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way guys let’s start with our first
topic of the week goldman versus
Silberman a short film from the safty
brothers so for those of you who don’t
know or who might know who these safty
brothers are they are the brothers who
had their directorial debut blow out the
water film uncut gems starring Adam
Sandler which of course was snubbed for
the Oscars but if you want to get a
little bit of a taste and not sail the
high pirates seized by pirating uncut
gems you can watch the six-minute short
film I had a chance to watch it you know
it’s cool it kind of gives you a flavor
of like what to expect from uncut gems
in terms of like the cinematography and
the tone but that’s really that’s it so
but it’s a short little thing I thought
I’d mention for all of your out there um
Lawrence I know you haven’t seen yeah
yeah no I was gonna actually ask you
what did you think of the
the trailer versus the film itself
because I actually did not I was not
able to see the phone unfortunately
looked interesting but I wasn’t able to
see it for uncut gems yeah how do you
think what loved it man and it’s really
weird because I feel like uncut gems is
kind of doing like what the Phantom
Menace is happening with Star Wars right
now yeah
audiences seem really split on the
performance and also like their
impression of the film the either loved
it or thought it was okay or alike huh
thought it was brilliant masterpiece
which I thought it was and I was engaged
with the trailer from the beginning yeah
alright so we just we just starting at
light starting to light but let’s let’s
kick it up in the high gear now because
this rolling up this topic it’s gonna be
following our previous topics regarding
Star Wars when that has to do with Hika
what ttv brilliant oh hey we oh my god
he’s being courted to do a Star Wars
movie now this I hope this happens I
hope this happens oh yeah yeah yeah oh
tell me tell me tell me why first of all
what uh so um I just think there are
there are people out there that
understand Star Wars and there’s people
that do not understand Star Wars that
have made Star Wars films um I just feel
like seeing as to what he’s done before
seemed to his uh I guess his track
record of filmmaking I get a sense that
he will fit well I really liked what
he’s I would likely just Ragnarok III
didn’t get a chance of course you see
judge arrived but I really wanted me
what it wasn’t showing here wow I know
I’m so upset I really want to watch it
once I get a chance I don’t mean it I
don’t mean erupt but because this film
has been nominated for the Oscars and
Brian were contenders it’s having a
re-release in film so check out your
local agency yeah yeah I hate that it
wasn’t just fully released like I feel
like it’s a good enough movie in here
like you know it’s not meant for all
this stuff it just fully release it
right I hate when they do that but yeah
I definitely still want to see it you
know find a way to check it out but yeah
anyways I just like what he’s done um I
really liked him as ig-88
I just I don’t know I’d have good I have
a good feeling about it I mean there’s
no solid you’re never gonna know for
sure the end of the day it might not be
good but I trust him honestly this
same way I trust John Fargo yes he is
such a fucking good job with Mandalorian
I have to really commend him he was such
a good job and like and stuff I hopes
never said there’s people you trust
those people you don’t you know yeah I
get good vibes I’m catching the good
vibrations on this too yeah I did want
to detail what the Hollywood Reporter is
reporting on this topic read over the
article for those of you who have not
heard and you might be driving your car
or listening to us at work here’s what
the Hollywood Reporter has to say about
this topic well the force be strong with
this one following the recent
installment Star Wars the rise of
Skywalker the space fantasy franchise is
set to go on pause in terms of
theatrical movies but that does not mean
the process has ground to a halt Taika
Waititi the filmmaker behind
oscar-nominated jojo rabbit and thor
ragnarok has been approached to develop
a Star Wars movie sources tell The
Hollywood Reporter so it’s unclear
whether where things stand in those
talks it’s also unclear whether the
project is separate from the one being
developed by Kevin Feige with whom he
closely worked on Ragnarok and also with
any also work with Kevin no he didn’t
work with Kevin Feige
on hum on Mandalorian so no but he
worked with Kevin Feige closely on
Ragnarok Disney and Lucasfilm producers
of the Star Wars movies have no comment
about that specifically but you know to
kind of piggyback off what you said
Lawrence I loved what he didn’t throw
Ragnarok I love what he did with his
break his his debut film what we do in
the shadows
Jojo rabbit is definitely one of the top
three films I saw last year yes and what
he did with the Mandalorian in the
season finale it’s just like dude like
he said some people are groomed to be
star wars spearheading abusers what’s
that yeah you know like they grew up
with it they must have liked something
like that I don’t know what it is yeah
it’s in their blood
like they just get it you know
and you know and it’s not only also that
they just get it but it’s also that they
have they have the capability to run the
passion I think the passion for Star
Wars whereas other people I think some
of them might be we need you for this
can you do this for us we’ll pay you and
they’re like okay well I’ll take you
know I don’t know if it’s money or what
I’m sure doesn’t he offers a good
paycheck right but I don’t know what it
is but there’s definitely some directors
that have done films and they’re just
like you don’t feel like there’s the
passion there should be in it that’s all
there’s that you know he has the passion
he gets it but I think most importantly
he has the ability to conceptualize his
ideas from his brain to to a screenplay
and then finally into production he’s
able to streamline that whole process
after seemingly effortlessly and and
really stick the landing with everything
he’s done so far and it’s it’s just such
a pleasure to see somebody who has this
kind of track record not only with his
own personal films but as we’ve seen him
do in Mandalorian and with four ragnerok
properties that are not his own and
bring us big blockbusters with heavy
heavy weight comedy ideas and tone it
just it just makes me like that makes me
put the smile on my face to know that
he’s he’s being you know picked for this
i mean i i’d you have to wit also
remember that he hasn’t done anything
Star Wars related so weak we could
totally be wrong you know it’s hard to
say I’m thinking about right now I did a
good job but it’s not it’s it’s kind of
a small thing although I thought the
episodes were great right I yeah like I
still have high hopes but I’m just
saying like we don’t have concrete
evidence we have live just a little bit
you know do you know what it’s like yeah
you’re right and I mean what we’ve seen
so far is good right you know and I
think to kind of piggyback on what
you’re saying I think the issue being
present with what you’re saying I don’t
have I have complete faith in Taika
Waititi I think where the issue might
come to to the forefront is Studios
getting involved in the creative process
and inhibiting him from doing and
envisioning what his with his his vision
is for this project
I mean well we know what happened with
with JJ Abrams and the rise of Skywalker
I’m most especially I don’t know if
you’ve heard but the big news last week
was that the original script for Episode
nine was leaked she was very specific
few Hollywood insiders it was called
episode 9 the duel of the fates which
was written by Colin Trevorrow who did
the Jurassic world films yeah that
script man if you haven’t heard about it
it’s a complete 180-degree departure
from what JJ Abrams did it made complete
narrative sense and obviously Kathleen
Kennedy or Bob Iger or whoever like the
chief executives are decided you know
what we’re gonna get involved in the
creative process here we’re not gonna
we’re gonna get you to do what we want
to do all this fan service crap that
ended up being the episode nine we got
so to that point of course yeah that
very well may could happen with tyka but
I’m hoping they don’t because we see you
leave Jon Favreau you leave tyka alone
let them do what they wanted to do on
Mandalorian fight he’s gonna be in there
now too right yes fine for the films I
don’t know part of the show the films
for sure yeah he’s been picked by
Kathleen Kennedy and I think you have a
producer role in some forthcoming
trilogy right which i think is a great
move so I’m excited for that
right all right well hey guys let’s move
on to our next topic here yeah let’s do
Apple is to release the banker in
theaters this March now if you guys have
not heard Apple does have their own
streaming service yeah you know
alongside Walmart streaming service CBS
streaming service Burger King streaming
service you know I think it’s called
Burdine plus but Apple does have their
own streaming service and apparently
they have a film division and they had
their first feature film that was to be
released but was postponed due to the
fact that one of the exec
producers of this film had some sexual
assault allegation students Apple wanted
to remove themselves from the project
temporarily assess the situation before
pushing this film for a wide release so
let me start off first with what the
what variety is reporting to us on this
topic following an extensive review
period Apple will release one of its
first ever original films the banker in
theaters this March quote we created
Apple TV plus as a home for stories that
matter and believe the banker inspired
by the brave actions of Bernard Garrett
senior and Joe Morris
two African American businessmen who
brought about positive social change is
one of those stories unquote a
spokesperson for the tech companies
content arm and Apple TV plus has just
told variety of this so the film was
delayed from a planned January release
after a family member of one of the men
represented in the film came forth with
accusations of abuse at the hands of one
of the film’s executive producers who is
also a family member so that’s basically
all variety has told us what the
accusations were specifically they don’t
detail yeah but you know I think I’m
gonna give you my thoughts on this topic
here in Lawrence I want to hear what
your thoughts are well I think it was I
think it was wise for Apple to say hey
you know what hold on let’s just pump
the brakes here let’s find out what the
hell we’re dealing with first of all and
then and then we’ll release it so I
think it’s great because first of all
and you know me I know social justice
warriors so cancel culture I absolutely
hate so this is not that this is Apple
saying let’s take a pause let’s find out
what’s going on we gotta have to – I
think I have to in a scenario what
you’re gonna do like work you know it’s
serious yeah it’s the logical thing I
think just take ticket cause take a
breath before you make any decisions so
that’s what Apple did and yeah to their
credit they did that they assess the
I mean decided that you know the the the
actions of this one specific producer
does not outweigh the merits of all the
people working on the production of this
film and also
the story of social empowerment this
film has to offer audiences so Lawrence
write your thoughts on this man no no
like I said earlier I mean I think this
is the right thing to do I mean it sucks
because Apple TV I think needs as much
much time in the spotlight as it can get
right now but you know I think Apple
like as much as its delayed you gotta
you gotta do your homework in a
situation this how do you say this frail
you know you got to make sure things are
done correctly so I think they did the
right thing it sucks that it’s delayed
because I mean it looks it looks good
hopefully Apple needs it to Lord know
that they need a hit like yeah I see
some other stuff and I’m just like oh
it’s on Apple TV oh yeah yeah I think
I’ll watch a Burger King applause yeah
exactly so I mean a really you know what
can you do I’m sure they don’t want to
delay this but they know gotta do you
gotta do your homework this is a serious
stuff it could turn into a bigger issue
some right do the right thing you’ve
gotta do what you gotta do
yeah all right well hey guys um listen
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our next topic and this is regarding MBC
use newest streaming service God how
many streaming service okay I know I saw
that I was like it’s calling number
streaming service number 15,000 yeah man
geez Wow okay so much to talk about on
this topic
well it’s called peacock jeez I think
I’m choking out some peacock here MBC
use peacock is a nothing they’re pricing
and their launch dates so this is coming
to us from variety and indieWIRE whoa
nbc/universal pulled back the curtain on
peacock the company’s upcoming streaming
service so guys when does peacock launch
well peacock will launch on April 15th
for Comcast Xfinity and flex customers
and we’ll have a national oh sorry it
wouldn’t launch it will launch I’m still
being buzzed by the electric Bosma yeah
it’s gonna be launched for the Comcast
Xfinity and flex customers on April 15th
and then we’ll have a national release
on July 15th and then an international
date which is very surprising it
actually has yet to be announced so
there are a couple pricing tiers I do
want to cover here so let’s start with
the first is peacock free they’re giving
away free cock guys so you want some
free talk damn how can you resist how
can how can you resist some freaking
keeps on giving keeps on giving yep
shrinkage rates may not apply but Oh
see ya that’s the first it’s peacock
free free talk by the second yes
peacock premium will go it will cost
$4.99 per month not too bad but I mean
Disney Plus is going to the round I
think $6.99 right now so you better have
some god dang good there wasn’t
competition it’s it’s getting too much
man I want to talk to you about this
specifically uh this can talk service in
relation to this but let me finish this
variety article here on the last of the
subscription tiers is going to be called
peacock premium oh what a surprise pp in
fact if you want to abbreviate it so
again you guys want some PP it’s gonna
be $9.99 per month but you will have
discounted PP for $4.99 a month if you
already have the aforementioned Comcast
and Cox cable bundle now a couple more
things I want to cover guys what’s
what’s what’s gonna be on here and in
fact we’ll have an advertisements first
of all yes peacock free the free talk is
gonna have advertisements which i think
is really cool because in this whole
landscape of subscribe subscription
services everywhere for everything it
makes sense
hey give us a free cool streaming
service to license content that we
actually want to see but make it add
support I think that’s a very smart way
to break into this and that’s the only
way I’m actually gonna watch any content
on here personally yeah but I do think
it’s actually really cool in terms of
what they are developing because they
are developing original content newly
announced peacock originals include quo
heart to heart and that’s a play on
words upon if you will an interview
during Kevin Hart and then girls five
ever this is a produced comedy about a
90s pop girl group produced by Tina Fey
so cool Tina Fey fantastic NBC alum for
30 rock great the capture a drama
thriller that’s pretty vague the comedy
lady parts
and then there’s much of other random
stuff here but I think what’s really
cool here is apparently originals and I
don’t know what this means exactly but
they say originals included Battlestar
Galactica Oh brave new world whoa that’s
cool so I’m thinking if brave new world
which is obviously an IP that has not
had a an adaptation on-screen yet it’s
completely original material I’m
inclined to think that Battlestar
Galactica will either be a continuation
of the series the second iteration of
the series or a brand new reboot that’d
be nice that would be like that’d be
like what they do with Star Trek where
Trek you know had its old shows and now
they’re kind of rebooting them bringing
back the good stuff I think that serves
has a nice nice have you say look they a
nice group of like people that are
looking for the nostalgia appeal because
I know yeah house or Galactica is very
popular right and then lastly guys all
of the you all all of the universal
feature films by Universal Studios will
be on this service now to what degree
you can access these films I think
depends on which subscription level you
have but it’s still cool to know in a
way if you want Universal Pictures
content peacock is where you got to go
to get it gotta get the PB gotta get
with the PP but I mean Lawrence I mean
I’ve said quite a spell here what are
your thoughts about this peacock
streaming service by NBCUniversal in
itself and then also in relation to this
whole landscape of a plethora of
streaming services it’s too early to
tell I mean some of that stuff that was
mentioned it sounds promising but you’re
not gonna know until it launches I mean
especially with Disney Plus coming out
so recently and so I feel like it was
really it came very late into
streaming service era but it did make I
did make an impact I think it’s really
offering a lot of good content for a
really low price I think it’s very worth
it right now busy plus me myself I use
mostly Disney Plus and Netflix you have
Netflix every now and then does have
good good things up on offer so there’s
a lot of garbage there but there’s also
a lot of good stuff up on offer every
now and then so they make it definitely
worth your while this landscape right
now is so there’s so many platforms that
are like out there and that are gonna
continue to be coming out there it must
be incredibly profitable because
everybody wants a piece of this pie so
they wouldn’t be if it wasn’t you know
so I’m sure with I’m sure they’re gonna
find good stuff to make this worthwhile
hopefully I don’t end up like Apple TV
or Burger King plus or whatever other
streaming service right so you know I’d
yeah I wish them good luck that name
could use a change but what can you do
at this point yeah yeah shit I have to
agree with you so let’s see what they
have to offer I’m down for some free
rock anyway so yeah special on the
weekend alright guys with that out of
the way let’s move into our next topic
here and this is coming to us from
Collider the the most recently defunct
movie review news website apparently
still has a media division for news and
it’s telling us that Quentin Tarantino
is giving us an update on Star Trek now
this comes as heartbreak I read this
but you know what okay well let me see
what Collider is about this year so
coming here to us from Collider guys
well it turns out we may not get the see
Quinton Tarantino a Star Trek movie
after all in December 2017 it was
revealed that Tarantino had pitched an
original idea for Star Trek film to
producer JJ Abrams and the two were
officially developing that idea into a
potential movie that Tarantino might
direct they set Mark L Smith writer of
the revenant to write a screenplay based
on Tarantino’s story while the filmmaker
focused on making Once Upon a Time in
and he said that he’d circle back around
to Trek once Hollywood was complete
well the circling appears to have
happened and Tarantino has moved on at
least as a director speaking to
deadlines the Oscar winner said it’s now
unlikely that he’ll direct the Star Trek
movie but he still hopes Paramount makes
it so Lawrence man your hearts broken my
heart’s broken were both Trekkies I know
that what’s your take on this bro I’m
pretty disappointed that he’s not gonna
be a part of it honestly I’m sure you
were as well I think that would have
been just great to see it’s such a nice
mixing of ideas his ideas on the trek I
don’t even know how I can’t even picture
what that would look like it would be
great to see you know but I feel like
what I got from this article is I feel
like he has already had an impact on the
film where it’s going right and his he
is hopeful that his impact will remain
in the final film and it sounds like he
was saying the final film what the idea
of the final film is it sounding pretty
good and that he hopes that that would
be made so I’m hoping that his essence
is still within the film and that is
when it is finally made you know it’ll
be you’ll get to see kind of like his
impact on in that we’ll all enjoy it for
what it is you know that’s what I’m
hoping for
yeah I’m hoping for that too you know
this obviously is heartbreaking news but
it does not come as yeah come as a
surprise to me because Tarantino he’s so
famous and just he has such notoriety
for saying oh I want to develop this
project or I’m working on this project I
might do this I might do that I might do
screenplay might do a TV show yeah might
do a Vega brothers movies this that and
the other and then they all just fall
apart so you know while disappointing
it’s not surprising but like he said I
think it’s great that he pitched an idea
to producer JJ Abrams
he’s Abrams is totally on board
paramount is on board so as far as the
idea and Tarantino at least grafting
part of his sci-fi DNA into the next
whereas now actually being directed and
written by Noah Hawley who is famous for
doing Fargo Lucy in the Sky
Legion on F
so um I think if no Holly is going to
take this new idea perhaps I don’t know
actually if those work because no Holly
actually is apparently trying to do a
reboot of track with totally new
characters so where this whole thing
falls into development process for a new
Trek I don’t know actually that actually
now that I meant them speaking about
this aloud I this might not even come to
fruition because Noah Hawley is
confirmed director right now he might be
dropped they might go back to this idea
I don’t know yeah it’s it’s it’s
disheartening to say the least
do you um does the article say
specifically he will not return like
that this is the end period I thought it
said like as of right now he’s not but
he may return I think he said he’s deaf
he’s definitely out as director like
110% for sure a screenwriter that was
never in play again that was supposed to
be handed off to who was it the the
writer for the revenant but he did say
yes that he would return for the first
initial draft to give some you know some
tips and pointers yeah to what degree
like that that would that would have him
involved in the project who knows right
so much oh man Star Trek man it’s just
getting rammed up the but with just
lackluster news and development
production news that’s sad hey we got a
we got a message from Storm Shadow Sue’s
and care for Star Trek very much oh hey
I mean everyone’s got their everyone’s
got their they’re at their quirks you
know I I think me and EJ we both like
Star Wars and Star Trek maybe you’re not
into sci-fi home oh hold up hold up did
you say storm shadow is here yeah he’s
here dude storms yeah well I’m sorry you
know I can’t see the UH the management’s
he’s super chat or is it yeah gotcha no
no it’s just regular chat yeah
okay all right when it’s a word storm
chatting shadow say for us here he said
don’t care for Star Trek that’s just me
don’t care for Star Trek ah storm shadow
man come on bro
now you know I know yeah yeah I mean you
honestly I could watch Star Trek and
it’s just like jean-luc Picard on screen
head shot and he’s just doing a
monologue 4:42 I’m like just release it
yes so good yeah hopefully hopefully
then you know but I mean what I’m saying
though is I could watch jean-luc Picard
talk on screen I know you had shot for
40 minutes and that’s it no action no
CGI nothing yeah not in the woods bags
storm shadow if it’s not your thing no
worries dude we still have Star Trek
yeah hopefully you saw our discussion on
that with time you can find something on
TV that yeah watch the peepee I’m just
getting started
thank you for thanks for leaving us
comment we really appreciate it yeah
Storm Shadow thanks man I know you’ve
been really active on the channel in
terms of commenting on the YouTube and
sometimes in the Instagram we’re not
really active on Instagram so it’s
nothing personal but if you hit us up on
YouTube you’ll definitely get those
comments more frequently but yeah thanks
man thanks for joining for the live
stream bro he says he does like
Starcraft at 2009 it’s Chris Pine I like
that one as well that was fantastic I
really liked that one yeah yeah likewise
I loved it too it’s not Star Trek but
that’s probably why he liked it because
it wasn’t price that was like a Star
Trek on crack like PCP hype dark crack
star crack star crack yeah yeah exactly
alright guys well that top it out of the
way let’s move on to our next subject
here’s some more heartbreaking news
we’re just breaking hearts today yeah
mine Hunter cast released from contracts
season 3 put on hold now right guys if
you have not seen mine hunter
it’s the david fincher produced
brilliant FBI profile series on Netflix
it’s awesome one of those critically
acclaimed TV shows you kind of used to
seeing on HBO in terms of level
production quality and just overall
quality and entertainment value in
general well sad the same variety is
reporting to
that the project has been put on hold
indefinitely so right says mine hunter
is going on ice at Netflix variety has
confirmed that the show’s cast members
have been released from their contracts
the streamer is not ruling out a third
season of the series however depending
on executive producer David Fincher
scheduled now David Fincher is currently
working on directing the Netflix film
mink as well as executive producing the
second season of love death and robots
so obviously he still has has his hand
pretty deep and Netflix’s but it was
also recently announced that Fincher is
working on a Chinatown prequel series
with Robert Towne who wrote the original
film now Lawrence what’s your thoughts
on this dude because as I recall I think
you were you were pretty big fan of the
mine hunter series and I it’s one of the
things on my list right yeah every I
have every intent to check it out I have
no not unless he gave another show and I
know I’ve heard a lot of good things
from a lot of different people so I’m
surprised that this is happening like I
dunno what caused this like what why why
is this happening what’s what so what’s
happening basically and this is kind of
weird and this really frustrates me
because it’s like dude you’d like if
you’re working you have producers you
have executive level members of a
production company a studio mm-hmm
you’re making hundreds of millions of
dollars as a studio individually
presumably hundreds of thousands of
dollars if not millions of dollars per
year so it would seem to me that you
would have the level of understanding
that if you’re gonna have some filmmaker
as prolific as David Fincher attached to
this project that you would have a
contingency plan for him to be on board
whether based of his schedule preventing
him from being all the series or have
somebody else involved in the production
that pick up where he left off if he
can’t commit to the schedule and that’s
precisely what happened here at David
you even love death in robots he’s
working on his film ink he probably has
some other projects outside of Netflix
that he’s working on and he just doesn’t
have the time or the schedule to be
involved anymore right and because this
was his brainchild Netflix was like well
we don’t have any contingency plans or
anybody else to kind of you know to
Shepherd this project I guess hey guys
we’re releasing you from your contracts
which causes whole other issues now
because now you have actors everyone
involved behind the camera being
released from their contract signing on
the other contracts or other projects
and trying to bring them back into the
based off their other schedules now
outside of Netflix it’s just it causes a
whole other issues and it’s like man
come on guys like where’s the funny I
just look this up to mine Hunter has a
97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes 8.7 really
good it’s really really good I mean have
you seen I’m like David Pinterest films
like seven or the game Fight Club
obviously you’ve got the poster behind
you seven yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely
yeah so I mean hereit’s yeah I like it
yeah you would you would so that’s
probably what I thought if we haven’t
tell obviously we haven’t talked about
it then I think it was just me thinking
– I know you love Fight Club yeah I
loved this movie like sounds like I’d be
in that realm yeah yeah alright guys
well hopefully we had some better news
coming up here yeah we need it kinda
we’re good now we’re gonna bout halfway
there this is regarding the Oscars
twenty twenty Oscars some snubs and
surprises so this is coming to us from
variety guys the 2020 Academy Awards
nominations are out and with a multitude
of snubs and surprises from all the
women directors shout out to Jennifer
Lopez’s Hustler’s the Nile to the
farewells lack of acting directing and
writing stubs here’s our biggest snobs
and surprises from the Oscars so a
couple things I wanted to go over from
the article here on Variety oh wow the
hustlers I don’t even know why that’s
even in the in the discussion but not an
Oscar winner what are ya agreed
totally in any capacity yeah it was like
okay I was like okay this is like
average acceptable but average
acceptable but average yeah
but some some did some standout movies
and performances are regarding the fair
well I think is surprising it wasn’t
nominated Lupita Nyong’o for us Greta
Gerwig for Little Women
Christian Bale for Ford V Ferrari Adam
Sandler from James George McKay for 1917
which we are reviewing later today guys
to stay tuned for that review coming out
later this evening Eddie Murphy for
Dolomites my name Jamie Foxx for just
merci Antonio Banderas pain and glory
Jonathan Pryce the two popes Florence
pew little women and also I’m sad to say
I have to humble myself now I thought I
called Best Picture Best Supporting
Actor nominations Tom Hanks for a
beautiful day in the neighborhood
Mary Ann Heller directing this foam
nobody on the project nominated for any
capacity at all which is a complete
frickin shock to me so yeah at least a
nomination I haven’t I still haven’t
seen it but I really wanted really good
things so but I could just tell like
from the trailer seems like Tom Hanks
really put his heart and soul into that
project yeah man
at least a nomination list but I feel
like honestly well I can’t speak until I
watch the film but I kind of agree with
you I would have I would have suspected
you would have made it what a thunk man
ha all right well let’s get into some
better news because if grandpappy is
stinking up the house fartin hooting and
hollering all Christmas all year long
what do you got to do put him out of his
the wonderful people from the boss at
Panasonic are offering us the electric
buzz give them a buzz buzz time for buzz
grandpappy all right moving on forward
guys with our next topic
Disney is dropping the Fox thank God
from 20th Century Fox and Searchlight
this is coming through us from the
Hollywood Reporter the labels will now
be branded as searchlight pictures and
twentieth-century studios upon future
releases so the Fox moniker has been
dropped from the studio’s 20th century
and searchlight labels which which will
now be branded as simply searchlight
pictures and twentieth-century studios I
won’t go into any further details I will
kind of give you an offhand description
of what the article details exactly what
I just said so don’t worry it’s a visual
change we’re still gonna have the
awesome 20th Century Fox fanfare you
know that bump-bump bump-bump yeah
classic right it’s still gonna be there
we’re just taking Rupert Murdoch’s foxes
news branding out of the equation which
i think is a positive she asked yeah and
it can’t disagree yeah right get that
fox out of here get that Fox so a little
cool news we’re seeing on the Disney
consolidation with Fox having a little
bit more of a front forward visual
change which is cool I’m cool cool cool
cool cool moving on though with a
related property that was formerly under
the Fox television brand name Wow the
headline is incorrect here on the lower
sorry about that guys but what it should
say it’s not talking about Harvey
Weinstein it’s talking about Hank Azaria
and Hank Azaria will no longer voice a
poo on The Simpsons so Lawrence I’m
gonna let you take this away while I fix
the graphic what are your thoughts on
this bro this is crazy this is like this
is like taking Homer Simpson out of the
city I mean I know he’s a side character
but he’s been part of it for so long and
he’s my Connick too like when you think
of the the cookie Mart it’s you know aku
its I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t
seen an episode Simpsons and doesn’t
know who a poo is like very cool my
yeah like I
I would love I mean maybe he’s
replaceable I mean maybe it’s not that I
like they’ll replace and was someone who
sounds identical but it’s it’s just
crazy to me that after all this time you
know it’s yeah I don’t know I can’t I
it’s hard to believe but like I said
maybe it’s replaceable I’m you know
there’s a lot of talented people in
Hollywood they’ll find I’m sure someone
that can do a voice just as good as he
can so yeah still it’s like you’re
taking part of your original formula out
it’s sad to see ya that’s it comes down
to okay guys well I’m coming to us from
Indy wire here is the official report
while no official statement from the
series and its representatives has
emerged so far The Simpsons voice actor
Hank Azaria has revealed in a new
interview with slash film that he will
no longer voice appoo now what he said
so far is that it’s up to producers Matt
Groening and James L Brooks but they
haven’t sorted it out yet all we’ve
agreed on is that I won’t do the voice
also in the article we do see that Matt
Groening has said that you know we what
did you say exactly sorry he said
actually something very interesting
which I was surprised to see because of
the nature of how this article was
written Matt Groening
crater of The Simpsons said I’m proud of
what we do on the show and I think it’s
time for our culture where people love
to pretend I’m sorry he says I think
it’s a time in our culture where people
love to pretend they’re offended so very
interesting because obviously he’s not
in agreeance with the loudmouth social
justice warriors who call bloody hell
for this but he’s still having the
kowtow to them either because of their
pressure they’re putting online or
because Studios involvements in reaction
to that said pressure but I think it’s
interesting that he had that comment
despite the obvious actions in
contradiction to what he seemed he
believes yeah that’s I didn’t realize
that was like what cause I thought it
was just like well he’s not part of like
he’s just not part of this
where he’s moving on I didn’t realize it
was like we’re just taking him out does
that mean the characters gone too well
see that’s the thing
the characters not go on as far as the
article details it’s just that hank
azaria won’t be voicing him anymore so
I’m just confused as to how this
happened like what would cause this what
what is reasoning the genesis of this I
believe think the people at AJ calm
which is a liberal left-wing news source
that’s also a sister website of
aljazeera.com yeah they had some I think
they either detailed the this
documentary by some Indian documentarian
about something called like the problem
with a poof and detailing how a lot of
South Asian and Indian people felt like
a poo was there only like coal um what’s
the word ethnically like representative
character on television and they felt
like offended that he was being
portrayed by a white man but it’s like
dude sorry first of all there are more
South Asian and a T&P; pelant evey than
frickin a poo secondly it’s a cartoon
dude and thirdly it’s a comedy so take
it with a grain of salt bro like he’s
right though I like what he said this is
a this is a time where people are
they’re trying their hardest to pretend
to be offended of everything yeah not
saying people can’t be offended when
stuff is like serious but like oh my god
I feel like we’re living in a time where
stuff from even 10 years ago just won’t
fly anymore because people are just like
oh I can be offended by that let me just
act really offended right come on do I
want to quote the infamous Gabriel Lorca
from Star Trek discovery and there’s
actually a lion in this show I really
like despite my problems with the show
but one of the lines in said was context
is king and I think with comedy
especially context is absolutely king so
because it’s a comedy it’s
tongue-in-cheek you’re gonna make fun of
stereotypes it’s it’s all it’s all
hyperbole essentially for comedic value
don’t take this to heart
guys it’s a freaking card and they’re
not trying to a fan
exactly that’s what really matters here
like they’re just trying to have a good
time and they’re just trying to I think
there’s a big difference that people
don’t realize between I mean because we
live in just such a time where this is
so serious and there’s a big difference
between making fun of our cultural
differences just because it’s it’s it’s
fun and we’re all friendly versus being
racist you know just literally being you
know like bright prejudiced and racist
because you’re you know yeah because
that’s how I am I am we’re all I think
everyone is cool and I think it’s fun to
make fun of how we’re all different from
each other without being offensive
that’s how I view the world but a lot of
people can easily get offended by stuff
like that come on know the difference
you know know the difference and
contacts this kid all right well without
that uh political rant and social issues
out of the way here let’s move into our
last topic of the day and this is coming
to us from indieWIRE once more regarding
the Watchmen series Watchmen season 2 is
still in flux and it always has been
now they’re saying watchman ended it’s
brilliant well rated first season buzz
has been building around a potential
season 2 will we see more of Regina
Kings instant classic hero Angela a bar
or will we have to wait another three
decades before an inspired creator
revisits revisits the iconic Watchmen
world well unfortunately guys I’ll
summarize the article here for you
showrunner and writer Damon Lindelof
famous for writing and show running lost
and the leftovers has at the moment said
he is definitively 100 percent done with
the Watchmen series and has no plans to
do a season two because he told a self
contained season 1 story that he wanted
to tell and he thinks he’s done just
that now despite having said that he’s
open completely open to HBO taking the
project handing off to another creative
who wants to tell their story but as far
as his plans for the series moving
forward he has no intentions
sadly with that HBO executives are on
board with Lindelof being attached to
the project and don’t see any way moving
forward without him so they say thus far
but things can change moving forward in
the future
Lindelof might get inspired get some
more ideas HBO might be approached by
another creative who has a fantastic
idea and because this is such a
critically acclaimed awesome
breakthrough television show that made a
lot of money for HBO they might be
inclined to go with someone else for the
show so the future can only tell but
Lawrence I mean what are your thoughts
on this bro that’s crazy so they made so
just to make sure I have this right they
made the first season and they’re not
gonna make it too even though it did so
well that’s it it’s a self-contained
story yeah that’s crazy I’m just I’m
shocked because I heard such good things
it’s like making like The Witcher as is
I think that show was amazing it’s like
saying well we’re done season 1 is all
you get no no follow I mean granted that
has a bigger overarching story right um
maybe this I haven’t seen Watchmen but
oh my god bro you need to why not yeah
is it on the same level yeah
is it on the same level is that
Chernobyl yeah oh absolutely absolutely
yeah dude yeah and especially now you’re
gonna have an even better time viewing
it because you can you can binge watch
it you know I had to watch it week by
week so it was a slow burn for me I’m
like what the hell is going on but for
you you’re gonna get into those 9
episodes and it’s just gonna be like
constant development building and
building and building and building to
like those last two episodes some of the
best televisions like I’ve seen in in
the past 10 years for sure Wow it’s it’s
like everything it’s like at Westworld
levels for sure that makes me even more
sad like cuz when I watch it now it’s
like yeah but you know what
to their credit I love the fact that HBO
is sticking to their guns sticking to
quality not pushing I appreciate that
you know
yeah we’ve season 2 because it’ll make
us money right no in their eyes it’s
like what makes us into because it makes
sense it’s gonna be a good show
yeah definitely commendable yeah yeah
maybe we’ll have the guys from Hellboy
write it you know Oh God
you don’t almost eat so you watch that
shit show I know right it’s still left a
bad taste in our mouth Oh God Oh Laurie
guys thank you so much for tuning into
weekly weekender this is our weekly wrap
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