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what up guys it’s dj today we’re going
to be talking about
the broken hearts gallery it’s a rom-com
that is or
isn’t covet approved
and by the way it’s holding 75 from
critics followed by a 94
from audiences so yeah we’re kind of in
the middle i’m going to talk about some
of the things that i was expecting going
into this film
followed by pros cons and then my final
so let’s talk about those wonderful
i’m a guy so yeah i’m not really into
rom-coms unless
uh a significant other is dragging me
into the theater to watch them or
call it up at home but this is covered
times there’s really not much out to
watch in theaters so
hey why not those were my expectations
you know what
maybe i set the bar low but man they
were surpassed i
really enjoyed this film i found that it
had a very self-aware sense of humor
it didn’t take itself like too wacky or
too seriously it was
definitely not to pc in fact i don’t
think it was pc at all which was really
refreshing because
i was definitely expecting that i think
i think it kind of tilted on the edge of
being pc
the acting was great the pacing was
awesome it was hilarious and the lead
actress man she definitely carries this
all the way through she’s she’s quirky
she’s charming she’s a bit of a dork
kind of cute
yeah hats off to her i honestly can’t
think of any cons about this film i
don’t know what more
i could expect or want from a rom-com
besides something that’s light-hearted
makes me laugh and you know gives you
the feel goods
so the question is of course is this or
is this not covert approved and i’m
going to give it a
it’s covert approved baby and in fact
i’m gonna give this movie
four to five bags of popcorn that’s
eighty percent i’m definitely saying hey
if you’ve got free time
you wanna go out to the theater check
this out you get a good couple of laughs
at the very least it’s better than new
mutants alright guys thanks for tuning
in to moviepop and finding out what’s
popping in cinema we’ll see you next