what is up movie fans movie freaks thank
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especially because we’re all in lockdown
ain’t no movies to review unless I do
some back catalogue review which I would
love to do but I think my time is better
served working on my feature-length
documentary for ghost in the shell’ the
2017 box-office bomb mmm Nia have a lot
of thoughts on that but guys that’s what
that’s a little side tangent on me I’m
so happy to have all of you here because
it is movie time we’re gonna be talking
about movie news I do see a wolf what’s
up man welcome to the chat G wolf says
I’m still not sober yet well you know
what man
you better grab yourself a bottle of Jim
Crow whiskey and start drinking with me
because I’m not sober yet either
hey holy crap we’ve got mr. from the
United Kingdom himself at our Guvna
mr. George Lawrence he’s here in the
chat guys a moderator and movie insider
mr. George lines thank you for being
here bro
he says hey hey rumors of my demise are
apparently unfounded I’ve been wondering
where you’ve been at man glad to have
you here
glad to have you here with all the whole
fam guys we’ve got a couple really great
topics surprisingly because I’ve been
trying to scour the interwebs for good
topics that are not related the co vid
19 because we want to talk about movie
news and you know I know we’re all on
lockdown at home and I’m gonna be honest
with you guys if I may just digress a
bit here about my personal life um this
has impacted my life in the sense that
like my social life as far as going out
dining and going
clubs you know all that stuff you do
outside obviously has been impacted but
I unlike most people I’ve been fortunate
enough to have a job in a position that
has been unchanged I’m doing better than
I’ve ever done before in my life quite
frankly uh which is in stark contrast to
what most of the world is going through
so I do feel for you guys cuz trust me
I’ve been there I’ve been in that
position unemployed not working stuck at
home for days on end weeks Allemands so
I know how it feels like and I do
sympathise that aside that’s all I want
to talk about kovat my whole point was
that we’re all here and I want us to
have a little a little respite a little
a little escape from Kovan let’s talk
about movie news so without further ado
guys let’s just you know dive into our
next our first topic but I do want to
remind you we do have a new kind of
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uh let’s just without further ado I
think I have spoken enough here are
about five minutes into the broadcast so
let’s start with the first topic Oh
actually you know what let’s start with
no we don’t have any top comments that
was another segment as well so let’s
just start with the first topic of the
day and this one is going to be coming
to us from Collider Aleta battle angel
to Christoph Waltz joins the campaign
for a sequel now this is funny guys
because I did speak about the and let me
mention first I’m gonna read these
articles I’m gonna ask you for your
thoughts after I read them and then of
course I’ll expound upon my thoughts so
let’s let’s go with that format for now
new format let’s do it new times let’s
zoom in a bit cuz this shite is a little
– there we are
Oh baby oh yeah oh yeah that’s great
that’s nice and big okay so whether
battle aleem battle Elisha battle alien
whether Aleta battle angel worked for
you or not there’s no denying that the
February 2019
of course the property already had
significant fan base thanks to the manga
source material but the movies seem to
take it to another level the kind of
level where a fan group raises over one
thousand eight hundred dollars to fly
banner over the Academy Awards red
to try and persuade Disney to make a
sequel now interesting fact guys Disney
is the the parent company owner of what
was formerly 20th Century Fox is now
20th century studios just in case you
were wondering why Disney was mentioned
they’re given the ambitious visuals
alena battle angel cost a pretty penny
to make with a reported production
budget of a hundred and seventy million
big time money especially coming from a
company like Paramount which is bleeding
for cash with all their box-office bombs
that are high budget box-office releases
anyhow it wound up making a little over
than four hundred and four million
worldwide which is a decent grand total
but guys as we all know in movie
parlance and of course Geordi lines
correct me if I’m wrong on this they’re
expecting you know company movie
production companies are expected to
have at least three times the production
budget in terms of box office returns
worldwide to consider it a success so
provided that this was eight hundred
seventy million dollar film I believe
that’s marketing costs included it falls
a little shy of what would be what let’s
say 200 million to four six six hundred
million would be you know where you
would need the clear for it to be in the
black it fell short of that at four
hundred and four million worldwide so
why not a huge hit it didn’t quite stick
the landing financially speaking now
guys this is a really interesting read
because we know that these news fans
obviously are really engaged with you
know asking Disney asking any anyone
involved in production to make a sequel
because this this film has all the
trappings of a fantastic body of work
especially by the fact that it’s
produced by James Cameron he’s been
sitting on this for twenty years much
like Spielberg was sitting on ghost in
the shell’ for over twenty years in
development hell unlike Spielberg who
handed ghost in the shell off to Rupert
Sanders to direct
James Cameron had the foresight to
handle up to a more competent filmmaker
which was Robert Rodriguez and he did a
fantastic job on that so the film really
is a solidly produced film it really is
groundbreaking visual effects
unfortunately I’m you know and is
critically acclaimed unfortunately the
only thing that’s holding it down was
the box office results and there are a
myriad number of reasons we can talk
about whether it’s marketing or the fact
that it’s an adaptation of anime into a
live-action film which maybe does not
translate for Western audiences that
aside it didn’t it didn’t make the
box-office Fox was hoping now this is
what Christoph Waltz says in the
interview and I think it’s really
interesting it’s great to know that
actors want a job but also really do you
believe in the passion have a passion
for the project Christoph says of course
of course I would but you know I’m as
wise as you are I haven’t heard anything
and I’m here to disappointed and
surprised that I haven’t heard a thing
so far because I know that it has
followers I know that people liked it
and aside from what others said I’d
loved it and liked working on it I like
the results you know it was Fox and Fox
doesn’t exist anymore it’s now Disney
and maybe it doesn’t fit into Disney
vacation but sigh I have no clue I maybe
they’re working on something and maybe I
would be the first person I wouldn’t be
the first person to hear but meanwhile I
haven’t heard anything that’s my
horrible Christoph Waltz impression so
thank you for indulging me in that dude
but great to see that Christoph Waltz
really does believe in the project at
least on the PR side of things so big
news there guys let’s talk about battle
angel Aleta to let me know your thoughts
on this article or on the property in an
in and of itself I’m really curious to
hear that so remember if you want me to
talk to you on screen just highlight my
name in the live chat that’s at movi pop
I’ll see your name next to my name
highlighted and I’ll know that your
comment and the live chat is for me to
read on-screen and I believe I did see
something here from Geordi but he has
now retracted it you son of a gun
guys let’s move on to the second topic
for the day and this one is coming to us
from otic West I think that’s a pun on
otaku which means a closeted anime nerd
in Japanese essentially now guys uh you
know I love me some ghost in the shell’
if you haven’t heard ghost in the shell’
is actually well it’s a series of mangas
but also most prominently in anime
series which was men met with so much
critical an audience acclaim with the
standalone complex you’ll see that here
highlighted that’s ghost Michelle si si
standalone complex to season run on
Adult Swim well guess what guys they are
making another standalone complex and
it’s coming out on Netflix this month I
believe it’s April 23rd we’ve got a
great interview here with the directors
Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki they
kind of talk about either the placement
of ghost in the shell’ in our modern
society because when ghost in the shell’
stand alone complex 2002 came out this
is during a time where you know we had
cell phones that were limited to texting
140 characters on Twitter or anywhere
else for that matter I mean Facebook
statuses literally started with your
name is and then you fill in the blank
so you know DJ is taking a poop and
thinking about posting on Facebook and
you’d have to structure your thoughts in
that manner so obviously times have
changed since 2002 18 years later we’re
now wondering how does ghost in the
shell’ fit in through our modern
lifestyle where some of the things they
predicted are now are part of a reality
and where do we go from there
it’s a fantastic in-depth philosophical
read about a lot of things that have
happened in our socio-economic
globalized economy world whatever you
want to call it a great read and it
really does give me some faith in the
property that is coming on Netflix I
believe this 23rd of this month a couple
things here I get highlight I thought
worth mentioning are worth mentioning
guys Kenji Kamiyama one of the directors
says this time thinking about oh yes
this is about what the show is about
this time this time thinking about
reality where AI that’s artificial
intelligence is more intertwined with
everyday life the story is based around
the possibility of a singularity
that’s a paragon of civilizations
progress appearing on behalf of humanity
happening sometime soon
so yes how will section 9 that’s the
cyber cyborg group dealing with
artificial intelligence in a futuristic
society how does that story unfold what
are the repercussions of artificial
intelligence gaining more dominance and
prominence in our life it’s a fantastic
read guys if you’re an anime nerd or if
ghost in the shell’ nerd highly suggest
you go check this article out at all the
quests alright so we’ll bring it back
down the movie news guys if you weren’t
anime nerds this probably wasn’t much
interest to you but of course I want to
tide over to your thoughts your thoughts
should have came first actually but
anyhow we’re here so let’s go to the
live chat let’s see what we got who is
highlighting my name who’s pinch of my
nips gee wolf says love me some new GI
TSS AC you know he’s an OG if he’s
saying GI TS cuz all of us ghost
Nichelle fans know it’s gits v.a.t.s oh
yeah bro how excited are you man um
seriously how excited are you
I’m got like a red rocket boner level
level of excitement for it I love stand
alone complex I wasn’t so hot on ghost
in the shell’ arise
I thought visually of course brilliant
the animation company production i.g
always does fantastic work but damn for
that story was just it left a lot to be
desired didn’t it if you’ve seen it so
curious about Jim yeah highlight my name
dude but I happen to see your comment
Jim he says Jim Boris says I’m in
Section eight which is just about right
Jim wolf says he’s also fully erect so
fantastic guys let’s let’s raise him up
high for ghost in the shell’ let’s
salute you sir all right guys let’s move
on to our third topic of the day
what in the hell why doesn’t it wasn’t
labeled 3 I’m so confused right now
what’s going on oh okay here it is it’s
a little messed up but we got it we got
it rolling stone breaking news
guys movie fans Stanley Kubrick narrates
his life story in Kubrick by Kubrick
trailer the late great director tells
his story and in an exclusive interview
footage you guys haven’t seen this
already it’s fantastic oh the teeth on
her awesome awesome awesome loving it
Kubrick by Kubrick so guys if you don’t
know who Stanley Kubrick is I make god
bless your heart but some interesting
highlights from the article here guys
it’s coming from Shelley Duvall actually
starts with Malcolm McDowell he says if
Stanley treats you right you’re all
that’s my British accent again I
apologize Geordie it also says if he
doesn’t beware and also a young Shelley
Duvall is seen in the clip from a
vintage interview adding quote I had
never done more than say 15 takes before
in my life now this is in reference to
Fame Stanley Kubrick doing over a
hundred takes for a single scene I mean
this guy was a master of cinema and of
course despite inherent skill you have
to imagine someone with that level of
quality and craft especially back then
pre digital age shooting on analogue
formats editing on analogue formats the
fact that he did that kind of level
filmmaking it’s next level the actress
also has spoken on her
battle with Kubrick while filming the
1988 a patient of Stephen King’s The
Shining once noting that Kubrick harsh
Kubiak’s harsh treatment of her helps
get the emotion up and the
concentrations up because it builds up
anger and you get more out of yourself
quote she says he knew that and he knew
he was getting more out of me by doing
that so it just was sort of like a game
interesting abused your female leads to
get more out of them it’s some definite
little next-level method directing
perhaps in contrast to method acting so
guys another fun fact here the 20/20
Tribeca Film Festival was originally
slated for April 15th through the 26 in
New York City but it was postponed after
Governor Andrew Cuomo banned events of
500 or more people in light of the
covert 19 and a rescheduled date has yet
to be announced so sad to hear of course
kovaydin nothing positive about that but
hey good to know that a film narrated by
the man himself about the man himself is
on the horizon so let me know your
thoughts about this guy’s first and
foremost in the live chat where’s the
live chat would it be this way in the
live chat and also down below so let’s
move on over yonder mr. Jim Boris says
that is Shelley Duvall are you talking
about teeth or what’s G wolf says leave
it to Kubrick to tell his own story
after he’s gone
yeah dude right next levels to the end
to the very bitter end in fact Jim Boris
also says with the teeth yeah okay I
figured as much bro yeah that’s Shelley
Duvall you know it’s funny though
Shelley Duvall I you know I kind of had
a crush on her arm growing up
she has like that kind of like that ugly
hot look you know you like a look at her
and like you’re kind of disgusted but
you’re also turned on at the same time I
don’t know how that works but a little
childhood crush celebrity crushes of
mine Sarah Jessica Parker also another
one as well although
that overtime is faded I think as a
child I was more anyhow it’s not about
childhood fantasy crushes this is about
movies so let’s stay on topic guys if
you do happen to know somebody in your
own life who is ugly hot you know let
them know you think there are way hot
might get a little a little freaky
freaky on
alright so forth topic guys let’s move
on here thank you all so much let me
know your comments by hitting that movie
pop I’ll check them out on the live chat
also for those of you viewing it
leave me a comment in the section down
below before we move on let’s start with
mr. Jim boyars baby he says uh I know
what you mean so ugly she’s cute yeah I
know right it’s like if we had a scale
right here’s hot
here’s ugly it’s like if you’re moving
into the ugly portion of it it like kind
of like relapses and goes back to the be
any where it’s like hot if that makes
sense you know like it kind of like goes
off screen and it goes on the other side
and say now it’s hot alright anyhow
alright guys next topic here this one is
coming to us I believe from
and it’s regarding or certain someone
who talks like this can you guess who it
hopefully this person doesn’t talk like
this in the next movie any takers
alright here we go it’s regarding uh
Matt Reeves newest Batman film video is
not available great Batman director Matt
Reeves delivers DC movie update amid
coronavirus shutdown the Batman writer
director Matt Reeves expects to finish
shooting in London but says quote the
situation is fluid unquote after filming
on his DC Comics movie was halted
because of the corona virus on March
14th the Robert Pattinson led Batman was
seven weeks into filming when studio
Warner Brothers announced a two-week
hiatus on March 25th Reeve confirms
production was shut down indefinitely
and would remain so until its
for all of us to resume put on freaking
masks dude wear some gloves put on a
visor PPE from head to toe get that baby
out man cuz I want to watch this from
home as a non contributing zero I want
you to sacrifice your health and
well-being to make my damn movies yeah
Warner Brothers has yet to shake and you
release blah blah blah blah when I got
highlighted here likely the film will be
pushed back from its scheduled June 25th
2021 which was next year anyways release
date so that’s that’s damn man another
another casualty of kovat in terms of
film release dates reeves also says
quote this is interesting it’s about the
Batman film I thought this is cool he
says I took me two years to work on that
story and it’s a very specific mystery
noir that’s been really thought out by
me and my partner’s so guys you know to
summarize this article here this
basically talks about of course the
Batman film which was originally
supposed to be written and if not
written at least directed by also
starring Ben Affleck thank God we’re not
getting that I wasn’t really a fan of
batfleck not because you’ve been asked
like did anything wrong and guys let me
know your thoughts as I’m expounding
upon my thoughts here I think that will
be the format I read the article go on
my thoughts you let me know your
thoughts we’ll come back to those and
then move on to the next article but
batfleck you know Ben Affleck he’s a a
class actor director writer yada yada
yada but he’s such a high profile eight
list celebrity that like when I’m
watching him as Bruce Wayne on screen I
can’t see anything other than Ben
Affleck and I think that’s a problem
that serves as a detriment to a
character like Bruce Wayne or Batman so
I think it’s better served by rising
star actors like they used with
Christian Bale you know he was rising to
prominence he wasn’t at the level of
acclaim and he’s that now at the time
when Batman began Batman Begins started
with Christopher Nolan um so yeah anyhow
I like the direction that Matt Reeves at
least has lightly described that this is
gonna be a mystery noir it’s not going
to be an origin story so get that out of
your heads thank God because we’ve had
that ad infinitum the
is gonna be focusing on Bruce Wayne and
the beginnings of his his his adventures
as the Batman and dealing with the
struggles of you know what Batman deals
with so I think that’s cool he’s got a
very fresh take on it and I’m excited to
see it
boner level red rocket so guys let me
know of course your thoughts on this in
the live chat highlight at movie pop
when you’re talking to me there leave me
a comment down below so without further
ado let’s move on forward mr. G wolf
says yes put n95 s on everyone and then
digitally remove him they look fun right
that’s the way to do it
Henry Cavill knows from experience man
Jesus it’s but any 95 mass and remove
and delete so basically the whole white
lower portion of people’s faces are a
quarter of it or a third of it it’s
gonna have to be digitally removed and
oh good could you imagine how that would
look how do
Genki that would look mr. Jim Boris
detective Jim says I really like the bat
flick aha okay yeah okay let’s see what
she says okay uh I thought he landed or
he handled all um all three sides of the
role perfectly and you know Jim you’re
not wrong dude I can constantly say
objectively and subjectively for my own
personal opinion I agree with you 110
but my problem and maybe it’s a personal
problem I just I couldn’t see him as
it’s really inhabiting the character of
Bruce Wayne all I saw was Ben Affleck
and I think that’s just a consequence of
being like in one of the high tier a
list celebrities right unless you’re
amongst those high tier a list
celebrities like a Kevin Spacey that’s a
bad reference for a who really can just
melt into the character they’re playing
and like you don’t really see Kevin
Spacey per se for me anyways Ben Affleck
was not at that like that extreme level
of acting coach cap capacity
capabilities you know what I mean man so
mr. Jordan line says I can declare my
undying love for manifests to appease
Jim Bors okay so yeah guys I think you
are flexing your movie knowledge
credibility on me because I am not aware
of what manifest is but I’m assuming
it’s a Ben Affleck film don’t get me
love me some Ben Affleck love Argo love
a good will hunting love jiggly believe
it or not now I’m just kidding but I
like the man I like what he does I think
the wait what was it the way back the
way forward the way the wayward way man
something like that the newest movie he
made about being an alcoholic I think
that was supposed to be a really good
movie I really wanted to see before
theaters got shut down so yeah Jim says
it’s a TV show regarding a manifest
nothing to do with Affleck okay all
right well thank you for letting me know
Jimbo alright guys I think we have one
more topic before a commercial break and
I think Jim you’ll like this as well
being a white man from the south if you
haven’t seen it already
Geordi Alliance says Ben Affleck should
should have gotten Emmy for manifest
lmao guys it’s been a fly on the TV show
or not what’s going on here am I am I
miss reading this hold on let me um jim
says it’s a TV show nothing you do with
Affleck Jordy says Ben Affleck should
have gotten an Emmy for manifest you
guys budget with me what’s going on here
Jim says solve the way back twice damn
bug really solid of film dude yeah I I
really wanted to see it missed out on it
then Jim clarifies he is not alright
we’re gonna go with Ben Affleck is not
on manifest we’ll go with that oh hey I
see storm shadow here what up dude thank
you so much for being here man and thank
you so much for submitting your um your
articles to me for consideration I had
so many this week actually I had to
remove about five of them for
consideration yours Storm Shadow of
course was in there but I felt like
these top ten were more relevant to the
channel but please continue to do so as
an as I’ve said in the past I’ve
included some of your articles
Justin’s on the broadcast so yeah man
thanks for being here and thanks for
doing that really appreciate it dude so
hope you’re having a great weekend and
the great life in general Storm Shadow
so alright guys oh here we go last
clarifying point here from Jordan Lyons
he’s clearly lost his mind Jim Boyce has
lost his mind or I’ve lost my mind
either way I least for me yeah I’ve
definitely lost my mind about 10 years
ago man so you’re not wrong on that
Jordy all right guys last topic before
our commercial break and this is a sad
one coming to us from The Hollywood
Reporter this is regarding AMC Theaters
quote bankruptcy appears likely analyst
says no know if this is analysts like
plural because we got one analyst who
says this so how how much confidence we
can have in this one analyst is up to
debate I’m not a financial person myself
so you guys clue in with your thoughts
and comments as we read through this
there were some very sad interesting
tidbits here though here I did hide them
have them highlighted but I’ve lost the
highlighted markers here let’s start
with this mkm partners Eric handler
downgrades the stock to a sell
estimating its cash burn rate in a no
revenue environment is running at a
hundred and fifty five million dollars
per month which likely keeps AMC liquid
until June or July now I know this
article did kind of detail their
financial analysis and assumptions based
off operations resuming in August Flynn
and let’s pray to God guys that that is
not the case I hope this this whole
flattening the curve issue is well and
resolved by at the very latest June but
the sooner the better honestly let’s get
some bodies in these theaters mask us up
do what you have to do I don’t know find
a way to make it happen or at least find
some sources to keep the operations of
float in stasis until they can operate
without having to go into bankruptcy but
who knows bankruptcy might be a good
thing to shake up the organization
get rid of those crappy Carmike
converted locations yeah you might have
to trim some of the fat too who knows
but anyhow but I thought what was
interesting here god I had it
highlighted where is it at dude dude
dude that’s my whole music by the way
okay so here’s a one part I thought was
um handler that’s the analyst
highlighted that AMC which he called the
exhibition company we view with the
least financial flexibility unquote at
the end of the 2019 had 265 million
dollars of cash on hand and 332 million
dollars available on its credit lines
for a total of nearly six hundred
million dollars
quote we believe the company’s monthly
cash burn rate in a no revenue
environment is running at a hundred and
fifty five million dollars per month
which likely keeps AMC liquid until June
or July he concludes so yeah well
considering that that cash operation
analysis for the monthly cost based off
that our cash on hand and their credit
lines that is their estimation I’m
hoping AMC can find some solace in
regards in reference to some government
subsidies perhaps studios coming
together to help keep the the exhibition
giant alive whatever they have to do
they keep them operating till June or
July or past that so as it stands right
AMC on its own can operate or stay away
from claiming bankruptcy up until June
or July from that point forward we’re
looking at bankruptcy or other financial
maneuvering so guys your thoughts on
this because I did I I wouldn’t lose my
crap if you know after AMC okay before
AMC launched
AMC a list which is the greatest thing
that ever happened to movie theater
going right I had probably gone to AMC
once every couple of
at most and ever since a list came out
it was like I was going there on on
average three oh three four times a
month at least once a week on average
and um you know for us to have been
blessed with the the godliness that is a
MCA list right only about a year or two
years at most ago and then had it
unceremoniously taken away from us and
then the company like being liquidated
and going out of business what kind of
what kind of nasty karma would that be
right so I’m really hoping that they
find a way forward guys what are your
thoughts on this does it matter to you
do you go to AMC or are you like are you
are you a regal kind of guy like I I’m a
regal kind of girl I’m a real kind of
guy I don’t do that AMC business or you
know I’m an Alamo kind of guy I don’t
know Drafthouse baby or I’m a Cinemark
kind of guy or I’m an I pick kind of
girl whatever your flavor is let me know
let me know how this uh news is
impacting you or the prospect of AMC
going under
more specifically Jory yeah you know
Jordy I know you’re from the UK dude so
what’s your situation out there who’s
your um who’s your a big tent pole
theater exhibitor I’m curious to know so
alright guys let’s move it to you here
in the live chat we’ve got mr. Jim Boyer
saying any debt holder who doesn’t give
AMC a chance dude seriously I think I
like where you’re going to rebound and
repay is unbelievably ignorant yeah
come on this is the furthest thing from
an insolvent irresponsible company it
was in the black I mean you got profit
margins up the wazoo finally building up
yeah dude right on board with you man
Jim also continues he says no one wins
in a bankruptcy you get pennies on the
dollar if you get anything everyone can
make money if they just forgive the
debts thank you for the length of the
crisis dude it’s unbelievable or hear
any news broadcast where they talk about
oh well what will they deal with with
the debt load the debt burden for for
the ransom
bla bla but say dude we’re an
unprecedented global economic shutdown
due to this viral crisis pause all
payments it’s that simple
if you own a business and you owe
vendors money for exactly as you said
money rent whatever the expenses may be
that you owe to anyone pause it for the
duration that everything was shut down
until maybe you know whatever a couple
months after we get the economy back up
problem solved but of course this is
antithetical to the whole nature of
capitalism I don’t know how this is
gonna play out bro this is really truly
unprecedented at times but yeah you know
what if there’s any one problem with
what you said Jim it’s that you’re using
pure and plain logic and we often know
that that doesn’t really apply in the
real world so thanks man Jim also says
no one else is going to rent or buy
these outrageously large space exactly
what are they open up like Chuckie
Cheese version two and like attendees
shut down theater that what the hell
else could you put in there besides
another movie theater and then you begs
a question then at that point why not
just keep the operation afloat instead
of starting from scratch with another
theater chain buying it out and what
other theater chain will be equal to AMC
I I don’t know it has to be Chinese to
have that kind of scale that the
American movies cinema multi cinema has
had in America how do you how do you it
doesn’t make any sense I don’t know
honestly somebody’s gonna have to use
logic get rid of whatever financial
maneuvering or I don’t know anything
about finances at that scale but just
playing a simple logic yes we’re on
board on the same page boom
Johnny Lyons says the problem and big
caps I hear you man the problem is and
hear me out I’m hearing your brother the
actual industry makes no money from the
screening side of things it’s festivals
and distributors that make the industry
tick yes okay I’m okay yes let’s see how
you follow up with this Geordi it’s
misunderstood how much business is done
at festival
and conferences now this is interesting
Geordi now and I am correct me if I’m
wrong on this yeah I think you’re
speaking to see yeah hold on here Geordi
says let’s go back the actual problem is
and hear me out the actual industry
makes no money from the screening side
of things the industry okay so now we’re
playing semantics here because if we’re
gonna really break this down when you
say the industry Geordi what do you mean
the industry pressuring companies film
studios or we’re talking about the bread
and butter of it all like gaffers and
best boys and lighting directors and set
directors and all all the elements of a
production crew what are we talking
about exactly I’m sorry I just want to
get really precise with what you’re
saying here before I misinterpreted my
initial thoughts on that Geordi though
however was that you were saying that
the industry if we’re talking about
studios and production companies etc
they don’t make much money from the
screening side of things and I thought
the opposite was true like the
exhibitors don’t make much money we’re
talking maybe thirty percent of the
ticket sale going to the actual
exhibitors and seventy percent of that
going to the distributors and the
production and film studios right so as
it relates just article yeah like
because AMC for example would only make
30 percent of a box-office ticket sale a
lot of their money their income is
coming from concessions and other
ancillary related things movie theaters
do maybe perhaps like offending or not
Fandango what’s it called what’s it that
one time event screening thing they do
it’s not Fandango you know what I’m
talking about though right fathom fathom
events yeah
anyhow now correct me if I’m wrong
Geordi on that there but yeah appreciate
it my brother
guys we’re gonna go through a commercial
break here I am oh well okay I actually
happened to be looking so I can’t I
caught your
you clarifying their Jordy you says
Jordy says I mean an actual physical
industry production companies make the
content yes distributors make it
available yes and thank you so much for
this inside knowledge a lot of it on
board so far yes and screening vendors
purchase it the actual physical industry
ah okay so I was that correcting when I
was trying to understand your your
explanation here when you say the
physical industry you’re referring to
you like basically the peons right the
guys who are on the bottom of the totem
pole who really make what uh what films
require all right interesting
yeah well I mean that would come as no
surprise to me if that’s the case of
course we all know profits always
somehow find their way or rising to the
top and are supposed to trickle back
down to us to us and lowly peons on the
bottom looking for scraps right
alright guys hey listen I got a freaky
leak that means take a piss and I also
need the smoke of vape and refill myself
on some alcohol G wolf Jake crew Jim
something you know what I’m talking
Jim boyers I hope you enjoy the
commercial man this is our newest
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ain’t it
sho’nuff they listen guys my name is
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to be a white man in America today but
you know what if I see Kunta Kinte
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better the fact that I got one last
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hey I’m black again yes oh right thank
you so much to our sponsors Jim Crowe
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that’s very nostalgic of our shameful
past here in America hats off to you
cheers guys Wow you know what Jordy I
think you okay I happened to be looking
there I saw it
Jory says vendors then have agreements
with these Studios quote or parenthesis
if they distribute their own content or
a distributor who wholesale the content
this is why front-end loaded is often
referred to yeah very true
yeah very good point yeah and front-end
loaded is definitely more of a
reoccurring theme thanks in part to AMC
for having a list right how often we
would be watching his movies on opening
day in perpetuity if it wasn’t for that
I for one would not be spending upwards
of $20 per screen depending where you
watch these films I mean for example
most recently I was watching movies at
emceed Street or AMC as cinema what the
hell is it called City Walk it’s at
Universal Studios I mean it’s one of the
most amazing theaters ever been to you
but you’re talking $25 for a theater
I would definitely would not have been
spending that kind of money if we’re not
for a list so yeah good point
and Geordi lines Jim Boice also says
just had to go with the Kentucky whiskey
huh could have used Tennessee I did it
just for you man I was I was hoping
you’d be watching so glad you finally
got to see it but honestly you know it
just uh it’s just whatever I don’t know
I think it was yeah well you know
originally I did do a play on was it
Jack Daniels and it was a Black Label I
did use him at first but I had a bottle
of Bacardi and it was a white label so
what else is a white label Jim Beam now
Jim Crow and it’s all white
if it ain’t white it ain’t right guys
coming to us from indieWIRE Martin
Scorcese is talking with Apple and
Netflix to distribute the next film
reports good Lord Almighty this is a
very interesting read if you haven’t
heard and I did mention this on a
previous broadcast Martin Scorsese
acclaimed masterpiece film director is
making a new film
it’s called killers of the flower moon
now rising cost on this feature-length
film starring Leonardo DiCaprio have
forced Scorsese’s to seek partners
outside of Paramount couch paramount
again another high budget box office or
high budget high-profile film this
company man guys I’m gonna give you the
the short and skinny on this because we
got 15 minutes left here this film is
already looking at a 200 million dollar
budget what in the hell is going on with
Scorsese man I mean he had his ass saved
by Netflix the Irishman I think was
reported at 170 million dollars no
studio wanted to touch it with a
ten-foot pole especially because it was
nearly a four-hour long film so whether
this is a equally long film or what in
the hell is making it cost two hundred
million dollars because with Irish Man
we know that was mostly attributed to
the what the digital digital effects the
fact that was a period piece film so a
lot of physical sets had to be made to
make it look like the it was shot in the
period that was taking place in what
could possibly get cut 200 million
dollars I mean we’re talking Marvel
level money here so very curious but
yeah Scorsese he’s looking for some
partners now because paramount site bro
we can’t we can’t afford this budget
again and you know paramount they denied
him last time too and that’s why it
Scorsese win to Netflix Netflix picked
up the rights to it
I think I’m part at least you distribute
if not helped produce
yeah correct me if I’m wrong on that
guys we got the movie the movie masters
here mr. Jim and Jory guys your thoughts
on this though I’m really looking
forward to it because we know we’ve got
we’ve got DiCaprio and Scorsese again
really loving really really anticipating
seeing this loved what they did together
on shutter island’ so the live chat
let’s go to it leave me your thoughts
down below in the comments as well guys
as we’re watching this here Jim borer
says uh uncle Marty is really selling
out to these streaming sir damn old
uncle Marty yeah what a what a what a
great American man you know I had to
steal his hat I love that white power
hat and where I love wearing it when I
go jogging or even when I go shopping
honestly uh you’d be surprised to see
you know a very crowded area suddenly
open up to you as you’re walking through
it with your white power hat on so you
know lo little tip to you guys out there
once this whole Cova thing subsides Jim
also says next he’ll be making comeback
movie I’ll comic book movies I almost
thought you said Coon back movies I was
like what is that like a hybrid between
a coon and the wetback the Coon back
making them comeback movies all uncle
Marty Hawaii Jim says 250 million
dollars you break that down and it’s
only like a few million from each hour
of the dude I don’t understand it I am
I’m I’m perplexed unless we’ve got some
next-level CGI happening here and it’s
like some sort of visual psychedelic
journey that would marshal the amount of
money the studio would have to provide
to create such a passion project I don’t
Scorsese man hey I hope you find the
funding really excited to see it guys
let’s go on to the next topic here and
this is coming to us from Indy wire guys
have you heard about kwibi well kwibi
versus quarantine the antithesis of the
streaming wars interesting now guys if
you haven’t heard already kwibi is the
newest broadcast streaming service it’s
meant for your cell phone exclusively in
which i think is an odd choice
science content quick bites is the the
shortened version of the word kwibi
that’s what it stands for big money big
star power behind it it recently
launched this week to a depending how
you measure metrics I think a poultry is
an accurate description of the 300,000
subscribers for the service in contrast
to let’s say I mean this is a bigger
player so this is comparing apples to
bananas but um
Disney Plus what 500 not 500 billion
five million subscribers upon launch I
believe is the number so kwibi
apparently you know this article kind of
goes over the content it’s not that’s
great is the consensus according to Indy
wire here anyhow and also the format the
streaming format is interesting I mean
like do we really it’s already an
overcrowded market yeah this again I
feel like I’m beating a dead horse here
guys we all know the streaming wars is
well beyond started this is another
player in the in the field and granted
yeah they’re gonna give you three months
free but guess what
you we all know how these three free
months actually work out right you
always have to provide your credit or
debit card upfront with the expectation
that they know you’ll forget about it
and then start charging you for the
service afterwards so when I see that
crap you might do no give me the free
three months first and then I’ll pay you
if I want it afterwards you’re not gonna
fool me but yeah I want to know what
your guys thoughts are on kwibi
if you used it I haven’t yet honestly
guys I’m probably not going to that
paywall is honestly a barrier for me and
if the contents not even that great
probably not gonna do it because guess
what CBS was giving away all access for
free in my opinion the content wasn’t
that great I don’t even want to watch it
for free
so what poll do I have for kwibi what
pool do you have for kwibi
I don’t know let me know I’d love to
talk to you about that though but hey
it’s a service that is available now if
you’re curious so without further ado
let’s move on to our eighth topic
and guess what guys Star Wars it’s back
in the mix JJ Abrams editor stills still
feels very strongly about last Jedi’s
consciously undoing Star Wars so Wow we
get to see what’s happening between PR
and PR departments and people involved
in the production of the film
JJ ever JJ Abrams longtime editors say
the director was in a tough position
with the rise of Skywalker
after what Johnson did to the story in
the last Jedi
yikes ah again guys I had things
highlighted here which of course have
cleared out now during the broadcast
I will fix that for next time moving
forward but what was really interesting
here yeah the editor says quote the last
Jedi made conscious storytelling
decisions that undid the narrative
scripts or setups made in Star Wars The
Force awakens now I thought that was
interesting because you have somebody
who is an editor on this film actively
involved in production saying the last
Jedi totally undid what we set up for
the force awakens so if the last Jedi is
able to do that and do that so blatantly
and someone who worked on the initial
project for force awakens is clearly
saying definitively Rian Johnson’s
project did this it comes as a surprise
to me that further if you read the
article here the editor then says or
just spells claims against the rise of
Skywalker undoing what the last Jedi
tried to undo with the force awakens and
I’m like if past is precedence and
you’re claiming one filmmaker did
something to your film and we’re saying
you did the exact same thing to his film
and you’re discounting that that is the
actual nature of the situation how does
that work exactly
we’re not idiots and honestly this kind
of this kind of PR game infuriates me
because it insults the intelligence not
only of me but of us as fans watching
these from films
anybody with two brain cells could see
there’s a complete narrative disconnect
between all three of these films there
was no cohesive vision and basically
each director each production crew
associated with the director we’re left
basically to their own demise
Kathy Kathleen Kennedy as executive
producer on this franchise had no
overarching story arc for this property
that much is clear without getting into
finer details about this because we all
know about this in depth so it’s just
very curious to me to see this kind of
PR game still being played after this
film has had a theatrical run or what
what I don’t know guys don’t get me
started so I’m gonna turn it over to you
maybe you can get me off here off my
soapbox let me know your thoughts on
this article on the franchise as a whole
anything that’s on your mind related to
this here and of course it’s coming to
us from detective Jimbo I would have Jim
says I would have liked to see JJ’s
vision through all three films yeah you
and me both brother
despite JJ’s issues with sticking the
landing I think at least if you had one
coherent vision that would have made
more narrative sense he also he
continues if they did not have a total
fleshed out story to start with then I
do not understand having different
directors stupid yeah
totally stupid exactly why do you have
different directors if you don’t have a
total overarching narrative fleshed out
this is what Marvel does to excellence
you have Kevin Feige who not only sets
out the overarching story of each
individual film but this saga of films
in each phase on the whole and basically
leaves the the minutia up to directors
that doesn’t really affect the overall
storyline funny that Marvel Studios
owned by Disney
has as it has its structured has a
structure set in place and that Disney
through ignorance or mismanagement or
some other behind-the-scenes elements
were not privy to has decided to leave
executive authority in the hands of
Kathleen Kennedy who time and time again
has proven that she cannot pick up the
football when pass to her and fumbles I
don’t watch sports ball by the way so
hopefully that sports analogy does make
sense anyhow it would just make sense to
me as if you were and I’m sure to you as
viewers and fans right you build out the
damn story first and then the rest will
follow when you throw hundreds of
millions of dollars and thousands of
people involved in making what is
culturally relevant cinema on a global
scale how does this most basic fact
elude you I don’t know but it’s
interesting and it’s it’s it’s
infuriating to see the PR turn on this
saying like oh no we had a plan
oh no we weren’t retconning this man
that dude I saw the damn film none of
this shizzle makes any freaking sense
and if you think it does if you’re
trying to sell me a bag of poop and
telling me it’s hot delicious chocolate
with nuts in it I’m telling you to be
espera so ya got turned it over back to
you guys before we move into our second
to last topic here before we close out
this B is ill bizzle coming to us from
Jim Morris Kathleen Kennedy must just be
a lucky Maura who was in the right place
at the right time Oh Bob Iger yes yes or
George Lucas aw yes
right place right time just totally
kidding dude no source material for Star
Wars who says that oh my god dude you’re
just reminding me seriously screw you
that art that was the Rolling Stones
article you’re talking about where she’s
oh my god oh my
god it’s infuriating this woman have the
the ignorance to say oh you know most
hours doesn’t have a body of source
material or comics or videogames to
reference upon we have to make
everything on our own hello it’s called
the expanded universe it’s been it’s
been in place since at least 1990s right
with the Timmy C’s Timothy Zahn series
of books the Dark Horse Comics just a
plethora videogames properties shadows
of the Empire’s come on anyhow getting
off my soapbox guys leave your comments
down below in the live chat at movie
popped me right meow so ninth topic guys
let’s move forward here coming to us
from Indy wire and this is regarding
thank God somebody was sense in
Hollywood is speaking some truth and
it’s the one and only mr. Roger Deakins
who refused to shoot Blade Runner
20:49 the sloppy way the way Hollywood
studios would expect aka non creative
types who only know how to you know make
films based off balance sheets Roger
Deakins is a little bummed with
Hollywood at the moment the two-time
Oscar winning cinematographer took some
time during his quarantine to hop on the
video chat with Collider for a nearly 90
minute interview in which he looked back
at his illustrious career from Shawshank
Redemption to Fargo
Blade Runner 20 49 and most recently in
1917 among other properties Deakins
shared a bit of Hollywood criticism when
he said quote movies have become more
about the aesthetic than the story damn
and the content and what the film is
trying to say I find that pretty
disappointing and pretty depressing so
in this article guys Roger Deakins he
kind of illustrates what has been always
like my sneaking suspicion about how
these films are made is that you have
the creative elements of a
production studio or film company and
then you have the suit and ties and you
to their credit suit and ties and people
who are was a neurotypical right
very very regimented logical train of
thinking who aren’t creative you know of
course it’s gonna be managing the money
and making sure everything is safe and
within the confines and we’re coloring
within the lines and I get that and we
need that especially it’s creatives
because we can just we can unfold into
our own like unraveling of wild chaotic
endless creative expression right so
it’s great to have that side of real
again but often times it seems like that
non creative element can have more
prominence over what should be a
creative endeavor that is film art right
so he talks about basically his
experience with second units which was
an element of principal photography I
believe first units most usually are
like the director or director of
photography your actors etc and then
your second units will usually be tasked
with doing like establishing shots that
the director doesn’t necessarily have to
be there for actors don’t have to be
there for pickup shots etc and so
basically he kind of details about how
these executives are saying hey you know
like during the production of 20 Blade
Runner 20 49 we think you need five six
cameras and you know three or four
different second units to do this that
and the other and Roger Deakins is like
you know what sorry I’m a creative
visionary I’ve got this I don’t need
your input I don’t need what you’re
saying I need and yet it just goes off
on there because it’s kind of tying back
tangentially to the whole issue restores
right like let the creatives do what
they do best
let them flesh out their whole body of
work to their best of their ability and
then you know the executives should have
very light constraints upon that most
relative to budget and oftentimes
they’ll find with the creative types if
you restrict our budget or you restrict
our timelines you’ll finally actually
work quite well under stress of that
nature but as far as having your input
into what should be done and non
creative types I think should generally
stay out of that so
good read coming from a CAD imme Award
winner Roger Deakins cinematographer for
so many great films so your comments
guys before we go into the last topic
here Jim Boyer says yeah Hollywood
features are often like the greatest
Playboy centerfolds absolutely perfect
and beautiful to look at but not exactly
the sharpest knife in the drawer yeah
this is very true man although you know
I think you should have said hustler
because well you know Playboy magazine
great centerfolds right but also really
insightful intelligent articles I mean
who would have thought I don’t if you
guys actually have a read playboy but
there are some really great political
commentators and authors writing
articles for it you know it’s very if
there were anything if a gentlemen’s
club were an actual magazine which i
think is what playboy is I think it’s
great and the hustler is just straight
penetration from page the page jism
everywhere in fact I think a couple
pages are pre gist for you so they’re
stuck together kind of have to break off
the seal and you can Smith it to see
it’s like a kind of like of those
colognes where they’re sealed together
yeah it’s disgusting isn’t it all right
G wolf says props the Deakins cuz no
matter what you thought about 2049 it
was beautiful
absolutely same goes for a 1917 dude I
thought it was a fine film not narrative
Lee interesting honestly but god dang if
it was not beautiful to watch right Jim
Boyer says wait articles right I know
all right guys let’s go on to the next
topic the last topic here guys and this
is coming to us again from an indie
water and holy crap I had no idea but
here we go let’s talk about it
a revenant sized shining prequel film is
likely dead because of dr. Sleeps
failure I had no idea about a shining
prequel is even in pre-production or
considering consideration for
pre-production but here we go
director Matt Romanick reveals details
about an Overlook Hotel origin movie
that will probably never get made
interesting here get out of your add
Matt Romanek remains better known for
his music videos in his feature films
like one hour photo Oh starring Robin
Williams and never let me go but there
was a moment several years ago where it
appeared his directing career would be
getting a major breakthrough this goes
on to detailed some very interesting
things about a prequel movie that was to
be based on the original prologue king
wrote that Stephen King and then
scrapped for his 1977 novel The Shining
now this would be basically centered
around and see the film would be set at
the time of the 20 I started the turning
of the 20th century and center around
Bob T Watson a robber baron who ventured
through the Colorado Rockies and built
the Overlook Hotel
let’s hop this sacred Indian burial
ground which I guess was the genesis for
the spirits that inhabited that hotel
damn that would’ve been great to see
good breed guys I suggest you check it
out if you’re fans of The Shining or
Stephen King or dr. sleep and want to
cry about something that will never
likely be made because despite how
awesome dr. sleep was it wasn’t a
box-office hit but you know what’s funny
neither was the shining and over time of
course it it gained its masterpiece
acclaim much in the same way as 2001 a
Space Odyssey confused critics didn’t
really do well at the box office and
overtime was valued for its inherently
obvious awesome merits I think the same
will happen for dr. sleep it’s an
awesome film and I think if we don’t get
this prequel film anytime soon I think
on the horizon in the near or distant
future we will be seeing it so guys last
comments from you here coming from mr.
says I’m sure it didn’t need to get made
some things are better left as a
partially explained mystery and you know
what yeah honestly I’m fine with it too
I think the concept would be interesting
I think there would have a lot of room
to explore some prequel backstory but
you’re right if it’s not made I’m
perfectly happy with that as well it
doesn’t need to be done I think it just
has potential but yeah also as you said
some things are better left as a mystery
it doesn’t need to be explained
thoroughly so yeah G wolf what up dude
what up dude I agree with Jim Boice who
asked for a who asked for a shining
prequel yeah I wasn’t asking for it so
when I read this I’m like oh I don’t
even know that was the thing I don’t
even know I wanted it no I kind of kind
of want it but you know I can live
without it guys make sure you like this
video if you’re watching now truly
genuinely would appreciate it it helps
the video analytics subscribe if you
haven’t already and don’t forget guys
please if you have time send your boy a
letter to DJ at movie Pop gotta work for
your suggestions for topic of the week
which we will choose for the next
broadcast and also if you were a letter
of your choice preferably movie related
but if you’d like to solicit yourself
for anything sexual that will not be
looked over so guys without any further
ado want to thank you all so much for
being here
um truly hope you’re having a fantastic
lockdown shut-in that you’re staying
safe with your friends with your family
you’re catching up on some movies and
shows you’ve always wanted the watch
you’re also enriching your mind taking
care of your body doing those workouts
and exercises you said you didn’t have
time to do educating yourself all that
good stuff making the best out of this
time right now I think it’s just
something we all should be doing yeah so
guys thank you all so much for tuning in
been lovely chatting with you see you
next Saturday that’s going to be at 12
noon Pacific Standard Time and mr.
Jordan lines he says here before we
close he asked Jim boyars to post
something from me in the MA group hit me
up will do see you guys on Twitter verse
thank you all
much for being here it’s really
genuinely appreciated loved loved
speaking with all of you got some
popcorn in my throat nothing like a
little Jim whiskey Jim Crow the watch
wash it down alright guys that’s it have
a great day and a wrestler week we’ll
see you next time