what is happening guys thank you so much
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April 18th Saturday that is uh Wow
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seriously appreciate it Geordie hats off
to you sir we got some new friends here
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hey listen I want to first of all of
course thank you so much for being here
I hope all of you are having a fantastic
safe shelter in home stay in place
shelter in place stay at home whatever
they want to call it at least here in
America and of course abroad not sure
what your governments are calling it but
your cabin fever at home I hope it is
one that is filled with love filled with
time of reflection and positive vibes of
course we’re gonna try and keep this
broadcast as far away as possible from
coded 19 related topics as possible but
provided this is a global pandemic on
the scale never before seen in modern
history of course some of these kovat
new starter goals will permeate through
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this week and then I woke up to reading
it and I didn’t know what the hell I was
reading but boy was I excited was I
laughing Maya my ass off reading it so
hopefully you guys will appreciate
reading it as well as I do on-screen of
course you’ll have to forgive me for the
last-minute graphics I had to produce
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hoot nonetheless to read so there is
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Before we jump into the topics today as
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guys we got 10 awesome topics to talk
about so let’s just dive right into it
without further ado and this first one
is coming to us from Wired and this is
regarding Netflix’s space force that
looks like a TB lover’s dream oh and
also lisa kudrow is now part of the cast
so that’s cool
Netflix’s space force looks cool and now
has Lisa Kudrow ever since it was
announced well over a year ago
Netflix’s space force has sounded like a
TV lovers dream based on president
Trump’s recently launched military
branch of the same name the show stars
Steve Carell and was created with his
office collaborated Greg Daniels with
the intention of bringing their
workplace comedy vibe into a whole the
universe I think this is really cool
guys I mean let’s just take a break here
look at that Steve Carell we’ve got him
and what is presumably a space force
military issued uniform looking great
we’ve got some office collaborator in
there just Greg Daniels fantastic okay
so let’s move on to what mr. Daniels has
to say about this or rather this is
coming from Netflix there’s synopsis of
the series a decorated pilot with dreams
of running the Air Force that plan
though gets shifted when he has chosen
to run the military’s new six branch
skeptical but dedicated mark up roots
his family and moves to a remote base in
Colorado where he has a colorful team of
scientists and spaceman who are tasked
by the White House with getting American
boots on the moon again in a hurry and
achieving total dominance so that’s a
brief synopsis about the series guys I
want to know how you think of how you
feel about this cuz if you’re like me
the office not only ricky gervais zé’s
office the original but also the steve
carell starred adaptation on NBC it was
some of the best comedic television in
history a plethora of memes online so
I’m glad to see that Steve Carell in
combination with Greg Daniels is making
a Netflix I guess you could say
mockumentary perhaps type show in the
vein of the office I think it’s gonna be
real fun let me know what your thoughts
are about this and of course I will wait
for you here and if I don’t see anything
we’ll move on to the next topic don’t
worry though I can jump right back
before back into previous topics no big
deal we jump all around here on camera
oh and I should mention I’m gonna read
three news topics and then I’m gonna go
into our viewer letter which I’m most
excited to read about on this broadcast
today so three topics let’s get those
out of the way viewer letter and then of
course a new commercial all right topic
number two and this one is going to be
coming to us from the lovely people at
of a Hollywood Reporter guys I’m sure
you’ve heard about it Tom Hardy is
starring in this new Capone movie and it
just debuted its first trailer that
happened on the 15th this month so a
little bit of a shock right because uh
nothing coming out of the trades really
have been related to new movie trailers
like we’re used to so great refreshment
to see that we have a brand new trailer
for a ælis movie by Tom Hardy and Wow
it’s a mob movie he’s playing on out out
Capone gig you Lord all right let’s get
into this Wow
the film directed by josh trank tells
the story of America’s most notorious
gangster the first trailer for the
Biograph wow what a mouthful
biographical krill Wow
biographical crime drama Capone starring
Tom Hardy as gangster Al Capone dropped
online this wednesday josh trank who
directed the film posted the trailer to
his twitter account with a note that
said it will be released May 12th jeez
it’s right around the corner less than a
month away
he also wrote in the post quote
different title
my cut not a Schneider cut but
apparently a Trank cut who is previously
Fonz oh yeah good call on that I think
the Fonz is dead I think the good days
are long along behind us happy days or a
long long behind us so yeah according to
a press release here guys are vertical
entertainment and red box yes red box
that’s those dirty video video rental
boxes they post up outside of the
7-elevens they have their own
entertainment distribution arm here and
they’ve partnered to release the film on
VOD that’s video on demand for a 48 hour
rental so if you haven’t heard about
this or seeing this this article kind of
gives you a brief synopsis of the film
but I thought what was also interesting
here to mention guys Trank also tweeted
that this will be on streaming planned
as theatrical but hopefully will be on
the big screen later this year so here
we have and this is confirmation from
the director himself josh trank
regarding a high budget film starring an
a-list actor Tom Hardy in a most
notorious historical character film that
we could imagine Capone
apparently previously slated for a
theatrical release now being released
digitally and with with the hope or the
expectation to have a theatrical run so
interesting seeing how the times have
adjusted the release schedule or the
release format of films that were slated
for theatrical release it’s not it’s not
unfamiliar of course we know about
trolls world tour right we know about
Universal releasing The Invisible Man
so this seems to be kind of like the par
for the course at least in the present
moment guys out what are your thoughts
on this I want to know I I saw the
trailer I thought it was dope AAF let’s
see if we can play a little bit here a
while I talked at least I thought it
looked great Tom Hardy is a fantastic
character actor a fantastic actor in
general it looked very well shot it
looked like it had a lot to say it
wasn’t so much a film about you know
here is a gangster mobster in the heyday
of his
is a criminal enterprise it was more
about the downfall how did his life
unravel as he dealt with dementia dealt
with the the a further encroaching
strong-arm of the government’s trying to
you know of course get him in jail
whether it was through his overt
criminal actions or through some sneaky
IRS way of getting him on tax evasion so
it looks great fantastic I’m excited
about it guys I want to know your
thoughts of course let me know here in
the comments in the comments down below
and the live chat right over yonder
reading on-screen highlight my name at
movie pop and yeah however I do see one
of our newcomers here Chris yeah you
know I caught your message here despite
my name not being highlighted but we’ll
give that a complete pass cuz you’re
brand new the channel bro Chris Newman
says you’re awesome on camera wish every
success with your endeavors oh dude
that’s that’s tight Thank You Man I
truly appreciate I am glad that I don’t
um I don’t make your eyes bleed I don’t
make your ears bleed either just from
the sheer horror of seeing my face and
my voice on camera so hats off to you
man seriously thank you so much for
tuning and thank you so much for the
kind words and hey let me know your
thoughts says we’re watching um
genuinely this is what this is all about
it’s a little tiny sliver of the
internet space in the whole movie fandom
movie pundit commentator space that is
on YouTube our little corner here where
I can highlight your thoughts your
letters your opinions and of course I’ll
ingratiate myself a bit since I am on
screen anyhow but yeah guys alright I
want to move into the third topic here
and then of course we’ll move into the
viewer letter which I’m really excited
to read so our third topic of the day is
going to be coming to us from
Entertainment Tonight and this is of
course confirming the most obvious of
all confirmations of all time we’ve had
a two-month I think head start on this
Sam Raimi is officially confirming that
he’s directing Doctor Strange in the
multiverse of madness I believe we had a
bunch of sources
what about
or two months ago detailing to us that
sam raimi I think they said was in talks
to replace scott derrickson the director
of the first doctor strange who was a
unceremoniously released from his slate
as director on Doctor Strange too but
you know what all all concerns about
that news headline were completely put
to rest when we heard that the master
himself Sam Raimi is coming on board
it’s coming back full circle really if
you think about it he kind of kicked off
the whole Marvel film property way way
back what two decades ago alongside
Brian singer with his x-men debuts well
hey Sam Raimi’s back man and he’s doing
Doctor Strange – lets go with the
article here Marvel giveth finally
announcing that a Doctor Strange sequel
is in the works and will be the first
scary movie first scary MCU movie and
then of course Marvel taketh away
scott derrickson who directed the first
movie step-down earlier this year due to
creative differences
but now Marvel giveth again this is way
more well said than I had said it Sam
Raimi the man behind the original Tobey
Maguire starring spider-man trilogy is
directing Doctor Strange and in the
multiverse of madness Raimi confirmed
this good news himself so I will skip
over of course the contextual analysis
or description here in the article but
there are a couple things I did want to
I think we’re of course worth your sexy
attention as for what enticed Raimi to
Doctor Strange well quote I love Doctor
Strange as a kid but he was always after
spider-man and Batman for me he
explained he was probably at number five
for me of great comic book characters he
was so original
oh yeah well that goes without saying I
mean we’re dealing with the master of
magic and multiverse dimensional
realities how could he not top in any of
our five top five comic book characters
of all
it was previously revealed that Benedict
Cumberbatch’s sorcerer supreme will be
joined by Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch
for the follow-up her upcoming Disney
Plus series Wan division will lead
directly into the multiverse of madness
cool little tidbit for you guys if you
did not know that already
as for the scariness of the sequel Raimi
has proven himself a master of the genre
with titles such as the Evil Dead and
drag me to hell so very cool we’ve got
the master of yeah of the genre as they
said in this article here also one of
the godfathers of the the origins of
what is the modern box-office
blockbuster level of comic book films
that we generally take seriously so cool
thoughts on that guys let me know your
thoughts of course down below in the
live chat I’ll read it on screen but
without any further ado I think you know
what it’s time guys remember we’re doing
viewer letters you sent me your topic of
the week
send me your viewer letter to DJ at
movie pop dot org I will be happy to
read it on screen and I’m so plot so
plaid so glad to say today that I we
have one to read and yeah let’s uh let’s
get into it without further ado now
you’ll have to forgive me mr. Jordan
Lions from United Kingdom himself has
written to us forgive me for the crappy
graphics I’ve made on screen it happened
on the fly but um I think we’re about
80% levels of sexiness so joining lions
my man he says I have always believed
that working from home was what quote
successful people did he did you set
your own hours and you have control over
your life in ways that people in the
office only dream about at least that’s
how the mythology that surrounds working
from home goes the reality of working
from home is filled with mishaps
happenstance and all manner of comical
anecdotes that span the spectrum from
mildly awkward to downright embarrassing
I’ve talked to investors my management
team accountants and this unique band of
tech people who talk in Morse code and
put you at ease by assuring you that
everything is awesome it’s inevitable
especially if you ever take video
conference calls dress from the waist up
you’d be forgiven for believing you were
in one of vest noes porno movies she
raves about that’s so true by the way
best now we love you girl
while no one got a real good look at my
pajamas or so I surmise Oh some hot
things begin to take some odd things
began then this followed a vacant stare
when I realized I had been in video
conference for 20 minutes with a camera
pointed at what can only be described as
my nether regions that is the lack of
space between work and home life means
I’m always thinking about both at the
same time yikes man god only gave us
enough enough blood to think with two
heads at one geordie so high I feel you
on that struggle and he continues and
the end result is feeling pulled in all
directions at once
each interruption leaves me struggling
to remember what I was doing last and
then and that can make for some odd
client communications it’s especially
charming when my 9 year old son who
doesn’t know what boundaries are erupts
into my home office what – samurai
swords believing his Deadpool and then
tells a client he’s going to grab him by
the nuts and I’m not joking that’s great
all right guys we’re gonna continue on
to the second part of the letter right
here boom I believe it to be in my own
head that you can basically delight in
all day breakfast lunch and dinner right
because you totally have a ton of free
time on your hands
well actually know what actually happens
is you spend hours trying to find food
every numbers ringing said food delivery
businesses and complaining to yourself
at how long they take ish
firstworldproblems however when this
however when this you for this falls
fails you suddenly excuse me however
when this fails you suddenly believe
you’re Gordon Ramsay okay one more time
however when this fails punctuation you
suddenly believe Gordon Ramsay you said
and believe good lord you suddenly
believe you’re Gordon Ramsay and have a
plan to construct strange and elaborate
dishes what in reality you beg to you
beg the fridge to hand over a frozen hot
dog and pray some leftover slices of
pizza you work forgot about yesterday
and as hard as it is to believe you
missed mundane water-cooler chatter
you’re just that you despise in the
first place
in fact you start to welcome short
breaks to have small talk conversations
with the items in your kitchen cupboard
you think that working from home would
mean you have all the time in the world
to prepare home-cooked meals but more
often than not it doesn’t turn out that
way in fact then it resonates when the
person at the food delivery place knows
you by name and asked you if you want
the usual then you know you’ve reached
the pinnacle of achievement and life
there is a point where I ordered pizza
so often the girl answered the phone and
said having pizza again mr. Lyons or
rather having pizza again mr. Lyons but
I just smile and pay for my order as
quickly as possible
Jordy does continue on here with the
last part of the letter so I’m sitting
at home and uh-huh has become my new
favorite word whenever I’m pulled out of
my cocoon into a conference call and
it’s not just the fact that I hate being
on the phone no it has everything to do
with the fact that I can’t understand
what people are saying in conference
calls I recall being on a conference
call with our management team and normal
we are sitting next to each other but on
everyone has developed high-pitched
voices dude
Jordy I have to say as far the
high-pitched voices thing goes I have a
very low low timbre here so yeah I do
find myself doing the same thing when I
talked on camera a little bit and also
on the phone I talked in a higher voice
because nobody can hear me talking like
this anyhow and I literally could not
hear a single word they said I somehow
got through the entire conversation were
the strategic combinations of uh-huh and
yeah sounds good and wanted to go into
the garden and shoot myself shoot myself
after 40 minutes of this yes I’m a
master at the the nodding your head
smiling and saying uh-huh
sounds good on one occasion very
recently on the video chat my 9 year old
son was casually chatting with a client
and making faces then he proceeded to
take off his shirt and started flexing
the skinny little muscles they could
have taken anymore and all I could hear
was howling laughter the situation of
course was helped by the fact I think
everyone is in the same boat stuck at
home sometimes there’s no hiding the
fact that you’re definitely not in
office environment when you work from
Jordy my man that is some of the most
awesome letters I’ve had the read this
is my first of course or of course
listened to on screen thank you so much
for submitting that letter that is from
our moderator mr. joy Lyons from United
Kingdom M self truly a nice insight into
his personal life some of the issues we
all of course deal with so thanks my man
glad you guys got to read that on screen
I hope I made you giggle as much as it
did I I’m seeing mr. G wolf 3 3 3 in the
chat boom what up dude thank you so much
for being here man we just read Jordy
lines most embarrassing letter of his
personal tribulations during this
lockdown pandemic shelter-in-place
whatever you want to call it it’s a hoot
so G will
check that out when you can guys we’ll
move on to the fourth topic today this
one will be coming to us from that ain’t
right I got this don’t worry guys
boom boom boom from deadline I have to
switch things up now that I have a
viewer letter in place
Wow this is really sad I hate having to
read this article but I think it’s worth
mentioning AMC has been issued five
hundred million dollars in debt to stay
liquid shares also spiked on the u.s.
reopening plan very interesting article
guy this is a most recently updated
yesterday Friday the 17th at 2:25 p.m.
AMC shares rebounded on Friday along
with those of Cinemark as cautious
optimism grew for a return to some form
of the US theatrical movie going in the
second half of 2020 AMC shares finished
the week at $3 20 cents to reach their
highest level in two weeks after the
company announced a 500 million dollar
debt issue Cinemark which also operates
the number three exhibition circuit in
the United States share rise 16 percent
Friday to $13.48 Eric handler a veteran
exhibition analyst with mkm partners
called the debt issue a near-term
lifeline for AMC in a note to clients
but he reiterated his quote cell rating
on the company with a 12-month price
target of $1 it’s a little not once the
veil what’s the opposite of optimistic
not narcissistic Oh a new lifeline here
what’s the opposite of optimistic nor
pessimistic thank you baby
quote assuming the debt deal is
completed the threat of near-term
bankruptcy gets eliminated
he wrote however longer-term it does not
solve the issue about adding more debt
on top of an already levered balance
sheet now I’m gonna spare you guys a
legal financial parlance here but there
are some really interesting things here
I think is really important to read
about because AMC is our largest
exhibitor here in America they do have a
global footprint of course I would be
absolutely just I would I would be I
mean not literally in tears but I would
emotionally be in tears to see AMC
Theaters go especially when we got a
list just up and running so yes I’ve
wrapped wraps wrapped I’ve wrapped wax
Adak about this before so let’s do it
once more a chapter 11 filing would
enable the chain to keep operating a
good thing for Hollywood as deadline has
reported given that it accounts for
roughly this is big roughly a quarter of
many tentpoles global box office revenue
so AMC alone accounts for one quarter of
the whole global box office revenue for
any large tentpole release from any
large Hollywood studio that’s huge
imagine losing that I mean that is a
considerable hit to the to the box
office for four Studios so China’s de la
langue Wanda group a major AMC investor
I don’t know if that’s accurate and I
think you mean can’t be a touch on that
they have a controlling stake or
interest in the company I think 38%
still I guess comparatively in terms of
investors 38% would put them as a major
AMC investors okay that’s accurate
dismiss the bankruptcy talked as
speculation in a statement on Wednesday
so thank you dialogue wanna group
whether or not that’s Chinese propaganda
or it’s the truth I for one believe in
AMC and my wife will attest to this I’m
looking at the stock price dropping I’m
like this is stupid
anybody who has any long term of
foresight and me and mr. Jim Moyers
talked about this last week on the
broadcast deal recognize AMC
as a stable revenue-generating uh it’s a
hundred-year company exhibition company
they’re not going anywhere
I mean they just need to get through
this this most unprecedented most
untimely of circumstances and we’re
talking about them being back in the
black and then more for it and like
trust me guys I’m not a person who goes
to a movie theater I get my a-list I go
in I pay my $24 a month
I watched my 12 movies a month and I
don’t even i mean maybe once a month
i’ll buy a popcorn but that’s usually
because i earn points so i’m not really
buying it per se I’m the guy who’s like
I don’t want to spend $10 on popcorn I
don’t want to spend $25 on the meal but
watch a movie but you know what when AMC
does reopen you better bet your sweet
little booty cheeks I am buying popcorn
behind drinks buying candy at a premium
because I know it’s helping the company
and I’m sure movie fans like us will
recognize this and I really do hope as
cringe as it may seem at least you know
from a cursory reviewing AMC does kind
of maybe you know say hey listen we’re
back in business once we are back in
business guys if you could help you know
patron our concession stands that will
help operations at least help us carry
ourselves through this I don’t know
personally for myself I would like to
see that if that’s something they do
they do need I’m really willing to help
the company because I love movies it’s
been a part of my childhood as I’m sure
yours so yeah what do you guys think
about that am I crazy for thinking about
that I want to help a multinational
corporation and give my own money shut
up and take my money let me know your
thoughts of course and of course on this
topic here but guys yeah it looks like
as far as the article does detail here
in terms of liquidity for assets or
credit line cash on hand
AMC does have enough money to carry
themselves through I believe until the
end of June
mid July this five hundred million
dollar loan will carry them through a
little past that so let’s check out
what’s happening on the live chat before
we go to our last topic before our
commercial broadcast we’ve got mr. G
wolf 333 here he says Disney will
probably buy them up by the end that’s
they get more money yeah you know dude
it’s interesting there I mean so I mean
off the top of my head
Disney I don’t think is Disney is in any
position to buy anything right cuz we
had they just purchased 20th century
which was formerly 20th Century Fox now
20th century studios
what was that value dad Jory correct my
math here wasn’t it seventy no it could
have been seventy billion seven billion
dollars yeah I think it was seven
billion dollars yeah substantial
investment which I believe was about
about half of Disney’s cash on hand or
half of Disney’s I guess Disney’s
valuation in terms of their whole you
know hasit stock portfolios whatever it
is it wasn’t easy for Disney to do that
so they did that with the anticipation
that they you know shortened down Fox’s
kind of a library forthcoming
incorporate all the back catalog into
their library and capitalize on that you
know through streaming services like
Disney Plus incorporating what other
other IPs Fox had into their future
films merchandising Disneyland
California Adventure all that stuff
right oh good god
Jesus okay I’m sorry Jimbo what up Jimbo
Jimbo’s thank you for correcting me I
thought it was crazy to say Jim it was
70 billion holy are you kidding me
seventy billion dollars yeah dude Disney
ain’t barn shite for the next ten years
seventy bill that’s like more than the
GDP than most third world countries dude
God dang that Mouse don’t play around so
yeah thank you Jim for correcting me
good lord
all right yeah I think Campea touched
upon this G wolf though that let’s say
if not Disney maybe like Amazon right
and I think it can’t be I made a great
point you know he said like it’s one
thing to buy a couple movie theaters as
I believe Amazon has done but to buy a
whole national chain theaters
and run that operation through
proficiency now of course I would
imagine you would retain a lot of the
the skeleton infrastructure your
management to to Shepherd the transition
from one owner to another being Disney
but that all the same I mean that’s
that’s it
god that’s a huge gamble especially in
light of covert I don’t know but you
can’t I mean I don’t know that’s my
thought on it anyhow who knows maybe the
mouse you know the mascot big cone ISM
wants the wants to capitalize on this
opportunity I mean you see the share
prices for AMC they were down before
this liquid investment down about $2 a
share now they’re up almost double that
a340 considerably lower than their year
they think their share price high a year
out was about $13 so I’m looking to buy
guys anyhow
send me a letter send me her thoughts
here she’s a hey dude I don’t know if
you should be buying stock in AMC but
genuinely I am interested or at least
very curious about buying some stock I’m
thinking they’re gonna turn I can turn
at least double my profits I believe in
them at that most all right so back to
you here in the live chat guys Jimbo
says I just looked it up officially it
was stood Lord Wow
seventy one point three billion dollars
that’s what Disney purchased 20th
Century Fox Studios for about a year or
two ago which was finally confirmed with
the was that the SEC security Exchange
Commission’s who of course approved that
merger or that what is it called when a
company buys another one you know what
I’m talking about
he wolf also says if you’re five hundred
million dollars down you have a problem
if you hear five hundred million down
the bank down the bank has a problem
yeah true enough
but I think you know AMC is in a similar
position as Disney right because let’s
say I mean we have a hypothetical where
Disney stocks were down or like you know
faith in the company was down I think
something happened about something
happened like this in the news headlines
a couple weeks ago where people were
suggesting a homemade will Apple
Disney or something like that right and
I think that question at least was posed
to me or posed to us um one of the other
youtubers and my thoughts were all reals
like dude desi will never ever sell any
of their IP regardless of how low their
life their portfolio price goes down or
the valuation goes down or whatever like
that IP is golden and we’re talking
we’re talking about what the century if
not centuries plus old IPs and the same
goes for AMC they have such a large
deeply an integrated embedded foothold
into the movie exhibition space
primarily here in America and as I
understand a couple spots
internationally I mean it would it would
be a monumental task for anybody to pick
up so why a bank while on paper I could
I mean and of course this is a layman
speaking to you it’s just my personal
thoughts but I would think logically why
a bank would see this as a risky
to keep him afloat it would elude me
because they’ve had nothing but success
for the most part in their century long
existence right all right Jim Boyer says
apparently the damp company was only
valued at 50/50 2.4 are we talking about
Oh Fox was valued at fifty two point
four billion and Disney bought them for
seventy plus billion he corrects
never mind they were valued by Disney so
Fox was valued by Disney at fifty two
point four Fox apparently has some great
negotiators yeah well you know that goes
without saying right all right guys
we’ve beaten this AMC horse with a bat
let’s move on to our next topic before
our commercial break and of course this
one is coming to us from the fine folk
at the Hollywood report you all be going
up you nerds rejoice because or actually
sorry don’t rejoice
crawl up in your little man caves or
your your woman coves and cry amongst us
in solidarity to the fat
for the fact that San Diego comic-con
has been canceled amid the corona virus
pandemic Holly V Wow Wow this this is
quite the blow yeah I’m turning that
volume off there the annual oh very huh
what is going on yeah freaking me out
okay I’m gonna close that bizzle the
annual entertainment and comic book
convention was scheduled to take place
from July 23rd through the 26th San
Diego comic-con has been cancelled as
the corona virus pandemic continues to
reshape how the world views large public
gatherings okay cool
the annual entertainment and comic book
convention was scheduled to take place
from July 23rd through the 26th in San
Diego California and now it will next
occur July 25th to the 22nd 2021 so you
know what bad news for all of you who
bought your tickets who are scalping
your tickets preventing cool people like
me and all of us in here who can’t get
access to the tickets because we don’t
we’re not nerds who are online looking
up the prices and trying to get in the
queue at 2:00 a.m. before work you know
what we may actually we may actually
have a chance to go to Comic Con next
year now that we’ve got a year head
start and everyone’s tickets have been
invalidated this is the first time of
course that the events has been
cancelled in its 50-year history big
news on that point people who have
purchased badges for the 2020 convention
will be able to request a refund or
transfer their badges to next year’s
comic-con so cool you guys will see you
next year’s comic-con and for those of
us who have not purchased tickets will
be buying ours of course those of you
who also attend the sister convention
WonderCon in Anaheim Convention Center
which has also run by the organizers of
San Diego comic-con keep in mind this
has also been postponed from it’s April
date and is now scheduled for March 26th
through the 28th of 2021 cool you know a
bunch of fluff in here but I thought
that was a big big thing to talk about
it’s Trevor Noah please I’m the only
black man allowed on screen right now
stop trying to steal my thunder
yeah cool big news for the people who
like comic-con yeah what are your guys
thoughts on that are you surprised to
hear that I mean it was supposed to
happen in June or July so I think
they’re probably playing it safe you
know we’re hoping this curve as it were
has been flattened out by all data
points and metrics here in the United
States and at least anecdotally here in
San Francisco where I work in the
medical community we’ve acknowledged the
curve has flattened we are starting to
admit more patients into the hospital
for elective surgeries so it’s good news
we’re looking at that June July August
you know bull’s eye the hits they give
this economy back in full force so glad
to see that I’m that is happening but
San Diego comic-con of course is just
playing it safe and I guess that’s a
good thing to do so your thoughts guys
let’s see what that is here in the live
chat and of course if you want to let me
know in the comments down below after
the broadcast you can do so guys good a
new sponsor for today I’m gonna come
back to some of your comments here
please resubmit them in the live chat
with my name if you want me to read it
on screen I just want to I want to
respect your time so I don’t want to
read anything that isn’t highlighted
unless it happens really catch my eye so
anyhow guys let’s start with our
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hope you’re drinking some Jim Crow at
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you’re um in your letter as you had
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moving through our six topic for the day
today well I think it’s actually we’re
gonna jump to the seventh because if you
were letter I made our our six so Haji
wolf also says yep that’s me I just
started drinking this week hey man
don’t blame me we’re all at home who was
it somebody was it no actually no it
wasn’t Campea it was Conan O’Brien where
he said uh he said you know I hope we
all raised the bar that metric for
what’s considered the proper amounts of
alcohol to be drinking to be considered
an alcoholic considering we’re all at
home now I mean what else we got to do
so guys let’s move into the next topic
here we got about 15 more minutes left
before we wrap this up thank you all so
much for being here again
seventh topic let’s go and this is
coming to us from nope not this one boom
indieWIRE Hugh Jackman turned down cats
oh thank god what a wise man he is and
has made peace with the MCU rebooting
okay we’re good Hugh Jackman has earned
his first Oscar nomination for playing
Jean Valjean and Tom Hooper’s dilemma
sob and he might have reunited with the
director for his disastrous follow-up to
cats had it not been for scheduling
issues or you know anybody with a brain
who could read a script being totally
rude in a new interview with The Daily
Beast Jackman confirmed he turned down a
role in cats after Hooper called him
early in pre-production to discuss
various roles the actor might be able to
play Jackman says there were a couple of
options there based on availability on
time Jackman said but I just wasn’t
available at the time that kind of
Australian right a little bit might
Crocky not starring in cats was probably
the right move as the film is one of the
most infamous movie disasters in recent
memory very true
cats bombed at the box office and earned
some of the worst film reviews of 2019
which many critics left with many
critics left baffled and horrified by
Hooper’s decision to use digital fur to
turn his human actors into felines no
mention of those cat but also visual
effects artists who worked on cats spoke
out this month against Hooper calling
him a disrespectful and demeaning
presence throughout post-production yeah
yeah representatives for Hooper did not
respond to any wires requests for
comments of course of course
when asked if it was beneficial to turn
down cats Jackman refused to answer very
wise quote I’m in the theater man and I
don’t want to be in the business of
bashing people who were jumping on
bandwagons Jackman said I haven’t seen
it until Moop is one of the greatest
filmmakers real I’ve well I presume he’s
spat out a noise jug of
Foresters am an Australian for bear one
thing Jackman was more comfortable
talking about was his legacy as
Wolverine Oh
Jackman said he has made peace with
saying goodbye to Wolverine and will not
return as the character in the future as
for Marvel Studios rebooting rebooting
Wolverine on the big screen now that
Disney owns Fox which Jim boyars so
amazingly updated us to the fact it was
what 70 3.1 billion dollars they
purchased it for you better believe your
sweet black white booty cheeks they’re
rebooting this bizzle and Wolverine is
coming back full tilt seventy billion
dollars good lord
as for Marvel I said but blah Jackman
said it would be impossible not to do
just that as I just said Jackman turned
Wolverine into such a big screen icon
and pop-culture fixture that any
decision to bring the x-men into the MCU
will have to include Wolverine all I
knew it was right time for me to leave a
party not just for me but for the
character sounds calling the voice howdy
Roy he’s got a little bit that they’re
always after me lucky charms
hey work with what I got Jackman also
said somebody else for pick it up and
run with it it’s too good of a character
not tear it’s kind of like you’re on
your way home and then your friend rings
you in Cavs have did a new DJ just came
on and me music is awesome you’re going
to come back and you’re sigh sounds good
but no the phone with someone else so
Jackman hits his television hits
television as the lead in the new HBO
movie bad education which debuted at TI
FF tiff that’s my wife and also the
Toronto International Film Festival last
September you can read the full
interview on The Daily Beast right there
so cool I thought it was nice little
tidbit to see how Jackman acknowledged
his kids his portrayal his ascendance
into stardom through the MCU through
Wolverine also see em you know what his
insights are on
MCU Disney Fox whatever you want to call
it taking the character into new
directions with a new actor so guys
let’s move it to you here in the live
chat and also for you use for those of
you watching after the broadcast leave
me a comment down below we’ll highlight
it in our top comments if we get any
assholes ok let me go back here
Jim Boyer says love Tiffany greeting but
does she realize how incredibly wide I
am I don’t think she does but she knows
you’re from Kentucky mate and did you
check out how white she was I mean she’s
got that Chinese white that yellow but
that’s that pasty yellow white being
going on it I mean it’s this a Geisha
style even though it’s Japanese but you
know rice is rice whatever let’s see
here we’ve got mr. Joe designs can you
imagine the jokes and Deadpool three if
Jackman was in cats
dude it would be great honestly I mean
if anything I wish Hugh Jackman wasn’t
cats just for that one one ding Deadpool
could take a Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
as a meta commentary on cats right Jim
boyars also says hey sorry everyone but
I have to run Oh yep yep oh and not for
Rob okay
the wife needs me to do something real
quick I will get back on if you are all
still here later dude no worries thanks
for dropping in Jim I know how it goes
you got to keep the wife happy she’s
smiling okay she’s happy dude have a
fantastic time doing whatever it is
we’re doing please in that booty Jim get
on it boy holy crap Paul and Long Beach
here is uh What’s in what does he say he
said what’s in the red soap uh what’s in
the Red Solo well we’ve got a little bit
of Jim Crowe whiskey and some some
Canada Dry
delicious so yeah I like to have myself
a little drink here on screen provided
the times and I know Mr D wolf at least
last week was joining me so Paul if
you’re here man grab yourself a cup it’s
only a an hour or not even an hour past
noon why not let’s get the drinking mmm
okay guys I think we’re all caught up
with the comments here I’m gonna move
into our eighth topic we’re almost
closing this bizzle out this eighth
topic of course is coming to us again
from the fine folks at indieWIRE Oh whoo
this is a good one
Tarantino misjudged viewers grindhouse
interests quote it meant nothing to them
they had no idea what the they were
watching Tarantino says about his 2007
double feature with Robert Rodriguez all
right so interesting cuz I love me some
Tarantino I’m sure you guys love you
some Tarantino
have you seen Brian house the double
feature that came out in 2007 or at
least one of the films planet terror and
death Proof not Tarantino’s strongest
work so really cool to see some insight
here see some commentary from Tarantino
himself now this is coming to us from
indieWIRE based off an article a QA
article in Esquire no Empire Empire
magazine so here are the highlights guys
one of the biggest Gamble’s in
Tarantino’s career was grindhouse
his 2007 double feature movie with
Robert Rodriguez the release included
films and helmed by each director
Tarantino’s death Proof and Rodriguez’s
Planet Terror which was the better film
in my opinion dad they’re equally bad
though honestly ya know they were
equally bad
IMO in my opinion preceded by mock
trailers which were my favorite part of
the film what about you guys created by
filmmaker friends like Eli Roth Rob
Zombie and a young Edgar Wright
grindhouse was notorious was a notorious
bomb in the United States
with just a twenty five million dollar
gross nice nice big-time lights
Tarantino was asked by Empire magazine
readers if audiences misunderstood
grindhouse to which the director
admitted he overestimated just how many
US viewers had a soft spot for
grindhouse cinema now this is really
interesting I’m gonna continue with the
article and I do have some thoughts on
this quote well in America the guy
in the UK you got death Proof with
grindhouse I think me and Robert just
felt that people had a little bit more
of a concept of a history of double
features and exploitation movies
Tarantino said horrible Tarantino
impression by the way quote no they
didn’t at all they had no idea what they
were watching it meant nothing to them
alright what we were doing so that was a
case of being a little too little too
cool for school but as far as the movie
playing in England as the movie I think
people took it okay so that’s Tarantino
of course you know how Tarantino kind of
talks he’s coming fidgety he’s always
moving in like yeah that’s okay you get
it on the subject of grindhouse
Tarantino shared a humorous story about
going to see death Proof in England with
Edgar Wright as his guest this is great
guys this is a great recall he says how
Tarantino says well you know I’m in
London doing press in the film before
opening weekend and I I get I go to see
Edgar Wright and yeah I’m like hey let’s
let’s you and me and your friends go see
it on Friday night and pick a belly
Tarantino said so yourself near a park
my producer and Jill Cornish and the
whole Egger group we we head into the
heart of Piccadilly Circus to see death
Proof right and on opening day we walk
in the theater and there’s about like 13
people in there on the opening a thirty
show right all right
and that was a rather rather rather
rather rather humbling experience and
but but but but but we sat down and
watched it we had a great time and Edgar
was like that’s very that’s very
impressive and III think I would have
turned down I’m making him sound really
I would have turned down and walked out
there the fact he said eff it in fact
down I admired that Tarantino rebounded
from the grindhouse bomb worth in chorus
Basterds which one Christoph Waltz the
best actor prize at the Khans Film
Festival and the Academy Award for Best
Supporting Actor Tarantino was also
nominated Best Original Screenplay not a
bad way to bounce back so really cool to
see here that you know Tarantino he is a
what is the word he’s an enigma right of
filmmakers he’s definitely in the top
ten of greatest filmmakers of all time
he’s a filmmaker in his own right
authentic voice authentic vision writer
director visionary filmmaker but it
seems like you know he’s been humbled by
this experience recognizing that you
know as much as he is in an author for
film and he has a true understanding of
film film culture dating back to the
1960s as far as Brian house cinemas go
while someone like myself who has a very
distant appreciation for that era that
particular genre of film to the degree
that I would appreciate seeing a
double feature in the vein of those
films released during that time that
were really a little too true to to the
medium I mean if you listen to some of
the dialogue in these movies they were
atrocious horrible I couldn’t watch him
it was it was bad now the other I
thought the the trailers were great I
understood what Tarantino was doing but
as a modern film goer yet didn’t work
for me so no surprise that it didn’t
work for general audiences guys what are
your thoughts on this how did you feel
about watching grindhouse if you had the
chance to watch it in America as a
double feature or abroad as a single
feature with death Proof oh yeah let me
know here in the comments down below in
the live chat do the song
let’s move on over yonder
gee willsez I thought Deathproof was
better but to each their own dude I’m
gonna have to rewatch it again
but I think yeah it’s been a while man I
think at least from what I can recall
Deathproof maybe had the better accurate
cuz Kurt Russell was lead but God I
remember the dialogue build up to that
with the witty be less actors was just
cringe and at least Planet Terror you
know had more of the visual element
action element going for it but again
it’s been over ten years since I’ve seen
it what 13 years now so hey you could be
right I don’t have to revisit it but I
probably will be really really elevated
if you know what I mean before I watch
it again she wolf also says oh no
but straight sitting on yo ass y’all be
going on vacation see the thing is if
you bout to be up out this be action
check it peep Delta we be flying all
over this bitch let me ask you something
you fend to raise up and get your travel
on from the interior to the exterior
you’ve got to get your posterior in one
of these big-ass planes dawg you lay in
the cut I think we’re back I’m black
guys all right we have video I see you
hearing the live chat thanks guys for
sticking sticking by me you know what’s
funny is I was listening to John Campea
the other day and he had a similar issue
to me he was trying to open up steam to
show some of the viewers his Steam
account and some of the games he
downloaded and I overheard him saying
that you know Steam tried to go
fullscreen took over his computer is
computer you closed it out on his
computer then it tried to go in the
update mode and then he was able of
course to reboot his computer turn it
back on and go right back into the
broadcast which apparently I’m able to
do here so cool thanks for sticking
around everyone gee well thank you man I
see you here in the live chat letting
the letting the viewers know we’re
having technical difficulties so yeah
we’re talking about tarantino over your
let’s see what we got OVA yeah boom how
can I allow me to readjust my uh my
format here I have to get back into the
way it was boom okay so how are we doing
okay we were talking about Tarantino
where was he at there we go Tarantino
yeah guy so I mean you know I read the
article I told you my thoughts on it
what are your thoughts of course how did
you feel about grindhouse when it came
out were you familiar with the
grindhouse cinema if you were or if you
weren’t how did that movie land with you
as a casual viewer a layman viewer I’m
sure you have your own opinions as a
expert in film cinema down to the most
genres how did that land with you I feel
like I’m teetering somewhere in the
middle there and even for me as someone
who appreciates niche genres that film
just it needed the transcend the fourth
wall breaking it was trying to do if
that makes sense
yeah so hey we got Jim Boras back cool
man you missed me cutting out like
Campea did last week but we’re back
we’re live G wolf is here also as well
says hey it’s all good back to normal
Jim yes you did miss technical
difficulties the laptop shut off it
wasn’t being powered up so we will we
will avoid that next time moving forward
so thank you all so much for sticking
around yeah so that what we were talking
about we were talking about tarantino
the grindhouse movie that came out want
to know your thoughts on it I let you
know my thoughts so we were kind of in
the overtime here we’re about eight
minutes past an hour which is more than
usual so let’s uh let’s get into our
ninth and second-to-last topic and this
one is coming to us from the lovely sexy
elitist at variety Trump wants movie
theatres to be reopened but blockbusters
will be slow to return ooh interesting
read here so let’s see what we got
president Donald Trump announced
Thursday that cinemas might slowly be
able to reopen in two coming months the
news tucked into a larger set of
guidelines detailing when and how the US
economy can resume during the corona
virus pandemic was a beacon of hope for
movie theater owners whose business has
been devastated by mandated shutdowns
but even if multiplex marquees get
reignited it could still be several
months before studios feel and this is
really important before studios feel
confident launching their biggest
blockbusters so well I’ll read and then
we’ll talk
clear release calendars have been mostly
clear throughout August through though a
few stragglers such as universals comedy
the king of Staten Island Warner
Brothers scientific sci-fi thriller
tenant by Christopher Nolan July 17th
Disney’s live-action Mulan July 24th
pushback from March 1st and Warner
Brothers comic book adventure Wonder
Woman 1984 August 14th those films have
not vacated their late summer opening
weekend’s so theater chains such as
Cinemark have predicted that people
could start going back to the movies in
early July good lord please know I’m
ready to go right meow you open them
theaters up right now I’m there I’m
gonna have a mask on I’m gonna have
gloves on I’m gonna have wipes
disinfecting wipes I’m wiping down that
nasty seat even if you tell me you have
but I’m ready to go back I mean we won’t
get into the details about that but I’m
ready are you ready America come on
the reopening process will almost
certainly differ among states meaning
theaters could gradually commence
operation in regions that are less
affected by the virus while venues in
the hardest hit areas like New York and
New Jersey might have to remain
shuttered for longer if that’s the case
studios will have little incentive to
roll out their most important movies
without major markets in the US open for
quote New York and Los Angeles are going
to take a lot a lot more time to reopen
than Bane Tana okay that we’re boys do
not work but that’s Mike my geeky
analyst voice predicts to Jeff Bach a
box-office analysts with exhibitor
relations Bach also adds I don’t see a
big blockbuster opening off the bat but
no matter how much assurance we have
this is going to take a little while for
people to adjust on
if movie theatres across the world are
often to different degrees financially
it becomes a very difficult because
big-budget movies relying global grosses
so hopefully guys can understand me in
that nerdy voice another analyst said
that here are some more quotes from
analysts no-name analysts I don’t know
who they are but apparently they’re
if variety is mentioning them theatres
generally a tremendous amount of revenue
and that’s how these movies earn back
their budget if you have a limited
seating capacity it could be more
difficult so there’s also an indication
of how willing this is really important
and I want to know your thoughts guys
those of you watching here let me know
how willing are you to go back to your
theater because I know if AMC opens
today the 18th of April I’m seeing a
movie tonight at midnight I’m ready baby
how about you there we go that’s a pop I
want there’s also little indication of
how willing audiences will be to return
the theaters there might be pent-up
oh yeah you bet these pants Vesna you
better check out these pants there might
be pent-up demand from patrons who have
been stuck at home for several months
but it’s equally possible that audiences
will be hesitant to rush back to crowded
places recent studies have suggested as
much now here’s a really big important
part and this is why I highlighted it in
Chinese Communists Mao Zedong read that
was a case in China where a handful of
theaters briefly op’ reopened in March
when the virus appeared to be under
control similar to how we’re doing right
now with our two-week you know balls to
the wall flattening the curve measures
only to quickly be shut back down after
fears that the disease could spark again
we could be in a similar predicament
another analyst further comments and
says there’s going to be blockbusters
we’ll take advantage of pent-up demands
but first people have to feel safe and
comfortable and this is funny because
guys those of you who are involved in
the PGS community Paula ballers my girl
girl I love you our other chime maker at
black half Chinese Paula told me she’s
been in the lockdown for three weeks
straight like a lock down she has not
gone out to buy any food to buy any
toiletries to buy any groceries it’s
been instacart it’s been delivery
service for her but she does come and
hey you know what I’ve got a big
I can kind of see my neighbors from afar
I guess I’m good hey hats off to you
girl you know what I would drive myself
insane doing that however you are in New
Jersey so it’s a little bit a little bit
different for you more densely populated
area whereas somebody like me or Jim you
know we’re in these more sparsely
populated zones or you know that might
not mean much of a concern of course
please understand I’m speaking really
like 95% to comedic effect yeah you know
it’s totally understandable in all
honesty that people want to stay home
would want to you know make sure they’re
as safe as possible and whether or not
they feel inclined to immediately patron
a movie theater um just because they
reopen yeah who knows so why is for
these these exhibition analysts to be
pressing of this fact why it’s for
exhibitors to acknowledge this fact it
is a fact indeed whether or not you and
I agree with it certain people do feel a
certain way about you know protecting
their health particular family and it’s
really honestly completely
understandable so how will that affect
the the box office release is moving
forward even if they do open early as
June when you have crazy people like me
who will go there guys what are your
thoughts on this I want to know your
thoughts are you feeling sheltered at
home until the end of summer
see or Cinemark or regal opens up and
may in June
will you be going or won’t you be going
does your health more concern you
relative to your specific situation more
than seeing a film does even a big one
like Mulan or tenant or anything else
let’s jump into the comments right now
and find out we are well into overtime
but it’s all good we had some technical
difficulties so we will keep that in
mind all right
but but but but but you know what I am
looking I’m seeing Paul and Long Beach
saying is it me or am I the only non
blue wrench Paul my dude you say the
words man you say grant me a blue wrench
might get sad I want to be a part of the
movie pop moderators group and your wish
is my command I’m handing them out like
candy but most specifically to of course
are fantastic a small community here I
want to make sure that you guys are here
on the ground floor while this whole
thing is incubating and developing I
want to make sure you’re um you’re at
least recognized by some digital blue
wrench you know why not and of course
we’re gonna blow up to 10 K Plus
subscribers damn you’ll really have some
power flex but yeah yeah man let me know
hit me up on Twitter or confirm here in
the live chat anywhere else you can see
me I’d be happy to have you involved we
got a nice little DM group going on
Twitter so yeah and to that end Gary
I’ve added you to the DM group on
Twitter so see if you can you know pop
in here and there I know you probably
got a real life you don’t want to talk
to me however free so I get it but just
letting you know man
all right G wolf Gary says yeah you
probably don’t want to release a
tentpole movie and have another kovat
breakout yeah
it’s probably safe and as much as I hate
to say it dude we’ll probably see you
know Mulan whatever for various reasons
about China at that I don’t want to get
into but most
lieutenant will probably see that
pushback I don’t want that to happen but
yeah you’re right man play it safe right
yeah all right Jim Boyer says me too I
would go to my Cinemark in a heartbeat
yes dude Jim man dude if I’m ever in
Kentucky I’m I’m hitting you up bro
we’re gonna hit up a Cinemark apparently
I guess you don’t have a MC there but
yeah glad to see we’re both in good
company in a heartbeat bro let’s just
what get the wipes out shoot I’ll even
put a blanket on top you know so I’m not
touching anything I’ll shit out go in a
full body condom if I have to I want to
see a damn movie in a theater I want
some hot popcorn I’m not that concerned
about Kovac I not saying that the
precautions are not merited but yeah
that’s a whole nother topic Jim also
follow-ups follows up with an even dude
yet Jim I said this literally in the
beginning of broadcast Jim says I even
dropped all the ticket and popcorn money
to see an episode of you puke hard if it
was either theater I don’t know what
that is sounds horrible but you know
what whatever the hell they’re playing
they can play jackass the first movie
again I’m there I just want to be back
in that sexy comfortable seat in the
popcorn my drink in my hand my baby next
to me the lights down the trailers this
is the ambience right let’s get back to
it baby I’m ready okay
Jul 2 months after they say it’s ok for
me to go back to and to or crowd hey gee
well ok so that’s your personal
preference ok sorry I thought you’re
gonna say like the government or AMC
we’re gonna take a couple of months to
reopen dude completely understandable
here wolf and I mean that I’m not play
kidding to you you guys know me I’m not
a BS kind of guy like what you see is
what you get on screen that girl can
attest to it
I had my birthday in Napa Valley in the
beginning end of March I invited one of
my best friends amongst my most prized
family members and one of my best
friends you know he was planning to go
and he said hey dude you know what I
haven’t been outside my house
essentially for two to three weeks and I
did just I just don’t feel comfortable
going and I told him exactly this I said
dude while I disagree with your
assessment of the situation there
gravity upon which it encroaches upon
you I completely wrecked your personal
perception of the matter and how you
think you should handle it and it’s I’m
in no place to really impose upon you
what my personal preference is so dude I
get it Jim Gary I get it men and you
know all the more all the more to you
more power to you better the play it’s
safe than sorry right from your
perspective I’m sure it’s like why risk
it for a movie yeah
why how look at Ritz going out remove
yeah I’ll wait until this subsides in
the same vein as I I’m not the first
person to adopt first generation
I’ll let somebody else buy that crap
work out the kinks and then I’ll come in
when the second or third generation
iterations come to so similar concept I
get it
truly and genuinely yeah dude thank you
program thank you for sharing man all
right mr. Paul and Long Beach says again
don’t take these stories as fact China
hasn’t exactly been honest yeah don’t
get me started on that man I mean come
on we’re talking about a Thorat Aryan
totalitarian communist technologically
big brother 1984 style level of control
government that is China how much can we
really take to what they’re saying as
being truth on the converse are supposed
democratically are governed democratic
representative governments whatever you
want to call it
American government right that is a kind
of like basically a corporate okra see a
lot of the corporations with their P AC
funding supporting all the
representatives and senators in Congress
writing the bills for them how much we
can take and believe what our Congress
is saying as truth our executive branch
is saying it’s truth yeah a little bit
of a grain of salt right so yeah
quadruple so when it comes to China so
nothing nothing beyond the pale I don’t
think you’re saying Mara Paul
next comment is coming from Palm Beach
getting DJ no hey man if you’re kidding
all the same that’s all good but I I was
I was going with your of your narrative
they’re kidding or not I think there was
a definite element fruits to it that’s
just me
some random Blackie in her internet
youtuber on their interwebs all right G
wolf says uh I’m an introvert so don’t I
don’t need groups to be happy hey you
know what fun fact did I’m not gonna say
I’m an introvert but I’m an extrovert
and introvert so believe it or not I’m
an introvert I know how it goes
talking to people in big groups lucky
beer groups I can do big groups so but
probably why I do well here but smaller
groups four or five people two people
one person I’m like what do I say what
do i do how I talk now of course I’ve
been able to transcend my issues with
that but as as it stands as an
individual my default yeah I’m a little
introverted and you’ll be pleased to
know when I met Campea he talked about
this during his a live Q&A in person
that dudes an introvert through and
through and he liked me gave me
inspiration to be like him
transcended that handicap pretty cool I
mean right who we thought can’t be as an
introvert that he’s nervous talking on
camera or in person in a group of a
hundred people so yeah I get it bro but
yeah you don’t need groups to be happy I
get it man
good on you okay
dr. Nina we’re so uh oh we got the
doctor in the house here she’s probably
gonna correct me on something I’ve said
about kovetz uh doctor please be gentle
give you some context here I I do work
in a hospital I work in pharmacy
clinical clinical pharmacy so I do have
some passing very cursory knowledge of
the situation but yeah let’s see what
the doctor the good doctor has to say
this disease has been found to affect
different blood groups a group is very
vulnerable oh really so I had not seen
that because I have you know we do it
get our debriefings every day from the
CDC from our Hospital group as well
regarding our current admits of
regarding what the CDC literature is
saying what the situation is nationally
statewide also in terms of our specific
regional area the the blood group type I
had not heard about so it’s very
interesting now do you say a group is
very vulnerable as in like a specific a
specific group of people with a specific
blood type is vulnerable or people with
the a blood type is very vulnerable and
I think it’s interesting you say that
doctor because you know my wife is a
holistic healthcare practitioner or at
least studying to be one and we are both
very health conscious in terms of
preventative measures well beyond the
scope of modern medicine and
pharmacology which seeks to inhibit some
function of the body to accommodate for
a issue that has been emergent through
bad lifestyle bad choices etc and if you
know generally our understanding is if
you are a healthy individual with a a
welcome well comprised what would the
word be a well comprised for lack of a
better word like biological structure
right a genetic structure you’re just a
healthy individual in your own right and
through through your ancestors as well
and you practice just good eating
exercise everything you need to nurture
the body and cellular growth and
development you’re pretty much gonna be
okay and you’re younger too but the
blood type thing that’s completely news
to me and I know I’ve done enough
tangent about this I just found it
really fascinating so I’d love to hear
you elaborate on that
so guys sorry about that dr. Nina were
cell also follows ups and says a group
is at high risk okay so a group as an a
blood type is that higher risk and O is
at the least risk boom well I’m an old
blood type so that’s universal donor is
that correct doctor or is it Oh positive
again I’m only a pharmacy tech my um my
clinical knowledge is only cursory but
yeah fantastic insight doctor I’m gonna
have to look into that if you could
provide some of our fantastic viewers
here and my self-worth a reference to
that to any clinical literature or news
articles I would love to read on that
that’s complete news to me and I’d
really I’d be really curious about the
how that works
okay J wolf also says being an introvert
is good for situations like this
I also don’t like small to medium sized
crowds I hate a group of a thousand plus
and it’s a hug really now Gary I think
for me you know well let me ask you like
a group of a thousand plus that seems to
me at least as a number so large that it
kind of I become so large that it’s
almost irrelevant right like this so
much going on it’s like walking down the
street of New York there’s so many
people on the streets right almost
nobody would recognize you or care to
recognize you or could actually physio
biologically recognize you right because
as I understand it as human beings were
only a capable of like keeping in our
memory or our active memory like a
hundred and fifty groups or individual
people’s in a group so when you pass
that threshold like it’s kind of
irrelevant so what is it about thousand
people that unnerves you and is it
similar to does that that spectrum of
being unnerved remain static whether
it’s a group of two people versus a
group of a thousand people or are there
gradations of that throughout that
metric yeah
just curious okay let’s see what we got
Oh Jim Boyer says Rob just announced no
Rob serve Asians today all right
Wow well you know what I do have work at
three o’clock so I got a piece out of
here at least in one hour we are well
beyond our time here guys so seriously
thank you all so much for being here so
so in so much enjoying talking to you
about these topics I think we still have
our last topic to cover but we’re all
caught up here in the live chat our
fantastic content producer miss Tiffany
Washington is here moderating the chat
keeping active making sure everything is
moving smoothly so thank you baby yeah
Rob’s off so that’s good I know Campea
started at ten o’clock today which is
different from his twelve noon time but
it is open mic so you have to pay to
talk to him where you can talk to me for
free you can also submit a super chat
holy crib crap we got Bryant Hepburn
he’s in here
Brian Hepburn has not highlighted my
name at movie pop but glad to see he’s
here in the chat thank you for tuning in
bro we still have one last topic to
cover but we’re still caught up on this
this last second the last topic here we
got on the side tangent with dr. Nina
were cell in regards to Co vid 19 what
patient population is most affected by
it which he alluded to me was a related
to blood type
type a is most affected as opposed to
type o myself the least affected very
interesting I had not heard any
literature on that so yeah dr. hit us up
with that link if you have it I would
really like to hear that but generally
as I was saying before guys I think you
know if you’re just a healthy individual
now don’t get me wrong guys if you
follow me on on my Instagram and you can
add me my personal Instagram at peace
tout premier P re mi e re or I don’t
really post personally on the movie pop
Instagram it’s at movie pop official or
if you can find me on Facebook and good
luck my real name is on there and give
you a hint it’s Darius Maffeo Willie
cats that’s the one time you’ll get to
hear it but anyhow if you hear it you’ll
see that I am you know I’m out in the
bout my wife and I we like to take walks
at night during the you know outside in
downtown well go biking we’ll go hiking
we’ll go to stores we’re outside we’re
out and about as much as we can be
whatever is open we’re there we’re good
at stores we’ve got gloves on we’ve got
masks on you know the basic level PPE
were covered I think that will be enough
to suffice you know provided you’re not
immune to compromise not an unhealthy
individual of course guys please
recognize I’m a layman I’m a nobody
speaking about this but it is
interesting to hear that dr. Nina has
informed us that blood type does play
into that as well so yeah anyhow let’s
talk about movies back to that here
Brian Hepburn does it hey DJ what up man
welcome to the chat welcome to the live
stream glad to have you here yeah we’ve
got a fantastic group of people here oh
gee well if I think I miss you I read it
I didn’t say it you said hey I missed a
comma 1000 plus is better okay cool
so you like a groups of a thousand plus
basically you can just kind of you know
disappear into the the abundance that is
a group of people a thousand plus
guys I have only one more topic thank
you Jim for letting us know about
hitting that like button subscribing he
says about what millions like will
receive a lifetime supply of Jim Crow
real Kentucky whiskey you got damn right
boy Jim Crow whiskey baby let’s get
stuff Kentucky proud all right so we got
Brian Hepburn here I’m gonna move into
the last topic and this is coming to us
from the lovely people at indieWIRE this
is big news Darren Aronofsky
reveals that the studio killed his
Batman movie over the Y feet wha fein
sounds like a black woman and my name is
wha FINA one each one each one Shaniqua
Shaquanda Shaquanda phoenix casting
joaquin phoenix casting from Phoenix to
taxi driver inspiration Aronofsky’s
Batman vision sounds like a whole light
a whole lot like Joker look at that sexy
isn’t he sexy ugly now I think Jim we
spoke about this last week who was it
Shelley Duvall from the shiny I said
she’s kind of like so so ugly but she’s
hot she’s got that that weird in-between
I think yeah Joaquin Phoenix has got
that same thing going on I mean I’m not
babe is he hot hot ugly she confirms and
she’s like she’s like a 10 I’m like a 8
so if she thinks she’s hot awfully he’s
hot ugly especially with that little
cleft lip thing he’s got going on there
anyhow excuse me for just one moment let
me um lubricate the pipes here Joaquin
Phoenix won the Academy Award for Best
Actor this year thanks to his
performance in Joker which was last year
2019 in which he starred as an early
iteration of the
Toomas Batman villain but it turns out
once upon a time the actor could have
played the Caped Crusader himself
oh this only gets better guys Darren
Aronofsky now guys if you don’t know
Darren Aronofsky I think he’s most
famous for requiem for a dream mother
which I absolutely loved that the mother
was masterpiece filmmaking Darren
Aronofsky looks back at his failed comic
book film quote Batman year one and
reveals it was his desire to have
Phoenix star as Bruce Wayne that got the
early aughts project killed by Warner
Brothers studio executives yeah damn
those suits and ties but this is the
first time the director has shared the
studio’s refusal to hire the actor now
this I feel kind of both ways about this
so let’s continue here’s Joaquin Phoenix
I’m sorry Arin Aronofsky he says the
studio wanted Freddie Prinze jr. and I
wanted Joaquin Phoenix he recalls I
remember thinking oh we’re making we’re
making two different films here that’s
the true story it was a different time
the Batman I wrote was definitely a way
different type of tank then they ended
up making that’s my horrible Aaron
Aronofsky impression as usual it’s
always horrible but I try he continues I
hear the way they’re talking about the
Joker movie and while them that’s
exactly that’s that’s my pitch I was
like we’re going to shoot in East
Detroit and these New York we’re not
building Gotham so interesting that this
even you know Aronofsky had the
foresight before Christopher Nolan
because guys remember for those of you
who aren’t movie freaks like us in the
chat before Christopher Nolan had the
Batman films what did we have we had
marker films Batman and Robin
Batman what was the other was it Batman
Robin God what was the one before Batman
and Robin
there was one because Batman and then
Batman Returns it’s Tim Burton we had
Batman Robin didn’t we have and well
that was Michael Keaton the Batman
Batman Returns let me look at the live
chat guys forever was it Batman Forever
yeah Val Kilmer Brian Hepburn for the
thank you sir saving my sweet black ass
yeah yeah that uh that I don’t know
there used to be a moan okay I can’t
sing like steel but anyhow great
soundtrack by the way Batman Forever
Batman and Robin and then jeez I’m
forgetting the third one already that I
mentioned anyhow
you get the point the Schumacher films
complete schlock right before that I
think Tim Burton now Tim Burton kind of
rested in between guys and correct me if
I’m wrong let me know if you agree if
you disagree but I think Tim Burton kind
of he kind of tiered on the edge of like
you know a alter cinema artistic cinema
that kind of cheated on the edge of
comic books Locke tongue-in-cheek kind
of campy right a little bit you have a
very cool dark art deco visual aesthetic
you had a great script great actors
great cinematography but a little tongue
in cheek as well either to this horse
material or to a meta commentary on the
franchise as it was in the 80s kind of
schlocky comic-book adaptations for film
yeah and then of course you had
Schumacher Full Tilt slot it was like
totally kowtow taken up the booty from
the studios that’s Schumacher like that
just taking it getting that cash from
that back card he says he never leaves a
cave without
which of course killed the whole
franchise and then we had the wonderful
Christopher Nolan with his Batman Begins
and of course the Cemil Batman The Dark
Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises as it
was built followed by the the dark sorry
the Dark Knight and then the Dark Knight
Rises really grounded right well
Aronofsky apparently had the foresight
to do something like that and also like
how todd phillips did with the Joker
grounding it in reality shot on location
in New York Chicago East Detroit as
Aronofsky has said having a darker more
grounded vision of similar to Batman
year one the Batman graphic novels and
guess what guys I don’t think I
highlight it here but Frank Miller was
actually attached this is interesting
look era Nazi said he was envisioning
his Batman movie in the same vein as the
1970s crime films such as Death Wish the
French Connection and taxi driver could
you imagine now I don’t know if Joaquin
Phoenix would be a good Bruce Wayne as
we expect him to be but he is an a-class
actor he can transcend any role that’s
given through him and you know what I’m
gonna give him I’m gonna give him the
benefit of the doubt how do you feel
about that sure he’s not what we would
expect a typical Bruce Wayne character
to be but could he’d lend something
different to the role a more darker or
needed performance as he did for the
Joker very subtle very grounded in
reality very visceral academy-award
commanding performance for Bruce Wayne I
think he has a chops to do it so guys
let me know what are your thoughts in
the comments in the livestream here I’m
gonna read them on screen right now
Aronofsky darren aronofsky of recruiting
for a dream mother films casting our
proposed casting for Joaquin Phoenix as
Bruce Wayne in his Frank Miller
co-written adapted screenplay of Batman
you’re one the graphic novel for a
presumed one-off or trilogy of Batman
films before the Joker before Chris
Nolan’s Batman anthology came out what
are your thoughts on that did Warner
Brothers drop the ball were the studio
executives too stupid for lack of a
better word wanting the cast
Freddie Prinze jr. oh yeah that would be
totally yeah Freddie Prinze jr. had his
time in the 90s I know what you did last
scooby-dooby-doo yeah that would have
not aged well at all would have been bad
that’s my opinion what are your thoughts
let’s move in here into the log chop
okay let me um huh bring it back here
cool all right I’m gonna move up here
Brian Hepburn says hey DJ yeah I think I
read that already oh okay
detective Jim boyars from Kentucky
sippin on that Jim Crowe whiskey says uh
so Aronofsky and Reeves had deals to do
a Batman movie apparently so at least
they were in the works
Reeves I’m thinking Christopher Reeves
for some reason why am I thinking
Christopher Reeves who who’s the Reeves
is there a Reeves in this article who
let me see you I got nothing in this
Reeves what Reeves are you talking about
Jim let’s find out Jim also acknowledges
Shelley Duvall Paula Long Beach says I’m
the days are running together and
everyone is very mess is it Halloween
yet it is the the apocalyptic prelude to
a Halloween Paul and I’m sorry you did
not get the memo but next weekend down
on Long Beach at the Queen Mary we’re
gonna be wearing our masks we’re gonna
be putting on chain and malice make sure
to put an apple and chain and gang on
your face we’re gonna be having a good
old orgy outside so I’m hope to see you
there bring plenty of Lube man Halloween
is coming early this year the he wolf
also says once the studio made a bad bad
choice that’s putting it lightly dude
Phoenix is so hot right now that Phoenix
is so hot right now
we’ve got to Freddie Prinze jr. it would
be a disaster yeah what the hell were
they thinking talk about totally tone
deaf right but I mean I understand it
makes sense in the 90s you know in the
90s we had actors who actors as I
understand and this is coming from my
understanding as a film goer and a film
enthusiasts as a six to 15 year old
child during the 90s 1990 I was 87 88 in
1993 okay I was three years old in 1992
mm I suck at math ten years
okay so 1990 I was three years old 1999
I was 10 11 give or take so from 3 to 11
I was an avid film goer mind you 2001 a
Space Odyssey captivated my imagination
at six years old in 1995 1994 not too
old so at least I had some cursory
understanding of what was happening and
even then despite my childish self would
have been liking and Freddie Prinze jr.
or some other you know personally Jim
Carrey playing the Riddler
which is cool as a child for shits and
giggles but as a serious film enthusiast
you know it’s a little a little too
close to home and look good too
on-the-nose yeah he would have been
disaster Freddie Prinze jr. uh
and totally like an actor of his time
judging totally judging I’m sure he’s
done plenty of indie films since this
could be doing his whole heartbreak
throb team throb movies chick flicks
whatever but you know that’s that’s what
we know him as that’s what I knew him is
and I might be prejudging I will fully
admit that similarly to ask people who
aren’t familiar with Robert Pattinson
filmography outside of Twilight Robert
Pattinson has done nothing but Indy
eight class bangers good time
the lighthouse what was that film the
science fiction film I got it high life
got it without looking at the chat great
yeah Robert Pattinson great so I can
understand maybe my view of fpj is
skewed but I think I might be right
thanks G wolf ok next comment
Jim Boyer says yeah a burden is very
artsy fartsy this stuff is a little
tongue-in-cheek yeah I’m glad you agree
dude we’re getting along quite well
these days Jim by the way I think we had
a little bit of a divergent opinion some
films are released most notably hodza
Shaw I like it for what it is but as far
as good cinema uh-huh G wolf also says I
like the Tim Burton Batman
yeah me too man but I grew up on the 60s
Batman and loved Adam West interesting
you say that G wolf no obviously I
didn’t grow up in the 60s dude but back
in my day when I was a young little wee
lass we used to watch shows on
television because the internet before
1996 and access to it on America Online
you watch shows on TV and I remember
watching the original Batman series
reruns of course I don’t work Hall which
channel they were on but they’re a
rebroadcast and yeah I did grow up with
the original
Adam West’s Batman so I can appreciate
that for what it is and I think it
exists in its own little bubble and we
can appreciate it for the time in which
it was made in the format for which
wasn’t made and appreciate it in its own
little bubble context I agree with you
no qualms there bro okay let’s see here
I Jim Boyer says I saw the lighthouse
yesterday in holy hell I’m still not
exactly sure what I watched Jim
interesting um Wow I wish I could pull
up I was okay it’s totally side tangent
I’m an ignorant the point is I’m not
sure what I watched either and I came
into contact with a a film a film
producer and a film a store owner he
owns like an archive of 35 millimeter
films when I was in San Southern
California he actually sold thirty five
millimeter prints to Quentin Tarantino
himself and we had a nice discussion
about genre cinema and of course you
know he mentioned Robert Edgar is the
lighthouse and he asked me you know what
I thought of it I expressed to him hey
you know visually I appreciated the
acting was great the sound design
fantastic firing on all cylinders but
narrative Lee what the hell that I
watched what was what was the point
what was the subtext I didn’t know and I
thought it was really interesting he
told me this he said well think about it
I think the lighthouse the environment
upon which rum Robert Pattinson and long
Defoe were situated upon was a metaphor
for purgatory that you know Robert
Pattinson character and spoiler alert
spoiler alert right now I’m gonna give
you ten five seconds five four three two
one spoiler alert lifted Robert
Pattinson was on this island presumably
in the real world but in reality we know
he was a bad person
and he did bad things throughout his
life and presumably he died and that
this was a stopping place for him upon
his next stage into the afterlife
which kind of like makes sense right
because we we see the film as it plays
out we take it as a as a matter of
right this is what’s happening in real
reality but we’re really like kind of
like made me think like you like what
the hell did I watch was I willing to
follow like masturbating to that
lighthouse getting it off you know with
some spiritual light and of course
Battin sin at the end of the movie
getting access again spoiler alerts
getting access to that light and then
something happening and then him being
on the beach and having like crows
picking at it and I’m like okay well
this scene tells me that something
supernatural is happening but everything
else I had watched kind of was like half
and half so what’s the reality of the
situation so I think if you if you view
it upon that context in mind that hey
this is a whole metaphysical construct
this is not reality this is a stepping
place into the afterlife it’s purgatory
and this is a determinate the
deterministic experiment for them to
find out whether or not they’re going to
hell or heaven I think it makes sense in
that context hopefully this is
mind-blowing for you as well Jim as it
was for me all right Jim also says who
is making the Batman with Pattinson what
wasn’t that Matt Reeves oh yeah Touche
okay cool yeah thank you bro he also
says I thought it was someone named
Reeves wait I see Brian Hepburn as it
and Brian yep Matt Reeves okay yep thank
you guys
yes got a little lost there but because
we’re yes we’re talking about Aronofsky
it’s all making sense
now I’m gonna give dr. Nina worth sell a
pass here I know she’s not familiar with
the format I did happen to catch her
comment here doctor please if you could
um you know in this broadcast or a
forthcoming broadcast highlight my
attention by submitting your statement
or question with at movie pop I’ll see
it highlighted in yellow or orange for
me to read on-screen dr. Nina does say
there’s a research paper stating Oh
blood group contains both a and being a
and B antibodies that the a blood group
Wow antibodies fascinating well you know
what I will look that up doctor and I
truly genuinely appreciate you bringing
this inside through to me and to
everyone viewing right now I think it’s
a paramount that we all stay safe and we
all keep in context with our own
specific biology and of course as you
mentioned blood types while also
maintaining social distancing wearing
protective PPE
when we’re out in public and doing
everything we possibly can to keep
ourselves away from any potential
contact with this this pandemic which I
believe the CDC at least in our Hospital
group have isolated to being specific to
droplets so droplet isolation is what
you need to be most focused on I mean
somebody who costs without a mask and
spreads particulate matter in the form
of liquid on your face in other various
areas most prominently into mucous
membranes like your eyes or nose and
absorbs air your mouth wearing a shield
is paramount not just a mask it’s
primarily droplet isolation doctor
correct me if you’re if you think I’m
wrong on that point although I’m most
assuredly confident I’m right based off
of the literature I’ve read and what our
Hospital has told us okay I’m gonna get
some more
topics I’m sorry some more comments
covered hearing guys Jude Lord we’re
almost an hour past our broadcast I’m
glad you’re all here this is the best
part honestly talking to you reading the
questions reading the comments we’re
done with the topic so but Paul in Long
Beach says you watched Batman 66 in 1996
thanks for making me in Jim Bors ng will
fill old DJ most welcome dude I feel old
I’m 33 now got a couple gray hairs here
my wife is in for me and I’ve got like
five or six or eight alright five or six
or eight around here
but I’m really hoping for the other the
Richard Reid cool you know gray Silver
Fox skunk look going on right here that
would be really tight if it doesn’t
maybe we can die some like white ear
want to do that for me for the next
broadcast she says sure it’s probably
half joking but let’s see you guys stay
tuned next weekend let’s see if I got
some cool Silver Fox going on here but
yeah I don’t feel old man you know it’s
all state of mind honestly I’ve met
people who are younger than me who are
mentally way older and people who are
older than me who were like just seems
like I’m talking to a buddy so it’s all
state of mind man don’t worry
anyhow as I get older in my years I
don’t want to be the stupid idiot 20
year old that I was before and I I
appreciate the knowledge and wisdom that
comes with age so as long as we keep her
body sexy and we’re still fudging or
significant others and we’re mentally
acute and I think all the better with
the years few wrinkles who cares okay
Jim Boyer says wow I actually did think
about the purgatory thing maybe I did
cool man good on you I had not so that
was a revelation for me when that person
told me about it maybe I did get it whoa
okay well glad you did Jim cool right
right way to rub it in my face dude
making me look like an idiot on here
all right Brian Hepburn says you’ll
catch up you’re only a couple years away
from looking like Jay Jonah hey Jay
Jonah eight jaemin’s I want to say Jay
Jonah Abrams JJ Abrams you movie nerds
we’ll get this Jay jonah Jameson yo only
a couple years dude come on
fucking what’s the actor’s name JK
Simmons that guy’s like 60 years old
breath more like a couple decades away
come on then
all right guys we are um about a minutes
before 2:00 p.m. I have to go to work in
an hour and get a little afternoon
delight in if you know what I mean also
prepare my lunch and get ready for work
so I think we’ve got all the topics
covered here we’ve got the wrap up ready
to go guys seriously every broadcast is
better than the last genuinely
appreciate Paul in Long Beach G wolf
Brian hat burn dr. Nina worse Sal
throaty Lions Jim boyars and we got one
more in the beginning to chat Chris
Newman for tuning in today
seriously guys thank you all so much for
your comments for your input Geordi
lines thank you so much for writing your
letter which is absolutely hilarious if
you haven’t seen it guys rewind to the
broadcast I read the letter
on-screen after our third news topics
and you know what while I’m here send me
a letter viewer letters your topic of
the week suggestions either or to DJ at
movie pop dot org I’ll be happy to read
it on screen like I did today for mr.
George Lyons from the United Kingdom’s
guys stay safe stay sexy keep tuning in
love you all so much thank you so much
for submitting your questions do you
wolf you’re a welcome welcome for a
being for me being on thank you for
being here Paul in Long Beach thank you
so much for dropping in bro glad your
relish the graze just beware he says
Souths oh just pretty soon the pubes
just saying fudge yeah
not looking forward to that so guys
without further ado thank you so much
for all being here we’ll see you next
weekend twelve noon pacific standard
time have a happy weekend and a
wonderful rest of your week