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is this the next girl in the Dragon
Tattoo series that set for a failure to
Aurel Jude Law Train Blake Lively and
tell her to control her emotions control
it well guys we’re about to find out
stay tuned let’s sit down let’s talk
about the newest film that just came out
it’s called the rhythm section even if
you succeed it won’t be worth it
bomb-maker is freaks walking the streets
you promised me you might you know
instantly why are you here
Joe foreclosure and how would you do
Blake Lively delivers an impressively
performance but the rhythm section plots
predictably through a story that could
have used some flash your riffs okay
guys so that’s the critic consensus and
the critics reports are in it’s
currently holding on Rotten Tomatoes 32%
from critics and 32% from audiences yeah
you guys know I’m always so pleased when
critics and audiences are like in tandem
with each other or we’re on the same
page but this is a bit disappointing 32
and 32 like that’s below an F that’s
below failing so I’m gonna resoundingly
disagree with that I’m not saying this
is a perfect film but 32% it certainly
is not so let’s start with my
expectations for this film I was
pleasantly surprised to learn that Eon
Productions one of the production
companies for this film which is famous
for creating the James Bond series of
films and in fact brought Barbara
broccoli was attached as a producer for
this movie so I was totally surprised
and impressed and excited to know that
okay we got Barbara broccoli here she’s
gonna be delivering like a James
bond-esque type story for a female
protagonist and even more so after
watching the trailers seeing Blake
Lively on screen and what the tone and
narrative suggests I should expect I’m
like okay cool this is gonna be a very
much grounded in reality not an
overpowered Mary Sue whose bamm-bamm
skinny AF and just beaten the crap out
of like dudes who are like four times
her size like I really despise that kind
of action if it’s set in a realistic
setting so fortunate and fortunately
enough this was not the case
with the rhythm section so let’s start
with our pros for the movie I’m gonna go
out right off on this tangent regarding
the realism of this film I found it
super awesome that
Blake Lively portrays a character that’s
very vulnerable very clumsy oftentimes
if not every time and the execution of
her espionage duties when she’s out in
field she’s very much not a Mary so
she’s very much in every woman who
because of certain personal
circumstances has been propelled into
the world of espionage and now is
seeking a revenge narrative the action
the fights the tones all that very much
grounded in reality as much as you can
expect from a Hollywood film even more
so than the Bourne series of films and
the most recent James Bond series of
film very much grounded in reality I
very much appreciated that however there
are a couple of points I’d like to
mention Q that sit in the middle of our
Venn grot Venn diagram of pros and cons
and the first of which has to do with
the cinematography I felt was very
understated the color palette and tones
of the film were a bit muted and I
understood what the director was trying
to go for wanted to grounded reel is
realistic kind of C gritty film but I
felt like it could have been serviced
well by you know a little bit more
cinematic shots that being said again
it’s right in the middle you could take
it either way the last has to do and of
course this I think for me sits more
towards the cons but I could equally
seeing it see it sitting right in the
middle for general audiences as to with
the protagonist Blake Lively plays a
character in this film her backstory is
leaving a little bit to be desired now
why I say this it’s in the middle I
don’t need to see a you know an
introduction in the movie 15 to 20
minutes about her backstory her normal
everyday life doing normal things only
to learn that something tragic happens
and that propels her into the current
state were expecting her to be in we all
know the stories as first-world
a life of abundance family friends
drinking Oh Bubba I get it so I was
pleased to see this film compressed it
into a five-minute montage in the
beginning of the film and then just move
forward with a story now the reason why
this sits in the middle is because I
feel like towards the end of this film
having completed my journey through the
the rhythm section I felt like maybe
that was a disservice to the character
in terms of really connecting with her
and having an emotional connection in
terms of the events that do unfold
throughout the runtime of this film
furthermore moving in the cons now it
has to do with the pacing of the film
Wow guys let me know if you haven’t seen
this film yeah I’m letting you know
excuse me
the runtime for this film is a hundred
and nine minutes at the end of this
movie I thought wow you know I felt like
this was a bit over long just a tad or
perhaps it dragged due to editing or
pacing but you know it was a 2 2 hour 15
minute movie so maybe that’s just me
only to learn new bro this is sitting
about 10 minutes under 2 hours so pacing
or editing was an issue in this film
lastly the other con I felt like was
noteworthy mentioning was character
motivations as you know Blake Lively
plays a character or protagonist in this
foam and she is serviced are helped by
two other supporting actors or
characters rather Jude Law playing one
which is a sbmi he plays an espionage
agent and there there’s there’s another
reporter who’s an investigative
journalist you’re you’re left at the end
of this film and this is an objective
statement wondering why did they do what
they did
what compel them to help Blake Lively on
her path in this movie it’s left
unresolved so what are my final thoughts
on the rhythm section the rhythm section
subtly subverts genre tropes while
supported by fantastic action acting and
directing the rhythm section is
intermittently offbeat
with spurts of slow pacing and
unresolved character motives will there
be a sequel that the studio’s clearly so
badly want for this if this first film
is anything to judge by I’m going to
have to say no so with that out the way
I’m going to give you my score for the
rhythm section it earns a 3.5 out of 5
bags of popcorn
it’s a 70% it passes it’s a competent
film I enjoyed myself it does have its
problems but in this lack lustre month
of movie releases that is typical of
January I think the rhythm section
stands tall far and above of course
other box office bombs like Doolittle or
sequel franchises like bad boys so I say
go see it guys it’s not the best thing
in the world but it’s original it’s
unique it merits a viewing I would
support spending money to see this movie
so guys thank you so much for tuning in
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