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1. 3:52 – HBO Max Orders ‘The Shining’ Offshoot ‘Overlook’ & More From J.J. Abrams 2. 12:19 – ‘On the Rocks’: Sofia Coppola Unveils New Details About Her Big Bill Murray Reunion 3. 16:10 – ‘Black Mirror’ Creator Readies ‘Antiviral Wipe’ Isolation Special for BBC 21:15 – VIEWER LETTERS 30:59 – COMMERCIAL BREAK 4. 32:35 – Christopher Nolan Will Have ‘Tenet’ Ready to Open July 17 — Unless Theaters Are Closed 5. 43:01 – Florence Pugh Will Unravel Again as Star of Olivia Wilde’s Upcoming ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ 6. 49:39 – AMC Theatres Won’t Reopen Until There Is New Studio Product Fin – 59:34


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what is up guys happy Saturday it is the
25th of April we made it through another
week in lockdown and I’m so happy to
have all of you here we’ve got some
topics to talk about this week
some of the top 10 biggest news topics
in Hollywood and for a movie news
although I do have to give you a heads
up we’ve only got eight topics this week
so as you know guys I try to keep it you
know as far away from kovat headline
topics as possible and my god this week
we had just just a trickling a little
bit of news upon us so we’re gonna cut
it down to eight this week but we do
have a new viewer letter we’re gonna
read about the midway point here
probably after the third or fourth topic
it’s a few word letter I haven’t read it
yet I made the graphic for it so I’m
excited to have it on screen I’m excited
for you guys to have your letters on
screen here as well and you know what
while we’re talking about this let’s uh
let’s give you a fresh little reminder
if you guys want to send me your viewer
letter you can do so by sending me a
letter at or sending me a letter to DJ
at movi pop org and of course also you
can submit your topic of the week
request no letter no sexy paragraphs
required just send me a headline in this
subject saying hey here’s my topic of
the week or in the body of the email you
can say hey DJ check this out I think
this article is pretty freakin cool bro
you should read it on screen man and I
will be happy to do so so guys we
haven’t had that yet no topics of the
week suggestions
except of course from Storm Shadow one
of our viewers here on the channel he’s
been doing that via Instagram however
online via email would be best but yeah
that’s what’s happening there guys so
just for remind you here how does a
format on this show work well we’re
gonna cover the top ten topics for the
I’m gonna answer questions and comments
live on air as they happen in the chat
you can do so by hitting me up by
highlighting my name so I can see it on
screen a little at movie pop before we
type your message I’ll read it after
I’ve read the articles on-screen and
yeah we’ll go through the show like that
so we’ll have to have a mr. Paul and
Long Beach here thank you so much for
being here bro
we’ve got some topics to talk about I’m
hoping you’re ready it seems like ready
we’ve got digital nomads sage in the
house happy Saturday brother and of
course the one the only damn it Gary mr.
G wolf three three three himself so guys
yeah let’s uh let’s get this bad boy
started off I don’t want to go no
overtime again I think we went two hours
last weekend that was freaking awesome I
enjoyed it it was great so I mean who
knows we might go into overtime today
but um yeah let’s start off with the
topics for the week here and as you can
see on screen boom I got it ready HBO
max ORS The Shining offshoot overlook
sounds great but JJ Abrams is attached
as a producer or executive producer
through his company bad robot now he’s
also gonna be doing a couple more series
for the new streaming service from HBO
HBO max titled duster and of course
Justice League dark so this is all
coming to us from bad robot if you
haven’t heard the news yet this is
coming from deadline HBO max has green
lighted three drama series from JJ
Abrams and Katie McGrath bad Rob bad
robots productions overlooked Wow I
can’t believe I’m reading this okay
overlook inspired by Stephen King’s The
Shining duster conceived by Abrams and a
DC dark a DC Justice League dark show
now these are bad robots first projects
for HBO max I’m gonna kind of give you
the headlines here some of the
highlighted points in the article I
think are definitely worth your
attention so let’s get to it
right now the horror thriller overlooked
is inspired by
and featuring iconic characters that’s a
big point to mention from kings of the
shining it explores the untold
terrifying stories of the most famous
haunted hotel in American fiction the
project reignites bad robot King that’s
Stephen King and WBTV who previously
collaborated on the psychological horror
series Castle Rock which had a two
season run on Hulu the first season I
did see I thought it was fantastic
storytelling fantastic cinematography
acting screenwriting
all of it top-notch right have you guys
seen season two by the way of a Castle
Rock I did not even know season two was
on Hulu yet so actually I did know
because I knew Tim Robbins wasn’t that
so a nice little call back to the
Shawshank Redemption let’s see her
alright so that covers our shining
that’s like the big headline for me but
for all you comic book nerds out there
who really love DC guess what Justice
League dark is a branch of the Justice
League obviously you knew this dedicated
to dealing with the mystical and
supernatural threats first appearing in
the September 2011 issue of Justice
League dark number one it has featured
characters mostly occult and offbeat
including John Constantine holy crap you
guys think we’re gonna get a little bit
more Keanu happening here that will be
freaking amazing I think if Keanu Reeves
came back as John Constantine and this
just a click Justice League dark series
for HBO max yeah star power behind the
camera and in front of the camera holy
crap I would love to see that what are
your thoughts guys we got a couple
quotes here I want to mention here what
an amazing start to our association with
the wildly imaginative bad robot team
under JJ and Katie said Kevin Riley who
is the chief content officer of HBO Max
and president of TNT TBS and truTV so
wow this is a really cool breaking news
article coming to us from deadline
really excited to know that at least you
know we’re gonna get well
yeah I’m kind of mixed feelings about
this so the shining of course seminal
like awesome filmmaking from Stanley
Kubrick recently reinvigorated by dr.
sleep directed by Mike Flanagan we knew
we had some TV movies or a one TV film
of The Shining that was gettin came out
like in the 90s right on like Lifetime
television or something not too great
but I think there’s a resurgence here
for like awesome film properties or
novel properties that can be adapted for
the film now bad robot guys if you
follow Star Trek lore we know a bad
robot a lot can be said about them with
regards to how they reboot Star Trek
Star Trek franchises but you know what I
mean hey Abrams and bad robot also
brought us lost in alias so as far as TV
production goes it’s kind of a mixed bag
right you can judge them based off the
merits of their TV productions or the
merits of their film productions of
course I think the film production is
kind of hit or miss hopefully we’ve
learned from the past and JJ Abrams
through bad robot can really deliver
something of quality on par with dr.
dr. sleep and The Shining for their
offshoot the overlooked series on HBO
Max and of course was Justice League
that’s another mixed bag to write
because DC didn’t do too well with a
Justice League movie right in my opinion
yeah I don’t know I’m excited about it
either way it’s always great to hear
some brand new news coming out in the
headlines here guys so let me know your
thoughts in the comments down below and
of course in the live chat over yonder
by highlighting my name at movie pop
I’ll read it on screen so without
further ado guys let’s uh let’s see
what’s happening in the chat and guys
give us a fantastic round of applause
for our content producer Tiffany she’s
here in the live chat she’s helping
moderate she’s helped set up this whole
thing here so thank you so much to you
Tiffany for doing all you can alright
guys so Paul in Long Beach says
I’m confused can we now call the Insane
Clown Posse the rational Clown Posse oh
boy well you know what it depends Paul I
think whether or not ICP is still making
fog oh hey go hey go the soft drink Fay
go yeah if they’re still making Fay go
and people are drinking and somebody
thinks it’s good enough to produce and
make I think they should be considered
insane still now if they discontinued
that line of beverages then yeah
probably more of a rational Clown Posse
as you say dude no already let’s see
what else we got up in here mr. G wolf
says most of my life The Shining was
just a cool movie and a okay miniseries
yeah definitely a okay now it’s a
universe and it still seems strange to
me interesting I’m curious why it seems
strange to you I mean I get it
right because probably most of life it
was just like this this cool tempo film
arthouse film that existed in its own
bubble perhaps
and now studios realized the potential
of the property they’re trying to grab
it they’re trying to branch off from it
so yeah I could imagine how that’s a bit
what would the equivalent be for me
something that I grew up with for most
of my life that remained as one solitary
thing and then branched off into several
other offshoots like 20 or 30 years
later Barney you guys were Barney I love
you you love me
yeah that’s firmly rooted in my
childhood like 1993 so it would be weird
for me to see like here in 2020 a Barney
movie a Barney prequel story about how
he came off the streets from smoking
meth and now Barney is reformed he’s a
child lovin dinosaur who wants to spread
joy and happiness into the world and
we’re gonna get like multiple IPS off
that yeah that would be a little little
journey I would imagine so
and yet you wolf does confirm yeah for
30 years it was a standalone movie jeez
yeah basically my whole life here up
dude so I could imagine
cool perspective bro thanks for sharing
I for one I mean the shining for me is
one of my top ten favorite movies of all
time so I’m glad to see that we’re
getting some some offshoots like dr.
sleep this overlooked series hopefully
it does have some of the same quality
and ties to the original Santa Cruz film
so yeah let’s move into the second topic
and then we’re gonna have our third
topic and then we’re gonna do our viewer
letters so second topic let’s go rat
meow and this is coming to us from
indieWIRE ooh yes and guys some big news
for me hopefully you guys share the
enthusiasm as well on the rocks is a new
film produced directed and written by
Sofia Coppola that is the daughter of
Francis Ford Coppola if you haven’t
caught on from the name Sofia Coppola
unveils new details about her big Bill
Murray reunion so yes alright on the
rocks is likely one of the year’s most
anticipated films from many indie movie
lovers as it marks the long-awaited
reunion between lost in translation
Oscar winner Sofia Coppola and actor
Bill Murray for this project
while the two worked together on the
2015 Netflix special a very Murray
Christmas the upcoming comedy drama on
the rocks will be their first theatrical
release together in the 17 years since
lost in translation was released Wow
17 years holy crap that is also one of
my top 10 films of all time what about
you now lost in translation which one
Coppola the Academy Award for Best
Original Screenplay and NAB nominations
for Best Picture Best Director and Best
Actor for Murray specifically so cool a
little bit of news here we’ve got a
quote this is Bill Murray and rashida
Jones yes they play father and daughter
and she’s married to Marlon Wayans what
Marlon Wayans making the comeback all
right Marlon Wayans a successful
businessman who is traveling a lot and
beautiful assistant Coppola said
Rashida’s character has suspicions the
dad who’s kind of a sophisticated
Playboy gets her paranoid because he’s
seeing men through his point of view
it’s sort of the clash between the two
generations and her being a young woman
and he’s a gentleman of another
generation it’s kind of a clash of how
they look at relationships and also how
your relationship with your parent
affects your relationships in your life
we finished a little while ago it’s the
two of them as a father and daughter
sort of on a little adventure to spy on
her husband it’s a lot of them talking
about life and men about life and men
and women over martinis in New York cool
I think that last quote there really
solidified what this film is going to be
about right it seems like it’s gonna be
a dreamy cityscape film that’s you know
focused on the dialogue focused on
character relations within the context
of a kind of a wacky wacky storyline
here with a the father-daughter kind of
spying on the the daughters husband
if anybody can do it I think Sofia
Coppola and Bill Murray are two
juggernauts in their own so I’m excited
to see them come back together for this
project especially considering they did
so well with lost in translation which
debuted seventeen years ago good God can
you imagine that guy so that was what
2000 2003 yeah Wow all right looking
forward to it guys but the real question
here is what are your thoughts on this
let me know in the comments and of
course in the live chat over yonder so
let’s um let’s head over there without
further ado Paul in Long Beach says this
sounds awesome dude yes I am so with you
anything involving Murray you know I’ve
got a flaming red rocket for so really
excited to see that man all right guys
third topic here let’s get it going and
this one of course is going to be coming
to us from variety for all you black
mirror fans will get
what we don’t have another season and a
black mirror coming up but the closest
thing to it is coming to us from Black
Mirror series creator Charlie Brooker in
which variety in ten titles he is
readying an anti viral wipe quote name
of the series isolation special for the
BBC black mirror creator Charlie Brooker
is making a half an hour
isolation special of his wipe review
series for the BBC with the working
title of Charlie broker’s anti viral
wipe last year Brooker said he was too
busy working on the Netflix series black
mirror to focus on wipe but the lockdown
has clearly freed up some of his time
the BBC said Brooker will be taking a
typically sharp look at life in lockdown
and a show made during the lockdown now
the program will air on channel BBC 2
and will feature a coverage of the
crisis itself Rooker will also be
looking at things people are watching
and doing to keep themselves occupied so
a lot of fluff here in the article that
is kind of like the meat the meat and
potatoes of it so guys I haven’t I’m
gonna be honest with you as I always am
I’m not gonna pretend like I know about
something I’m not aware of I had no idea
Charlie Brooker was doing a a wipe
series or anti viral wipe series on BBC
so I’m curious to see more about his
content because I think him as a writer
as a as a producer has a lot of thoughts
and opinions on certain things and to
see him branch out from Black Mirror I’d
like to see what that’s all about so
here we are with the news anti viral
wipe focused on this crazy time we’re
all living in together that will be
premiering on BBC two I don’t think the
date was disclosed here a little bit but
bababa is it here let’s see the pilot
was watched nope that is not it pretty
sure yeah yeah no I don’t think they
mentioned when it will be premiere
but it is in production so keep your
eyes open and glued on the web for that
but yeah I’m excited for it I love black
mirror I think we all love black mirror
that’s worldwide considering it was
originally broadcast on the BBC and then
distributed by Netflix internationally
so I think the whole world is in
agreeance black mirror is the new
Twilight Zone so what are your guys
thoughts on this Charlie broker’s new
series let me know in the comments and
also in the live chat over yonder all
right so mr. G wolf says uh that will
take our mind off what’s going on I hope
so man but you know what it is an
isolation special so it’s kind of like
having your foot in one door one and
outside the door as well right
either way content is content
entertainment is entertainment so
anything that keep us away from the
drudgery that is our everyday lives is
good mr. Paul and Long Beach says
hydroxychloroquine to Lysol
Boogaloo dude Wow how can i address that
without being political what an idiot
yeah yeah yeah okay so the
hydroxychloroquine thing valid opinion
honestly it’s part of the regimen of
therapy hydroxychloroquine is to throw
myosin some other antimalarials as far
as like the regimen goes with what’s at
least the hospital’s I’ve worked in are
establishing as routine therapy but
Lysol disinfectant injecting it or
considering it and Jack Nam hmm anyways
duly noted ooh duly noted dude Lysol
Boogaloo indeed hydroxychloroquine to
watch out for that feature-length film
directed by Paul in Long Beach coming
soon Gigi wolf says I’m sure the corona
movies are being written now dude world
wars he – right yeah they could totally
branch off branch off of the current
situation right now that would be
interesting I’m sure it might be being
written as well we’ll see all right guys
I want to move into our viewer letter
this is coming to a gentleman from the
United States all right we got somebody
stateside here guys so if you could
please turn your attention to the screen
right now and let’s see one of our
viewer letters from mr. mark London ooh
that is a sexy-ass name mr. mark London
all right mark London from the United
States says here it’s really sad to hear
about AMC and how they’ve had to issue
five hundred million dollars in debt to
stay liquid now as a kid I really
enjoyed going to movie theaters the last
few times I went out with my family with
the rise in personal consumer technology
I’ve noticed how something niche like VR
may be more commonplace I’ve seen
arcades die out in the United States due
to American families transitioning to
home consoles with the stay at home
economy in full force I feel for movie
theaters right now their revenues
depended much on concessions ads etc
there may be a day where instead of
physically going through a theater we
may instead Don headsets for that quote
movie theater feel unquote in the
mainstream Wow Wow
wouldn’t that be something huh now he
does continue to say it’s niche right
now but it’s possible it may be
commonplace in the future once the
deficiencies in VR virtual reality are
ironed out what’s your take on the issue
movie pop should we still keep the
custom of gathering in movie theaters
once this pandemic is over
or should we upgrade to the VR lifestyle
to enjoy movies from the comfort of our
own home
hearing you talk about Marvel movies
being streamed straight to Disney Plus
got me thinking about it
thanks alright hey Wow dude that’s a
pretty deep freaking question man that’s
gonna go outside the purview of my
quote-unquote professional opinion here
on YouTube as a YouTube pundit and
that’s gonna firmly route us here into
the technology space so yeah you know
good question bro um what is my thoughts
on that specifically I think honestly
off the bat man this for me personally I
think until VR or augmented reality but
more specifically to your question VR
until VR like perfectly replicates what
our everyday experience is as human
beings you know tactile sensation being
able to smell things walk around in
three-dimensional space until that like
parallels reality until VR parallels
reality like one per one I think going
to theaters you know in real life with
your baby or your mama or your daddy or
your brother your sister or your mother
or anybody else
I mean sharing an experience you know in
an auditorium of whether it’s 30 or 300
people on a large format screen with
that bombastic sound Adobe Digital
experience can only give you until that
can be rivaled digitally virtually on
set I don’t think that will be the that
will be a I don’t think VR will be able
to replace that experience until that
happens but of course I think you know
like I’m sure you like me enjoy watching
film streaming from the convenience of
your home probably a majority of the
time and then you know once in a while
when you want to see that big tent pole
film or you just want to go out and get
that that theater experience you know
you go out and do that and the to live
in harmony with each other so I think
for the time being yeah the two will
remain in harmony with each other they
have both have their benefits but I
don’t think VR will replace that it’s
for some time now anyways what are we
like 20 30 years in the horizon we know
Elon Musk is gonna get the the whole
brain machine interface through neural
ink happening so yeah it could be our
future man but yeah I want to make sure
I answered both of your questions here
did you asked me about that and then
also um yeah I think that was it so okay
cool that’s my take on the issue thank
you so much mark for writing in bro
really appreciate it guys we’re gonna go
into our next topic but we got mr. Brian
Hepburn here I see I’m highlighting my
name so I’m gonna go boom back on screen
Brian thank you so much for joining the
chat here man Brian does have to say to
you guys and to me here I think they
should keep reinventing I’m sorry I
think they should keep renovating with
the you know I’m going to make this
larger because apparently I’m going
blind and my 33 years of age
Brian Hepburn says I think they should
keep renovating with the sofa recliner
lounge style seating so you’re not
sitting and crammed in all crammed in
all on top of each other less seats
available but that may drive up demand
interesting Brian yeah so dude are you
talking about AMC because you know we
have that AMC has to I think they have
three types of leather recliner seating
so you have the Dolby Digital theater
that does not recline as much as the AMC
signature recliners which require a
pretty good deal and which are my favor
uh uh actually that they don’t they
don’t rumble and vibrate like the Dolby
Digital but in terms of reclining and
the feet that the feet that stick out
great and then of course they have the
AMC dining which i think is basically
the same thing but it has this weird
attachment that’s just it kind of gets
in the way man so if I just want to know
if you’re talking about AMC should they
improve upon those reclining seats there
Brian I think you know what dude that’s
really interesting sorry did I say there
are three there’s actually four the best
that I’ve seen Brian AMC City walk the
universal cinemas at Universal Studios
of course or Universal
city wok dude exactly as you described
it I think each auditorium 4050 seats
and dude I’m talking those bad boys
recline all the way basically and your
feet all the way up you’re basically
laying like in a mini bed and yeah small
small auditorium but like super like
wide space even like you know I’m like
when you recline up with your feet and
then people try to walk in front of you
you know you have to do that we were
themed like let me lower it down or let
me adjust my feet away like it’s really
annoying right no not here like there’s
such a wide berth of space you can be
fully reclined back feet up and then
people still have like a good probably
three feet of space in front of you to
walk past you so you’re totally in
comfort like while you’re watching the
ads eating your concessions before the
film even starts I think that is exactly
what you’re talking about Brian so yeah
AMC has done that but I’ve only seen it
at the AMC actually AMC CityWalk and
then I believe it was AMC Fullerton they
have that type of seating as well so all
right let’s see what we got here mr. G
wolf says AMC said they ain’t going to
reopen until Tennant and Mulan are
released oh you motherfucker I had that
coming up and one of the news articles
here so yeah G well if you are correct
on that he says it so it’s going to be a
while before they’re back all right G
wolf I’m gonna address that actually
specifically your whole point there also
the facts you mentioned there
specifically in the broadcast so yeah
good on you man all right Brian does
continue he says yes get rid of the old
stadium style seating and yeah you have
at least three feet between each others
and more dude totally right on with you
– I agree I think stadium style has its
benefits considering if you’re gonna
fill out the whole auditorium but you
know what it’s really done because for
the most part and correct me if I’m
wrong even when I
nobody wants those like what’s the
opposite of a nosebleed
like I’ve been at the top of Adobe
Digital it’s not the same as in the
middle and being in the front of Adobe
Digital and this applies to any other
like auditorium as well
the front very front the very back they
suck and most of the times most times
they’re not even filled up so why even
have that kind of seating arrangement if
most people aren’t gonna occupy it
what’s the exception for like you know
Avengers endgame yeah I had those
nosebleed front seats where I’m like
looking up my neck you know halfway
in-between my back not it not ideal
experience so yeah good point man I
think by and large I agree with you
whether or not they can pull it off yeah
let’s write them a letter ha let’s start
a campaign all right all right
G Wolfe says hey sorry didn’t mean to
bring up upcoming topics no worries dude
you couldn’t possibly know and of course
I’m joking I don’t really care if you
bring them up all the more on for you
great man I’m glad you’re following the
movie news and you’re you’re
contributing here so it’s fantastic and
we’re gonna have something to talk about
shortly so awesome guys of course let me
know your thoughts right here in the
live chat and also write down below in
the comment section but before we do
that I think we are oh yeah its
commercial time so guys give me a moment
take a little bit of a break here I’m
working on a new commercial but uh it’s
taking a while to make so of course we
got reruns here so bear with me chat
amongst ourselves
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okay thanks through our sponsors right
there for the latest in air travel okay
guys so this one is coming to us from
Indy wire and this is big news for for
me anyhow Christopher Nolan will have
tenants ready to open July 17th unless
theaters are closed now I think you wolf
is is gonna tie in right into the
comment you are used to preempted beyond
so no worries bro Warner’s is eager to
get Nolan’s tentpole into global
theaters even if they’re half full at
the height of summer when demand could
be high Nolan is renowned for his
passionate support of the theatrical
experience and the symbolism of being
the last blockbuster standing if not the
only new film in theaters if and when
theaters reopened this summer is
symbolically powerful financially that’s
anyone’s guess
while the film is hotly anticipated and
this is referring to Tennant it also
cost over 200 million dollars and would
need the support of theaters around the
world especially if social distancing
rules reduce per screening attendance
now that’s an interesting point that
mentioned because this film costing over
two hundred million dollars we know that
we all know the movie math right a film
has to gross in terms of box office
returns three times its budget to be in
the black beyond the red so over six
hundred million dollars
ideally a seven hundred eight hundred
million dollars would firmly Rudy into
being a profit for the studios while the
studio has revamped much of its release
schedule due to pandemic theater
closings tenants is still locked on its
original release date Oh stubborn as
ever mr. Nolan quote theaters are back
and that is what we offer that is
different from the home
viewing experience who said that I
highlighted I don’t know who said it
though no somebody said it so alright
we’ll go with that
now here are some awesome other awesome
things I mentioned here on this is
regard regarding tenet tenon is go big
or go home it’s expected to have a 70
millimeter 35 millimeter IMAX as well as
standard digital / digital presentation
it’s thriller action plot has been kept
under wraps but it’s time-travel spy
elements and more themes as well as its
massive location shoots around the world
suggests the scope of a film maximized
by the theatrical experience throw in
what appears to be a typically epic
nolan story and it takes all the WoW
boxes that could Herald the theaters
return yeah interesting article here
guys of course I suggest you’ve read it
if you want the nitty gritty on it but I
think kind of the through line here is
this theaters are shut down nationwide
for the most part worldwide exhibitors
are hesitant to come back into into
business because for one provided that
the federal government has fear still on
lockdown our CDC is still advising
people with shelter in place stay at
home even if fears were to open up again
studios are not releasing any of their
newest films so what are they gonna show
besides previously released films so on
the one hand yeah they may have a green
light to be open like in Georgia this
week but they’ve got nothing new to show
so that combined with a population who
is reticent to go out in public
especially to watch something they could
see at home already that’s not new what
incentive is there for a theater chain
to to open early so I think the cool
thing about this article is a hey you
know what we’re looking at projections
for you know when the public can go back
and the open spaces tenant will be
fantastic blockbuster film to kind of
kick off theaters opening again
alongside Mulan G wolf I think that was
that wasn’t mentioned in this article
maybe another article so we’ve got these
big blockbuster films holding on to
their release dates and I think you know
provided everything is safe for all of
all of us to go out in public I think
that’d be a great way to kick off the
summer we’ve yeah what do you guys think
I’m excited like I said before if this
if the theater opened right now and they
were playing back to the future I’d be
there I love the experience you know I’d
be safe about it but yeah I think I
think I’ve had enough of this shelter
employees situation for lack of a better
word so yeah let me know your thoughts
guys down in the comments below of
course in the lights yeah over yonder
let’s see what we got happening here but
up but bah
I ain’t got nothing all right cool
so let’s go into it guys we got two more
topics here
let’s close out with our second to the
last topic and this one is going to be
coming to us again from the find fault
at any wire oh wait you know what boom
let me go back cuz I think we got a
comment here from mr. G wolf he just had
to type out six seven and word by each
topic oh sorry guys technical
bear with me for one moment area okay
boom is that correct I don’t know what
in the hell is going on all right mr. G
wolf says even if they are open they
will they will be half empty and that’s
going to be hard to recoup a 200 million
dollar movie yeah I bet they will wait
and see how the box office returns are
for lower budget movies first yeah dude
it’s interesting you know at least
you’re not wrong in your assumption I
think probably if I were to play
conservatively yeah I’d go with you as
well I think they’re right now they’re
kind of looking at the situation through
rose-tinted rose-tinted glasses hoping
for that July release date and
everything will subside by then but it’s
hard to say and it really does depend on
what the public feels comfortable with
doing you know if they can’t fill up
those auditorium spaces it doesn’t
matter how big of a blockbuster this
film is people aren’t going to see it it
may be worth delaying it so yeah
interesting though so as far as lower
budget films being released release
first right to test the waters as it
were I haven’t heard any news on it have
you guys heard anything about smaller
studios like an a 24 or Fox Searchlight
or Searchlight Pictures now releasing
their lower budget films just to kind of
test the waters I haven’t heard anything
yet I’d be curious to know yeah
interesting how are you feeling about
that G wolf personally I know you’ve
been sheltering in place for a good
while Paul how are you feeling bro are
you ready to go watch the movies like if
they open today am I just crazy what are
your guys thoughts on that I’m ready to
go okay so let’s see what else we got
here in the chat
Paul I happen to see their comment here
despite it not being highlighted he says
come on DJ you’re still a newlywed there
has to be something what happened to my
voice there there has to be something to
keep you busy
oh let’s see what the a wife here says
before I open my mouth too much yes
we’re busy we’re keeping you busy so
busy that I wish we could be more
prepared for this broadcast yeah we’ll
leave that that but definitely we’re
keeping it busy if you know what I mean
Paul is not ready to go back to theatres
duly noted sir I’m not gonna say you’re
wrong I totally understand man
I’m ready to go however so yeah
interesting though because not everyone
feels the same way so theaters and
studios will have to temper their
expectations based upon how the public
feels best first and foremost and
foremost G wolf also says I’ve heard of
no new theater releases it’s still a
waiting game so yeah all right so at
least I’m correct in that yeah I wish we
could test the waters like you said dude
so yeah I may be a long wait for us here
guys hopefully we can see Tennant in
July because you know what guess what
dude I think what Mulan we should have
seen in March already March 20th no time
to die wasn’t that sometime this month
it was supposed to come out and then
there was something else oh dude Black
Widow May 10th I mean these are three
freaking huge films I was so excited to
see I’m sure we all were excited to see
and now they’ve been pushed back so yeah
paul also says ‘in my theater is a
Cinemark II haven’t been a Cinemark
that’s not the same one that Campea
talks about right the one like you
really hates in Canada that’s like price
gouging the people there this is
Cinemark I don’t know but it rings a
bell okay so Cinemark Jack you Paul okay
for sure man let me know on that dude
guys let’s Paul says no that’s
the same one okay it was sent us
something it’s in a world I don’t know
anyhow it’s Canadian irrelevant okay
let’s move into our second to the last
topic guys and this one is regarding
Florence Pugh apparently Florence pule
unravel again as a star of Olivia Wilde
upcoming don’t worry darling pew and
Shia LaBeouf are set to lead Wilde’s
book-smart follow-up also starring Chris
Pine cool we’ve got a star-studded cast
here for what seems to be an
up-and-coming actor turned director
being Olivia Wilde in her feature-length
film titled don’t worry darling starring
Shia LaBeouf and Chris Pine all right
let’s see what’s happening here with
that on the heels of a banner here with
midsummer and an Oscar nomination for
little woman
Florence Pugh is back and ready for
another psychological breakdown on the
big screen it’s just been announced via
deadline that director Olivia Wilde’s
follow-up to book-smart don’t worry
darling will star Pugh alongside Shia
LaBeouf Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde this
warmly welcomed casting news amid a
haunted Hollywood that’s seen in recent
months deals trickle like a leaky faucet
yeah definitely trickling like a leaky
faucet indeed hence the eight articles
we only have the cover for today the
film is a psychological thriller set in
a utopian desert community circa the
1950s details remain scarce but the
description alone should be enough to
drum up fans of midsummer also a
psychological thriller about a utopian
community gone mad alright a little bit
of news there guys despite the fact we
don’t have much in the production
pipeline for a Hollywood at the moment
everything has been put on hold
it’s always worth mentioning projects
that have been Green greenlit and
projects that have been Greenland
competent directors and actors attached
to it so I’m excited to see this I love
everyone involved in the project did you
guys see midsummer did you see Little
Women did you like honey boy do you like
these actors um how are you feeling
about this I’m excited got me nips nice
and tight um yeah looking good a little
bit of good news here so yeah let’s turn
it to you guys here in the live chat and
also leave me your thoughts down in the
comments below let’s see okay yeah G
will appear as following up saying Mulan
is also saying a July 24th release as
well yeah push back from the 20th of
March I think did
so hopefully that remains the same
you’re an a what April 25th May June
July that’s three months away I would
pray that that would be enough time for
us to get back into theater so that’s a
long time man hopefully that remains the
same all right Paul in Long Beach says
since Sony delayed spider-man 3 they
forced Marvel to push back Doctor
Strange – ooh boss Jencks on bikes um
you know what Paul dude on on I’m just
thinking off the cuff here I you know as
a fan of course right as fans like we we
we want to see something as soon as
possible but I think my kind of might my
my mo is an okay let me let me preface
this with this I’m a big Final Fantasy 7
fan huge since it came out in like what
98 99 and I’ve been waiting over 20
years for this remake there’s been a lot
of talk about Final Fantasy being remade
from that whole 20 year period and you
know as I would read the headlines and
hear about the possibility of it
happening my opinion throughout those 20
years time was however long you need to
take to make it right and make it
perfect and make it the way we want it
the fans wanted the way the fans deserve
it the way the audience deserves it take
as long
so with that question you posted me you
know if the studios if the people
involved in production feel that is the
best thing to do to enhance the product
even if it means for us waiting longer
and it being pushed back once twice ad
infinitum I think all the better as long
as the end result is a high quality
piece of material for us to consume and
watch for the rest of our lives I think
it’s all the better men right I mean you
don’t want to rush it out and then be
disappointed with it be disappointed
with it and never return to it how do
you feel about that cuz I know certain
people have different opinions in me so
I’m curious about yours man that’s my
thoughts on it all right G will says and
I saw it in my periphery vision Shia
LaBeouf acting what is this timeline G
Wolfe what timeline have you been living
in bruh Shia LaBeouf acting yeah I love
this guy since I don’t like Disney
series or films but I loved him in
there’s even Stevens great I thought he
was great in I Robot great in Indiana
Jones I thought he was one of the best
parts of that film loved him in honey
boy good God definitely oscar-worthy
performance you know he kind of went a
little crazy before that but I think I
appreciated his artistic integrity with
his whole art show in person in LA if
you guys remember that where he said
like I’m not I’m not famous and he put
like a bag over his head and stood in
the room for like 12 hours straight and
let people walk in and take pictures and
all that like it was like a meta
commentary on Fame and all that but I
think the guys got some acting chops oh
and the peanut butter Falcon great
fantastic awesome so yeah that’s the
time live the time line I be living in G
Wolf what timeline you be living in man
I think he’s great I love it thanks for
the thanks for the thoughts there though
man alright guys we are on the last
topic and I think we’re gonna be able to
we pull this into our one our typical
broadcast so without further ado let’s
go into our eighth and final topic guys
thank you so much for tuning in
this one will be coming to us and this
is more sad news from The Hollywood
Reporter oh boy hold on let me let me
take a sip of some Jim Crow here Cheers
Gary EMC fears won’t reopen until there
is a new studio product so this is kind
of wrapping up everything we’ve been
talking about here in the chat guys on
the broadcast so let’s close it out here
with a with a downer a number of states
led by Republican governors are giving
businesses the okay to flip on the
as early as next week including cinemas
AMC theaters on Friday said it won’t
open its 630 plus u.s. locations until
there is new Hollywood product to roll
out I think that’s the biggest important
part of the article and that’s why I
highlighted it in red the first summer
studio film currently on the books is
Christopher Nolan’s Tennant on July 17th
followed by Mulan a week later on July
24th right at Yugi wolf the company’s
comments come several days after the
National Association of theatre owners
also known as Nadeau not the North
American treaty organization whatever it
was we’re taught about in civics class
speaking on behalf of AMC and other
circuits cautioned that cinemas won’t be
flipping on the lights right away even
if some states are rushing to lift
shelter-in-place orders instituted due
to the novel coronavirus pandemic now
this is a quote from AMC it says as we
plan on reopening the health and safety
of our guests and associates in our is
our absolute highest priority to be able
to be able to reopen we
also need a line of sight into a regular
schedule of new theatrical blockbusters
that get people truly excited about
returning to their favorite movie
theaters those blockbusters are
scheduled to return this summer
beginning with Warner Brothers Tennant
and Disney’s Mulan with many more major
titles rescheduled immediately
thereafter AMC said this Friday in a
statement and they also continued while
we expect to open our theaters in the
weeks ahead of these new blockbusters
utilizing creative programming of
immensely popular previously released
films we would be wise to do so only
directly in advance of the release of
major new movie titles so that’s from
the horse’s mouth themselves they want
to make sure your health and the public
health is of the utmost priority but
honestly I think the through-line
reading in between the lines there was
listen we ain’t opening the damn
theaters until we get some new films
released by the studio’s bottom line
really it’s all about the money right so
provided we get the film’s from the
studios provided the public is willing
and ready to go out to theaters we
opening even if the governors of any
respective state says hey come on open
up your business let’s watch some films
the majority of the country’s five
thousand five hundred plus movie
theaters have been shut
shuddered have been shuttered since
March 20th while Hollywood studios
quickly pull their movies from spring
and early summer calendars more than 150
cinemas workers have been laid off in or
for load while all of AMC’s corporate
staff including CEO
Adam Aaron have been furloughed on a
staggering or staggered basis AMC has
been particularly hard-hit because of
the debt load heading into this pandemic
and as we covered in the last broadcast
last week this article does continue to
confirm lasts earlier this month the
company announced a 500 million dollar
debt offering any movie in a move
designed to avert having the
for chapter 11 bankruptcy now
really cool point here the mission
because I’m feeling like yeah my should
have bought some stock cuz I knew
anybody with a brain knew me and Jim
boyars knew AMC ain’t going nowhere man
if you’re betting against AMC you’re a
tune into last week’s broadcast if your
thoughts on that but really interesting
end to the article here it says on
Monday the same Wall Street analyst Eric
Wald of be wryly FBR upgraded his rating
on the company’s stock from sell to
neutral saying that he was quote
increasingly confident the company can
avoid bankruptcy during the shutdown
baby Jesus black baby Jesus thank you
we all knew Eames he wasn’t going
nowhere they would find a way to survive
whether they had the restructure even if
they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy
they would still remain in some form in
some capacity operating but great to see
that least the creditors the analysts
have upgraded their rating on the
company after the news of their five
hundred million dollar debt offering to
carry them through there are their cash
reserves on hand which I think in total
AMC has stated that they have enough
cash and loans to carry them through the
end of summer or into the beginning of
fall without any additional revenue
coming in so yeah guys let me know your
thoughts on this article here how would
you feel about aims I think we covered
it how you would feel about AMC opening
now but what do you think about AMC’s
decision not to reopen until there’s
some new studio products all right let’s
move here to the live chat ball in Long
Beach says my name that’s it that’s all
I got my name highlighted the baseball G
wolf says there won’t be any new movies
unless the cinemas open up and they
open up until history yeah what a
catch-22 huh that’s a riddle for the
2020 20s there won’t be no movies until
it’s like Fat Bastard saying I’m fat
because I eat and I eat because I’m fat
or something like that right I’m sad
because I’m fat and I eat because I’m
sad there or something like that yeah
you get it but yeah typical catch-22
there man Paul in Long Beach says go up
one shat okay let me go up boom gotcha
thanks Paul appreciate it brother all
right Paul and Long Beach says have we
tried gamma rays oh I hear that makes
the body change very strongly very
powerfully and what about the bite of a
radioactive spider look I’m not a doctor
maybe it works maybe it doesn’t
dude Paul are you are you quoting Trump
is that a trump quote from the last
could a virus task force broadcast yeah
dude you know what I think there is a
nuclear power plant somewhere in
Southern California actually yeah near
Camp Pendleton
I might make a drive down there and just
jump in between them them circular
looking titties and see if I can get any
powers here might work maybe it won’t I
don’t know we’ll find out
yeah Oh guys I think that is about a
wrap for us here we kept it nice no it’s
in toy for this whole hour here we only
got eight topics but we got a viewer
letter we covered your questions your
comments in the live chat and guys I
don’t think I opened up with a broadcast
here but seriously Paul in Long Beach G
Wolf digital nomad stage Brian Hepburn
everyone else tuning into the broadcast
right now or in the weeks passed
seriously dude you guys make this what
it is
this would be so boring who is just me
talking to myself and trust me I’ve been
there and I will be there actually this
I’m gonna be reviewing ghost in the
shell’ stand alone complex 2045 which
released on the 24th of April on Netflix
twelve episodes brand new ghost Nichelle
I’m loving it so far so I’m reviewing it
it’ll be up hopefully Sunday night I
might do extraction as well but
definitely ghost Michelle anyhow my
whole point of this tangent was that you
guys are what makes this awesome so I
really do genuinely appreciate all of
you come in here chat with me chat with
Tiffany chat with each other and
building another small little community
here so seriously guys thank you all so
much love talking with you I hope to see
you next week Saturday seems like 12:00
noon is gonna be the broadcast time
right now so make sure of course follow
me on instagram at movie pop official on
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course make sure that you know engage
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hope you all have a fantastic weekend be
have some fun of course and yeah we’ll
see you next weekend guys thank you all
so much take care