little bit
thank you to the Academy for this honor
just to be in this room with such
remarkable otter artists including my
fellow nominees my sisters and
colleagues thank you Netflix my friend
Ted Scott everyone for their support and
love to Noah his vision his magic Thank
You Noah for your words and free okay so
you guys you got the gist right yeah I
gotta keep I gotta pull it back I don’t
want to get this shut down so at least
you know what’s going on if you’re
watching and I know we have a lot of
international viewers here on the
channel give a hand of applause for our
moderator Jim boyars shoutouts to
digital Nomad sage as well he’s an
awesome digital Nomad if you guys liked
learning about remote lifestyles UX blog
designs web design he’s got a fantastic
YouTube channel and blog as well he is
one of our content partners on movie pop
you can find his channel on our movie
pop page here if you check my move bot
page he’s one of the con
and channel partners or you can check
out his YouTube page digital Nomad stage
he’s awesome as well so thank you so
much for being here as well man and Jim
Boyer’s thank you from Robert Myer
Burnett’s channel if you guys know about
him he’s great the brew network awesome
and thank you all for being here we’re
doing the Oscars livestream I’m so sorry
it’s so ghetto this time but yeah if
you’re tuning in right now thank you all
for this gift this is the best birthday
present ever I love you I love my
friends laura dern she just won she just
won for Best Supporting Actress in a
I don’t like after that Star Wars last
gen I just really just bothered me so
many ways okay what else we got going on
here guys it’s a commercial break
cool alright commercial break no
problemo I know for those of you who are
have been sticking around with the live
stream sorry but I’m on repeat I just
have to let them know let the new
viewers coming in what’s happening yeah
I’ve just got a duck out I’ve got to
show you just bits and pieces here so
let’s talk amongst ourselves and then
I’ll give you the live broadcast with
the nominees or nominations are our on
stage and show you what’s happening
maybe things talk amongst yourselves
Paul in Long Beach says she pulled a
hole go maneuver a hockey DJ Christian
Magellan I’m sure parasites gonna win
Best Foreign Film yeah dude it better it
really does
now pain and glory I understand is gonna
be a top contender for France
Lehman’s Rob another one top contender
but you know what I haven’t seen either
and they’re not playing anywhere near me
so what am I to do
parasites the only film that’s gotten
enough critical praise and attention and
is getting a wide release for me to be
able to see and judge for myself so yeah
I’m on board with that
guys this is a commercial break just to
let you know the Oscars livestream is
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you guys are all so awesome for being
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be real like real life reality sucks
reality bites man and like if you want a
little respite you want to get away
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pop but um yeah subscribe to the channel
if you’d like me you like the content
you want to talk and just build a
community here it’s it’s all good but if
not hey whatever watch the livestream
I’m doing my best
I’m doing what I can here being severely
limited by YouTube’s
as I said the commercial is still
playing so we’re just talking amongst
ourselves let’s see what’s happening
here in the live chat
yeah Paul I know she pulled a holder
maneuver on me she really did but you
know I knew she was in a win because the
industry all they’ve been doing is
talking about her is that kylo Ren
Oh shite Oh shite oh oh okay yeah I’m
moving yeah that is rise of the
resistance right yeah okay I really want
to go there
I can’t wait but I I don’t want to go
there alone so I need to get myself a
hot date before I go there now let’s go
to the live chat guys um Daniel Alvarado
says Brad Pitt that’s accurate yeah well
I can’t argue that dude can’t argue with
Christian McGowan yeah Canton’s gonna
win best for official facts you know
what if not only for the film definitely
for the children faced cockroaches
nobody asked for it but they gave it to
us anyway so if a cat mother says has
what keen received his Oscar already no
not yet yeah they haven’t done Best
Picture our best our best at the end
okay guys so the broadcast is back hello
everyone I’m Anthony Ramos okay nothing
nothing of nothing of substance right
now Anthony Ramos is talking about
something right now
Anthony Ramos is talking right now so
yeah nothing of substance right now just
a lot of exposition so let’s let’s talk
amongst ourselves guys so I already took
off my fancy my fancy shirt
Daniel Harada Scorsese best director
Tarantino Best Picture
Scorsese Best Director for the year and
Daniel I mean dude I’m not discounting
what you’re saying Scorsese is obviously
an awesome filmmaker use one of our
generations best we’d be crazy to miss
out on highlight nerd those songs that
have been attached to movies and they
have forever
okay so lin-manuel Miranda right now
he’s presenting I am presuming to be
best song in the film I’ll let you know
where were we I was talking to Daniel
Alvarado about Scorsese yeah but here’s
the thing about Scorsese with the
Irishman was the Irishman something that
Scorsese hasn’t done before like if
you’ve seen Casino you’ve seen
Goodfellas you’ve seen all his gangster
mom films like was it really anything
different than that it wasn’t you know
okay so real quick guys right now with
the Oscars what do we got
nothing nothing right now just a montage
of music music in films
I think the nominees right now are gonna
be regarding a Best Musical something on
film Paul oh what am i drinking I’ll
tell you exactly when I’m grading this
live cast is sponsored to you by
Picardie but caught it’s a pity all
moist a ballistic deposit a bien imuy
school just a Gandhi is a good day yeah
so Bacardi superior a little rum and
coke I like to drink Zebby a soda though
it’s stevia-sweetened so Coco Cola
zero calories cuz you know I don’t want
to get these man tits any bigger than
they are already
yeah have a cocktail guys okay yes dude
okay so let me check a catch-up here
carnival clown says Joker best picture
yeah dude honestly and best picture it’s
so loaded like all of the Best Picture
nominees right now can I pull it out I
had it up before and you know I have a
shit shut down all of the Best Picture
nominees they’re all like they’re all
worthy you know what I mean so yeah if
Joker won for Best Picture I think it
should honestly I do but I’d be happy if
parasite I wouldn’t be happy with 1970
I don’t think that film has longevity
I mean I’m fucking like let’s let me
give you a good frame of reference okay
nineteen seventeen right like upon first
viewing it’s cool
we appreciate the technical aspect of it
right but it reminds me of Dunkirk and
the problem with Dunkirk I mean I do
Christopher Nolan is my top filmmaker of
all time right next to Stanley Kubrick I
love all of his films every single one
of Christopher Nolan films following
insomnia memento with the Dark Knight
trilogy interstellar inception all of
them I love them but Dunkirk even upon
viewing like the first 10 to 15 minutes
I was like yes yes cool cool cool and
then afterwards I’m deciding what is
this and I get what he was doing from an
artistic perspective but in terms of
longevity in terms of having character
development a narrative that I could
follow and want to revisit like is it a
film that I’ve revisited since my
initial viewing look and I feel the same
way about 1917 yeah it was cool
Jim says on any subsequent viewing by 17
all the suspense is gone so the suspense
is what makes the film so good for sight
okay thank you for confirming man
because that was that was my suspicion
and haven’t you seen it any more than
once but I assumed like okay like once I
understood the gimmick and once I got
that like is this gonna garner like
repeat viewings for me and I suspected
no so I’m glad you’re on board at least
you can at least confirm that for me
from your perspective Jim but yes
similarly with Dunkirk like okay cool
yeah I get it you know you’re doing and
guys right now the Oscars is happening
I’m so scattering it’s a musical
performance so you’re not missing out on
anything from anybody who’s tuning in
right now
our accountants drop substantially but
hey Lou we’ve got 60 viewers it’s all
good I mean it’s not the hundred and
four thousand I had from the Golden
Globes but I’m happy to have all 60 of
you here so let’s do this thing here
right now is that Eminem why he’s got a
beard okay you know going back it’s so
yeah Dunkirk um technically brilliant
masterpiece filmmaking but just
narrative Lee in terms of that character
development is it a film I’d want to
watch it you know so I feel like the
same thing about 1970 so I’d be I be
kind of pissed a bit one because it’s
not a best picture it’s the best
technical achievement you know maybe
directing or cinematography for sure
cinematography Roger Deakins yeah that’s
what sold the film right like it’s a
cinema it’s just
it’s a word
all from mommy says okay I made a
screwdriver French cheers Cheers brother
do a recap
please says horror hairy leg hairy leg
thigh hairy hairy leg thigh hairy hairy
legs I like hairy leg huh yeah
Paula wannabes cardi B okay yeah sure
yeah tank says Joaquin definitely will
win best picture I hope so I really do
I think it’s really honestly worth it
but let me finish my thoughts about 9:17
and Dunkirk for best picture
okay so I’m getting sidetracked here so
indigo eyes 73 have you ever been to
France yes because actually I am half
French my mom is born in France from
Lille Leo friends actually but of your
fall say so but no I have not watched me
in no-man’s land you would have a
different opinion of 1917 now I don’t
discount what you’re saying I’m sure
that’s true but I don’t think that
really holds objective merits in terms
of like what a best picture should be
right now I’ll give you a perfect
example I think best picture should be a
beautiful day in the neighborhood
why do I think that because for me
personally like I’m just I’m just a nice
guy like I I like to be nice to people
even at my detriment like I’m always
thinking about like oh like is what I’m
saying is what I’m doing for this person
like is it making them feel good are
they okay are they comfortable so for me
like when I see a film about like Fred
Rogers and like the the core message
about it is like be a better human be
better to your family think about other
people speak take one min out of the day
of your life
24 hours we all live you know we have 24
hours in the day we’re up for 16 hours
of the day take one minute every day and
just think about people in your life
present and past who have done something
for you
right but how often do we do that you
know our our lifestyle right now so it’s
so busy busy go go get him you know
fight for yourself
rise to the top but like what other
voices do we have right now telling us
like hey you know what just this pause
like just like think about like people
who have helped you on your path to be
like who you are and just like just
appreciate that and like I have like
right here a retrospective like
reflection on that like I don’t know it
just it was like be a better person and
like it made me feel that and I love
that I love the message because it
transcended like being a cinematic
experience in being an entertaining
films watch it was like alright yeah
it’s that and then more it’s like hey
and also here’s a message you can apply
for your life that you can apply every
day in your life moving forward until
the day you’re dead so for me like that
movie resonated with me but I also
recognize you know what not everybody
feels the same way about that maybe
that’s not what they want from the movie
maybe that’s not the qualification they
think the Best Picture should have so
while your point is valid and I’m sure
maybe if you had more emotional
residents with no man’s land in 19 or
and in France and that would have more
of an impact I don’t think that’s an
objective criteria for it so but yeah
hey thanks you let me know your thoughts
do it it’s all valid and I’d love to
have this awesome dialogue with you I’m
guys in case you’re tuning in right now
commercial is playing for birdsburg so
don’t worry it’s not just some random
millennial black guy talking to you
as you can see it’s commercial time I’m
gonna go back to the live chat let’s see
what do we got what do we got what do we
got what I got Paul Long Beach best part
so far was the
idina menzel performance what are you
talking about Paul in Long Beach I I
want to know idina menzel performance is
that is that a singer I don’t I don’t
know much about I just found out about
Kylie Minogue it’s a coming a note
Ariana Grande like last week am i oh
I’ve heard her name of an oh wow musics
actually good because all I do is like
movie news movie reviews movie pundits
like all the time so o said she would
help Ejiofor try to get this shut down
I’m half-black but I’m not playing a
half-black card right now okay cool so
all right well what do we got here in a
chance the cat mother says I’m sorry
Martin Mullins who won best song then I
don’t know I don’t think we had best
song did we but we did yeah because I
saw lin-manuel Miranda talking about
that did they announce it I don’t think
they must have yeah because now we’re
into sound editing Jim boyars I know
you’re ahead of us
on the broadcast so perhaps you can help
me out here bro my best
Oscar’s not so white now yeah I leaned
the seemingly impossible task of sound
editors is to immerse them sound editors
okay all right
guys um excuse me for one moment I’ll be
right back I’m gonna leave the broadcast
up here while I’m gone but then I’ll
remove it once they come back
Joker Alan Robert Murray
19:17 oliver tarney and rachael taped
once upon a time in Hollywood
Wiley statement
starwars the rise of Skywalker Matthew
would and David Airport
Ford versus for our reason is a marriage
of sound and picture so he kind of looks
like Steve Benin from Steve Bannon from
Breitbart calm he also looks like the
character actor who played not Henry
Ford but one of the Ford family members
in for V Ferrari so I think that’s kind
of funny I’m so sorry I probably was
speaking about something else before I
had to do some technical issues here I
forgot what I was talking about but
let’s move forward the live chat if you
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top 10 biggest stories in Hollywood and
Hollywood industry news so with that out
the way let’s move into the live chat
here and guys thank you so much to our
wonderful moderator Jim boyars for being
lending his time like dude Jim seriously
Brown like thank you man that’s freaking
awesome he’s not getting paid you know
he’s just doing I have the kindness of
his heart because he likes what we’re
doing here iMovie pop and hopefully you
guys do too so this is my favorite part
about about YouTube unfortunately I
can’t really talk to you here because I
have to moderate it manage this live
stream for the Oscars but um during our
weekly broadcasts for live streams yeah
I’m definitely more active and of course
in terms of commenting on videos for the
reviews and live streams I’m more active
there as well that aside let’s see what
you guys have to say here hail storm
2010 says check the show is Eminem
performing yes mmm
okay and the Oscar goes to 1917 Mark
Taylor and Stuart Wilson
this is the first Oscar and
for Mark Taylor this is the first Oscar
Mark Taylor for sound editing one for
1917 interesting so dude 1970 has got
sound editing that’s 100% confirmed in
the bag you know they’re gonna win
cinematographer do you know this right
so yeah all right pulling back away from
that guys sorry I know let’s see here
what do we have in the live chat here
Lea Jay how says your opinion who will
win Best Director oh I can’t tell you
with any certainty
honestly bong joon-ho top contender
tiger with TD top container Scorsese top
contender for V Ferrari who is it
forgetting his name directed Logan I
can’t remember but you guys know who I’m
talking about
I think Marion Heller for a beautiful
day in neighborhood two as well the
Bacardi is kicking in so I’m kind of
forgetting but I think anybody who’s
nominated for Best Director which we
covered earlier in the initial broadcast
totally winning I couldn’t tell you I
don’t know I don’t know Harley leg 5
says good job he’s good Gatti’s Hansen
in his underpants short short looks
comfy did you see my underpants I’m
sorry I didn’t mean sorry about that
we got 10 minutes of the show 20 minutes
of commercials yeah
red new men singing my song thinking on
the piano I’m not lying when I wouldn’t
say like it sounds like he has like
dolls oh yeah I’m gonna stop you know
yeah so choose the carpets to you guys
Jim boy or see how that is most
important performing yep he just
finished how many times do we need to do
this Jim boys I’ve hit it three times as
many times it takes as many times it
takes yeah true guys I’m Randy Newman is
doing a musical performance right now so
you’re not missing out on anything I
promise you
ooh didn’t mean to be playing that video
don’t want to get that copyright strike
again so let’s talk amongst ourselves
here so I actually was supposed to be at
work 15 minutes ago so I’m taking a hit
at work I’m taking a hit on YouTube so
you know what my ass might be out in the
streets come tomorrow morning so at the
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yeah I’d love it if you hit that
subscribe button I’d love to talking to
you all of you guys about movie news and
our favorite things in the world it’s
movies movies yes alright so back to the
live stream here um Billy regalis and we
don’t have a winner for that
Stephen or Nass best editing went to
Ford versus Ferrari okay okay cool dude
I think sorry but I’m not surprised
because I actually that was one of my
predictions was best editing was gonna
go to Fort Monroe
Daniel Alvarado says Brad Pitt it turns
out not nominated for Best Actor did
they do Best Actor already did I miss
that this guy’s I know this looks really
easy on-screen hats off to John Campea
like every time I see that guy do that
do his live screams like that it’s it’s
really it’s truly a marvel to watch
because he’s got onstage presence he’s
managing his online software and the
live streams and just doing all of it
myself seamlessly its student it’s
really it’s so hard
YouTube’s really hard so I’m trying my
best thank you guys so much for sticking
around anyhow sound mixing award went to
1917 according to Steven Ernest yes yes
J Kim Wilde prizes are writer so far not
sure if that means spreader like
Philips s4v Ferrari one sound headed you
1917 one mixing oh cool
dude film editing our film obsessed
thank you for clarifying it’s a very
small distinction I wasn’t able to to
capture so do it on you ok cool guys as
you can see it’s a commercial break so
just to let you know this is the live
stream and of course it is brought to
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live chat I’m totally missing out and
work and not getting paid right now and
getting your personal hit in terms of
unpaid time off and also YouTube is also
but fucking me for doing this so you
know I do it because I love you so it’s
worth it honestly truly I mean this is
I’ve loved talking about movies since I
was 6 years old so they do this here
with you guys and building her a tiny
little community here and having the
Jim Boyer detective Jim boyars
moderating Paul in Long Beach another a
PDS community member if you guys don’t
know about the PGS I seriously suggest
you go to the brew network on youtube
Robert Myer Burnett he’s fuckin amazing
really truly like that guy I wish he was
my dad he’s so awesome like I can see
myself being a Robert Myer Burnett when
I’m is when I’m his age and he’s just
he’s so accomplished he’s so
knowledgeable he’s so cool
yeah you know what while we’re here I’ll
try to show you some pictures why not
but yeah check out Robert Myer Burnett’s
channel it’s called the Bernauer it’s
awesome it’s my go-to if you guys aren’t
familiar with movie movie news John
Campea is like obviously top-tier for
movie news and did Robert Myer Burnett
right next to him for different reasons
but I had the awesome pleasure of
meeting them Tuesday nights 1 million
one hundred million views party and all
the amazing love and support that are a
fantastic fan base gave us I’m still
riding high from that so a big shout out
to Ishmael for those incredible cookies
as well as BK who also made us some
cookies DJ DJ sorry sorry sorry DJ yes
dude thank you so many cookies were
brought on the cookie and of course also
joining us here on this Thursday is
Chris Carr hey everyone I hate so many
cookies and last night I watched one of
my favorite Christmas movies Shazam
ooh Tuesday nights that’s been Robert
Myer brunette like my dreams come true
that’s what I moved to California for I
got to meet him and he was so nice he
was so awesome when we sat we didn’t sit
we stood up together we talked in a
round table amongst movie fans about
movie news and guys like Rob if you see
him in person he’s just as cool as you
would expect in person he was awesome it
was great brilliant the beautiful
awesome sexy hilarious nerdy Chris Carr
oh man and Aaron Cummings what before
the series fudge and all them they ate
my cookies we talked weed we laughed we
talked about it was great so this is
great like I mean I’m just showing this
to you because obviously these are the
top tier YouTube commentators about like
movie news
but I mean like I’m just as like just as
pleased to talk with you guys as they
are with me like so this is it school
building community this is awesome I
love it and love that you guys are here
so and Jonathan wait so awesome awesome
awesome but yeah that’s enough
bridesmaids food third standing which
you’ve been Blake cave and purple hold
over statue I’m a flashy gash you cut
into the holding ass something what’s a
scary movie thing where you say I’m a
smash it yeah shit cut him to the
holding you ass fuck you I could go and
pull your foreskin off like it’s a
raincoat something like that some scary
movie one you knew enough anyhow yeah
guys thank you so much for tuning in
we’ve got a musical performance
happening right now on the Oscars so I
will tune in when the livestream is
happening let’s move into the live chat
though Jim boyars thank you so much for
managing hahaha commentating commentary
savages AF yeah they always are so thank
you so much for Jim boyars for being
here to manage I’m so sad that Paula
ballers and Jim Geordie Lyons couldn’t
be here but they’re both moderators for
the can also moving forward in the
future hopefully so awesome thank you
guys and thank you Kim
Jimbo man let’s see let’s see J can best
editing I think we cover that already so
sorry the Bacardi is kicking in and Paul
and Long Beach let me know how your
drink is kicking in dude I’ve got to go
to work in like three hours we’ll see
how that works
Jim Boyer’s and it is hit that subscribe
today thank you five minutes five
Benito’s I do not understand why this
has not happened in the Golden Globes
livestream dude I don’t know either
honestly we broadcasted that whole thing
I talked weightless and no problems the
only problem happened was when I Bret
broadcasted it for a second time after
the initial
but even then like they just blocked it
I still got the view count but with the
Oscars like I was legit I got a warning
I got a warning we’re like yo if you do
this again we’re gonna give you your
first copyright strike so I don’t know
man but I’m gonna play it safe we’ll
keep a commentary base we’ll drop in
pull back away yeah in and out you know
it’s the old pullout procedure here so
good practice you know if you’re if
you’re with a woman or you’re doing a
live stream on YouTube you know pull out
bro Oh Louis q Louis you what up holy
shizzle Wow bro okay Louis you I would
totally make you a mod right now since
you’re here dude
I’m already I’m I’m I’m so like mentally
exhausted right now so I can’t do it
quite now but it seems like our audience
is being pretty cool so no problems but
you know what I’ll add you for next time
though Rodrigo Prieto Joker Lawrence
the lighthouse Jarett yeah White House
okay awesome cool cool cool this is a
good category yeah 1970 dude guys right
now let me know what do you think who’s
gonna win who’s gonna win they would
Robert Richardson you know it okay I got
a pull away and you know we got a
pullout Roger Deakins yeah
okay pulling you off the audio from now
I’m gonna pull back once it starts
talking for a little bit cuz it’s Roger
Deakins we gotta give him some cred
thank you thank you Wow
want to thank my fellow Mon frère I want
to thank my fellow niggas Oh nominees
it’s all we had first I want to thank
them for their friendship – I’m pretty
cook I’m pretty good coups
actually but this belongs to a lot of
the people that worked on this and this
movie my wife who worked on it with with
me it belongs to me – my arse – it
belongs to my ass it belongs to my ass
assistant Harris who is somewhere up in
there okay I think it does is to Peter
cavity and Charlie Rizk got two
fantastic operators is – Gary hims a
great crew and John Higgins Biggles
who’s been my friend for about 30 odd
years who’s gaffer so it’s to them and
all their wonderful team and I think
they would all want me to say
Thank You Sam mandes for most wonderful
thank you we’ll never forget it alright
thank you so Mendez from us yeah we
already knew Roger Deakins was a lot
guys Louis you awesome that you’re here
let’s see what else we got in the live
chat skies trust me I’m gonna keep you
update with the with the broadcast
you’re not gonna miss out in anything
right now they’re just talking so
they’re doing film editing right now
what else do we have here
let’s see Paula Lumbees brought to you
by Bacardi have a coke and a strike and
a smile and his smile DJ I shall sir
guys check this out
Starfleet Command nerding out yes all
right following these loose years cheers
Kat another cool gym Boyer’s I’m jealous
dude I was jelly of people doing all
this stuff when I was living in Florida
and I’m like dude I need to get back to
California that’s my home state I need
to get back out there and you can start
doing this thing for real so here I am
sacrificing work sacrificing that
YouTube channel for you guys but thank
you all so much for being here let’s see
right now so we got Steve Carell and
who’s the chick from veep she was in
Seinfeld too
I forgot it whatever it’s about film
editing right now now I told you guys in
the pre-show my prediction would be that
for be for our able plan so I’ll come
back let me get the nominations Jim
Boyer’s damn I know Campea is over 6
feet tall how tall are you dude I was so
shocked to see how tall John Campea was
I’m 6 1
nation for Andrew Buckland this is also
the first win and second nomination for
Michael McCusker dude
that was easy sorry guys I’m falling
behind on the live chats here at least
you have the the closed captions so
while I cover the live chats and the
closed captions before I remove the
video yeah let’s see Stephen earnest
just call in sick with the flu at work
well you know I have 8 hours of unpaid
time I could use for tonight I’m only
gonna try to use three of them or four
of them but depending how much of this
Bacardi I end up drinking and Bacardi
please give me a sponsorship I may call
it just forget that right or I might go
in like at one o’clock this morning
because Amazon were slaves yeah I worked
with Amazon as a slave right now let’s
see you can link what you think they’re
saying so Stephen earnest yeah
Paulin Beach yes he’s a lock Lois you
yes baby Roger Deakins yeah digital
nomad stage 1917 and Stephen earnest
1917 Paul Wong Beach is the Academy no
YouTube yep yep yep Jim Boyce you looked
like you were half the foot taller than
the M you are the same height as me no
really Jim all right I mean it’s not not
a surprise bro I mean it’s considering
that Europe I don’t know how much of
your personal history you want me to
reveal online here by considering your
I’m not surprised to hear that you’re
tall and probably pretty pretty
aggressive looking right but then again
I mean in my mind I’m thinking your line
of work
more intellectual but I mean maybe I’m
beat cops might whatever you get what
I’m saying see Jim Boyer’s camera
perspective yeah for sure but you know I
think me Campea were about the same
height so very surprising and um yeah
fun times Chris car she’s about as tall
as me to tease she’s so hot oh my god
Chris car is so hot and she’s such a
nerd dude but she wasn’t married
I totally wipe her off man Christopher
redhead she’s a nerd and she’s smart and
funny and hilarious and such a talent Oh
Chris car oh I love her everybody on
campus Channel anyhow that aside guys
don’t tell Chris Carr and sedia that I’m
gonna be so embarrassed now oh let me
remove the video here I don’t want to
get a copy racetrack nope
I mean so while we’re you know trying to
ops ops you skate say that three times
fast off to skate ops ops to escape ops
to skate the YouTube algorithm check
this out
look at that I’m staying with Hudson I
do not like that voice you making it
Stanley Hudson
all right YouTube are you ops to skated
enough dude Jim Boice right yeah like
Chris car holy crap like I mean I don’t
want I don’t want any bad like bad luck
on her but if she ever got divorced like
like count me in baby like a slide right
in wife that up real quick but now what
a great talent she is though truly um
yeah you know why we’re talking about
Chris car I’m gonna give a special shout
out to her because she’s nice enough to
follow me and actually interact with me
so Chris lovely girl
if you guys know Chris Carr on John
Campea show check her out she is the
host of our nerd wire HQ on YouTube she
does hilarious reviews and she’s also
the co-host on John Campea show so Chris
Carr love you babe okay let’s see what
else we got going on here in the Oscars
Oh Tom Hanks okay audio let’s go that is
Fairfax and Wilshire and it is a
pleasure to announce that the Academy
Museum of Motion Pictures will open its
doors on December 14th of 2020
and I am Spartacus
okay Jim so I know you’re a little bit
you’re a couple of minutes ahead of us
on that so as I understood the Academy
Museum was to be opening the 14th of
some month this this year what the hell
was Tom Hanks talking about Jim if you
could let our lovely viewers and myself
know what the hell is going on and while
you guys are here
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Lewis you if he’s on board for future
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I can’t do it right now because I’m so
overwhelmed Paul in Long Beach another
fantastic PGS community member PG as if
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there burr network awesome YouTube
channel the foremost authority on movie
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shout outs just even earn s4 coming back
because I know you’re here for Golden
Globes the cat mother another one Jay
Kim another one
five-minute OSCON my Caleb McCrae Dan do
that’s a hell of a name it’s like half
it’s fine you’ll have to English its
Spanglish let’s say it again 5 min your
toast con man Colin McCrea
don’t know what the hell kind of name
that is dude but I love it it’s awesome
it’s unique it’s you I’m all for it to
you thank you for coming in the back
here dude it’s glad to have you here
Daniel Alvarado of course
Billy Regatta Xu Yu ting who else am I
missing on a Christian mag alone awesome
is wall dude thank you for being here
and then anybody else if I’ve missed
bohunk junk is another one I think too
from the other live stream from the
great choice of words thank you all for
being here I love it
we’ve got 53 viewers if I can get the
likes you know I’m really hot in that
let’s just get subscriptions I love it I
love doing this I love talking to you
guys so cool Louis you go there and
there obi-wan Kenobi Wan Kenobi voice
right over there another happy landing
all right ah let’s see here what else we
got here let me make sure the oscar
stream is up-to-date all right so we’ve
got a musical performance right now by
who is that is that um who’s that chick
that with me James Bond film Grace Jones
that Grace Jones for those of you who
are not like old like me Grace Jones is
but that ain’t Grace Jones so okay all
right let’s move back to the live
pointing moments December 14
Jim boys can rewind the DVR that one
yeah I mean honestly Bart whatever you
want to do whatever you can do that’s it
that’s all I’m asking like whatever you
want whatever you can do I’m I’m
genuinely like so humbled and
appreciative of you being here and just
offering any of your services so
whatever man it’s all good not like I’m
bein you I don’t do I don’t have money I
don’t even have the money to pay myself
for my bills so I’m calling out of work
right now to do this for you guys so get
me that subscribe you know okay alright
so let’s see here I’m gonna tone it down
here a bit so we got we got Grace Jones
she’s still singing about something some
struggle or some type or something
it seems pretty serious okay let’s see
here Jim borders he has been off for a
minute now I have the sound on and the
TV turned down I’m listening to you
oh Jesus sorry bro I’m like way over the
I mean I’m normally way over the top but
when I got a little bit of Bacardi y’all
you know I’m Bobby good be cardi who’s
that who’s that singer cardi B oh yeah
when I got the Bacardi do you just think
that cardi B is like an anagram of
Bacardi like cardi and then the B wow I
just realized that okay let’s see what
else we got here Stephen Hertz well I’m
getting turned on and I’m straight dude
I’m totally straights that’s getting
turned on there you go but yeah sorry no
let’s see Martin boy I’m sure we’re all
turned on but turned up it’s lit here
baby oh all right what else we got here
digital nomad stage some congrats on the
1.4 K that 1400 1040 subscribers thank
you man
I appreciate it and I appreciate you
guys thank you so much for subscribing
seriously truly I don’t mean bullshit
bull crap bull gisle but really like
it’s awesome it’s really it’s really
awesome just talking with you guys doing
this with you it’s the best part of my
life because my real life sucks so I’m
glad you guys are having fun to you
let’s see what’s happening with the
Oscars because I don’t want to be
egotistical here and just have me
talking on my soapbox okay so she’s
still singing about some kind of
struggle of some type whatever you get
it okay so let’s see what else we got
here in the live stream see here
everybody’s turned on okay we all got
boners cool cool cool five minute toast
says it’s a pity that we could not watch
the transmission fuck do I know I know
man I tried you know I tried this is the
second stream so far we haven’t been
shut down how long are we doing this
right now
I don’t even know how long it’s been but
it’s probably been about 40 minutes I
think Jim Boyer says that is Cynthia a
rev Oh Ruth don’t know but you know I
don’t listen to like popular music so
that’s my bad my bad I’m sorry but dude
yeah thank you for clarifying thank you
for keeping me hip
well it’s here
Daniel Alvarado best sexy dress okay yet
Paul in Long Beach says yes DJ Daniel
Alvarado Scarlett Johansson’s so nice
dude yeah yeah she’s nice are you
kidding me
ScarJo baby so hot so hot want to touch
the hiney as Billy Madison would say I’m
guys right now just so you’re aware
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all right so that’s my spiel guys but
yeah so we are doing the the broadcast
here for the Oscars as you can see
nothing’s happening it’s a commercial
let’s see what we got going on in the
live chat dude I think I’m having way
too much fun here guys I might have to
call out of work today or at least go in
like the last two or three hours
let’s see
J Kim says that the irishman get one get
one one nomination it was nominated for
a Best Picture right
and we covered some other nominations
during the free show
you know I mean I’m sure Irish men will
garner something oh oh Jesus I only have
alcohol there there’s no there’s no
mixer that’s not good okay I’m gonna
have to handle that let me answer some
more live stream equestions let’s see
Leonardo DiCaprio says Carolina Vargas
yes Stephen earnest Cynthia Rio plays
Aretha Franklin on national geo really
oh I did not know that okay that’s cool
Carolina Vegas why are you drinking
vodka I know I’m drinking Bacardi
Bacardi and stevia
okay yeah it’s hot AF in here I’ve got
like two lights I’ve got a TV if we got
a computer I’ve got all kinds of stuff
we’re so sorry about the underwear but
stevia is Evo soda
give me some sponsorships this is
awesome zero calorie soda yeah okay
without further ado let me see what’s
happening with the in Austria oh my god
what are we walk into you look we got to
hear this
here are the nominees for achievement in
visual effects Avengers end game damn
delu Russell ill matt aitken and dan
sudoc the Irishman pablo Hillman Leandro
esta Beck arena
I’m gonna turn the audio off for now
back with a video I’ve gotta go you know
so Irish Man vendors endgame Lion King
of course nominated for best resort
thanks nineteen said Wow really that was
CGI Wow okay
I’m mistaken about a great many and the
Oscar goes to 1917
this is the second Oscar and second
nomination for real
okay Wow I was not expecting that guys
what did you expect honestly I honestly
expected Jim Boyer’s 19:17 is cleaning
up Kevin D don’t stop drinking we lit
tonight yeah but yeah seriously nineteen
said Wow
Oh Jim you have to wait all that time
yet you going on you do I’m sure you
know how to please your wife if you’re
able to like you know restrain yourself
from doing something you really want to
do wow I did not see that coming
honestly I thought the Academy would
have given it to blind King just because
it’s Disney and then endgame maybe but I
mean wow I mean as impressive as that
was that one sequence we saw I still I’m
still inclined to think that Lion King
would have done he should have done it
got it cuz the whole thing Lion King the
whole thing was CGI and it looked
oh my god my even mixer I can’t drink
mccartey straight at warranties I don’t
think 1917 would win Best Picture
so you know what so this is my thought
exactly yes so they’re getting in this
technical award maybe because it’s not
going to win Best Picture
that was my thought – good evening we’re
here to present the award for makeup and
it’s impossible to overstate the role
that hair and makeup play in the craft
of filmmaking case in point
audio off guys sorry YouTube so what are
we talking about right now okay let me
move this off screen guys hey all of you
seriously I mean seriously guys this is
such a ghetto stream I’m bringing it in
as the awards are announced but for
those of you here in the live chat
talking amongst ourselves and with me
and then tuning in thank you so much I
truly appreciate it I think right now
we’re about 80 viewers it’s not the
hundred and forty thousand viewers we
had for the Golden Globes because
YouTube has cock-blocking me right now
but it’s still awesome and I love every
every 80 viewers of you right now here
seriously guys like really truly thank
you I’m gonna be showing you the live
broadcast but I have to do it
incrementally so bombshell
okay so nominated for makeup and
hairstyling I think that’s gonna win
Joker cool all right all right Judy okay
Maleficent mistress of evil okay take it
off screen for a bit and then 1917 is
the next one here for the other nominee
so makeup and hairstyling he was gonna
win do you guys think it’s gonna be put
in your votes and the longshot oh then
the Oscar goes to this is the second
Oscar on fourth nomination for Kazuhiro
alfadil the first Oscar and nomination
for Ann Morgan and Vivien Baker
thank you very much it’s a great honor
and we would like to thank members of
the caucus and director J Lo’s in
chalindo Bob Kraft language of bisco
knows a Jetix
michiga Johnson and the entire team at
once awesome for for bombshell now guys
correct me if I’m wrong so you know when
I was thinking about bombshell winning I
was thinking about Charlize Theron for
her makeup in here being portrayed as
megyn kelly but you know what I totally
forgot that what’s his name John Lithgow
that’s insane insane prosthetics they
had applied on Tomatoes oh yeah for sure
I can see that
okay so guys Kazuhiro makeup and hair
stylist for bombshell has just won the
Academy Award for Best hair and makeup
for the film bombshell
amazing okay
let’s go over to the live stream right
now guys if you are tuning in give us a
little subscription I appreciate it
totally missing out on my job right now
YouTube is hitting me in the booty we’re
doing this this is the third live stream
we’ve got shut down twice before so I’ve
got to do this in this weird kind of
format right now and where t says I
don’t think 19:17 will win the best
picture okay guys just so you know it’s
just a commercial yes it is a commercial
break right now the ABC oscars break so
don’t worry you’re not missing out on
anything the girl moving onto the live
stream here Stephen earnest says makeup
and hairstyling is next okay yeah yeah
Stephen earnest watching these two
streams is kind of exhausting dude try
and try managing it
Stephen Boyer’s when I am I missing why
did they play live Live and Let Die when
they walked out oh did they I didn’t
hear it but you know because of YouTube
thank you for supporting us Jim reading
the live chats right now just to make
sure I’m up to date with you guys I
really wish I could be talking with you
guys live like in the weekly weekend or
broadcast idea but I’ve got to manage
the stream because I’m sure you’re not
tuning in for me per say you want to see
the Oscars so just so you’re aware we
are on a commercial break right now
hopefully I don’t pull up any
pornographic pictures of me whoops I
didn’t mean to show that Oh dick pic
okay yeah it’s a commercial break okay
why sure
anything for me cool you guys are
talking amongst yourselves that’s
awesome glad to see it shoutouts again
to jim boyars are fantastic moderator
from Robert Meyer Burnett’s the burr
Network channel we got Louis you here in
the house as well PGs community members
the digital middle man sage check him
out he’s awesome if you want to stay up
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Nomad sage Tom but yeah he’s awesome
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stuff outside of YouTube because I’m
outdated I only know HTML CSS from like
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back in the day JavaScript HTML it
wasn’t considered like programming it
was a hypertext markup language but now
you can do so much on anyways check them
out guys they’re awesome and to everyone
else who’s been here from the previous
livestream I’ve mentioned your names
already and my voice is going out you
know I love you I mentioned you already
from the Golden Globes to the Oscars
here thank you all so much for being
let’s see here why 71 viewers only says
Carolina Vargas well that’s because this
is the third attempt we’ve been shut
down twice I’ve gotten a warning before
I actually get it first copyright strike
which I haven’t gotten and only because
I’ve been doing this weird thing where I
show the video sometimes hold out the
audio on turn it off as opposed to our
Golden Globes broadcast where I played
the whole thing straight without any
bones growing up I was really influenced
by the work of Beck okay so yeah I’m
gonna I’m not gonna play that just so we
can get to the meat the nitty-gritty as
it were I’m not sure which topic this is
right now but you know what our
moderator here in the channel Jim boyars
he has about a minute or up to five
minute head start on us here so if you
guys are wondering what’s happened
happening and if Jim boyars has time to
tell us he can let you know of course no
pressure there I’m just talking in a
stream of consciousness right now so
let’s see here
Lois you producer for this year’s show
get some question okay that’s personal
conversation Leah ji bombshell let’s see
Steven I live in SoCal in the complex
where they hold the Oscars a very large
now oh yeah yeah meet you dude I’m right
here I’m right here with you brother I’m
SoCal native man so are they not doing
it at the Dolby theater this year I
thought they were correct me on that and
the Spirit Awards where the hell were
they doing the Spirit Awards it looks
like they were doing it at a freaking
Coachella like it was grass on the floor
an open-air tent like the Coachella tent
so yeah I think they were in India what
are they I don’t know anyhow let’s check
good evening and here are the nominees
for Best International feature film from
Poland Corpus Christi directed by
yonkoma sana
from North Macedonia Hana lon directed
by Lugo Stefano and Tamara Podesta from
France Lamesa Haddon directed by largely
from Spain pain and glory
directed by Pedro almodóvar from South
Korean parasite parasite
to win the Oscar joon-ho you know what
no surprise there right if you didn’t
win best picture I think I think
international best film was a for
Sherlock let’s tune back in and see what
he’s saying I’m gonna play some video no
audio I’m going to speak of like a like
a Korean man
so hello my name is a bong joon-ho and
guys with knows who he might think I’m
racist seriously take a chill pill half
my family here they’re all half Japanese
thank you great great honor
Louis you please don’t hate me bro
seriously it’s all it’s all good fun I
make black jokes too
anyways YouTube don’t shut me down okay
International filter film I’m so happy
to be its first recipient under the new
name applaud and support the new
direction that this change symbolizes
young Kevin don’t worry about in between
step 3 Rui Sameera every Satur Nana’s
Hong Kong own name isn’t given to she
change in a German what’s imperative
yeah all our loving crew members and
cast members are here with us today
please send a round of applause to the
actors and crew members of
yeah Jim Boyer says I think that wraps
up no best picture for pair of sight not
really surprised honestly I would like
them upset to see that but not a
surprise that it’s not getting better
that’s fine I mean at least it’s getting
prominence here
so yes I’m glad that again turns out of
when I’m attacked I congratulate all the
great artists here tonight video
television NRC karagin patterns on ba
the CJ you are the owner Moton but
intercapital comes after Amita
I also thank everyone at pot and so CJ
and neon who allowed me to actualize my
vision thank you and yeah I’m ready
ready to drink tonight we’re way ahead
of you me and Paul in Long Beach were
way ahead of you were already drinking
for tonight so it is all good in the
guys that is bong joon-ho he just won
from the Oscars the best international
feature film guys talk amongst yourself
right now I’m gonna see if I can get
Louis you another fantastic member of
the PGS community on Robert Myer
Burnett’s channel the brew network
I’m gonna go see if I can give him a
little moderator moderator love her
although it’s not even necessary because
you guys are all being so awesome like I
can’t tell you how much like negativity
I was getting on there on the Critics
Choice Awards livestream people were so
rude like dude shut up
stop talking I don’t want to see your
face on this you’re the man in there and
like my face was smaller than it was now
now it was hardly even talking on that
and people are like hating on my dude
like come on I’m like how are you gonna
hate like you non-contributing zero no
I’m just trying to do this on them on my
free time for you and you’re gonna
about it anyhow but yeah you guys have
been all awesome here I don’t see any
reason to have hunter reader it’s really
really but it’s awesome now of all the
same just like Elton’s backdrop pretty
cool graphics yes
that’s what Jim Boris is talking about
that’s her five seconds of audio and
video there can’t believe Jesus Martin
Bowen says he hates he hates Alvin
I like Elton I love it
I’m a Rocket Man Oh Lois it’s gonna be
hard to find you bro because I don’t
have you commenting on my channel and
that’s normally how I added Jim and
Paula and Geordi I’m trying to look you
up in the live chat here Louis you I
mean if you could do me a flavor
give me your channel ID or your channel
URL actually both of them and that way I
can copy paste it here into the YouTube
studio add you as moderator that would
be fabulous
Jim Boyer’s burning out his fuse up here
alone okay yeah do you honestly I’m one
of those weirdos like because I produce
music too and i DJ as well even though
my name is DJ yeah I know
DJ squared yeah it’s comfortable but
with lyrics like I don’t I don’t listen
to lyrics I just hear like crazy
doesn’t really matter to me so I have to
like really like really listen to
hearing otherwise it doesn’t come to me
and look at it there is rise above the
broken rails I’m Elton John I’m bound by
yeah so right now guys we have Elton
John for the 70 subscribers here we’ve
lost 10 but that’s understandable you
know I’m not doing a full broadcaster
like you’re at the Critics Choice Awards
it’s fine I still haven’t gotten my
mixer for my drink so right now it’s
just a Starfleet mug just our fleet mug
full of Bacardi and I’m Denis Pitt water
it down
ah can’t do that Oh oh man it’s putting
hair on my chest oh it burns okay let’s
see what we got going on here in the
live chat guys it is a commercial break
Eminem’s love your selfie cool so you
know it’s a commercial break right now
and here’s the reminder about the
commercial break subscribe to the
channel if you like movie news movie
reviews I’m not gonna repeat myself
getting tired I’ll let Jim take it away
with the the text version of what I
would say Jim says I don’t either I am
all about the tune my wife really Wow
dude honestly I’ve never met anybody who
said that like they don’t hear the
actual words I am about to tune to so
yeah like the voice becomes like
basically like an instrument and like in
any song and I don’t hear it unless I
actively tune myself in and try to hear
what they’re saying otherwise it’s like
that dinner dinner dinner dinner and
obviously I’m singing what what is it
what what did I do
okay I can I I just get by with a little
help from our friends I get by help for
my friends yeah I get back okay yeah the
Beatles right yeah see I don’t even know
the lyrics to that and like that’s
classic but anyhow cool I did Elton wind
says Martin Mullins I don’t think Elton
was nominated for anything right cuz we
had Taron Egerton playing him in Rocket
Man and that Rocket Man film as far as I
recall was not nominated for any rewards
neither was Taron Egerton so I don’t
think Elton John was unless the musical
performances or musical features in a
film were one of those nominations which
I did gloss over guys I did not look
over so I’m not sure if Elton John let’s
you’ve got the winners here
Edward T says just a shot of Bacardi in
a shot of water you know what I’ve got
plenty of water here if this was
sparkling water like some club soda I
could definitely do it but in fact you
know what guys I think I need to run
downstairs right now
oh sorry Eddie I need to run downstairs
right now get that mixer while it’s a
commercial break so bear with me I will
be right back in 30 seconds
I get by with a little help from my
friends yes I get bath and a help from
my friend my friend
okay all right huh just turn up here
let’s see here hi kitto Tigers back on
stage oh my god I love Taika Waititi
okay alright where is he
oh yes
we acknowledge them as the first peoples
of this land on which our motion picture
community lives and works Mariana
and now it is my honor to recognize this
past year’s recipients at the governor’s
awards at that ceremony honorary Oscars
were presented to active West duty
and directors David Lynch and Lena
the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
went to eff glad to have you here stay
off the roads there I seen in Denver
Bravo honk junkman come on and now
please welcome gal gadot Academy Award
nominated actress Sigourney Weaver and
Academy Award winner brie Larson
yes according to either talked about if
there was a milk man do you’d like older
women totally down with older women I
would date the app out of her and not
just that but that is that let’s see
what she has to say the way for us
supporting you
we are so grateful for it for you and
it’s such an honor to be standing here
with you guys yeah the three of us make
a powerful combination and in fact just
now backstage we decided that after the
show we’re gonna start a Fight Club
and if anyone want yeah I think Jim
boyars thank you for clarifying guys
yeah I’ve got a I’ve got a oscillate
between having an on screen off screen
the audio because I think it’s automated
with the bots so I’ve got to throw them
off so far we haven’t been shut down
thus far so it’s working so far I’m
gonna keep this going
the broadcast is happening here so so
right now this is the nomination we’ve
got the hot 8f Susan Trent and God look
how amazingly gorgeous she is the older
she gets the hotter she gets in my
opinion did I see her as Ripley and
alien I don’t see she’s that hot
what is she she’s like 60 years old
right now dude she’s so hot I would
totally date her oh man
I don’t know got a thing for older women
apparently but anyhow what are we
talking about they are talking about C
Academy Awards female conductor right
new to conduct this year’s nominated
Best Original Score ‘z okay cool so we
got a performance I’m gonna I’m gonna
skip on that yeah let’s see what’s
happening in the live chat
I’m so far behind the mead live chat
sorry guys
Kevin D says cheers boy she has breath
well write much Ralph chess bohunk junk
how do I see the earlier live chat you
can’t it was shut down like legit now
it’s not like me the Golden Globes were
they blocked it and then I still had it
on my channel where I could view it and
still get the view counts and all that
no YouTube or whomever the Content ID
holders legit like blocked it shut it
down even blocked it from me even having
access to it so you can’t even view it I
don’t even think I can be uploaded I’ll
confirm that but as far as I can tell
like they gave me a straight up warning
they’re like hey no go bro this is your
warning if you do this again this will
be your first copyright strike one of
three before your channel shut down and
if I got one copyright strike which I
was totally willing to do here for you
guys I would be banned from YouTube for
a week which is really a big deal
because I’m active in a lot of other
movie communities and I do my own movie
review and news channel here I think
it’s good to give to to my viewers and I
know a lot of you were international and
I’ve been there you know I’d been in
Japan I used to go there I’m and I still
go there every every year at home it’s
hard they watch this live you know
internationally so I like doing this
it’s an altruistic move but I’m not
gonna lie to you of course it’s not
really a great way for me to broadcast
myself and let you know hey I’m here I’m
a presence I’m on YouTube I’m talking
about movies and I’m talking to you so
check me out and subscribe to the
channel if you appreciate this that’s
all no super chats needed
okay guys we’re still doing am yeah
they’re still doing a little musical
performance so the live chat here
so who else to Reno
and Jim boyars has a damn it more more
conductors looks like that I’d go to the
Opera yeah me too but you know what like
you probably have like a boner like
watching so you know like if you got up
but oh let me let me just cover this
with my um with my play bill well I’m
walking out
you could probably conduct the orchestra
with that that rising bone yeah you know
I Bharata I get it thanks for a
fantastic show bro I’m trying I’m trying
to keep it interesting man you know I
would love to broadcast this to you with
minimal talking as much as possible but
youtube is cock-blocking
parkour this is the first Oscar and
nomination for Mildred with muggle care
yep that was one of those confirmed wins
similar to 1917 Roger Deakins for
cinematography I think he’ll do how to
had it lock I mean she’s got just such a
unique sonic palette like nothing we’ve
heard before you know Chernobyl came
blown out the gates in terms of like the
you know are the general audience of
America and worldwide with Turner will
her score for that and then of course
was Joker it was a sight
wow this is so touching thank you hug
the Academy for working me so warmly
it’s just I I don’t know what to say my
fellow trainee nominee is hey there’s
John Williams but I know my name is of
the craft it’s been such an honor to get
to know your honor it’s a special I love
Goldmember tell me the whole way
so one tenth of it I thank you for that
so deeply thank you for my family my
beautiful family will share with me
tonight my incredible husband Sam hey
Jim how you feeling about her bro pretty
fine Icelandic right I’d like to give
her a stick of ice if you know what I
mean a little little icicle right to the
mothers to the daughters who hear the
music bubbling within please speak up we
need to hear your voices all right so
Hildur and they totally set her name go
on did not did Wanda not did hear she
won for Best Original Song on the Oscars
no surprises there
as I’ve said so what are your guys has
thoughts on that do you think this is an
upset is this like a totally valid
nomination I think we’re all pretty much
on the same page hey check out Susan
Sarandon isn’t she hot AF is that brie
Larson Captain Marvel yeah
damn Dave look at Elton John he’s
looking fabulous okay let’s see here our
guys they are into the unknowns and
frozen to music and lyric
stand-up from Harriet music and lyrics
by Joshua
and the Oscar goes to Sir Elton John
burning honest fuses something-something
help me out here Jim Boyer’s Jim G wolf
yeah would you miss out on I don’t know
bro so much guys help out how about G
wolf here tell him what he missed Elton
John okay he won I’m gonna I’m gonna
come back as soon as he starts talking
guys so don’t worry Paramount Pictures
Jim you guys have been first class all
the way through this this needless to
most of this goes to the people that
were involved in Rocket Man a little bit
of this is in every one of their hearts
David Furnish your tenacity and
dedication has driven this train all the
way here
Heather topping you have my back 24
hours a day your beauty grace good humor
just I love you oh okay all right sorry
guys gotta pull it back you know the old
you all in and out right go we go just
stick it in and then pull it out right
before you know the money shot happens
so but we all know Elton John one for
something song related sorry
let’s see the live chat here John
Williams since Jim Boyer John Williams
is a chisel it’s a digital nomad stage
yeah I agree
John Williams dies that will actually
cry the man ruled the soundtrack of
myself yeah dude Jim I know
brought like how old is John Williams
he’s like he’s in his 90s right like I
don’t know if he’s gonna make it to the
next Star Wars saga series of films not
the independent films because we know
Michael Giacchino did rogue one John
Williams did the new saga but the news
talk about starburst homes is slated for
release what gente tentatively 2022 I
believe it’s two years away and it’s
pushing it then this guy’s perfectly got
one foot in the grave so yeah it’ll be
really really sad believe it at that I
do have some other thoughts on that but
yeah it would be sad for sure yeah man
he’s classic so many films so many
properties so many large ip’s that are
like ingrained culturally and with us
generationally John Williams has scored
films you know yeah you’ve got burritos
Indiana Jones Star Wars oh god there’s
so many so many other films I know John
Williams has been attached through I
can’t all right guys looks like we are
looking for a backstage right when we
return the Award for Best Director but
first a special look at the timeless art
of filmmaking
okay guys so while we have the
commercial break I’m gonna pull up the
oscar best directors for the nominees I
want to hear your thoughts on this
damn I wish that okay so all right let’s
see the super the nominees are up guys
if you are tuned in right now we’re
averaging about 70 to 80 viewers right
damn that’s like one one-hundredth of
the views we’ve got for the Golden
Globes but understandable we’re keeping
it real here make sure to subscribe to
channel I really appreciate it I am
about an hour late for work right now
probably not gonna go in tonight I’m
just gonna use all my unpaid time off
just to do this this is so much fun I’ve
enjoyed it this is great but I want to
know what your thoughts are on the best
director nominations
who are the nominees ray
look I subscribe to you New York are you
live updates and keep mother know it’s
not what I want
spike reppin Kobe gym I saw that outfit
Spike Lee Whorf can I show you a little
bit of that right now
Spike Lee Oscars outfit it was it’s so
ghetto looking like I mean I a mad props
to him for rappin Kobe I understand that
but like bro what is this big it’s so
hood it’s it’s so ghetto ghetto she
ghetto fabulous you know it’s like those
Blue Crush blue velvet I like a lot of
my fellow black men like the lovely
where these like very I can’t I can’t
show you here it’s not they’re very like
flamboyant brightly just very tacky
looking outfits but yeah you know what
whatever he’s rapping Kobe more power to
you I just I thought it was funny it
looks ridiculous a yeah like let’s not
Jim Boyer says no I can’t say why but no
of course you can say why bro
if you need me to lend you lend if you
need me to lend you my black card you
got a pass but whatever it is you have
to say I’m curious maybe you can DM me
do you have me baby okay
let me see you Wow I Kate are what does
IKr me what we’ve been bright kick oh oh
copywriting audio the video in your
stream your stream may be temporarily
blocked for what what are you talking
about it must be from like two hours ago
so guys this might get shut down again
giving you a heads up I just got the
notification right now let’s hope not
I guess I gotta really play it super
super tight now Jesus
I thought he had won some lifetime thing
he deserves them all from every award
show Jim Boyer says
I guess you guys talking about John
Williams lifetime award
okay yeah he does deserve that for sure
yeah I mean absolutely what he did where
he did all the the Indiana Jones right
yeah what does John Williams done he’s
done a lot
John lives
okay so guys I got the I got the hit
from YouTube they gave me a notification
saying they may have detected
copyrighted video or material audio so
I’m gonna refrain from playing the
broadcast right now which is live we’ve
got bong joon-ho he is on stage as you
can see next year is hot-ass translator
okay so bong joon-ho says I never
thought I would win Oh what if you win
longji hostess when people in the US
were not familiar with my film Quinton
always put my films on his list
he’s here thank you so much Quentin I
love you
Oh Jim who won Best Director
was it a Ballentine HOH is that when
he’s up here for now oh yeah dude
for okay dude but it’s not like best
director of all time right might for
this year I think volunteer oh for sure
yeah absolutely Bonjean ho todd phillips
for Best Director yeah okay Jim yeah no
I mean hey man that’s your opinion but
Quentin I love I love Quentin Tarantino
love him since I was a kid love
everything he’s done but once upon a
time in Hollywood I think that he was
placating to the Hollywood crowd
definitely that was not as strong as
film for sure I’m glorious bastards it’s
like a cinematic masterpiece
so no bong joon-ho for this year that’s
a Best Director awesome awesome
and Best Screenplay oh wow we’ve got
Steven Spielberg here hello my name is
Steven spin bag okay so he’s talking
about something guys I’m gonna play it
super super tight I’m so sorry I’m gonna
try to do some audio soon but let me
just give me like a small break here cuz
I got that copyright notification I
don’t want them to shut the stream down
and we’re like two and a half hours into
this so far so without without a
copyright strike and the channel being
shut down the live stream being shut
down let’s keep it that way
dude Jim I loved Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood – I did I feel you bro I know
it was great especially like that last
20 to 30 minutes like crying Tarantino
but not his best and I’m sure you’re a
Tarantino fan right like I mean can you
agree with me on that like it wasn’t his
best film maybe MIT but you know maybe
I’m being you rent to that too I know
there’s a lot of like Hollywood Easter
eggs in there too maybe I wasn’t aware
of okay guys we got Billy Eilish oh
she’s 18 right I think she’s 18 so it’s
legal so I can that Billy Eilish so hot
right now as a Bugatti would say alright
she’s doing a musical performance guys
remember if you are trying to talk to me
directly you know oftentimes I can I can
kind of see what you’re saying here and
I’ll respond to it but if I miss it it’s
not because I’m trying to ignore you
it’s just there’s so much going on here
so the best way to get my visual
attention send me a super chat okay
that’s number one obviously but if you
can’t send this to perch at just at me
in the livestream here it’s at movie pop
and it’ll pop up for me in orange and
I’ll know hey this is a comment for me
I’d seen ed Bertie yeah parasite we’re
gonna swap for best picture okay yeah
yeah Congrats Korea hun good hunga NSA
on i–honestly i show up yeah I need a
lot more Korean I got my Japanese down
also America gin know what suka this
okay yeah so uh see people have passed
away I gotta keep it safe thanks you to
the live stream no matter Laurie Laurie
says yeah thanks to the live stream yeah
of course I’m trying my best here trying
my best
this is the third time is a charm I was
willing to get a copyright strike so far
so good though
two hours 30 minutes in so alright oh
gee wolf Billy eyelash Daniel Arado
pretty yeah let’s see Jim Boyer’s I like
last year’s and then in memoriam much
better when they played John Williams
movies yeah yeah dude I can’t
yeah yeah for sure no no no contact
Daniel Alvarado stand up for your rights
you can do what you’re doing keep keep
us informed with all the winners I am
trying my absolute best man guys just so
you’re aware
it’s still a musical performance but you
know what what’s more fun than you know
typing into Google hey what’s the Oscar
for Oscar winners right now and reading
an article as opposed to watching it
here conversing with the awesome movie
community here on movie pop and I’m
watching my ugly ass face smoke and
drink and talk with you and it
intermittently you know having the Oscar
broadcast here / YouTube’s cock blocking
us from having a good fun time as if you
were gonna pay for cable TV to watch
this you’re freeloading losers no no no
totally kidding because I just to be
real I have YouTube TV I’m only paying
it for paying for it for the month after
after this broadcast I’m not gonna use
it what am I gonna watch CBS CSI new
Bloods what else is on TV there’s
nothing I want to watch on daytime TV
All My Children
General Hospital Steve Harvey with his
crazy nasty looking harelip moustache
that’s perfectly manicured totally in a
totally unnatural way no nah brah I keep
I keep myself occupied by watching well
I used to watch flyer they got really
crappy so bad so bad so annoying almost
as annoying as me but you know at least
like I’m not some hot chick here you
know is like getting their views because
they’re hot I might be saying too much
better but I’m just a dude who likes
talking movies I’m a total nerd goofball
um but yeah Collider uh I hope they come
back though I really do but I do many
time watching a John Campea love him and
he signor we’ve got
the heavy spoilers channel awesome
Robert Meyer Burnett Thea that is my guy
love him and I love the people in the
live chat there guys if you haven’t gone
through his channel already shameless
plug for Thurber Network subscribe to
his channel Robert Myer Burnett’s he
does awesome commentary on movie news
and you know what it’s the best damn
movie related community on the Internet
separate from this channel but you know
what and you know why I say that is
because honestly on Robert Meyer
Burnett’s channel on average I think
I’ve noticed about 400 the 500 viewers
for the live streams live so you can
actually talk to people in there as
opposed to John Campea channel where you
have 3,000 people watching at once and
you like you and you’ll say something
you’ll leave a comment there on the live
stream and it just gets you know washed
away in the flood of other comments and
there’s no like real sense of community
there unless you really like actively
put in the effort there but go to Rob’s
channel it’s awesome there’s great
people there and in fact we’ve got one
of the moderators here mr. Jim Boyer’s
you see him here he’s awesome he’s
fantastic so thank you Jimbo
yeah and I’m Andy signor I like him a
lot too he’s really cool
I love Midnight’s edge after dark we’ve
got the ostriches they are back let’s
see what’s happening
welcome back I’m George Micaiah and I’m
hanging up here in the balcony is there
we having a good time okay I’m gonna
pull back for now until the actual
speech happens so George McKay he’s on
screen right now let’s see what is this
he’s introducing himself he’s gonna
introduce someone else oh this is for
Best Actor okay so we got Olivia Colman
she starred in the fair and that’s a
fair well what was it the the favorite
the favorite this year yeah all right so
she is discussing about you discuss
rather another hot milf
she’s about to talk about the the best
actor for the Oscars of 2020 I’ll pull
it back on screen with the audio guys
we’ve got we’ve got to beat the
algorithm so let’s do it together
all right so she was just talking about
had a Mon not more name’s Olivia Colman
now I’m talking about their life in some
exposition you all care about because
I’m a famous Hollywood celebrity so let
me tell you about my my mic my
colonoscopy and my diet the diet pills
and yada yada yada ya Jim he’s got he’s
got the heads up here I’m in at the head
coming up guys I’m gonna be pulling it
up shortly so stay tuned don’t go away
oh that’s actor up dude yeah it is ask
the same questions every week how’s your
are you having negative thoughts
the Facebook failure that is your IRA
errors crying about them I don’t know
what is did Jesus build walls his face
is a face of Mercy Mercy is the dynamite
that blows down walls it’s happening the
easy breeze
okay so turn any audio off for now we’ve
got a little bit of a montage about the
top sorry the only nominees for Best
Actor it’s Dan we’re itching reaching a
critical critical peak here who’s gonna
win guys I think I think Joaquin it’s a
lot he got the SAG Awards did he win
BAFTA – he’s got the line he won one of
the lion Awards right for the Venice
Film Festival but wasn’t for Best Actor
it was for Best Best Film – I think it’s
a lock guys
I think it is and if I’m wrong I will
literally show you my ass on screen here
right now that’s how confident I am here
we go all right please don’t make me
show you my ass Banderas painting
gallery Leonardo DiCaprio its front of
time in front of us
marriage story okay
okay all right so they’re still dude
watch keen he’s got this bride he’s
fucking meet Sookie he’s fudging gothis
breath okay they’re um here we go here
we go coming up
Joaquin Phoenix and fourth nomination
for Joaquin Phoenix
all right I’m gonna show you his speech
when it comes up it’s beefy algorithm
here let’s do it together oh here we go
hi I’m walking Phoenix god moves so much
bad attitude right now and I do not feel
elevated above any my fellow nominees or
anyone in this room because we share the
same love that the love oh shit sorry
YouTube they’re giving me a give me a
warning your stream may be temporarily
blocked dammit
I wasn’t even showing that much come on
YouTube okay so Joaquin is talking right
now let me read it to you um let’s see
the see see is the opportunity to use
our voice for the voiceless I’ve been
thinking a lot about some of the
distressing issues that we are facing
collectively and I think at times we
feel or are made to feel that we
champion different causes but for me I
commonalities I think whether we’re
talking about gender inequality or
racism or queer rights or indigenous
rights or animal rights we’re talking
about the fight against the belief One
Nation one race one gender or one
species has the rights to dominate
control and used and sorry but the
closed captions are delayed use and
exploit another was in with impunity I
think that we’ve become very
disconnected from the natural world and
many of us many of us what we’re guilty
of is an egocentric worldview the belief
that were the center of the universe we
go into the natural world and we plunder
it for resources we feel entitled to a
artificially inseminate or to fill the
inseminate account and when she gives
birth we steal her baby even though her
cries are unmistakable and then we take
her milk that’s intended for a calf and
we put it in our coffee hot damn and our
cereal and I think we fear the idea of
personal change because we think that
what we have to sacrifice something they
give up to be human but human beings but
at our best are so inventive and
creative and ingenious and they think
that when we used love and compassion as
our guiding principles we can create
develop and implements and systems of
change that are beneficial to all
sentient beings and the environment now
I have been I’ve been a scandal in my
life I’ve been selfish I’ve been cruel
at times hard to work with and I’m
grateful but so many of you in this room
have given me a second chance and I
think that’s when that think that’s
where we’re at when we’re at our best
when we support each other not when we
cancel each other out for past mistakes
but when we help each other to grow when
we educate each other when we sum
about redemption that is the best of
humanity damn this is really powerful
speech I just I want to when when you
when he was 17 my brother wrote this
lyric he said quote run to the rescue
with love and peace will follow thank
you wow dude if Joaquin Phoenix’s speech
during the Golden Globes was not
enough and powerful enough that is
awesome and I agree with him completely
now like let’s not let’s not be like not
real about this like I get it do you
like has a poor man myself it’s hard to
not eat animal products to drink animal
products you know like milk you know if
money were no object
I’d be eating you know like impossible
meat and beyond meat and drinking soy
milk and all that crap
but you know what Whole Foods should
change your names the whole paycheck
because you literally have to spend 100
$150 to get one bag of groceries so it’s
really cost prohibitive to be living
this lifestyle of total moral not
ambiguity but like I have like a just
did you have your own morals your moral
Center in line with your actions right
like I would love to like I would love
to be like a vegan or a vegetarian in
some capacity and do what he’s saying
and be more be more conscientious of the
environment but you know what for most
of us it’s just it’s cost prohibitive
but the message all the same is very
powerful and is very very very timely
and I think you know at least if it’s
not being applied to your practical
personal perspective at least
it’s being spoken about in the larger
framework the zeitgeist of our American
culture here and hopefully we can aspire
to reach to that kind of society where
you know opportunity for access that is
cheap equal and affordable for quality
you know it’s economically sustainable
environmentally it’s a sustainable
animal rights friendly produce and
sustenance for all people I think if we
can reach to that yeah that’d be great
so great that’s a message on stage I
thought is a great speech and awesome
Joaquin Phoenix he won so guys what are
your thoughts on this I want to turn to
the live chat here and see what your
thoughts I’m not surprised
just so you know while we’re talking
rami malek she’s up here here this is
for Best Actress Cynthia
areevo for Harriet
star Joe for Marik’s marriage story
better than Laura Dern sorry L say Ronan
for a little woman sorry L says Charlize
pound for bombshell Renee Zellweger for
Judy I think she has a lock on that not
my personal opinion but from what I
understood to be the case I haven’t had
the pleasure of seeing Judy yet despite
you wanted to yup Renee Zellweger
no surprise there guys we covered this
in the now cancelled and deleted initial
first broadcast for the pre-show you
YouTube Renee Zellweger she just won
best the best actress for the Oscars
2020 guys for her performance as Judy
Garland in Judy what is she saying I’m
gonna read it to you in this reason
Tanya thank you to the Academy thank you
for inviting me here alongside one of
the most special collaborations and
meaningful experiences of my life
I’ve said it before and I’m going to say
it again Cynthia Scarlett
Charlize Sally Oz it’s an honor to be
considered in their company I’m totally
reading this like a valley girl David
Livingstone Cameron McCracken director
Rupert gold boy what’s a privilege to
work with you and I am feeling so proud
to be in your beautiful movie I got to
thank my stage mo go stage mom Matt and
Jeff and E there we go Eric by Eric V
trio Paul
Gary Jessie okay bunch of random names
we don’t know or care about maybe we do
but and all the cast and crew who worked
so hard on this film to celebrate Judy
Garland my extended family at CAA that’s
a creative Arden Creative Artists Agency
Peter Brian Kevin okay all right yeah
all right fuck your random names
guys again if you’re tuning in just now
a renee zellweger just won Best Actress
for the Oscars 2020 so the mess for her
performance is Judy Garland in the
biopic Judy how about this thank you to
you big brother
drew Randy Judy stone Rafi Michelangelo
waste opposite table so Fabio my
favorites my buddy okay you get it right
where’s random names does it matter my
friend Hideo key my Gardner Miguel my
favorite barbecue pit cooker big black
Jim and all the other actresses it’s
been really a cool reminder to see that
it’s our heroes who unites us the best
among us who and aspire us to find out
the best in our selves
you know when they unite us and we look
to our heroes we agree you know okay
this is not really quite the joaquin
phoenix speech this is pretty bored of
playing Oscar like let me think my mom I
want to thank God in Jesus and my coach
I want to thank my fourth-grade teacher
like thank you so much mr. Vincent mr.
Jones for teaching me how to read and
and I’m being facetious but I’m trying
to be entertaining guys so I’m not
really serious about what I’m saying but
kind of but not really our firefighter
our first responders and firefighters
okay there we go cool socially conscious
relevant to our real lives because I
don’t know who your brother I don’t know
who your agents are at the CAA but I
understand you have to shout them out
sometimes too but you know anyhow let’s
see I am certain that this moment is an
extension of the celebration of her
legacy that begin on our film set and I
is also Ebonics representative of the
fact that her legacy of unique
exceptionalism and I got man whoever’s
typing this like they need to get a
faster typer exceptionalism and
inclusivity and generosity of spirit it
transcends any one artistic achievement
miss darlin you are certainly among the
heroes to unite and define us and this
is certainly for you I’m so grateful
thank you so much everybody okay thanks
bye thank you good night
you love me you really love me all right
guys so um you have Renee Zellweger she
just won Best Actress at the Academy
Awards Oscars 2020 for Best Actress and
now we are moving into a commercial
break so for those of you tuning in
thank you so much for being here
I am truly appreciative let me show you
my face right now I’m talking to you can
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thank you guys about 80 viewers right
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little bit chicken Popeyes I wish I
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right now but YouTube is already on my
ass okay uh three-time award Academy
Award winner actress Jane Fonda she’s
talking about something I will let you
guys know yeah G wolf you are sub number
one basically bro definitely if not
glitter yeah I don’t think you’re
literally sub number one if you want to
be like a hundred percent about it but
in terms of active viewers and
commenting on this channel yeah you got
it bro
sub number one that’s you love you man
appreciate it bro Jim boy uh J the one
we all want to hear okay so Jane Fonda
is saying my badge is so dry right now
okay sorry okay so she says to light the
impact that films have made and can make
on our lives as individuals I let her
take away pack this year
that’s picture it is better boy there
are a few people find something they
have to do something if they can’t do it
he’s gonna drop and clean out of their
mind he come yeaji well I can work
tomorrow but I think I might be using
all my unpaid time off tonight so yeah I
could work tomorrow but if I don’t show
up after tomorrow like I’m gonna fire so
we’ve got some audio and some video
playing from the Irishman so far we have
four V Ferrari we’ve got the Irishman
right now still playing of course I
can’t show it go once the nominee Award
winner who happens I’ll show you
Oh yep
Jojo Rabbit Best Picture take it with TT
baby yeah I’m definitely not going to
work right now I am I mean I’m not gonna
go at least till I take a nap 12 a.m.
when I am
okay next up ya Joker
so a 4v Ferrari Irish man
Joker these are the nominees revealed so
far for the Oscars
Joker Todd Phillips Bradley Cooper and
Emma Tillinger koskoff producers have
mine and they have damn you know what
guys I’m really sad to say I didn’t have
a chance to check this out
Goethe girl wait I really wanted to see
her film Little Women
I think who’s another hot milf babe
what’s her name Oh God
she was in the mnsure Ian candidate not
Scarlett Johansson she’s obviously
superhot marriage story that’s the other
runner up what is her name
hey Google who played a Google who’s the
actress in the Manchurian Candidate
what is her name
okay guys so here’s the next nominee
1917 for best picture obviously I think
it’s gonna win I really hope it doesn’t
please no no this is huge this is huge
I’m gonna be pissed off but anybody else
can win even little women can win even
though I haven’t seen it but 1917 like
I’ve said before in the pre-show in the
discussion it’s gimmicky it doesn’t have
replay value but who is that hot babe oh
yeah you parasite baby parasite quacks
in a antandrel hole okay here we go best
picture who we got
parasite holy shit
no way
parasite Wow where’s the award Rose
Richmond is the first film
in the English language to win Best
Picture winning for
I was not expecting that I was not see
ridin think the Academy would do it I
didn’t think they had the balls to do it
Wow seriously Bravo Oh foreign film Best
Foreign Film best what Screenplay Best
Picture then what’s the other award was
it sound design or sound editing holy
shizzle Wow okay it deserves it it
deserves it honestly that’s great that
is amazing bong joon-ho wins Best
Picture for parasite Wow it’s an oldie
won’t thank you we never imagined this
to ever happen we are so happy
dad is awesome he’s some done name
alright she’s talking about some chink
shit right now don’t leak it hit again
half my family’s Japanese I’ve dated
Korean girls I’m an honorary Asian
myself so don’t take this are a very
opportune moment in history is happening
right now
alright guys sorry I’m getting hit with
the dammit it’s been temporarily blocked
already okay well
hey at least we got the Lyceum in yeah
what the fuck Wow
Giants that is amazing Wow
parasite won best picture holy shit has
any foreign film won best picture and
also best foreign picture and also a
best film editing or best film design
and then was it best screenplay yeah by
Linkin whole won Best Screenplay for
Oscars tonight for Bali Joon hos
parasite that’s a resounding like
extraordinary historically like
unprecedented win for South Korea this
is amazing this is Oscar filmmaking
history I did not expect it you know
because everybody was saying 1917 was a
wrap it was in the bag
and I’m so glad 1917 did not win Wow let
me talk to you guys here in LA China
oh okay um your stream is no longer
blocked due to copyright issues and my
back and my back and my back demonetised
shut down Wow
okay okay do you guys I am I am white
I’m losing my shite right here Jim bro I
I have to be at work right now I had to
be at work two hours ago 6:30 p.m. till
5:00 a.m. so I mean I’ll see I’ll
probably stay up I’ll try whatever
it’s the ostrich man you got a live
large baby gene wolf streaming on Twitch
for the livestock row that’s a fantastic
idea yeah I think you’re right dude
Thank You Man good idea yeah Steven
Ernest maybe it’s the tapas moments too
oh I don’t think so bro if you check my
YouTube page right now I have a full
I’m fully naked for the Wonder Woman
comic-con world premiere for the trailer
hey Delta I’m actually gonna be working
for them soon so I’ll let you know about
that but yeah um yeah the whole nice
dream I’m like you’re like naked dances
like shirt off all that stuff it was up
so I don’t think it’s that I think each
of you know they’re just beholding to
these old copyright cock blockers so
Kevin D says shite G will work just
ain’t happening bro at this point it’s
8:30 at night I haven’t eaten for like
six hours I need to get myself a burrito
first before they close
and then I’ll probably like get like the
itis I need to take a nap after that
burrito it’ll probably be like 10:30 so
then yeah I can go to work afterwards I
could get a good 5 hours in I suppose
but then like I’m gonna be I’m gonna be
so wasted but I’m pretty drunk right now
so unless I sleep it off but hey guys
that’s the Oscars guys holy shite
we made it through dude seriously I’m
getting a heads up again for copyrighted
audio I only play less than 15 seconds
YouTube and get a lawyer Jimbo 11:30
yeah East Coast bro I understand but hey
you know what we made it we did it Jim
thank you so much for sticking around
moderating all these heathens here all
these freeloading nobodies who wants to
watch the Oscars about to come just
kidding guys it’s a total beginning I’m
a freeloading nobody myself totally
joking guys obviously you know me if you
know me you know the channel you know
I’m very sarcastic I say things in jest
but thank you all so much for being here
it’s been awesome
Jimbo thank you so much for tuning in
Lois Yuji wolf 333 Stephen earnest
awesome I know I’ve got some other names
here at digital Nomad wolf of course we
do in short shoutouts to there was
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