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weekend so let’s just get this thing
started I’ve got ten topics to talk
about hopefully you guys are interested
in talking about it so let’s just let’s
get this thing going right freaking now
so first topic
coming to us from Collider Kathleen
Kennedy confirms Indiana Jones 5 is a
continuation not a reboot interesting
speaking with the BBC on BAFTAs red
carpet Kennedy shared some important
news regarding Indiana Jones 5 when
asked about where progress on the movie
stood Kathleen Kennedy replied well
we’re working away getting the script
where we want it to be and then we’ll be
ready to go I don’t have really much
faith in anything she says but ok Kathy
continued and then she went on to
Harrison Ford will be involved yeah it’s
not a reboot it’s a continuation so
production on Indiana Jones 5 has been
slow steady but ultimately tangled up by
a variety of delays over the years
filming start dates and release dates
haven’t pushed back further and further
as efforts to ensure the story was
cracked and Steven Spielberg’s schedule
was open for the project as recently as
September 2019 screenwriter David cop
provided insights on where Indiana Jones
story stood revealing while I’m working
on it again we’re still trying and I
think we’ve got a good idea this time
this time like as is that kind of like a
an unrecognized admission that the last
time was not a good idea with the
crystal skulls huh but we’ll see that
said no hints have been dropped about
what the story will be if work on
Indiana Jones five stays on pace then it
will hopefully meet the summer 2021
premiere date so keep your fingers
crossed guys Indiana Jones is currently
scheduled for a release on July 9th 2021
so right off the bat for those of you
watching the live chat let’s talk about
this topic right now for you guys
watching in the broadcast afterwards
leave me your comments and thoughts down
below I’ll be talking to you there off
the top here Geordi Lyons says take
anything Kathleen Kennedy says with a
huge pinch of salt yeah that’s why I was
I don’t I don’t hope I trust anything
that’s coming out of her mouth and yeah
bye pinch of salt Jory I’m gonna go 1 1
further than you I’m just gonna say just
pour the whole canister of salt onto
that plate of exposition she’s dishing
out for us G wolf all right yay
now tennety is going to try and destroy
what is left of it yeah you know she has
to go out with a bang and buy a bang I
mean she’s gonna be but fudging
Indiana Jones after she’s severely
rammed Star Wars in the in the behind so
G wolf also says 2021 release and there
is no story yet dude yes exactly so I’m
reading this out of my ok 2021 release
date you don’t have a story outline yet
you don’t have Steven Spielberg even
attached like confirmed as a producer at
least not feeling good about that and
then furthermore I mean guys as much as
the kingdom or whatever their crystal
scroll whatever that crap was called
like that me sucked it seemed to me like
they kind of wrapped up like Indies
whole narrative right he got married
he’s kind of hanging up his saddle his
hat where can they possibly go from here
like to me it seemed like Shia LaBeouf
would have been the natural predecessor
or the natural would it be predecessor
is that the worm thinking you know what
I mean like Shia LaBeouf basically
should have took the mantle for the next
Indiana Jones series so yeah joy lions
and you will feel we’re all ingredients
here like what the f 2021 like so what
they’re just gonna not just rush this
out to release God it doesn’t even seem
like it’s anything anybody’s asking for
so hey guys oh another thing too for the
I had the latency set on like normal I
boosted it up to low latency it’s not
high latency so I’m apparently supposed
to be getting more real-time messages
from you in the live chat so hopefully
that helps too this time around we can
have a better discussion so guys if
that’s all we have to talk about on this
subject I’d like to move forward into
the next one because this next one
really does tickle my fancy
before that though mr. jordan line says
what is the plot call Indies nursing
home and getting back in the sack oh
yeah yeah seriously yeah what how old is
Harrison Ford right now he said he’s at
least in his 70s right I mean did you
guys see him and rise a Skywalker like
he looked like he rolled out of bed no
haircut like Firefox double it’s just
like yeah this is get this thing done oh
well mr. four do you think we should
have hair and makeup do your eating I
just fuck it let’s just get this over
with G wolf says and he has to break out
of the new Jesus guys yeah come on Joe
there’s Joe some geriatric love here
guys come on he’s 77 ah yeah he’s uh
he’s got one foot in the grave for sure
me this is kind of random though but I I
know you guys are Trekkies check this
out look at that all right
I thought it’s kind of cool I’m enjoying
this okay guys so yeah it’s enough for
Indy there’s no plot for the film
development anyhow so I think our
discussion on this topic is pretty much
mute Kathleen Kenny he’s gonna blow it
up before she leaves Disney so yeah all
right so next topic I really like this
hopefully you guys do hopefully you guys
do too and this is coming from The
Hollywood Reporter Nicolas Cage’s the
unbearable weight of massive talent sets
a spring 2021 release date Nicolas
Cage’s upcoming meta drama in which he
will play himself have set a release
date oh man no this is great okay
Lionsgate will open the unbearable
weight of massive talent on march 19th
2021 the movie in which Cage will star
as actor and Nicolas Cage
of course this version of Cage wants to
land a role in a new Quentin Tarantino
movie and must also deal with a strained
relationship with his teenage daughter
Cage finds himself under a
and of debt it’s a little close to
reality isn’t it and makes a pay
appearance at a Mexican billionaires
birthday party after bonding with a man
the CIA informed the actor that the
billionaire is actually a drug cartel
kingpin who has kidnapped the daughter
of a Mexican presidential nominee okay
cage ends up working with the US
government to get intelligence all right
so if that’s a synopsis for any movie to
begin with like I think it’s awesome but
it’s just it’s further accentuated by
the fact that it’s a Nic Cage doing a
Nic Cage movie about himself like so
meta so over-the-top you know it’s gonna
be awesome
if it’s not gonna be awesome it’s gonna
be so bad that it’s awesome so your guys
comments leave them down below and let
me know your thoughts live stream here
here we go Storm Shadow Man I know
you’re a Nic Cage fan too and you came
in just in time cuz we’re talking about
NIC cages meta movie now let’s start
with G wolf here uh this is a sure
humble title yeah right the unbearable
weight a massive talent like this movie
it’s just it’s got everything going for
it it’s just it’s so wacky it’s so zany
Storm Shadow says The Unbearable looks
interesting yeah dude right it sounds
interesting too the synopsis bro like
you got to hear it I I couldn’t even
read through it without like cracking up
laughing it’s so so crazy a G will says
it will be okay if he acts like the 90s
Kage yeah like like that like crazy I
like that kind of crazy yeah I agree
with you man does he not act like that
anymore I think he’s a little bit more
tempered in national treasure
kick ass he was a little bit more
tempered but you know the most recent
movie I saw him in was a collar out of
space and he started off pretty tampered
but he got kind of wacky but yeah not
like 90s level wacky storm shadow says
The Unbearable what types what type of
genre is it so it seems the based office
it seems to be like a faux documentary
mockumentary perhaps with some espionage
elements to it as well so it’s a seems
to be a little a little far-fetched I
think that’s the genre far-fetched but
I’m excited for it guys so seems like
we’re all on the same page on that one
but yeah I thought that was a
interesting to mention all right let’s
move forward with the next topic a
little more pop culture oriented but I
think it’s still nor noteworthy worth
mentioning and this is going to be
coming to us again from The Hollywood
Reporter and also deadlines excuse me
deadlines know its deadlines and The
Hollywood Reporter sorry it’s regarding
dr. Strange’s to spider-man director Sam
and did I mention I am totally jumping
here Hollywood Reporter’s the first one
yes these are ok Doctor Strange to lands
a new writer with Loki show creator just
as the sequel to Marvel Studios Doctor
Strange gets a new director the project
is also getting a new writer Michael
Waldron who is the head writer of
Marvel’s upcoming Disney plus series
Loki he’s also been tapped to work on
the Doctor Strange in the multiverse of
madness now Jade Bartlett was the
previous writer on the multiverse of
madness and the project was being billed
by Marlowe as its first scary movie how
scary that may have been was perhaps one
of the creative friction points between
the writer being dismissed and of course
the the director we’ll talk about that
now Waldron the new writer Waldron’s
Loki is one of the first three Marvel
series that is to make up the first wave
of the company shows that will air on
the Disney Plus streaming network is and
he’s also moving to his moving to this
new Marvel project in the film it seems
to be like a sure sign that Disney is
pretty confident with what he’s doing so
aa little note worgen mentioned seems
like there’s some mix ups in the
production of Doctor Strange to your
thoughts guys in the comments section
live stream here let’s see what we got
nothing yet
alright so my thoughts on this you know
I’m I’m not really too concerned about
marble guys I don’t know I if you’re if
I’m alone in this thought but you know
Kevin Feige seems to have a pretty good
grasp on things there are very few and
far between like Marvel films that you
know that disappoint I really the last
Marvel movie that disappointed me
Captain Marvel
before that I think it was Thor – but
even then like I mean they’re all still
serviceable so it’s not like prequel
level bad or the Star Wars you know the
new Star Wars trilogy bad so yeah yeah
all right let’s move on to the next
topic this is actually related to it as
well and this is regarding the director
for the Doctor Strange series I’m sure
you guys have heard about this but you
know we want to cover big topics in some
lesser spoken about topics during the
week this is coming to us from deadline
Sam Raimi directing this is it a rumor
he is in talks Oh as far as I know no
this is not rumor this is confirmed
so from deadline spider-man director Sam
Raimi in talks to direct ah confirmed
we’ve confirmed that it’s true Marvel is
looking to close the deal with Sam Raimi
to direct Doctor Strange in the
multiverse of madness following scott
derrickson departure from the product
derrickson will remained an executive
producer on the sequel in the wake of
the millennium superhero movies craze
Raimi gets his due for starting that
fire with Sony’s spider-man in 2002
another Marvel property Raimi first
Raimi’s first three spider-man movies
delivered a 2.5 billion worldwide gross
okay so you know Sam Raimi obviously
started this whole superhero thing if
we’re not talking about x-men we’re
jumping to spider-man yeah you know he’s
I guess you could say one of the
forefathers for a modern comic book
filmmaking and I’ve to critical and of
audience acclaim as well
mulatto made a lot of monies with those
movies he’s got the Evil Dead franchise
he did crawl which is kind of like a
horror suspense film so seems like he’s
got the pedigree uh I think it’s great
what are you guys have thought on this
storm shadow says he’s glad I’m glad
he’s coming back to Marvel yeah I’m
seems seems fitting seems appropriate
and you know what I think it’s kind of
kind of in the same vein as uh
JK Simmons being brought back in the
last spider-man movie I kind of
reprising his role so kind of cool to
see Sam Raimi kind of kickstart of this
whole thing coming back around full
gene wolfe says if Raimi is directing
that would make me more excited to see
it yeah dude I I thought yeah he is
directing yeah you know he is he’s
replacing Scott Derrickson apparently in
talks so not confirmed being attached to
the product project but confirmed to be
in talks as director so awesome yeah I
think that’s a fan favorite we’re all
pretty pretty happy about that and no no
problems there uh I knew it I knew it I
knew it I knew Geordi would come here
with some industry knowledge so and I’m
glad you’re here to clarify because I
wanted some clarification on this I know
in talks is kind of let’s see what
Geordi line says and talks means making
it public to see what the reaction is
Lowell awesome decision there you go all
right so they’re uh they’re playing
media optics to see what the temperature
is on on on that so I think it seems
pretty the Internet is pretty on board
with it guys right I’m on board with it
so my perception is the Internet’s on
board with it but yeah awesome decision
all around I think we’re all on the same
page there guys
all right let’s move this bad boy Ford
not really too hyped about this but
we’ll see this is coming to us from den
of geek not sure how reliable a source
it is but I know this project is in the
works oh the GI Joe Snake Eyes movie
release date
and details have been revealed see
Roberts went right ooh pronounce his
last name swish she went to key will
direct Snake Eyes GI Joe origins he will
work off a script written by Evans Wow
what are up with these last names
Evans spell Auto Poulos Greek I presume
this writer screenwriter uh famous for
Beauty and the Beast the live-action
version and the Huntsman winters War II
okay not really a good pedigree but sure
let’s see now he was also tapped for
this project he comes to the table with
experience let’s see from some other
series divergent young adult film
franchise insurgent and Allegiant and
the Bruce Willis headline sequel called
red I’ve never even seen that or heard
about that okay the Time Traveler’s Wife
he’s done that and then most notoriously
RIPD cool you guys remember that movie
it was like the men and black ripoff I
actually quite enjoyed it even though it
was a straight ripoff I’ve been in black
but I mean anything was Jeff Bridges hey
okay man the dude abides right now I
think what’s really interesting about
this new Snake Eyes project comes from
this portion of the article
Henry Golding that’s crazy rich asian
star Henry Golding of course who else he
will play snake eyes he has been handed
the snake eyes baton from previous
portrayer ray Park famous for Star Wars
The Phantom Menace as Darth Maul and
x-men I forgot he played best spin-off
movie is now scheduled to fight for
freedom wherever there’s trouble on
October 3rd 2020 oh wow
that’s happening this year guys what are
your thoughts on this any GI Joe fans
out there I’m not sure what your ages
are I’m thirty-two myself so you know I
was watching the GI Joe cartoons as a
child never really huge I guess as a kid
I was a huge fan yeah I love me see GI
Joes I had the action figures you know
made my own little movies with him but
yeah okay so G Wolfe says the first two
didn’t make a ton of money so I don’t
who they’re going after yeah dude I
don’t see either and like I never I
don’t think I’ve ever seen those movies
either and I wasn’t really interested to
either now I heard the second one was
better than the first I think Bruce
Willis was in that too so that was kind
of curious and I think the rock was in
it as well
but then like wasn’t Marlon Wayans
playing I mean and not the not that
comedic actors can’t do some more
serious roles but it’s a little jarring
I think you kind of have to ease your
way into doing like more serious roles
unless you’re like an exceptional actor
like Robin Williams making that hard
transition or an Adam Sandler ironically
enough but yeah I thought this is an
article worth mentioning for those GI
Joe fans out there now guys this next
subject here it’s not actually
newsworthy but I thought it was
interesting and I’m really curious about
what your thoughts are on this when I
read the article I was like oh cool I
think this is a really cool idea but
then I started thinking about like okay
well how could they actually practically
put this into action so without further
ado the next topic guys it’s a year-old
article I thought it was brand new
sometimes twitter sends me stuff that i
think is new it turns out to be dated so
my bad but still interesting nonetheless
okay here we go it’s coming to us from
it’s coming to your from we got this
covered a totally reputable source the
Stan Lee cameo has been a cherished
tradition in Marvel Comics adaptations
for many years now and even of the week
and even in the wake of his passing the
writer still has at least a couple more
scenes yeah that’s totally dated because
basically what this is saying is that
you know they think Marvel fans should
have Deadpool replaced Dan Lee in the
cameos now whether or not the whole
cameo thing should move forward into the
next films I could see an argument for
either side I would like to see
something along the lines of a cameo or
some sort of Easter egg you know they
can’t keep the tradition rolling
obviously not with Stan Lee involved but
initially I thought like hey that’s kind
of cool like yeah that Deadpool pop in
and kind of like you know Mortal Kombat
like a something I mean not literally
like that like popping in from left or
right frame and saying something but you
know what I mean like
but yeah but then as I said as I begin
the thought to think about it I’m like
yeah I mean Deadpool popping up in every
movie just for a cameo sake say like
someone liner like I don’t know I think
that might be a little little jarring
because at least you know Stanley even
though it’s Stanley in those cameos
here’s portraying different characters
with exception through his cameo and
Captain Marvel
but yeah am I going crazy guys did it
does it seem like a cool idea to you at
least initially or do you have any
better ideas yourself do you think the
tradition should be carried forward with
some other types of cameos I want to
hear your thoughts so storm shadow says
fuck you deep nose games
I know you didn’t say fuck you to me but
ah storm shadow says don’t need a cameo
it wouldn’t make sense yeah
I know I think I was just getting too
excited initially but once my brain
kicked in I’m like yeah it doesn’t make
he Wolf’s Easter eggs yes cool okay all
right bringing some sense to me thank
you sir Deadpool I’m not sure that’s
Stanley was always a background
character yeah yeah like I just said I
agree with you you know at least Stanley
was kind of like a background character
and he played other characters he wasn’t
playing himself whereas a dead bull if
Deadpool were to be present in every
cameo for the forthcoming films it’d be
jarring because he’d be playing Deadpool
presumably right and yeah gee willsez
Deadpool is too in-your-face so yeah
anyhow I just thought it was a fun
little topic to mention not really news
worthy but uh I had to fill up the ten
topics and a lot of them have been
covered already so now this next topic
is kind of sad gee will Storm Shadow I
think I’ve spoken to you both about this
here this is coming to it as a shock to
me too
let’s talk about it from any wire the
rhythm section producers react to the
historic box-office bomb quote we’re
proud of our movie this is coming from
the producers that quote the Reed Morano
rekted action-drama earned the lowest
opening ever for a film opening in over
3,000 theaters the rhythm section made
box office history over its debut
weekend but not in a good way for the
Paramount Pictures the 50 million dollar
production opened January 31st in 3049
theaters and grossed just 2.8 million
dollars over its first three days Danya
making the worst box office opening in
history for a title playing in over
3,000 theaters deadline estimates the
rhythm section will lose paramount as
much as 30 million dollars now the film
does follow universals Dolittle as one
of the first major bombs of 2020 the
film had the backing of james bond
producers barbara broccoli and michael g
wilson of eon who reacted to the poor
box office by trying to find the silver
lining quote we are obviously
disappointed with the box office unquote
the EON producer said the deadline quote
but we’re proud of read the director and
our movie and the overwhelmingly
positive reaction to Blake’s performance
man guys I I’m really I’m disappointed
to hear this I mean it wasn’t the best
film I saw this year it wasn’t the best
like espionage thriller if you will but
I did enjoy the film I enjoyed it having
its own unique place in terms of like
these femme fatales / James Bond s-type
characters for what it was I appreciate
it I I found myself engaged with the
film the performances were great I liked
how it was grounded in reality um I
don’t know what audiences were really
expecting from this film and you know
it’s it’s doubly disappointing because
this didn’t really have a large
production budget 50 million dollars is
not much and you know at the very least
it may if it made some modest returns
you know at least they could kind of
recoup that but damn 2.8 million dollars
like that’s a say Paul
pretty sad opening obviously the worst
of all time
so yeah let’s move forward with your
thoughts on this guy’s Geordie line says
the budget was not oh man look at you
with your insider knowledge bro okay
here we go
Geordie line says the budget was not
fifty million it was actually 11 oh wow
11 million to the studio it was funded
partially by European Union film grants
ha man dude why doesn’t deadline talk
about that huh interesting okay so maybe
the studio I mean I’m okay so we have to
factor in marketing budget as well right
but let’s think about okay marketing
budget involved I’m wondering how much
the studio is really gonna lose on this
but that’s very interesting fact that
what essentially 11 21 31 41 39 million
dollars was subsidized by this European
film grant so at least they’re not
really taking a hard hit I’m curious
what the marketing budget was what the
studio is actual losses here because
guys you know paramount like they’re
they’re bleeding cash and they’re like
they’re not making good returns on a lot
of it on their films here Storm Shadow
in my opinion I think Reed Moreno
doesn’t know about directing action
movies not saying she can’t direct Reed
Morano is a girl a good rector just not
this type of genre really no I’m curious
what what did you not find good about
this film I mean in terms of the
cinematography the color grading you
know it was kind of a muted subdued kind
of style but I think that was that was
done intentionally so I don’t know if
you take issue with that or with the
action sequences themselves I mean
whenever there were any action sequences
I felt tension I felt the tension I felt
that it was engaging you know that was
well executed well acted and grounded
and gritty and I like that you know she
wasn’t a badass she wasn’t you know dual
really dual pistols like back flip in
you know like with the explosions behind
there and I hold them onto a cat and
like running in slow motion like it was
very much like she’s like trying to
drive a car and just and you know
fighting an onslaught of other cars
hitting people like basically about the
crash herself winning all of her
assassinations by by sheer luck by
happenstance essentially and it made
sense you know for a character so I’m
wondering storm like what exactly did
you not like about the direction of this
film Geordi Marc Jordan Geordi Martin
Geordi lines the marketing budget lmao
it was terribly marketed the trailers
were pathetic really man you know what
um I oftentimes find myself questioning
Campea when he says film is subjective
but when we when I find myself in
countering such differing opinions like
for this point I thought the trailers
were fantastic I that’s the reason why I
saw a new viola I loved it it seemed
I love the the soundtrack they used for
it I loved that it was female focus it
seemed to be you know as everything I’ve
said already so for me like it totally
but pathetic like you obviously Jory
you’re like you watched it you’re like
that’s pathetic
Oh be going with you be going with you
it’s very interesting
again I’m curious why in detail I’m not
sure if you’re moderating Rob’s channel
right now or how active you are right
now but you know if you if you can’t
explain that’d be cool but yeah
interesting but yeah hey guys uh
hopefully rhythm session picks up some
more some more revenue with the online
streaming remember the trades even like
running sensationalist headlines to draw
eyeballs yeah true true through that man
yeah damn it can’t trust anybody or
anything online these days man well you
know at the very least guys you can
trust me like I keep it real I’m not
pretending to be like the foremost
industry insider with the most
interesting knowledge I’m just a guy who
loves movies and movie news and I’m
happy to tell you if I have a blind spot
or don’t know
about any particular subject so jewelry
lines I’m doing both like a frickin G
bro it’s probably got a four screens
like the matrix you know is just right
on dude alright guys so let’s move
forward next topic here wrap it up I’m
gonna skip the commercials for it today
just save on time
and I would really not like YouTube to
hit me for advertising not see popeyes
chicken even though I think it sounds
I’m gonna get some more sponsors for the
next broadcast probably even even worse
than that honestly it’s gonna be a
little more sexual probably hopefully
funny but yeah you’ll see before we move
forward to the next topic though Storm
Shadow says I had to watch it again
the rhythm section well did you like it
better in G Wolf a little grin yeah did
he say something sexual
yeah it’s I’ve got a little product I
think it’s gonna be from meals for men I
think uh I think honestly I mean besides
it being comedic I think it really does
have it really would have some practical
application but next weekend we’ll see
hopefully I can get the videos or the
graphics done for that so alright guys
next topic let’s do this birds of prey
another box-office quote bomb is flying
lower than expected another surprise and
I’m not a martyr Robbie or Suicide Squad
fan at all so let’s find out what the
Hollywood Reporter is saying about this
the Margot Robbie led DC movie is the
first studio superhero pic of 2020 and
has gotten largely positive reviews
sitting at an 87 percent rating on
aggregate Rotten Tomatoes birds of prey
and the fantabulous Emancipation of one
Harley Quinn say that five times fast
it’s flying lower than expected at the
Friday box office for a domestic debut
in the 33 to 35 million dollar range
according through early returns heading
into the weekend
the Margot Robbie led DC movie had I’d a
50 million dollar opening weekend Warner
Brothers however was more conservative
in projecting 45 million dollars in
North America the r-rated pic is on
course to
earn roughly 13 million on Friday
including 4 million in Thursday previews
while birds-of-prey preview gross came
in far under other recent r-rated
superhero movies like 2016 s Deadpool
which earned 12 point 7 million in
previews and Joker thirteen point three
million ticket sales were on par with
the studio’s female fronted ocean’s 8
okay so I mean this is not real it’s not
a box-office flop but it’s just if the
film is not meeting the estimated
projections which hey you know some time
projections are off not to say that the
film will not pick up later in its its
exhibition in theaters right now it’s
competing against bad boys what else is
out that’s like big still I’m forgetting
that they’re already forgettable god I
just reviewed the movie 200 the rhythm
section yeah okay fair point Doolittle
yeah 1917 still out you know so for
those of us who are not like movie fans
like we are yeah I mean they’re most
likely gonna see one or two movies out
of the month so this might take some
time to pick up we’ll see I don’t I
don’t see don’t see any problems with it
recouping its budget but we’ll see what
are you guys have thoughts on this here
with the box-office are you surprised by
are you Suicide Squad fans or Harley
Quinn fans um I know I’m talking to you
talking to some of you guys about this
some of your not so hot on the on the
film so let’s see what your thoughts are
right now Storm Shadow I give you my
second to thought on the movie I think
you’re talking about the rhythm section
so yeah please do it let me know man now
Georgie Lyons my man mr. Jordan Lyons
problem is this movie is front and
loaded so could struggle once going
forward yeah for sure
isn’t that I mean yet more specifically
for like big blockbusters definitely
more front-end loaded my understanding
is that generally I mean most
exhibitions are for the most part more
front-end loaded but yeah for sure I
think yeah tentpole Foom tentpole films
like this definitely seriously front-end
loaded so
but yeah it could struggle going forward
I don’t know it could it absolutely
could just my intuition and my intuition
is probably totally off because
obviously my opinion of this film is
obviously off from other people but I
think I have faith I think this is gonna
pick up a little bit more traction word
of mouth I liked it I enjoyed it there
are a lot of people who do but also
others you don’t see yeah who knows it
yeah it certainly is not running on its
best foot so that’s for sure G wolf
let’s see what’s up dude Suicide Squad
bad karma rubbed off on it I almost
thought you said suicide squads Lube
rubbed off that’s probably an
appropriate description as well yeah
probably but you know I mean dude G will
fight here’s the thing um I know you saw
the review I haven’t even watched all
Suicide Squad like and I thought it
looks stupid I heard it was dumb had no
interest in seeing it from the bits that
I did see I’m like yeah I can already
tell I’m not gonna like this movie but
when I saw the trailer for this and
obviously I saw the film like I enjoyed
it I don’t know maybe because my
expectations were like super low like
next to crap so I really wasn’t
expecting much but honestly I did expect
something from these trailers I’m like
okay it seems like they’ve got their own
direction they’re going in funny quirky
zany yeah I’m all for it
so I’m wondering I mean am I alone in
that because I know it like you said
suicide is bad karma rubbed off on it
and yeah I think that would have applied
than me too but it didn’t so I know I’m
speaking anecdotally here but just my
thoughts oh ok storm shadow says
birds-of-prey Bop is OK movie um that’s
all I have to say huh and you know what
that’s a fair point to make because like
I said in my review I know I have a
totally blind side I have a total like a
huge blind what the hell’s that phrase a
blind spot thank you I have a totally
huge blind spot like I don’t know the
source material so those who like the
source material
or know the source material didn’t like
this movie so yeah if it’s okay to you
fair assessment I could totally see that
I just I’d loved it visually I thought
it was fun
Geordi line says I really enjoyed birds
of prey it was fantastic loved action
scenes dude right like despite the fact
that we could clearly see some of the
stock doubles you know from from the
back obviously I thought that the fight
choreography was awesome and like the
sound editing the sound design I thought
it was really great to really you got
those nice for you like kicks and it was
interesting and a lot of it was like
these really like wide shots for the
most part like wide-angle single shots
you know it wasn’t like jump cutting and
super close-up like shaky cam like none
of that it was just like here’s the
action like boom they’re on the road you
got her jumping on one car the next and
back flipping and shooting like I was
like oh damn this is this is great this
is awesome
Wow and it’s loud and bright and funny
like yeah I don’t know what people are
let’s see G wolf says I thought Suicide
Squad i sat through suit i sat you’d let
it happen to you bro huh you took it you
took it like a good little boy that you
are I stepped through Suicide Squad and
it was a mess yeah I’m not surprised to
hear that man um hey you know what if
you guys can do me a favor
how are the audio levels right now like
is it loud enough is it too loud
I felt like before it was a little too
low with the stream labs OBS software
I’m using right now I can’t I don’t have
the same filters available to me like I
do in Premiere so the audio is a little
janky but yeah I’d like if you could let
me know yeah okay cool so let’s move on
to the next topic here before we’re
about the app we’re what about this is
the second to the last topic before we
wrap it up here guys
I’m good thank you sir this is coming to
us again from the lovely people at The
Hollywood Reporter Maggie Gyllenhaal is
set to play Elvis Presley’s mother in
Baz Luhrmann’s whoa
Baz learn bahs bahs bahs I think it’s
Baz Baz Luhrmann’s
biopic opposite Austin Butler and Tom
Hanks Oh
sign me up Tom Hanks baby about the king
of rock and roll The Hollywood Reporter
has confirmed the upcoming Warner
Brothers project is described as
focusing on Elvis Presley fries and
stardom with a major spotlight on his
relationship with Colonel Tom Parker Tom
Hanks is set to play Parker the manager
who controlled every aspect of Presley’s
life butler is set to play Elvis and the
Australian actress Olivia de Jonge de
Jong is also who also starred in n
Knight Solomon’s 2015 thriller the visit
will portray Priscilla Presley
I wonder if Michael Jackson’s gonna make
a cameo in this could you imagine that
you know the whole Priscilla Presley
thing and him hey how you doing okay
yeah sorry about that Warner Brothers is
describing the drama as having a story
that will delve into their complex
personal dynamics lives spanning over 20
years from Presley’s rise to fame
through his unprecedented stardom
against the backdrop of the evolving
cultural landscape and the loss of
innocence in America cool you know what
um if you guys aren’t familiar with Baz
Luhrmann didn’t he do Romeo and Juliet I
think he did I know he definitely did
the great gatsby Moulin Rouge they get
down on Netflix fantastic visual
director obviously has some credits to
his name so cool to see him doing a
biopic about Elvis starring opposite of
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tom Hanks so seems
like yeah seems like a surefire hit you
got some star power behind the camera in
front of the camera what do you guys
think about that
uh yeah I’m not much of an Elvis fan but
hey I hate for anybody dropping in
dropping by tuning in dropping out make
sure before you drop out and if you have
to drop out leave a like helps the
algorithm helps the video lets me know
at least you like the content here don’t
hit that like this like button but you
know if you really don’t like what’s
going on here I suppose you have to hit
it you have to hit it hit it yeah
nothing else happening here guys in the
live chat okay alright so I think I’ll
take my cue here boring topic say indeed
you shut up this shit sucks we don’t
care about I have this bro okay boomer
alright so let’s move into the last
topic here is this the last topic I
didn’t prepare the last topic yes it was
about Fantastic Four anyhow John
Krasinski yeah it wasn’t really a topic
really it was just you know basically
them talking about an interview with
John Krasinski explaining he had a
interest in playing mr. fantastic and I
thought that was great because I think
he’d be a great mr. fantastic and if
Emily Blunt played Sue Storm maybe his
wife it’d be kind of meta the two of
them like husband and wife playing a
husband-and-wife superhero duo but yeah
obviously I failed to load that here
into OBS studio which I swear to God I
did I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m. doing
this but um hey I guess sleep
deprivation does that to you so my
apologies guys let’s talk about some
some comments here for the last subject
before we close this bad boy out guys
Jean wolf says I’m kind of jaded against
Elvis cuz he died when I was 11 and I
didn’t care
interesting jaded huh you know he died
before I was born I think hey Google
when did Elvis die Elvis Presley died on
August 16 1977 oh yeah he definitely
died way before I was dead way before I
was dead before I was born 10 years so
interesting yeah I mean I can understand
that perspective bro I can’t come in the
same boat as you for different reasons
like adding grew up with Elvis but that
doesn’t really matter because I didn’t
grow up with the Beatles and I love the
Beatles I love Queen I love all the end
of the eighties glam rock progressive
rock all these bands that came out
before I was born but yeah I mean all
this little did not really into that
kind of music but I appreciate it for
what it is all this says everybody else
thought it was a big deal
ah about him dying yeah I mean it’s a
huge cultural event right but
Oh God unpopular opinion here I mean oh
you know what I’m not even gonna say it
– too soon too soon so but yeah I hear
what you’re saying bro
okay guys hey that wraps it up for us
today here on weekly weekender nine
topics not ten topics like usual my bad
sorry about that guys hey thanks Jordy
I’m closing out anyway so thanks
dropping by I’ll probably see you in
Rob’s Channel right now gee Wolf again
thank you for dropping by Storm Shadow
thank you for dropping by guys love
talking with you yeah guys that’s a wrap
I hope you guys had a fantastic rest of
your weekend today’s Saturday tomorrow
we’re doing the live stream for the
Oscars so provided that YouTube doesn’t
shut me down gonna be broadcasting that
whole dang thing so make sure you tune
in 4:30 p.m. we’re gonna do the live
pre-show and then 5 o’clock Pacific
Standard Time we’re doing the live
broadcast I’ll be talking about it
chatting with you so see you guys
tomorrow for the Oscars Thank You G wolf
for for tweeting and jority thank you
for being here man see all of you guys
tomorrow if you can make it it’s award
season let’s do this let’s do Oscars
guys so yeah enjoy the rest of your day
and see the rest of you guys tomorrow