Join me as I discuss THE NEW MUTANTS! I briefly discuss my impression of the film in this spoiler-free review.

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damn damn damn and the famous words of
doc brown
from back to the future damn damn
damn damn
there are no reviews for this by critics
on rotten tomatoes if you check the
meter currently it’s only a unknown from
followed by a 60 from audiences so
that tells us one perhaps two things
one there are no critics screenings for
this films
which means that the studio had
no confidence in this movie being
released did not want critics to see it
give their opinion
before all of us had to spend our money
and set our booties inside the theaters
to watch it
two and this is the biggest part here
for those of you who have been following
this film you know this
has been mired in development hell for
years now
two and a half years to be specific so
let’s go over the timeline for new
mutants right now
it was originally scheduled to be
released on april 2018
postponed to february 2019 again
postponed to
august 2019 and guess what postpone
again to
april 2020 and then you know what we
heard it was
indefinitely delayed i was expecting it
follow the mulan release schedule to be
released on disney plus at either for
or for a paid service which i don’t know
why you would do that
and here we are it’s released in
theaters ahead of mulan we all get to
watch it after two and a half years of
development hell and what do i have to
say about the new mutants
damn damn damn because this film was
sold as a horror film and i was really
expecting this to break the mold you
know because this
is set inside the mcu
fox adjacent this was built to us by
disney as
their their first entry into the
comic book marvel universe with a horror
entry which we know
by the way dr strange and the multiverse
of madness is
also being billed as a horror movie so
hopefully this
is not precedent for that because this
the furthest thing from horror i saw the
what’s the last thing you remember daddy
i was totally engaging you see this
melting wall
it looks creepy they’re stuck inside
like a mental hospital
uh which is also one of my greatest
fears so you know i had all my hopes
uh set high for a very horror genre
type of mutant film and unfortunately
this is not
what we got this is not what disney
delivered we had some very
light elements uh during the second act
towards the third act of a film with
some hard
type elements but on the whole i was not
i was not sold on that aspect so that
was the first letdown but i’ll let you
from the first 15 minutes of this film i
already knew
we’re in trouble guess houston uh we got
a problem
i don’t think we’re here to get better
this place takes your greatest fear
it makes you live through it the first
act of
any screenplay of any film is supposed
to start with the inciting
incident some sort of trauma or tragedy
that propels him
into the main narrative of the story and
i don’t feel like this film really
on that we’ve got one issue two issues
three issues four or five between
multiple characters dollied out to
us over time but no real inciting
incident to really
catapult us into the action really get
me grounded
in the film so on the on the onset i was
i was bored
no character backstory in any real depth
no character
development in the first act how am i
supposed to connect with these
characters and resonate with their story
and constantly i’m i’m comparing this to
because glass by m night shalaman is the
third film in a trilogy that we did not
know is going to be a trilogy of
superhero characters
and much like the mcu we’ve seen their
individual stories progressed
and then come together in this final
series of films we knew their
backstories we saw the development kind
of coalescing together but here
with the new mutants we have a similar
scenario where they’re all you know
super powered beings stuck in a
psychological institution being guarded
by presumably
one doctor there is not one orderly not
any security on staff except for some
automated doors and i’m constantly
wondering like provided that they have
these extreme
mutant powers how is this one singular
doctor able to contain them all
that bothered me a lot throughout the
film i know the essex corporation
was sprinkled here
as being some component into it but
still that’s not enough to justify
how one singular doctor in one
institution is
keeping hold of four or five super
powered mutants
so on the whole guys i’m gonna have to
just give it to you straight i’m not
gonna reveal too much of the plot
because there is
really not much what is my review for
this film
i’m gonna give it a three and a half
bags out of five
bags of popcorn it is definitely not
covert approved not worth your time
i’m surprised how this did not get
released on disney plus because really
this film
should have been the one to go to disney
plus as opposed to mulan
which should be releasing end of this
week or next week
alongside tenant as originally planned
hey that’s the world we live in so guys
thank you so much for your for tuning
into movie pop
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to seeing you guys there hope you guys
have a great day do not go see the new
mutants but hey if you want something to
sit down and watch
by all means i can’t stop you thanks
guys we’ll see you next time