ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT ALL RIIIIGHT GOVNAH’! Guy Ritchie is back in classic form with a modern twist in The Gentlemen! Let’s see if this film snatches our imagination away! Join me as I discuss The Gentlemen, I briefly discuss my impression of the film in this spoiler-free review.




why hello there my name’s Matthew
McConaughey and when I’m not selling
Lincoln’s I like to make movies with a
Guy Ritchie all right over at all right
all my name is Richie Cunningham and
this is my wife Oprah all right guys
let’s talk about Guy Ritchie’s newest
film it’s called the gentlemen I want
you to play a game with me right I don’t
want to play a game oh please
no I said playing game with me right
right lovely I want you to imagine a
character your boss Mickey piss you’re
too smart to be blackmailing us Fletcher
hey sweet Mary Jane is my vice your boys
on the other hand is and always has been
a destroyer of world you’re out of touch
and I would like you to consider an
offer I am not for sale
it may not win the writer/director the I
Richie many new converts but for those
already attune to the filmmakers brash
wavelength the gentleman stands tall all
right guys so currently the critic
consensus is that it’s holding a 72
percent by critics on Rotten Tomatoes
followed by 91% from audiences so nice
round of applause for audiences as
always not always not as always as
sometimes I’m as always pleased when
audiences are in line with my
perspective my opinion of a film critics
I’m actually I’m very shocked to hear
what the critic consensus is on this
because a lot of filmmaking or a lot of
film critics that I really truly respect
and admire that I thought would have
high praise for this film I’ve really
come out lukewarm for it Mark Kermode is
one of which that comes to mind at first
a nice ignore it’s yeah it comes as a
bit of a shock to me and I’ll tell you
why because this also ties into what my
expectations for this film was now we
know it has an all-star Abel
cast Guy Ritchie I’ve never really been
to Guy Ritchie films i-i’ve seen them
I’ve seen snatch I’ve seen wash Stock
and Two Smoking Gun barrels Donkey Kong
style whatever it was called and perhaps
it had to do with the fact that I was a
wee lass a younger lad perhaps I didn’t
really understand the subject matter
couldn’t really break through the
accents despite Molly
Colton the accident all can speak like
this you know me little fuss
I found trying to follow most of the
dialogue in his films a hard even so
without that I felt they were probably a
little bit too over stylized and really
the subject matter I didn’t it just
didn’t land with me so when I saw the
trailer for this film off the bat I was
taken aback by the fact that we have the
one the only Matthew McConaughey in it
so I thought okay cool we’re gonna get a
little bit of a different character set
here with his presence there and in
addition to that having Harry Golding as
starring as starring as one of the leads
I’m like alright cool I’m on board like
Guy Ritchie he’s kind of doing his same
old shtick but not really sticking to
the formula like a hunt Scorsese and the
Irishman and God bless Scorsese and God
bless De Niro and all his other cohorts
that usually star in Scorsese films love
them all but to me I find it a little
bit tiring
however Leo and Pacino are gonna be in
the next Scorsese film so that’s one
combo I’d like to see that aside my
expectations for this film having this
all-star cast with some new blood
brought in I am like well I’m cautiously
optimistic and to my surprise special
shoutouts to Hugh Grant’s and Colin
Farrell who was absolutely hilarious in
this movie my god guys give me a toast
right now raise your drinks up high i
toast to you guy ritchie this film is
absolutely brilliant I thought it had an
airtight narrative that was surprising
well-paced if not frantically well-paced
i mean the action the the storyline
everything is moving at like off awesome
moving on all cylinders you know the
whole time like to the point well you
really don’t have an opportunity really
just to exhale and get some slower
moments which generally I do not like
but I think are important for character
development when done right the editing
of course classic Guy Ritchie editing
stylized but not to stylize so I’m happy
about that I didn’t in fact appreciate
the score too much like Tarantino he
does have licensed material for his
scores so I thought it was cool because
it really does well to serve in terms of
giving you the essence of like what it’s
like to be amongst the the underbelly
and the New York I’m sorry the London
Underground criminal scene as it were
now there is only one issue I have with
this film I did feel like it was real
but we bent over long that might be my
fault I did not check the runtime I did
not read any good reviews going into
this I basically went in blind besides
seeing the trailer I might have been
well served to know this this was
probably a longer a movie but even in
fact you know I always look back and
reference Avengers endgame that’s a long
movie but there is no point during that
film or I felt tired or I felt
uninterested I was fully engaged like
110 percent locked strapped I had the
you know the the dominatrix ball on my
mouth pull around my head I was ready
for action the whole time couldn’t say
that that for this movie there were a
few points where I felt like it dipped
but it’s a very marginal issue does not
happen frequently and it’s not really
something I felt like is a huge con so
because of that what is my score for the
gentleman directed by Guy Ritchie famous
for Lock Stock smoke and two barrels
snatch all that good stuff and a Latin
which was you know their serviceable I’m
gonna give the gentleman a resounding
four point five
exit popcorn out of five I think it’s a
certified hit I had a fun time I laughed
my ass off several times throughout the
film as well as many audience members
with me too so I thought this really
this movie this really hit the mark and
I’d like I like this new guy Ritchie a
little understated a little a little
sexy you know he’s got a bit of style
but he’s not peacocking as it were so
though with that being said guys I know
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