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hey guys what’s happening it is what is
today the 15th of February it’s Saturday
it is uh the the fallout of singles
Awareness Day also known colloquially as
Valentine’s Day so for those of you guys
subscribing and tuning in to the live
chat right now thank you so much for
being here dude guys I’m super height
because you know last weeks you know I
think this the broadcast went pretty
well because of yours truly but the
topics were kind of like here bottom of
the barrel
but this week we have some relief Oh God
phenomenal talk is to talk about ha but
I’m not about how about phenomenal
topics to talk about so let’s just get
started on that shortly but again guys I
just want to hope you had a fantastic
singles Awareness Day or Valentine’s Day
if you didn’t have a Valentine in your
life remember you’re always in my heart
and I love you so mr. Jordan Lyons
what’s up dude thank you for being here
thank you kindly
Jim Boyer’s damn dude double tag-teaming
then we got the we got the a team up in
here so cool hopefully we get some other
viewers here today oh shit
fuckin G won’t damn money team it’s the
trifecta of movie fans here all right
all my favorite people
I’m robing real nobody else can hear us
right yeah yeah guys without any further
ado I want to just kind of just jump
into you it it jump into this if you’ll
indulge me because we got some good
topics here like I said so let’s just uh
let’s just get right into it today this
first one is coming to us from IGN
dot-com it’s regarding Star Wars and the
Mandalorians spin-offs and the TV show
spin-offs so quote the Star Wars
universe looks to grow on Disney Plus
okay okay do it
Disney boss Bob Iger gave an update out
in the future of his Star Wars universe
and where the company will be shifting
its creative focus over the coming years
during a quarterly earnings call we’re
taking a bit of Hiva hiatus in terms of
theatrical releases we finished in the
nine Episode Skywalker saga and we’ve
been developing both television and
features Iver explains the priority in
the next few years is television now
that’s through that’s really that’s a
hot take right there so let’s talk about
that shortly but with the season 2 of
the mandalorian coming in October and
then more coming from the Mandalorian
thereafter including the possibility of
infusing it with more characters and the
possibility of taking those characters
in their own direction in terms of
series so alright another hot take right
there Wow Wow Wow now this is really
this is kind of like the most important
part of the article I think your guys
because Uyghur says he went on to
confirm that the obi-wan Kenobi series
starring Ewan McGregor and rogue one
prequel series with Diego Luna are both
still in development
yes let’s confirm from the horse’s mouth
himself assuming he’s telling us the
truth and not pulling a JJ on us yeah
sorry you know I lost my bluetooth mics
Mouse so I’m a little janky here on the
scrolling and all that I’m losing my
spot okay so yes the development of the
both of series cool and then um he says
and then we have a prequel to rogue one
and an obi-wan series also in
development yeah yeah I just said that
so the priority of Star Wars in the
short term is going to be television for
Disney Plus and then we’ll have more to
say about the development of the
theatrical releases soon after that so
guys I think first of all if you’re
gonna ask me my initial thoughts on this
I think that’s a fantastic move one
because I’m a cheap-ass
and I’m poor two three convenience I
mean we all know going to the movies
is freaking amazing it’s awesome I love
it I’m sure you guys love it too but
it’s not something you can always manage
I’m into your daily life especially if
you’re busy so the convenience of a
streaming service and getting access to
quality Star Wars content that is new
and goes direct to streaming I think is
really cool and then the last reason and
probably the most important reason I
think especially with the Mandalorian
it’s it’s critically praised by
audiences and critics alike and I think
you know the restricted budget really
has done a service to the franchise
because with this with the new saga you
know often times I do feel like it’s it
relies very heavily on this spectacle
and the CGI of it whereas when you’re
working with a tighter budget you’re
definitely pushed into a corner more to
focus on story character development all
those other attributes that don’t cost
you know fantastic budgets necessarily
so and that’s I think that’s been extra
expertly defined as in the case of the
Mandalorian so I’m excited guys what are
your thoughts on this here so let’s just
jump in right into the live chat right
now let’s see what y’all be talking
about let’s see do you off what up man
thank you for being here good news on
Disney’s part they need to let the movie
have some time to breathe yes yes oh and
I forgot to mention that as one of my
fifth or six points they need to have
some time to let the movie have some
time to breathe and not jump into a new
movie for a while yeah man
preaching to the choir bruh like I think
you know the fandom Menace as it were
we’ve had our panties on tight for a
long long time before this most recent
explosion of Star Wars content what was
it like something like 20-plus years
between the original trilogy and the
and then after the prequels ended what
10 15 year dry spells well so a Star
Wars people we know how to keep her
panties on but you know it’s probably
because most of us are virgins anyway so
goes without saying but no but honestly
I think rushing to push out a product
that’s lackluster is never a good idea
and you may get the initial jolt of like
oh wow it’s any Star Wars thing and I’m
so excited but you know as time goes on
that lustre fades and I think really you
know Disney invested obviously a lot of
money buying this for from Lucas for 4.1
and 4.2 4.5 billion dollars so you know
I think as a nobody if I were talking to
Bob Iger one of the most successful CEOs
of all time if he asked my opinion I
would say man just take your time with
it bro we’ll wait we want quality
content that will last for the ages and
it seems like that may be the case here
if I’m reading into this correctly so
yeah Lois you Oh Lois man you gotta
message me or comment on one of the
videos we have here or just actually on
this live stream here if you could
comment that way I can see your profile
because I wanted to add you as a
moderator here as well
if you want that is but I couldn’t find
you amongst the barrage of other Lois
years in the search results so let’s see
here what else we got here anything else
for this topic here regarding the
buh-buh-bah do you hope again
all right brother and let’s do this they
need to treat the next trilogy like a TV
show and have a real story real story
arc over three movies
yeah dude and you know what it’s funny
you say that because we know Kevin Feige
is I think in talks if not confirmed to
do some Star Wars film I don’t know even
if they said if it was a trilogy or a
one-off film I think they just said a
film but you know what if we have Lord
Kevin Feige on board and he’s a fan I
don’t think he can do any wrong so far
so good and like an unprecedented
historical track record like nothing
else we’ve ever seen so if anyone can do
it man
hats off to him I hope he does exactly
that builds out the narrative arc you
know at least the skeletons of it as it
were and then let the individual
directors and writers add their own
flavor to it while still adhering to
that eventual outcome so yeah
what do we got next
Stephen Fergus what up my dude thank you
so much for being here man glad to see
you here um welcome to the chat welcome
to the topics we’ve got like 10 of them
here we’re gonna cover I’m super excited
for all of them so I hope you guys are
too but but but but yeah so Stephen
Ernst says we need that yep yep I can
talk yep
they need to treat the next trilogy like
like its trilogy oh wow you would think
right doesn’t that baffle you guys is
mine I mean you know how much are these
Studios making and how much are these
people I mean I want to be positive I
want to give him the benefit of doubt
but you know what is your job and you’re
getting paid literally to spend 24 hours
of every day 8 to 16 of which you’re
actively working on a property and
you’re getting a decent salary that
allows you to focus on this and it’s not
just one person working on this it’s a
whole group it’s a whole preparation of
people how does something so basic like
hey let’s have a good story and plan out
the trilogy like delude them I’m
honestly baffled by it you know I I want
to think that maybe perhaps uh there’s
something I’m not acutely aware of
behind the scenes that may influence the
outcome of these things but yeah true
enough man Stephens man you got it dude
digital no mad sage what is up dude
thank you so much for being here
mandalorian restored my confidence
installers yes yeah
and Picard take notes I think so far
with Picard seems like we’re on the
right path but yeah definitely I agree
with you as well man fuck it Wow look at
this I think I’ll just make everyone a
moderator here right why not let’s just
have a moderator circle-jerk um it’s all
good though Kevin D the boys are back
what up Kevin yes the boys be here
and glad to have you here amongst us as
the Afra mentioned voice now jim says
disney has already hey guys can you do
me a favor just so i know how to
differentiate between what statement or
question you may be saying that is meant
for me to read on screen i’m at me at
movie pop of course that way i can read
it on screen and you know read between
the lines between your awesome chat i
wish i was a part of here but I’ll be
there on Rob’s channel later so but
presuming Jim was talking to me Disney
has already recouped a large chunk of
money they have nothing but time it’s
really a done deal that they will make
an infinite profit from a mere four
billion dollar investment yes I know I
know but you know what but see it to
your point Jim I think those two things
are separate right like there’s making
money which obviously they will do
regardless of how crappy it is for some
duration of time until we all just get
tired of getting but fudged but if you
want to build out legacy and have replay
value and have like films that stand the
test of time as Star Wars has for over
40 years I think I think you have to do
better so whoo all right guys let’s move
on to this next topic here again just
you know at me at movie pop so I can see
my name highlighted and know that that
statement or question is something for
me to read on air so we got another one
here and bear with me today it’s gonna
be a little janky in terms of me going
to the next topical screen because my
mouse died on me so that is not the
correct lower third there we go there we
all strange of things Netflix is
surprised presentation reveal and this
is coming from Indy wire stranger things
as Netflix a surprise preseason the
reveal does right by hopper dance and
the show revealing that a dead
quote-unquote dead character is alive
through marketing is a bold choice but
Netflix learned from other mistakes and
made the right call so before I didn’t
get to the article guys I’d loved
stringers thing
I don’t know if I could say I love it
but I greatly greatly appreciate it
fantastic show but you know what uh at
times I found myself kind of checking
out mmm it’s not like the greatest
writing on that’s been committed that
television ever so into that point guys
that I didn’t even know Hopper died I’ve
totally like checked out and forgot
about that part the last thing I
remember from strangers things season
three was that mall sequence because the
cinematography there was just absolutely
stunning the star star Crestor star
court mall whatever was called and you
had I think a demagogue on or something
inside there messing around and then
then going underground and messing
around with the Russians there but as
far as hopper I don’t even remember that
so that either tells you one thing I
need to lay off the drugs and the
boozing and the sex and the rock and
roll or that did not have that that
conclusion of him dying did not have the
narrative weight and impact on me or
perhaps all of you or a degree of you or
um perhaps maybe Netflix um you know
with their barrage of films coming out
and I’m just like binging it and getting
it in and out in like one week lends
itself to being forgotten about I don’t
know probably a combination of all those
things but so let’s go into the article
here real quick guys you know I don’t
even think we have to because I’m sure
you kind of saw yeah we don’t have to
get into the article it doesn’t really
talk about much you if you haven’t seen
it already
a trailer just dropped yesterday shows
us hopper and mother mother mother
Russia yeah what brings you here Oh
defeats you got fat oh those Russian
accents in Black Widow those are really
gonna bother me but that’s a whole
nother topic so let’s just jump into you
like what you guys think about this so
far here Jim Boyer says movie pop yeah
obviously this is my point they can take
their time and build something awesome
in reference to the previous Star Wars
TV series focus for Disney Plus yeah and
also for the films as well so yeah dude
take your motherfuckin time man no need
to be a Minute Maid you know if you want
to get a girl off
you need to slow down buddy take your
time they’re wired differently than us
so alright guys next topic let’s move
forward into it and this is coming from
the Sandman then this is coming also
from varieties regarding the Sandman
Adam Sandler signs for four more Netflix
movies oh god no please make it stop
alright next place has it kind of its
deal with Adam Sandler and his Happy
Madison productions for four more films
now before we get our collective panties
in a bind uh when I saw that headline I
was like shit alright Adam Sandler it’s
gonna be more crappy comedic films and
that was further evidence by the fact
that Happy Madison productions the film
production company Sandler and his
brother runs have primarily had an
output of comedy films I don’t think any
dramatic films have been there actually
now however the most recent one was
Netflix’s murder story which I actually
kind of enjoyed I thought it was
definitely better than like the
ridiculous six or whatever and all the
other crappy
comedy he puts out but you know what hey
guys obviously that’s me
because as the article does detail here
the streamer announced the deal on
Friday noting that Sandler’s murder
mystery was the most popular title on
Netflix in u.s. the last year big time
news the most popular title Wow
it’s like Walmart McDonald’s serving
billions every day but I’m not among one
of them unless I’m drunk or like
desperate but murder mystery which
co-starred Jennifer Aniston yeah
obviously blah blah blah blah blah let’s
see Netflix has asserted that its
members have spent two billion hours
watching Sandler’s films since 2015 when
the ridiculous six premiere now how that
two billion dollars actually translates
into like being a noteworthy statement
of viewership because two billion what
two billion hours you divide that by the
number of subscribers over the length of
time for 2015 and now that’s four years
I’m not sure how that calculation works
whether or not that’s a big number but
it reads big it’s
nothing certainly so yeah that article
is just basically disclosing that we can
spare the details here um you know what
guys I’m not I’m really I’m really
running on a roll here to not be not
dive into my baser instincts of like
just instantly hating things because
it’s really just it’s really easy just
to hate and crap on other people’s work
without eating having any like idea of
the the the massive weight of pressure
talents and other ancillary functions
that comprise a entertainment studios
and ever in any project so with that I
want to give him again this particular
subject and any moving forward the
benefit of doubt let it see it play out
because you know ultimately what is it
these people are just making stories to
entertain us and for us to be like hate
you you guys suck like come on
like I think there are people more
worthy in the world worthy of that kind
of vitriol so guys what are your
thoughts on this here on the sand man is
he giving you a a chub a half-chub are
full full throttle red rocket what are
we talking about let me know let’s move
here yeah I know damn a lot of wrenches
damn Paula is here too
what up girl like I said Paula earlier I
said yo you know what I should just make
you everyone a mod here we can all just
have a little moderator circle-jerk here
but awesome I mean I really do
appreciate you guys taking your time to
be here so this is really cool G wolf
does says I could live the rest of my
life without another Adam Sandler movie
I know I said I was gonna be nice G wolf
but I mean if you’re gonna be like
asking me for my real opinion yeah I
feel that way as well for his comedy
anyways his dramatic work I love his
dramatic work I think it’s fantastic
it’s great okay um
dude yes Jim Boyer says I will take more
films like uncut gems yeah man
yes he’s clearly a gifted dramatic actor
he’s not talking like okay
you know like it’s like dude we get it
it’s the same thing and it’s kind of
annoying and you know it’s not like a
Ryan Reynolds where it’s a more muted
performance it kind of kind of does the
same Ryan Reynolds thing which is him
just being himself basically Adam
Sandler that clearly that’s a caricature
of himself so yeah man G wolf says I
don’t hate it I just don’t need it oh
well I was projecting perhaps then I
kind of I kind of really do hate hate it
except for his original output dude like
guys are we on board like happy gilmore
Billy Madison little Nikki 50 first
dates uh the classic Adam Sandler films
I think they were great they’re awesome
but something happened in the time after
that you know had what you had like was
a click Jack and Jill I don’t know not
working for me but obviously you know
for all the other a Neanderthal that
make up our global population that’s
working for them so hats off to them I
say that in jest but not really but kind
of okay guys let’s move forward with the
next topic like I said we got some
awesome ones here I really want to hear
your thoughts about this I really want
to talk about these so let’s just jump
into it and this is coming to us from
drum roll Collider oh this people do
people go to lighter still Michael B
Jordan joins Christian Bale Margot
Robbie and new David O’Russell movie now
you guys in the live chat I know you
know who David O’Russell is because
we’re all moving nerds but for those of
you who are watching this and the the
rebroadcast David O’Russell what did he
do silver lining playbacks
and then something else escaping my mind
I can’t recall but anyhow silver lining
playback so if you haven’t seen it
awesome movie
so a talented director screenwriter
producer Michael B Jordan has signed on
to join Christian Bale and Margot Robbie
and David O Russell’s new drama which is
heating up over at New Regency the
project is on
although internally it has been referred
to as Amsterdam and sources say that the
plot concerns a doctor and a lawyer who
form an unlikely partnership all right
so this article goes on to detail that
other names they’ve heard coming along
in this product where Michael Shannon
Mike Myers whoa big one hey there it is
American hustle that’s what it was yeah
so it was silver linings platon yeah
other Oscar nominee winners attached to
the project Jennifer Lawrence Jamie Foxx
for roles that ended up going through
Robbie and Jordan that’s Rob Margot
Robbie and Michael B Jordan let’s see so
Russell will direct from his own
original screenplay awesome and they’ll
also produce alongside Matthew Budman
production is expected to start in April
and the film will be Russell’s first
since Joey hit theaters in December 2015
so guys you can read this article a
Collider obviously I will spare you the
details I think it’s kind of the format
I’m gonna go along with here normally I
have highlights from the articles are
ready to read but because I had to reset
up the whole OBS software today I wasn’t
able to do that so that’s why I’m
reading it to you from the site itself
but um guys what are your thoughts on
this I mean I would love to see Mike
Myers return the screen Michael Shannon
I love his ugly ass yeah you talks like
this right yeah Michael Shen God Michael
B Jordan of course class act
Christian Bale Margot Robbie and of
course David O’Russell so I’m excited
for it this actually reminds me of
another topic I think we’re gonna cover
in the last or second the last topic
here no I don’t think I have it today I
think I may have skipped out on that it
was actually I did skip out on it
incidentally and let me know your
thoughts about this topic if I don’t see
it we’ll move forward but uh who is
attacked with C D and E Wayne McGregor
are attached for ya a new project as
well I think for Showtime a series so I
thought that was really cool
absolutely no details on it beyond that
so that’s why I didn’t include it in
today’s broadcast but tactility nice so
far can dune
wrong you McGregor a class act himself
so I would love to see that
so moving forward with the live chat
here guys I mean me the reading Jim’s
comment but I saw anyway says who
thought Jack and Jill is a good idea oh
god Jim I I I’m sure we all go to bed
frustrated asking ourselves these
questions it’s why I drink so much
Jean wolf says yes his early stuff was
much better right man with Sandler you
know it’s funny I just recently was re
watching some Chris Farley clips on
Saturday Night Live and seeing Adam
Sandler then I mean even that like his
opera man you know it was kind of yeah
but I felt like there was an
authenticity to it whereas with his
newer stuff his newer output it’s not
only that it’s bad comedic ly and not
funny and like bottom-of-the-barrel
comedy that you know was feels like a
first dry first draft right but it also
felt like it was very uninspired and
life ly not from Sanders himself you
know as if like he had a group of
writers in a room who suck presumably
lending out their fart of an ideas to
him and then just kind of you know
talking about it writing the script and
then Adam Sandler performing it so at
least instead of doing it live more or
less I felt like it was more of his
authentic voice involved in those
portrayals so alright let’s move forward
guys I’m gonna have a quick commercial
break here I forgot to mention to you we
have a new sponsor I know you love the
sponsors on this channel we really are
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guys so that’s a lot of crappy dude you
know what Danny you saw me smoking a
crack pipe huh D monetize fo sho so guys
who this is coming through us from
variety are you feeling the nostalgia
yet 90s kids no Emilio Estevez is to
reprise his Mighty Ducks role for the
Disney Plus series
look at that guy isn’t he cute I’m still
looking good – OH
Emilio Estevez is hitting the ice once
all right clever hitting the ice you
know I hit the ice once or twice it’s
pretty nice if you know what I mean and
my flow is pretty wrapper it’s alright I
know anyhow the actor is set to reprise
the role of Gordon Bombay mr. Bombay in
which he played the original Mighty
Ducks features for the new sequel series
coming to Disney Plus so cool this is
coming right in line with news with Rick
Rick Moranis back on board after a
30-year hiatus from the film industry
for Disney plusses new Honey I Shrunk
the Kids reboot trunk which I don’t like
I think I talked to you guys about this
before right I really hate the dumbing
down of culture and I hate truncating
names down to like their most basic you
know like oh what’s wrong with honey i
shrunk the kids or honey um I sent the
kids to the quantum realm and need to
explore the existential realities of our
nature I mean I’d be down for a title
like that but then again I was down for
the title birds of prey and the
fantabulous emancipation of one harley
quinn but it’s probably because i like
to uh you know intellectually masturbate
myself here anyhow seriously
once a duck always a duck quack said
Esteves celebrating the news after 25
years i am delighted to lace up my
skates put on my couch Bombay’s jacket
and returing the play that iconic
character for this new chapter in the
Mighty Ducks franchise likewise I am
thrilled to make more money than I could
possibly always sorry
let me read between the lines reading
between the lines there I am thrilled to
return to my old stomping grounds with
my friends at Disney and Steve Brill the
original creator of the franchise to
join them on their exciting new platform
Disney + DP for all you people who like
to truncate names right let’s just call
it DPS call it what it is you like DP
girl what’s DP and chill all right you
know that’s a really good line I’m I
might have to use a meeting up with my
girl today so I’ll be hey babe you wanna
you want DP and chill tonight no she
says you know what are you talking about
a bio crap okay
can’t DP for sure but I can kind of
offset that no no I’m in Disney plus DP
you dirty scoundrel so yet news of
Estevez has returned what the f get out
of your ads news of Estevez has returned
comes only a day after Graham and noon
or announced as two of the leads for the
series so guys you can read the article
of course on variety not much here to
say besides it’s basically it’s an
announcement piece I thought it’s cool I
think it’s cool that Disney Plus can
build out their catalogue you know they
had a fantastic entry into the streaming
platform services definitely a top
contender however as we all know unless
you really appreciate the back catalog
of Disney and through a degree Fox on
there there’s really not much to watch
there really to garner your interest for
you know like what’s what’s happening
what’s what’s what’s new so cool they’re
building it out they’re building
bringing back some old franchises into
the fold I think it’s great guys what do
you think about this am I totally
offbeat on this or does it seem cool I
like it I like the idea I like the idea
that shrunk is getting its own series as
well yeah let’s move to the live chat G
wolf says I was always in Emilio fan so
him going back to the Mighty Ducks is a
good thing me too man I’m an Emilio fan
I’m a Charlie Sheen fan the whole family
you know a bunch of good dudes great
actors 8th class all around whether it’s
dramatic or comedic work hey I see storm
shadow is in the chat bro thank you so
much for being here man I love talking
to you bro and in fact actually I’m you
missed it but guys let’s give a round of
applause here storm shadow actually was
responsible for submitting the last
topic we covered regarding Adam
Sandler’s films so he brought that to my
attention I think on Instagram you did
that right oh yeah cool man appreciate
it we covered it we talked about it I
don’t know if you were here for it but
and then Paula I don’t know if you’re
aware as well but if you want me to talk
about anything on screen just at me so I
see that nice little orange highlight
love me some oranges okay guys let’s
move on to the next topic we are at the
B seventh topic here so coming through
clothes shortly
Wow not surprising but the Holly
reporter reports Aladdin too is in the
works with flight and straight out of
Compton riders Yul Straight Outta
Compton Sun yeah alright cool let’s see
what’s up Will Smith and the rest of the
cast are expected to return although no
deals are set but let’s talk about this
let’s it’s pause real quick what’s is
what’s this dude’s name that’s not Hasan
Minhaj Meena Ansari or Annie’s Ansari
Aziz Ansari something like that whatever
something ethnic sounding you know he’s
had some trouble sadly I guess getting
casting calls for roles despite his huge
lead performance in the Latin so I’m
glad to see that at least he’s a they’re
expected to return at least look at the
studio I mean who else would they
consider beyond him to come back for the
role he can get some more work so good
on you man
hopefully elevates his profile that’s
awesome cool and great that Will Smith
our expect of course I mean who else
would it be
CGI Robin Williams or oh you know what
even better how about a CGI not Howard
Dean that’s the yeah Howard Dean
presidential candidate 2004 for your
political junkies who’s the other Dean
I’m thinking about Oh a streetcar named
desire help me out guys Oh Paula thank
you yes
Meena Mossad thank you keeping me on the
on the ball here
God hey Google who starred in a
streetcar okay Google cancel James Dean
got it all right the old ticker is still
working here even better than Will Smith
coming back in see ya summary from the
website en dhaka pedia org was an actor
did a young director with a credulous
yeah even better than Robin Williams
come back to CJ I think a James Dean CGI
version would be totally in line with
the the culture for today with regards
to these studios thinking what is a good
idea so guys it’s I think it’s
interesting here though in the article
it does detail that Guy Ritchie is set
to return to the director’s chair yeah
well okay I’ve mentioned that already um
that’s basically it guys yeah so it’s in
talks obviously we’re gonna bring back
all the people who are on board for the
last entry no surprise there but you
know what I mean I think it’s so
interesting I mean Guy Ritchie obviously
is getting a fat paycheck doing this and
more power to you bro
but I mean it was good the original the
first live-action Aladdin that came out
last year it was good but I just I don’t
know not that it matters but you know
when I see Guy Ritchie’s name attached
to something and it’s used in marketing
there’s a certain aesthetic I have come
to expect and I am I alone and thinking
this it’s fine for him I get it he’s
totally within this right to do this and
I commend them for doing it but I don’t
know it’s just a feeling that I have
probably something I have to get over it
but it is a bit jarring I won’t lie it’s
just how I feel so live chat miss Paul
up ballers my girl my fellow sista keep
it real girl she says I wonder if they
are going to do story from the return of
Jafar cuz that would be I was already
laughing like reading that on my way
holding Return of the Jedi it no no Jeff
are close enough yeah that would be
awful God could you imagine unless they
brought back Jeremy Irons which in a
Cell in an in and of itself doesn’t
guarantee quality but oh man could you
imagine I mean it couldn’t do it now
because they had that other totally
missed cast died playing Jafar what the
hell was up with that I mean on the one
hand I looked at it two ways right like
it’s cool to see films
villains that are not the typical
mustache twirling I’m an evil guy and I
talk like an evil man and I look like an
evil guy he was just a dude so I get
that but you know what I mean these are
these are films so if you expect a
certain level of entertainment value how
they you just didn’t really bring any
gravitas or tears portrayal but it could
have been kind of subdued you know like
let’s okay perfect example it just came
to mind right now rami malek right I
mean he’s a nerdy looking dude small
frame guy you wouldn’t expect him
necessarily to be like cast as a lead
villain but man I mean what we’re seeing
in no time to die he’s you get that
sense he’s very villainous with you just
you get a sense of it you know even
though he’s not necessarily talking like
a villain
despite kind of looking like it but he
doesn’t have the natural like you know
rounded square jaw he just naturally
looks like he’s a bad man you know like
a like a Navy SEAL or something you know
so I would have liked to seeing
something like that and there are plenty
of other antagonists in film history who
portray villains that Streetcar had
Marlon Brando was James Dean also in it
know you know I’m probably totally
mixing it up I haven’t seen those films
honestly so that was probably my bad
and fortunately I answered who the actor
was before Google could correct me live
on air but I guess you have to do it you
have to put me the shame Jim shame on
kidding guys of course you know me like
I’m just a dude and I’m not like a kind
of a guy where I’m like oh well you know
oh this is my opinion and my opinion is
gold and if you dare to correct me I’m
gonna shut you down and just you know
isolate myself and dig myself in a hole
and you know believe what I want to
believe because that’s what I believe
damn it
That’s not me so honestly feel free to
correct me as Pawlik ballers has spanked
my metaphorical ass many times on the
channel comments telling me hey no
actually it was this excuse me DJ
actually you got that wrong or actually
I don’t know what you said kind of
contradict you but what well I think
keep you thought the me or something
like that you know and I’ve never been
large but oh yes screw you bitch flinch
don’t don’t correct me how dare you no
it’s not it so I welcome it because
honestly like having a dialogue with you
guys conversing and cracking each other
and keeping each other’s feet held to
the firearm it just really just helps us
to grow and be more knowledgeable and
that’s what I’m all about here so end of
soapbox G wolf says the original movie
is the only one for me yep
you like that pregnant pause that’s for
emphasis I don’t even have to elaborate
on that because Robin Williams is a
unique class in his own and that film
was lightning in the ball and you know
to recapture what that film was in a
live-action modern context is impossible
so yeah it’s it’s an impossible feat to
it to execute but it is a I guess you
know more power to them for trying to
aspire to it but yeah they will always
fall short of that so well said men well
alright guys let’s move along I’m not
gonna replay the commercials I think I’m
getting the hang of this whole live
streaming thing I think once during the
middle of the broadcast is good enough
if you agree at me let me know that way
I’m gonna have to inundate your YouTube
with polls about what to do with this
channel but you know I’m still trying to
figure it out
because you know I’m just this guy you
know if you guys don’t know that line
you know that lying Zaphod is just he’s
just this guy you know I’d like to know
what you guys think about what you guys
think that line is from major bonus
bonus points I’ll say it again you know
Zaphod is just he’s just this guy you
know and don’t cheat and use Google all
right so let’s move on to the third to
the last topic here and this is very
interesting one I like it Korean
Americans react you
parasites historic Oscar win guys the
Oscars I love that it was phenomenal it
was fantastic you saw me literally
jumping for joy revealing my underwear
on screen I totally did not mean that
that was not like me trying to get views
cuz that’s not how it works for dies on
high I think quite the opposite but I
was just it was unprecedented this is
this it was watching Oscar
film history live in the making just wow
for this film won four awards in the
same night and won Best Picture
Oh ha ha Wow and I really like what this
article is uh dude
Jim voyeurs yes Hitchhiker’s Guide all
right my man okay
you guys I think there’s some really
interesting uh socially relevant points
in this article I’d like to share with
you so Korean American leaders in
Hollywood a new nonprofit that’s the
name of it
which is also comprised of guess who
Korean American leaders in the hollywood
very uninspired name right but korean
american leaders in the hollywood a new
nonprofit held an Academy Awards viewing
party last Sunday in where else
Koreatown hey what did they do did they
drink soju and eat Korean barbeque and
probably did and it was delicious I’m
sure as it always is
okay so I’ve already discussed the Oscar
history-making night there is obviously
I said the deep the article here does
detail what the thoughts were of the
people involved in the production but I
thought something here I really wanted
to emphasize was the fact about this
group here Korean American leaders in
the Hollywood you know I’m not gonna be
able to find it here I don’t want to
bother you with me trying to look for it
again I don’t have the show notes for
today but basically here is a summary of
the article Korean American leaders in
the hollywood is a group of Korean
American leaders in Hollywood that has
existed prior to parasite but basically
they existed on an isolation from each
other they worked basically in kind of
like a metaphor
Oracle silos developing their own
content and projects based on their
production studios and then when they
met amongst each other it was more for
like social networking totally non
related to the industry besides the fact
of him just being a members of the
Hollywood industry so what this article
does detail is that because of the win
of parasite it was opening like a
floodgate to the possibilities of more
Korean cinema coming to prominence in
America and also was the impetus for
this group to start you know working in
tandem with each other your sharing
project ideas producers you know all
talent behind in front of the camera
and it has really inspired them to
really pursue that’s that kind of
workflow which is awesome because I want
to see more voices from the
korean-american community not only you
know come to prominence in the in the
eyes of just your typical demographic in
America but I also want to see them you
know working to help each other as well
so I think it’s a fantastic read if you
have time you’re interested in the
subject and of course guys your thoughts
on this let me get let me get down this
chat here with you guys let’s see what
we got going on here yeah G wolf here
but you failed
you added Zaphod Beeblebrox by the way
I’m a man he ain’t here I wish he was
though maybe his head will pop out right
here hey guy I’m the president of the
galaxy all right God Sam Rockwell’s
performance that was inspired loved it
okay guys if there are no thoughts on
this right now I’m gonna move forward
you can always at me and you know
retrospect for the prior topic is that
the correct word okay
so second to the last topic here guys
and this is regarding the biggest news
separate from the Oscars this week the
reveal for baton sin and guess what
there ain’t no nips on this Batman
Robert Pattinson ‘he’s Batman suit has
been revealed by director Matt Reeves
Wow Wow Wow
let me just see you can I just play a
little bit of it here yeah look at this
blood it’s like a blood red like damn
what oh wow look at that look at that
that is awesome guys I don’t know if you
notice but you see here this bat symbol
like it’s not just a bat symbol it looks
like it’s been fashioned or from like a
melted down gun like a revolver Jim oh
we got a detective here Jim correct me
if I’m wrong but this not look like kind
of like some of the components of a gun
or handgun so I’m thinking I’m thinking
that maybe like that was yeah of course
I mean I might be feeding into myself
here I’m thinking that was maybe like
the gun that the the criminal who shot
down Bruce Wayne’s parents in Crime
Alley used and he’s somehow come into
possession of I don’t know if any of the
original comic source materials have
detailed that but that would be my
suspicion oh damn look at this dude I am
so excited for this now guys when I
first saw this I loved the design of the
suit I thought it was awesome it looks
practical technical does that mean
practically technical no practical and
tactical is what I meant to say and then
also look at the sexy a scowl like oh oh
oh creaming my pants like that is this
such beautiful design but you know it
not only is it aesthetically pleasing
but I think it has a very functional
purpose because you’re imagining Robert
Bruce Wayne putting on his mask right
well unless like that doesn’t make sense
unless his suit was like a zip up from
the back how would the the facemask be
like seamlessly connected to the rest of
the suit wouldn’t work wouldn’t be
practical so presumably with this collar
is that’s practical fuckin is serving to
do is want to obscure the separation
between the two
costume pieces but also um as another
added layer of protection potentially
and then maybe who knows maybe there’s
like some sort of like digital machine
trickery laced around there that might
like pop up like for like maybe like an
over heads-up display that might like
lay over his face and get those those
cool like white Batman eyes that is I
kind of like a an Easter Egg / call back
to the original animated series where
Batman had these big white eyes but also
something that Christopher Nolan did to
great effect in the Dark Knight you know
when he had that uh that sonar activated
cell tower you know basically x-ray and
like when that mode was engaged you saw
that those eyes football so I’m totally
making this up but I would think that
would be really cool it would it would
totally hide it from uh from being
viewed as well and not really mess up
the aesthetic but um yeah guys we got
the reveal for the Batman suit now I’m
not gonna lie I loved all of that when I
saw this mask here I don’t know if you
could see the finer details but yeah it
looked kind of cheap because you could
see kind of like the stitching around
the nose and the seams and I was like oh
it looks crappy that part what the hell
jakey but that’s my initial reaction and
as I said I’m trying to pause now
collect my thoughts a wee bit more and
you know now actually I really really
love it because it’s grounded in reality
even more so than Christopher Nolan’s
who is the production designer for
Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight’s
trilogy Nathan Crowley
right it was Nathan Crowley I think I
think Nathan Crowley has been working
with Nolan for some period of time but
anyhow it makes sense because I believe
this is gonna be more in line with like
the year 1 your whatever of Batman your
one right so naturally if he’s
developing you know the suit himself
it’s not gonna be a perfect perfect
rendering if you all especially – if
this is like his origin story more or
less so yeah guys that’s where we do
look at this sexy beast look at this guy
can he is gonna be a great Bruce Wayne I
mean I’ve got the I’ve got a half-chub
so yeah guys let’s move into your
comments I want to hear what your
thoughts about this here let’s start
with Miss Paula ballers there is a black
and white version oh yeah
they’re the color graded version were
they they isolated the or remove the the
red tints and then call it up I’ve seen
two I think two renderings of that one
where it was the traditional black and
gray and then the other one which I
thought was really cool and I kind of
hope they will go with was a more
traditional like dark navy ish blue
Angra I think that would be really cool
and very distinctive too separated from
all the other bat suits that have kind
of generally kept the same aesthetic
Paula ballers also says that is the
theory that is the gun that killed his
parent oh is it really uh is that a
theory I did not know that okay that
mean that makes sense you know I was
just I pulled up the image in close High
Definition detail have my hand my pants
just I don’t know it just happened and I
started you know intently looking at it
and then realize like oh wait what am I
doing here remove my hand from my pants
and just you know continue just really
look at it as I was intending to and I
kind of noticed that detail paula baller
says I’d rather it be a battering okay
let me fair point you know for me
personally it’s tired I want like the
idea that what we’ve seen what we heard
about Matt Reeves interpretation of
Batman so far I’m really liking it and
so much more than what I was hearing
about Ben Affleck’s interpretation of
the script the aesthetic I’m thinking
this is going to be something along the
lines of an undefined time period that’s
gonna have some retro elements some
gothic elements some Art Deco elements
like the Tim Burton films while also you
know merging more contemporary elements
of you know modern times while sitting
somewhere in the middle of those two if
there was a Venn diagram right so it
really puts it in a unique place because
if a time period is not firmly
I think this opens some very interesting
Trinity’s and you guys know what I’m
thinking about right the j-man because
the same thing with with Todd Phillips
Joker yeah we got it
it had an 80s aesthetic to it clearly it
was rooted in the eighties but you could
go to say that maybe you know because we
didn’t see other I mean I don’t know I
like to see them incorporate walking
phoenixes Joker in this provided it now
we have presumably two films that don’t
have defined timelines okay enough of my
yapping here Paula ballers Kevin Smith
wrote a comic in 2018 where Batman found
the gun in a pawn shop and melted it and
put it behind the bet no shit really I
did not know Kevin Smith wrote comics
oddly enough I know he’s a big comic
nerd but Wow okay now was that comic
published Paula I’d like to know but
okay cool so my suspicions are confirmed
what about the other things like with
the cowl and the technology in there and
then I said one other thing as well in
the stream of consciousness here because
I’m just just speaking to you as it
comes out of my head whatever that was I
forgot now Jim Boyer says the mask looks
extremely plain yeah I know it does dude
have you like looked at this mask though
intently like me and just like stared at
it and just you know let it happen to
you I mean it might seduce you bro
might seduce you it seduced me but if
not understandable I guess it depends
like what you want from Batman right I
mean do you want something more grounded
in reality where maybe to the point
where he just puts on like a freakin
black trash bag it cuts out some holes
in there you know maybe like a shoelace
to tie it on there those are like a
little like bath towel for his for his
cape and he’s like I’m gonna do this re
let’s find a joker and get me some halls
cough drops cuz I’m can’t keep talking
like this okay Paula baller says the
mask is leather but apparently
apparently he made it for himself since
there is no Lucius Fox I figured as much
now is it confirmed that Lucius
Fox is not involved in this I just
assumed as much since I’ve heard it’s an
origin story but that would make sense
right and we know I mean I think we’re
getting a new Alfred right Alfred
Pennyworth we’ve got Andy Serkis god
damn dude this cast list is amazing I am
just buying I’m excited I’m excited I’m
really excited I think they could do
something really unique here and I’m
really truly genuinely excited to see
what Matt Reeves has but yeah I think
that does make sense Paula that Bruce
Wayne did fashion this mask himself and
it looks like that would be the case as
well G wolf says it may be a prototype
or not finished yet okay yeah totally
it’s supposed to be your one for this
right so it could be a prototype or not
finished yet or not even anything we
might see on screen yet right because
really I think this is not like official
promotional material per se it was just
a camera test
so maybe Jordy Lyons could give us some
of his movie insider industry knowledge
and correct me in terms of how these
things work but if this is just a camera
test it’s a you know a costume fitting
you know this might change and the
prototype or first year costume we may
eventually see on screen may look
nothing like this and made the part have
a drastic departure on any spectrum of
thing so Jim Boyer says Smith has done
several DC comic runs for different
major characters well I did not know man
I did not know I knew he was huge in the
comics I follow him occasionally on you
know fat man in Batman but that’s an
interesting bit of knowledge and it
makes sense because he’s obviously
obviously well-versed in these topics so
cool I have to look into that now I’m
excited thanks for letting me know guys
thank you for holding my feets to fire
now guys we’re here we’re at the end we
got the last topic here and this is
coming to us from variety and I just saw
this movie last night there is a
reminder for Galahad Galahad that’s me I
got that name from
what not Watchmen god I had the King’s
Speech my favorite actor
Colin Firth Kingsman Galahad right
anyhow the box office for Sonic the
Hedgehog is racing through a fifty five
million dollar debut ooh
I literally just saw this last night
guys I’m not surprised I think it’s it’s
it’s earned the 55 million dollar debut
so it’s not like the Hedgehog is racing
through a dominant fifty five million
dollar opening at three hundred three
thousand one hundred fifty North
American locations during the four-day
Presidents Day weekend oh really it’s
Presidents Day weekend I had no idea
okay sure why not any lunch that’s above
forecast I think about ten million
dollars above if I’m not mistaking set
in early estimates that were shown on
Friday universals romantic drama the
photograph Paula the photograph right I
might see it might be a good date movie
I think it will be I’m gonna see it I’m
not think I’m gonna take my date to see
that because we’re gonna see Fantasy
Island tonight and I’m not excited I saw
the reviews 11% God gonna have to get
pretty high watching that movie but
don’t worry I got that taken care of
yeah the photograph I think I might have
to check that out it’s got the best
reviews of what down hill had 43 percent
to Sonic ironically seventy percentile
eighty percentile something like that so
yeah but yeah Paula I want to know if
you watched a photograph I want to talk
to you about that I know we’ve been kind
of joking about it okay yes the
photograph and finish the island both
performing in line with forecasts in the
12 to 14 million dollar further launches
so hey ahead of the curve with these
other noteworthy film features debuting
this weekend guys I’m gonna skip over
the article but it’s that’s the headline
that’s a through-line I think the most
important part here was that the
action-adventure based on the Sega video
character and thank God paramount gets a
win right I mean they’ve been taken
taking one for the team for some time
now so glad to see they got a winner on
their hands this weekend
the film had been pegged to dominate
domestic movie-going with 40 to 45
million dollars from 4130 venues over
the Presidents Day weekend so it beat
the forecast that’s always a positive
thing in and of itself especially
considered the considering the
controversy with the character design
online a few months back you would think
this film was really not poised to do
well at all
people are really hating on it from the
get-go I was among the minority who was
like you know what I mean I’d like to
him Carrie I love Jim Carrey it seems
like he’s doing his old Jim Carrey wacky
zany get Carrey stick great to see him
return the form I understand this this
is gonna be a kid’s film so I’m not
expecting some you know really
well-thought-out plotline I just want it
to be a goofy fun time and so I saw it
last night and that’s what I got you
know now I I will say just to give you a
little bit before the review I did
expect a little bit more granted with
these expectations tempered I think it
could have done better but it wasn’t
obviously like the worst thing I’ve ever
seen indefinitely it does sit there nice
and high on that leaderboard of video
game adaptations to feature-length films
that are actually good so well deserved
opening weekend box office cool guys
that’s our last topic here I want to
jump into your thoughts before we wrap
this bad boy up Geordi lines is back
hopefully with some knowledge he says
all right here it is yep it’s just a
camera test it’s put out to test
audience reaction God thank you Geordi
thank you god no oh I appreciate ya yeah
cool so oh yeah that was my suspicion as
well but I hadn’t been able to confirm
so cool let’s see here Jim boyars
on one of his Hollywood babble-on shows
he did a read-along where he and several
others act
out one of his Batman comics oh really
interesting I’ll have to peep that I’ll
have to peep it I don’t really go to
Kevin Smith
often because I understand he’s not
really for me because he has a very
strong emotional connection to these
properties to the point that I really
does think it blinds his objectivity and
reviewing them I mean I’ve never cried
for a fine Star Wars movie dude hey
that’s how he feels about it I get it
you know I’ve cried over stupid films
though I mean I think Speed Racer made
me cry
yeah Speed Racer the rodowskys Speed
Racer that end sequence I mean that
whole movie swept me up and just
culminated in this huge psychedelic
spectacle and it just it was moving to
me but hey it’s freaking Speed Racer
I mean come on so but I mean I just
that’s the reason why so but yeah I’ll
have to check that out Jim because there
is some good stuff Kevin Smith does to
talk about that’s talked about so all
right let’s see here what is mixed up in
this bizzle before we close it out
because I think we got John Campea and
Robert talking right now as well so I
want to jump in and talk with you guys
there but I do have a date today so it’s
gonna be very short Paula ballers the
review for Sonic have been good it is at
50 63 percent and the photograph Wow
76% I did not see it yet I heard the
leads have no chemistry what the how do
you have a romantic film with two leads
who have no chemistry interesting maybe
it’s like a platonic relationship like
Arnold Schwarzenegger as always his name
in Terminator Genisys not dark fate he
played a guy named Frank or something
like that Bob mom Oh almost Texas
American now come with me if you want to
live but our relationship is not
physical it is purely based platonically
like maybe it’s like one of those things
interesting huh okay guys I think that
concludes it here we’re about six
minutes overtime I want to keep it tight
keep it nice and tight like a tiger but
I want to thank you all so much for
being here this
my favorite thing to do all week it
makes all the hard work pay off love
talking to you guys obviously cuz I’m a
Jim Boyer says you won’t talk to me I
stay far away from Champions campus chat
yeah bro I don’t go in G campus chat
either honestly there’s no point because
just whatever I say it just gets washed
away and it’s not like Rob’s channel
where we actually have a dialogue
amongst us and I really I think we
should like at some point when we hit a
critical threshold just stop make it a
private channel like let’s just keep it
isolated yes I don’t want that to happen
to Rob’s channel I mean could you
imagine 2,000 people at once a fraction
of those 2,000 viewers at once talking I
mean it just it wouldn’t make any
practical sense and it’d be really sad
honestly unless we moved over to like
the Facebook group but yeah all right
guys I think that is coming to a close
here I just want to remind you again
weekly weekend there we do a movie news
it’s obviously here Saturday at 1:30
p.m. I’m having actually a crisis of not
consciousness but of technical issues
perhaps because I’m trying to figure out
you know obviously I think right now I’m
competing with Campea and everyone else
on Saturdays and it seems more likely to
me the best time is Sundays because most
people stay at home in Sundays I don’t
think anyone else who’s talking on
Sundays either so sunday is at 1:30 I
think works out better for me personally
and also practically however the votes
on the YouTube channel I put out two
polls they’re like at a 50/50 split so
if you could let me know in the comments
down below for those of you viewing
of course you guys in the live chat if
you’ve got any thoughts but otherwise
guys have a fucking dope Saturday have a
great weekend I’ll see all of you guys
around on the other channels thank you
so much for being here truly appreciate
it and I don’t have a catchphrase yet
besides uh thank you for finding out
what’s poppin in cinema Oh Paula baller
says no one is on now Rob’s not having a
show today shame but I don’t feel bad
now because I have a date and I would
hate the
and Rob so anyhow adios amigos no me