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welcome back guys to movie pop we’re
safe and clean just like amc theaters
as they have opened up recently in the
past two days
and you know what they’re safe and clean
just in time for russell hinges russell
russell crowe’s latest movie it’s called
so stay tuned right now with movie pop
i’m going to tell you whether or not
this movie is good
and also is it covert approved or kova
denied we’ll be right back
with movie pop
so unhinged is the b-list a-list
movie of the summer i know that’s a very
uh terms or phrase but you know in this
crazy time of covet it’s true
the theaters are back open we don’t have
many choices so the question is first of
as usual is this movie worth your time
and secondarily is it covert approved is
it worth you risking your life
and risking your family’s lives and all
extended family members
and friends that see this movie let’s
find out but you know what i find is
funny first of
all we should probably start with the
critic consensus and currently
on rotten tomatoes it is holding a
48 percent yikes from critics but
holding a 76 cent 76 percent
from audiences so you know i think
there’s a lot of things for us to unpack
and there’s definitely not the normal
context available for us to review
movies because
i want to review this movie on its own
merits as it stands alone
separate from this pandemic separate
from the whole 2020 year
um so let’s start with that and of
course i want to start with the pros of
this film because you know what
my titties are percolating i’m so
excited to be back
in amc theaters i saw this in glorious
dolby digital dolby atmos sexy reclining
dark auditorium popcorn in hand
babe in hand big old booty screen on the
i was just glad really honestly to be
back in amc theaters and i commend
adam aaron for opening the fears back in
time i’m just going to say
off the bat the crow is back baby
and i feel like this movie is an
autobiography of alex jones’s life here
in texas
because this guy look at him i don’t
like him putting chemicals in the water
that turned the freaking frogs gay
do you understand that i turned the
freaking frost game
serious crap games frogs freaking frogs
it’s not funny
look at that beard he totally looks like
alex jones he’s fat
disheveled angry he’s probably got like
000 conspiracy theories laden throughout
his brain
e guy is really on the brink definitely
unhinged so i think
hats off to russell crowe he really sold
that performance
he was the key for this film and to that
i think he really definitely sold the
of an unhinged character who is
definitely mentally unstable
probably taking a lot of pharmaceutical
medications to help with that
there was not one single moment on
screen where i did not believe
russell crowe portraying the character
that he was he was not
russell crowe anytime he was on screen
you are guaranteed to have
a very tense
filled moment between one character who
is unhinged
and i really appreciated the fact that
this was very
very grounded now the closest movie i
could think about
regarding criminals who are escaping the
law and
perhaps breaking the law would be queen
and slim and i was
often wondering like wow like in this
you know cnn nbc abc cbs
they would have been caught on day one
if not two at the most
i appreciated the fact that and i’m not
confirming whether or not he was
caught but i appreciated the fact that
it was grounded in reality
and you’ll understand this when you see
this that you’re never left wondering
um is this bending the rules
is this believable i think the the cat
and mouse hunt
between law enforcement and russell
crowe and his
his victims was definitely believable
and on that note it’s a very
straightforward story
and i appreciated the directors i
the production for doing this because
this film sits and if i’m not
mistaken at a very tight one and a half
and then boom we’re into the action
until the very end so it did not
waste your time and i really appreciate
filmmakers for not indulging themselves
i think the action was absolutely tense
it was very uh very realistic
i’ve been accused of having a bit of
road rage myself which
is mostly comedic but you know what
there are cons about this film
there’s not any real shockers it didn’t
challenge me in any way
but you know what that’s fine i’m happy
to sit my tight
little black booty or big old jiggling
black booty depending
how well you know me uh inside of that
leather uh amc dolby digital seat to
watch this film it’s the first i’ve seen
february which was emma and i walked out
of it
but i was happy to be back in theaters i
thought it was a serviceable film so
what am i going to give this film for
viewers at home
you’re going to find out i think this
film gets an absolute
three out of five bags of popcorn it
definitely passes it has
all the competencies you’d expect from a
hollywood production great acting
great action it didn’t take itself too
it might have been in tongue-in-cheek a
bit it was a great
tight fun joyride and a great way to
kick off
our long prolonged summer season and now
our new rating isn’t covert approved so
if you are
genuinely afraid of kovid
i’m going to have to say this is not a
covid approved movie you’re definitely
better off staying at home waiting for
it on digital release
or you know if you don’t have those
concerns of kovid
yeah by all means go to it so guys i
want to thank you so much here for
tuning in to movie pop for my review
of russell crowe’s latest movie it’s
called unhinged
go see it it’s a c movie not worth your
health or
time or anything like that but remember
this weekend saturday i know we had some
delays for weekly weekender
technical delays are a biatch but we’re
clearly it’s working right now i’ll see
you all this saturday
to wrap up the 10 biggest stories in
and movie news and chat with you on the
live stream
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