Join us as we discuss Robert Eggers’ THE LIGHTHOUSE. We briefly discuss our impressions of the movie in this spoiler-free review.

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I welcome back to movie pop let’s talk
about the lighthouse yeah hard what
what what what and what what what what
the lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe and
Robert Pattinson
it’s a gripping story brilliantly filmed
and led by a pair of powerhouse
performances the lighthouse further
establishes director Robert Edgar’s as a
filmmaker of exceptional talents all
right guys so the lighthouse we finally
seen it it’s got a score and Rotten
Tomatoes it’s currently holding 91% by
critics and audiences 82% so man
Lawrence how are we feeling about that
bro honestly very shocked to be
completely honest really yeah I so think
there’s a lot to unpack a lot to unpack
about this film but right the critics
are always all over the place they seem
to love movies that are okay and they
seem to hate movies that are exceptional
or decent you know right so that was you
guys going against the politically
correct string yeah I think they’re just
giving a lot of credit because it is a
very unique film which I did like so
yeah but yeah like I said lot to unpack
here so let’s just dive right in all
right let’s start with our expectations
for this film we both did a trailer
reaction for this naturally we were both
very excited it looks very visually
engaging up in terms of performances we
could tell off the bat we’re fantastic
the cinematography all that stuff and of
course the I guess you could say the
preamble lead leading up to this film I
have not seen the which directed by
Robert Edgar’s his first film but I’ve
heard fantastic things about it so all
that encompassed with the trailer and
all everything I just said I had very
high expectations for this film I went
into the theater yeah with high
expectations with it which I should not
have done but I did what about you I
kind of did – actually um the movie like
the trailer it doesn’t really reveal
anything and it just looked unique and I
was like man this
be like a total hit because it’s kind of
like you don’t have to expect
it’s very uniquely done so you figure
they’re gonna pull out all the stops
those are my expectations going in so I
was like yeah let’s do this
but yeah okay so like I said lot to
impact let’s just dive right into the
all right the obvious pros for this film
the cinematography is absolutely unique
especially in 2019 we have this movie
shot in black black and white with a
ratio of 119 1 so it’s like less than
letterbox it’s almost a square it’s very
faithful to the era in which it’s
representing on screen the sound design
fantastic love the sound design
especially that the ominous horn the
whole time
oh I know we’re trying to figure out
first half of the movie I’m like is that
normal is that like in mice bus supposed
to be like in the characters head or
where exactly is it coming from because
that first I thought it was the boat
then I was like oh it’s the lighthouse
right yeah it’s great the performances
obviously we both know these are both a
star actors yeah of course
in the trailer we could see that we’re
gonna have a very very oscar-worthy
performance on both Willem Dafoe and
Robert Pattinson and the cinematography
all fantastic I’m loving this it’s so
faithful I literally felt like I was
watching a film from this era yeah so
you know on a technical level in terms
of the actors in the production
everything behind the camera all a class
all 10 out of 10 of my points
what about you man anything else it’s
not like that to that yes so it’s
actually funny a lot of the points that
you said I haven’t like in the same
exact order some scimitar freesound the
act being spectacular one thing I
additional things that I liked the
monologues in the movie you don’t really
get monologues the way you do in this
film like this foam unique in that
respect there’s long lengthy monologues
single takes you know there’s not like
back and forth of the characters it’s
one take of them just doing a monologue
which is you know that’s that’s great
you just don’t see that these days and
it just overall I think the movie was
just a very unique experience like you
everything you mentioned like it’s just
stuff you don’t see in other films so
that’s just what I want
and I pretty much agree with everything
you said that’s that’s think we’re right
on the same page with the pros
very good all right and I failed to
mention they had the dialogue the script
itself in terms of the other dialogue
was all fantastic okay yeah this is
actually fantastic segue if we’re ready
to go in the cons yeah absolutely all
right so as fantastic as that dialogue
was and the the vocabulary used it’s
very faithful to the time in the
profession which these characters are in
I don’t know about you dude but half the
movie I couldn’t understand what the f
these guys were saying what they were
talking about they have the really
strong wiki I’m a wiki good me shanties
you know I’m gonna get my knickers ie so
not really a con but I mean kind of but
not really because I do not
understanding what they’re saying is I
think kind of you know I get they’re
trying to stay true to the era and
that’s not you know but I’d much rather
saying you’re just kind of like huh yeah
I mean I don’t know about you but I’d
much rather than stay faithful to the
era and speak the way that we’re
speaking then the opposite yeah but it’s
worth mentioning just be prepared for
that when you guys even watch this film
if you haven’t already
yeah I know I totally get where you’re
coming from definitely worth mentioning
so I’m gonna go into two more cons I’ll
start with the least and then the worst
con I think is really detrimental to the
film yeah first off and this is probably
my fault because I’ve revisited watching
the trailers and I kind of did see the
trailers did kind of explain maybe
perhaps what to expect from this film
and in the trailers they described it as
a dark comedy which I totally missed I
don’t know how I missed it but now we’re
visiting it I actually didn’t know it
was a comedy either but honestly the my
theater was laughing half the movie and
I’m like is this supposed to be funny
yeah I mean it is but it’s like it’s
weird because the comedy it doesn’t seem
like the movies trying to be funny it’s
funny in ways that are just like they
have weird interactions and it’s not
like it doesn’t seem like it’s meant to
be funny but it you know it comes off
funny yeah so it’s just it I think it’s
well done that’s not like a good way I’d
do comedy without expecting a laugh so
for sure and that’s probably maybe more
my fault for expecting a straight-out
horror film this would be my first point
my first con this was not scary to me at
all it was not anywhere near resembling
a psychological horror at no point did I
feel that kind of psychological horrors
injecting a psychological horror film
because it says in the trailer a descent
into madness and I’m like okay so horror
madness got it so I didn’t feel unnerved
similar similar to like The Shining
which is still the hallmark for
psychological horror for me yeah yeah it
was a great effort but definitely not on
that level so and then lastly my biggest
gripe with this film and which I was so
let down with was ultimately I
understand the filmmaker was trying to
make some allegories to God let me first
say I’m wondering what the hell was the
point of this film what was the message
god I feel the same way right because
shit this is definitely like an arthouse
film I felt it was a little too self
masturbatory or self-congratulatory or
I’m so Austin I’ve got a message and if
you don’t understand it then perhaps you
don’t understand cinema or Greek
mythology and that’s sorry literally and
figuratively masturbatory oh man did not
expect that I mean no problem that’s
fine but again I’m wondering like what
the hell is a point because there are
like some great allegories – like Greek
mythology and I had to do my research
after this film I’m gonna be honest like
on the first viewing I did not
understand the parallels to Greek
mythology but even after researching
these quote parallels I’m still left
wanting more and the biggest parallel is
regarding Robert Pattinson
apparently he’s supposed to be like the
doppelganger for Prometheus the Greek
god who grabs fire and gives it to
humanity so I’m wondering in this aspect
like okay how does that work in this
film because what ultimately doesn’t
make sense it doesn’t make any freaking
sense dude and honestly the ending
contradicts because you’re wondering the
whole time like is this him like
hallucinating or like is there something
supernatural here happening what’s going
on and like honestly every every
interpretation you can look at it like
kind of contradict itself especially
with the ending because the ending to me
kind of solidifies an absolute standard
of like what’s happening right like
that’s something supernatural here is
happening but everything else before
that had you questioning whether or not
that’s true and that the totally
incongruent with each other yeah yeah
I’m right there with you okay I was kind
of expecting a huge payoff at the end
and you’re kind of just left scratching
your head right yeah I mean I wanted
more man so I was left left yeah wanting
more I’m glad you agree I don’t know if
you want to add anything more on to that
I had a kind of a long rant there yeah
no um to what you said um not
specifically I think you kind of hit the
nail on the head but did you have
another con do you want to know no
that’s everything else I’ll just jump
right into mine cuz they’ll kind of
they’re kind of parallel to what you
said but they’re also different so um
yeah I feel like the story it has a ton
of built like the whole movie is a
build-up and like I said there’s there’s
the reason it falters is because there’s
really no payoff at the end the movie is
just 90% build-up with with nothing
you’re just kind of like you know
there’s just you just limp your left
limp and just sad which is unfortunate
because all the things we mentioned our
cons are fantastic it’s a unique film
has all this good stuff the acting
monologue has stuff that just you don’t
see in other films and ah so frustrating
honestly there’s there’s there’s I feel
like there’s a lot of scenes where it’s
just kind of filler and it doesn’t
progress the story and I had a live
there there are some parts that like do
move the story along and you’re kind of
like interested in but there’s a lot of
filler and I was willing to kind of be
like okay that’s that’s fine because
there’s gonna be a payoff at the end but
I feel like there’s because there’s no
payoff you’re just like what is the
point of all this filler like I feel
like that could have gotten to the point
faster I don’t know if you felt the same
way but I just feel like there’s a lot
of a lot of just like in the beginning
it’s understandable because they’re
building up kind of these characters the
story you know kind of moving
forward but this is this is just weird
because it’s a very uniquely told story
it’s filmed in such a unique way like
that you’re gonna have an experience
that you don’t have with other films so
I mean I think that definitely carries
weight but then there’s just you got a
you know you people go there for the
stories and it’s just I don’t know just
this is this kind of is just a
rollercoaster of emotions that it’s like
you’re going up imagine going up a
rollercoaster and then you get to the
top and then it just levels and then
you’re done the rides over how
disappointed would you be because I’d be
like oh right let’s just how I felt
one thing that is weird though is I have
it’s kind of like a pro and a con um the
film I find it was really ambitious and
I really have to encourage I love films
that take risks and they’re not standard
especially when it’s a writer-director
yeah yeah like I I really I really love
that stuff I’m just really sad again
that it just didn’t pay it I feel like
it didn’t pay off that’s why I’m it’s
getting really good you know the scores
you gave we’re good but it’s like I
don’t know I think a lot of people
praise it for the things that we said
we’re good but it’s at the end of the
day the story is just kind of lacking I
had right know something Oh totally man
this is nothing I really want to revisit
for the story’s sake it’s all rested on
rested upon the performances individuals
yeah but in terms of the story I’m not
getting anything out of it it’s like
it’s like a minute like the end of the
movie is like a minute long scene and
did you just like I’m so what happened
that’s me uh very self masturbating mice
Harthouse it’s so deep
it’s so deep yeah there’s a lot of
interesting there’s a lot of like the
sexual stuff that they show and it’s
very out there again I think that at
that point that was probably the only
time I was like kind of unnerved oh yeah
yeah see for yourself I’m not gonna tell
you what it is you’re gonna have to see
it for yourself all right man so then
with that let’s get into our final
thoughts in the film followed by our
scores I’m gonna have to say guys this
is a good film to see do go into it with
vacations hopefully we provided for you
that this is more of a dark comedy not
so much a psychological thriller or
horror film remove all your expectations
upon watching this movie I will say to
encapsulate my opinion on this film it
is a maddening fantasy thriller / dark
comedy that will test your arthouse
sensibilities so with that I’m gonna
have to give it a three and a half bags
of popcorn that’s seventy percent it’s
worth watching for sure yeah did you
actually find it funny I’m curious yeah
I laughed I laughed at these uh these
are very like what do you call them bomb
bottom-of-the-barrel comedy but it was
unexpected so I’m like oh my self giving
kind of a lot of like like laughs but
I’m like laughing I’m like what fuck
myself doing that a lot like can help
yourself you’re like laughing but you’re
like cuz it’s so outrageous you’re like
good what yeah yeah you know like I said
earlier I think the way I encapsulated
the best when I said it’s ambitious it
takes risks and I love that but at the
end of the day the story falters you’re
gonna love you’re gonna love all the
stuff we mentioned in our prose acting
these great cinematography is fantastic
the sound design is actually fantastic
like this stuff stands out above most
movies we’ve seen this year it’s unique
experience like that’s all great it’s
just God the story it’s so critical it’s
Baltar’s there so with that I’m gonna
have to give it a three bags of popcorn
is that worth watching there’s some
great stuff here but the story for me is
is a story and you know I’m action boy
Lawrence so like action film but like
action and story if you got those two
things I am sold I am happy
this movie doesn’t have story so that’s
three bags of popcorn sorry worth
watching but just it’s missing critical
things right all right well there you go
guys that’s our review for the
lighthouse definitely watch it but
perhaps don’t have your Heights or your
expectations raised so high after some
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