I mean the doctor should know the
difference between diarrhea and basic
hello hey what’s up guys welcome to
weekly weekend there happy Saturday it
is what the 29th of February so yeah I
hope you all had a fantastic week we’ve
got a great weekend coming up here for
at least me on my end
and there’s antastic rest of the week
I’ve got some big things coming on here
and actually my most relevant is the
fact that I’m gonna see the Invisible
Man tonight so wondering what you guys’s
thoughts are on that if you’ve seen it
yet I’m excited guys it’s off the bat I
didn’t really have much interest really
to see this movie
I love the the original original
property but you know it’s kind of been
it’s like it’s been beaten look at that
horse has been beaten right but there’s
been a lot of positive press regarding
uh the Invisible Man so I’m excited to
see it guys let me know your thoughts
about it I will be trying my best to
keep my eyes on the live stream um I see
Jim you did a sit and ya know sidekick
today yeah I know unfortunately
Stephanie she couldn’t make it today
she wanted to potentially postpone until
Sunday but I thought you know just
keeping uh keeping along with the rhythm
here we keep it a set schedule Saturdays
are the days we’ve decided upon the
viewers you’ve voted on the poll it was
a 50/50 split between Saturday and
so Saturday’s it shall be unless of
course we have more of an advance notice
but she will be here next weekend
and hopefully when the weekends moving
forward so you know she’s new to this
she’s she’s just coming on board so
she’s got a rearrange for a whole
schedule around this but uh yeah you’re
stuck with me
for today guys let me start with some
sketching what burns here what up man
what up Bryan
Jim also says my wife and I want to see
it yeah did
hey is it it’s a it seems like it’s
gonna be a win what was it like 7.1 from
running Tomatoes critics and fans alike
are like Invisible Man let’s see it lets
see let’s see the transparent dude let’s
see the hollow boy alright I’m I’m
waiting for that sequel transparent dude
alright guys so without further ado hey
G well thank you so much for being here
as well I see you are in the chat l and
my baby says go BJ go alright thanks man
I appreciate it I’m gonna try and go so
let’s get to going guys with the first
topic of the day and you’ve all heard
about it Bob Iger has been replaced as
Disney CEO by another Bob Bob J Peck of
course this is why article is actually
pretty interesting it’s coming from from
polygon so you guys if you haven’t been
following if you have not been following
the news big news Tuesday afternoon it
was like a bombshell dropped out of
nowhere Bob Iger announced his I don’t
through his retirement or that he was
stepping down but it definitely came out
of left field this article it was really
because it does kind of summarize what
happened this week but also kind of
gives you a story in terms of like what
the developments were happening or how
the developments behind the scenes were
happening with regards to Idris exit
which of course was not unexpected I
believe it was he was expected to
formally announce his retirement 2021 of
next year and of course retained the
title during a transitionary period for
mr. K Peck or and one other individual
whom I’ve forgotten his name already but
you know as faceless CEOs and go I think
Shay Peck and the other dudes are among
SEC that crowd of people so it’s a big
deal just because of a the the
suddenness the nature of the nature of
that so you know guys we all we all know
Bob Iger pretty successful dude you
consolidated a lot of major IPs and
Studios most notably Lucasfilm 20 20th
Century Fox it’s not 21st century 20th
Century Fox Marvel of course right so he
did he did big Tings for for Disney so I
think this is a great time
be it premature for him to leave but it
was at Westside it didn’t come out of
left field at least from my perception
and it seems like of others as well this
article does do a fantastic job of
detailing it what I’m gonna do moving
forward for all you people who like to
read if you can’t google or ask Siri or
Google to look up articles for you I’ll
leave the links here in the description
down below
but then my thoughts on that guys what
are your thoughts leave me them down in
the comment section below and of course
in the super chat which super chat the
super dad yeah that would be great but
uh in the alive chat right now we’ll
move there so let’s start seeing what’s
happening here oh okay oh yeah what is
what hey glad to see you here Paul I
think this might be your first time here
right yeah we’re just talking about the
two Bob’s Bob Iger a bob Capek you know
but yeah guys that is my thoughts on
that and you know per usual with this
thing I’m gonna move forward with the
next topic if you guys still have you
know comments questions on the topic
I’ve already moved past on no problem
we’ll just jump back you know it’s
totally nonlinear here for the most part
see ya next topic let’s go it’s diving
through right now um Paula says no
second time okay I had a sneaking
suspicion you we were here before I
think it was yeah it was / weekly
weekend her right it was I don’t think
it was any of the other live streams
Oscars any those illegal little live
streams I like to do right here we push
and pushing the edge there G will says
they are seeing he’s been pushing back
his retirement for a while yeah dude I
think I gir actually was a plan to
retire what was in 2017 or 2018
something like that and then he pushed
it back by a year and I think probably
twice if I recall from the article here
yeah you are correctamundo sir um so hey
peace out Bob Iger good to see he’s
leaving behind a fantastic legacy guys I
mean nothing really short of amazing so
yeah look at that I mean come on what do
you guys you got Black Panther here you
got Bart’s
you got the whole Disney cast and crew
and oddly and oh you got a Navi there
okay that’s cool
Captain America and looking at you get
Deadpool there it’s kind of odd
placement I mean considering he’s not
gonna be presumably in the MCU proper
right he’s gonna be still attached to
Fox Studios now 20th century studios so
yeah that’s it guys I’m gonna move along
here for myself land you know do the at
movie pop to me if you’d like me to read
any comments or questions on screen so
without any further ado let’s go on to
the next topic here and this is coming
to us from comicbook.com former Batman
star ooh Ben Affleck says Iron Man star
Robert Downey jr. has been really
helpful in supporting his sobriety now I
chose this because it’s relevant it’s
new and of course this is coming on the
heels of Ben Affleck’s uh newest movie
the way back the comeback kid no I think
it was called the way back right kind of
a it’s kind of like what what would you
call it like a not enough Oh
mockumentary but it definitely has ties
or is based upon loosely Ben Affleck’s
own struggles with sobriety and I think
there has been as there is usually on
the internet a lot of conundrum amongst
the Internet crowd saying how it was
strange for Affleck to be doing like a
self referential portrayal of himself
and potentially disrespectful to other
people struggling with with substance
abuse how that makes any logical sense I
don’t know I think it’s commendable that
Ben Affleck is doing it I think he has
of course fantastic acting chops and he
has a personal investment into the story
because he’s experienced it himself um
but I thought this article was
interesting because it does at least
show one that there is solidarity
amongst the elite as they were high
profile a list actors who’ve also had
troubles themselves with substance abuse
and it is something that really does
afflict our society at large and you
know it can just affect anybody so I
think it’s always great to broadcast
positivity in the world and yeah yeah a
really cool article guys if you want to
check that out too huge stars hugging
each other helping it out hugging it out
then they probably you know
had a beer did a little bit of blow
afterwards just you know just uh yeah
add a little bit of solidarity flavor on
top you know just one last round for us
right no I’m just I’m kidding about that
I was probably O’Doul’s they drank and
was probably sure they snorted so you
know it’s more about like just the
action of it right you don’t have to
necessarily get the kick as it were so
but yeah guys I think that was a really
interesting really cool really
heartwarming story uh so check it out if
you’ve got a heart okay guys so uh we
got some live no we don’t we got Jimbo
just doing his moderator thing he says
yep yeah guys definitely I I’m only
gonna kind of like I have the live chat
in my periphery right now if I see
something highlighted and orange and
that happens when you hit at movie pop
I’ll review the question in the comment
live here talk to you on screen cuz
that’s what I like to do also hey you
know what while you’re here hit that
like button let’s the algorithm know
that this video is legit and also
subscribe if you’re just popping in and
you don’t know me we do fantastic movie
reviews movie news and of course this
awesome live stream that you’re tuned
into right now so guys we’re gonna move
on to the next topic let me know your
thoughts as we go along and this one is
coming to us from movie web the venom to
set photos show Tom Hardy and Woody
Harrelson on set ooh a little spicy so
guys what did you think about first of
all before I did to the article what did
you think about um the end credits scene
to venom where they showed carnage and
you had what he Harrelson with a
Sideshow Bob curly red lock and he’s
like he’s gonna be carnage I thought was
a little jarring just a bit you know
looked a little corny like I mean I know
that dude is this bald AF so just seen
him with a full lushest lock of like
shimmering red Goldilocks hair behind
you know jail bars seem kind of weird
but I’m I hate whatever you know it’s a
comic book movie after all I could get
used to it
and Paula baller says yeah it was really
silly and too
knows they’re you know what I think
that’s what it was right because I think
being silly in an in and of itself right
not necessarily a problem but we’re like
when it’s on then so on the nose like
first drafts just not very inventive or
creative or at just perfectly summarized
on the nose yeah that’s where it is a
little bit like mmm really how well did
you think this through so let’s see my
girlfriend says I’m so excited to see it
happen to see you there baby cuz uh yeah
I’m always looking at you I’m always
staring at you when you’re sleeping but
uh yeah hit that at movie papa if you
wanted me to read a comment on screen I
don’t know if that was even meant for me
so I might be being a little
presumptuous here
oh yeah anyhow guys this article is
pretty cool let’s get to some of these
oh look at that we got we got Tom is
that Tom Hardy yep there he is being
cradled like a baby um so that’s not
very interesting but you know what’s
even more interesting good get ready
where is it where’d it go hold on hold
up what oh no I must have saw the image
somewhere else let’s go let’s go find
out right now because there is a set
image of oh look at that yeah there’s
gonna be carnage I’m so bulb there it is
that’s the money shot right there now
I’m not sure this is much of an
improvement looks like I don’t know like
Duke Nukem kind of right all right I
don’t know what in the hell’s going on
there but hey you know what I’ll take it
it’s definitely it’s not on the nose is
it Paula haha I don’t know how faithful
that is to the any comic source material
but um it’s interesting guys let me know
your thoughts on the other venom TV set
photos most particularly mr. Hilson here
by leaving your comments down below also
in the live stream you know with you
guys I’m gonna move forward on to the
next topic
you follow baller says are those banks
I’d I don’t know what the hell this is
huh that’s like a Donald Trump comb-over
I I don’t know it defies the laws of
physics as well too so
what’s going on that went and the hell
is that yeah it’s Trump inspired perhaps
who knows yeah alright guys so Jimbo
where says looks like Frankenstein
monsters here yeah it does right it’s
kind of got that crew-cut ish kind of
look and then
mmm that it’s got that Trump s thing
going on
so hey is it an improvement on the the
sideshow bob wig right not on the nose
so silly yeah I’ll take it
okay guys let’s move this bad boy along
of course you can follow up with me on
the previous topics if needed but here’s
the next one
The Hollywood Reporter now this is quite
interesting because you all know about
that little thing called coronavirus
Modelo virus heineken virus budweiser
virus it’s a big deal and of course this
article does no exception to talking
about that so inside Disney’s bold 200
million dollar gamble on Mulan the
stakes could not be any higher guys this
is very interesting because you know you
would think provided that China is like
the epicenter of this seems to be global
contagion like we’ve never faced before
you would push back the release date of
this movie I think it was supposed to be
what a simultaneous release in the
United States and China or near
simultaneous with the marsh release date
you would push it back a little further
because I mean unless you got some
diehard and that’s really kind of a poor
choice of words diehard
Mulan fans who are just gonna be going
out there the theaters to see it virus B
dams I’m gonna see me some lon
I think it might have been a wise
decision to push it back and whether or
not that actually does happen in the
coming weeks we’ll see at present last
to my knowledge they are keeping and
keeping this train going full speed full
tilt but it is interesting though this
article does talk about that some of the
the actresses the lead actress actresses
thoughts on the the coronavirus which
I’ve got think as a death toll something
71 the 77,000 people worldwide so yeah
guys what are your thoughts on this
should they push back the release date
for Mulan considering the viruses I mean
now I think stateside definitely west
coast at least there are confirmed cases
here no telling where this is going you
know because this I know Disney was
definitely tailoring this movie to
appeal not only of course to Western
audiences but obviously Chinese
audiences I mean that much can be seen
with the trailers that came out it’s as
I understand is more faithful to the
original story of WaMu lon and of course
by removing eddie murphy and moo shu you
know they are definitely double double
downing on that authenticity right so
yeah let me know your thoughts guys I
thought it’s an interesting read of
course I’m gonna leave the leave the
links down below so without further ado
let’s check out the live chat what’s
y’all spitting at me mr. Jim Bowie says
I would rather have seen a live-action
Pocahontas didn’t we kind of get that
with Kevin Costner what was that called
Dances with Wolves wasn’t that I mean
I’m not being facetious here III was
initially but as I said out loud I’m
like well actually what that was kind of
true wasn’t unlike loosely based off
Pocahontas but either way yeah a
real-life Pocahontas like the Disney
version live screen or a live-action
version yeah that’d be cool I’m down for
any any live-action versions of Disney’s
no because I’m not necessarily like the
biggest Disney fan for the cartoons
myself but you know as they’ve come out
with the newer live-action versions they
have guarded my interest so I think it’d
be curious to see for sure man why do
you want to see Pocahontas specifically
I’m wondering did they do Snow White
cuz they did Maleficent I don’t think
they’ve done they’ve done like a Snow
White’s in the huntsmen the unofficial
like whatever but yeah let me know Jim
Paula says I agree it’s going to hurt
box office but I don’t really know how
big the interest was going to be in
China and that’s actually a very fair
point as well I had that okay I’ll
follow up on that point Paula they had a
live action version of Milan not too
long ago oh wow
you know what yeah you reminded me of
that I I totally forgot that I had heard
about that so I’m curious to see how
long ago that was if it’s within a
decade it does stand to reason that
might be a little too soon for Disney to
be pushing this Americanized version of
a presumably Americanized version to the
degree that any I mean I think it was
actually Jeffrey Mao over on Rob’s
channel who had said like you know
Disney doing Mulan is like if let’s say
$0.10 pictures right exclusively made a
civil war story for America right you
know like they’re gonna try their best
to be historically accurate but of
course with transliteration and cultural
differences its it probably is gonna be
off kilter to some degree in some
fashion so that obviously might rub
Chinese audiences the wrong way or if
not even rubbed them the wrong way not
really inspire a photo of confidence
large enough to garner a significant box
office which I presume Disney is
expecting right to have from China
because this is custom tailored to them
more or less exclusively so yeah dude
Paula fantastic insight as always very
much appreciated
Bryan Hepburn says I think they should
push it out I’d like the trailer dude I
love the trailer too I thought some of
the wirework and some of the the fight
choreography was very reminiscent of at
least what I liked in Crouching Tiger
Hidden Dragon I’m so sorry for bringing
such a dated a large profile Chinese you
know release that really shows my lack
of understanding or knowledge of Chinese
cinema but that be aside it reminded me
of that and I thought you know that film
has so many merits of its own so the
fact that this trailer reminded me of
that I did build interest for me I
thought hey maybe this could be
something you know of similar acclaim at
least but yeah I think they should push
push it back to you bro let’s see here
Paula says in reference to Pocahontas
Pocahontas would be like a minefield in
this cultural collecting yeah you know
yeah we’re huh wouldn’t it be funny
though if like Elizabeth Warren then
I’ll have like a cameo in the movie she
was like one of the tribes people you
know like she probably liked to filmed
it before the whole her heritage results
were revealed with her but yeah that
would be hilarious
that’s just my brain thinking about that
but yeah it would be if we totally be oh
it’s culturally appropriate in anything
have a full native descent Native
American planning you’re only half
native and and you know they were
actually we’re actually living in a
teepee man yeah you know how it goes on
the interwebs guys let’s hear what else
do we got here buh-buh-bah from mr.
James Jimbo boyars dww was nothing
Dances with Wolves I got that okay was
nothing like Pocahontas so if it was
based on it was a crappy job okay fair
point yeah not really familiar with the
story of Pocahontas but what I do know
and correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t
even the Disney version like a far
removed from the original story of
Pocahontas it just basically made her
like into the what’s what’s the phrase
where it’s like a UH a woman kind of
like you know yearning for a man to come
save me you know whereas I guess the
real life story Pocahontas was more of
an empowered female who stood as an
equal more or less in regards to her
relationship with men in that society
and battling the elements or whatever
something like that right okay Paula
Baldur’s is coming in with some hot
knowledge here let’s see Chinese version
was in 2009 thank you very much okay so
all right well fair game fair game I say
yeah once every decade I think that’s
enough time to have a lapse to allow
yeah an American version come in Moore
or reboot or anything for that matter
for the most part right that’s how I’m
feeling about it anyways you guys let me
know your thoughts here Jim also says
going by music I would take a
live-action Little Mermaid over this I
think they are doing that right isn’t
Queen Latifah playing or sulla I think
before supposed to be what’s her name
the chick from the murderer the murderer
Muppet murder diaries Jennifer McCarthy
something like that yeah yeah I think
I’m pretty sure they are right and they
have a some mixed black chick playing
Ariel anyhow you’re gonna get what you
want basically is what I’m saying Jim so
alright guys I’m gonna move on to the
next topic up in his ‘el and this one is
going to be coming to us notifications I
don’t want them block coming to us from
CNET deaths ooh yes this is very cool
Deb’s nick offerman plays a scruffy tech
CEO in the gripping FX miniseries so
guys this is a limited FX series on Hulu
by ex machina writer and director Alex
garland it’s it’s apparently gonna be
focused on Silicon Valley some
transgressions of ethical limits of
technology so if you guys know anything
about ex machina or his latest film not
transcendence trans morphing mutating
annihilation there we go he’s easy
critically acclaimed film director of
the science fiction genre so really cool
to see that he’s gonna be lending those
talents to a televised series and I’m
really curious about it it’s cuz it’s
dealing with technology it’s gonna be
fantastically shot and written by a
competent director and of course uh
behind the screens talent or behind the
camera talent um so I’m thinking this
might be our next mr. robot and the
sci-fi nerd in me is like yes so yeah
guys if you haven’t heard about that
very curious about your thoughts this is
of course details the whole story about
it and a review reviews are out already
it is coming out this I guess will be
next month which would be tomorrow not
coming out tomorrow but coming out in
the month starting tomorrow March
it’s called March March 2020 so yeah I’m
really looking forward to this guys um
let me know your thoughts on on that and
also just Alex Garland in general do you
think this is a gonna be a certified hit
or a sneaker right okay so I’m gonna
move on to
next topic and just because I happen to
coincidentally see Aaron Johnson pop his
head in here without tagging me this is
a pure out of pure chance I’m gonna say
hello Aaron Johnson welcome to the show
thank you so much for being here with
all of us talking on this fine Saturday
evening or afternoon wherever you are
it’s afternoon for me but uh yeah all
right guys let’s go on to the next topic
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feel the buzz right this next article
though is coming through us from dead
lion look who it is it’s the one and
only mr. Macaulay Culkin himself
American Horror Story is coming out with
season 10 and the cast list has been
released and of course the home alone
star is amongst them so big news on that
because he’s uh he’s recently been
popping his head back up into uh into
the ecosphere as it were and I think
it’s a it’s an interesting choice him
alongside I think Kathy Bates who else
we got up in the air Billie lourd oh
yeah and the other names auction I’m not
gonna lie to you I don’t know these
other names but him and what’s-her-face
misery lady Kathy Bates Joe Bennett from
the office yeah there are among the cast
members this just is a awesome headline
they grab my attention I have not had
the chance to watch American Horror
Story I’ve heard fantastic things I hear
it’s a great anthology television series
so I’m going to turn this one actually
to you guys see if you have anything to
say on this what are your thoughts on it
I’m intrigued I want to watch now I’ve
got ten seasons to catch up with now but
I think that’s actually probably not
even true right because that’s the whole
nature of an anthology series you don’t
necessarily have to follow one to
understand the the next consecutive
orders a series so yeah let’s see what
we got up in this a live chat got
nothing here for me so I’m gonna move on
to the next topic guys but of course
leave me your thoughts of your comments
down below also in the live chat and we
can always jump back and forth between
them okay
so next one here is gonna be coming to
us from The Hollywood Reporter and this
one is really cool but I got some
comments here so let’s start with that
G wolf says good to see Koken working
again yeah I know right it’s funny
because I know if you guys follow red
letter media he’s
he’s working with them over there rich
and rich and Mike rich Evans Mike Lhasa
it’s a classic over a red letter media
pretty funny guy he had an appearance I
think within the year on Joe Rogan’s
podcast uh so he has been kind of
talking about you know slowly getting
back into it but it’s not he’s not
really trying to reach the level faint
fame that he had as a child and then he
also has a if he runs a podcast – it’s
called bunny ears so but yeah good to
see him back on the back on the horse
right volleyballer says American Horror
Story has not been good uh-oh since row
no row no key role I know whatever that
is they are loosely connected so
obviously something I’m clearly not
aware of as well
but you know what Paula I trust your
your intuition and your tastes so II
yeah let me know where I should start
if I should start at all or how I should
watch it because god I really don’t want
to waste any time on anything that’s
subpar I like guys I couldn’t even get
through the carb Episode five that’s why
I haven’t released a video on it
Oh like struggling to follow along but I
know I have to because I want to see
what happens so I guess I have to bend
over and take it at some point during
this week
Paula also says watch the first five
seasons okay Paula I will put that on my
my never-ending list of television and
films to watch the same life’s I’m sure
we all have right all right guys so this
one here is really cool though The
Hollywood Reporter is confirming that
not only is parasite getting its own TV
adaptation through HBO but it’s also
getting a graphic novel so the
storyboards are set to be released as a
graphic novel which is really cool for a
couple reasons it’s just it’s it’s
bringing a high-profile foreign film
which already has more notoriety than
any has any other foreign film that has
come before hand to my knowledge it’s
also giving it another medium in which
to further expand the pound
presenting foreign entertainment to an
American audience and I think that’s
really cool I’d really like seeing the
floodgates open up seeing an
international market have as much
authority in America it just shows that
you know we’re more open-minded as a
society that we can we can accept you
know mediums like this from outside
other countries so I think that’s great
I think that’s fantastic and of course
this film is more than deserving of it
so it’s coming out May 9th guys it’s
hitting stores May 9th so if you guys
are graphic novelists lovers that is
something to be noted yeah so thoughts
on that guys let me know I’m gonna move
on over to the next topic over yonder
and this one is coming to us from Andy
wire Oh so again following on this whole
parasites international movies kind of a
train of thoughts here goes the headline
subtitles versus dubbing the big
business of translating foreign films in
a post parasite world each country’s
movie going culture is different but as
a localization market expands with
streaming so does dubbing now this is
interesting so let’s take a poll here
first of all actor leisure of course do
you prefer subs or does subs v-dubs guys
which one do you think is best now for
myself I personally like at least for
the first time to watch the film just I
like I like to keep it authentic i watch
it you know subbed first but of course
you know as time does go on and I don’t
want to be inundated with having to read
text or I want to be multitasking it is
nice to have it on dub and also if I
just wanted to you know pay more
attention to actually what’s happening
on screen because when you’re reading
subtitles right I mean essentially what
you’re doing is you’re focused on the
subtitles and then you’re watching the
film through your periphery vision and
that’s not like the best way to watch a
movie I mean have you ever watched an
english-language film or a television
show like strictly with your peripheral
vision while focusing that’s something
else at the bottom of the screen like
like the Fox television logo there or
CBS or NBC like try that out
I’m obviously it’s going to neuter your
experience for lack of a better word so
this article does talk about you know
some of them some of the processes
behind the scenes in terms of
transliteration how they actually try to
match the vocal dub to the actual lip
movements so it’s less jarring that was
really interesting I did not know there
was kind of a science behind what they
do in terms of dubbing to that degree I
didn’t know that I thought they were
just like you know let’s just kind of
have the voice actors say more or less
verbatim what the actual original
dialogue was without consideration to
how closely it matched you know like the
old kung-fu cinemas films but you know
obviously as time is going on I have at
least I not um I wasn’t aware of it
until reading this article that yeah I
have noticed over time like that kind of
bad dubbing where it’s so like so so
like off off sync it is less present
these days and that’s actually it’s been
a conscious effort on behalf of these
companies who actually work in these
so yeah a really cool article I thought
it was interesting especially tied into
the release of parasite I would
recommend reading this article if you’re
a nerd like me and you want to get into
the nitty-gritty of it so let’s see what
your guys’s thoughts are mr. brine
Hepburn what’s up man all right let’s
see um Brian Hepburn says I like the
English dub mostly from all of the old
monster and kung-fu movies from the late
70s through 80s so they do not bother me
at all
yeah English dubs they don’t bother me
at all either um oh you know what here’s
not really reasonably cool point though
to ask yourself and I think this is
probably if there is one thing about
dubs that do bother me is when of course
obviously the voice acting is this
complete crap and also when you have you
have the the voice actors
the tonal quality of it so completely
radically different from with the
original voice actors tonal qualities
were right you know somebody and then
you like you see the American version is
like hey what’s up my name is Bob how
you doing thank you very much for
turning in here it’s like whoa what
would you like that is wait you drawing
uh what happened there can we get
somebody else who could speak up a few
more registers like this or at least
sock him in the balls so you know it can
be you know yeah that would probably be
my only my only issue with dubs but yeah
I agree with you bro doesn’t bother me
at all I go I go both ways bro dubs and
subs you know I’m saying all right mr.
Jim Boris says I completely have been
doing voice matching for dubs on Netflix
shows like money heist uh Jim what do
you mean wait yes wait let me read it
again cuz I’m probably uh not reading
right yes they have been doing voice
matching for dubs oh yes okay they not
you I’m like wait you do voice work as
well Jim okay and they have been doing
voice matching for dubs on Netflix shows
yes yeah yeah and I think it’s really
cool that Netflix has such a large
pantheon of films to have a oftentimes
you know dubs and French Spanish I think
Mandarin sometimes and sometimes some
other like random languages based off I
guess what they think their demographic
for a particular series or show or movie
Netflix is making they think that this
particular country has an interest in it
they localized the the voice acting for
it as well so really cool on Netflix is
behalf right Jim also says I completely
lose immersion when subtitles are on the
screen yeah dude big-time big-time me
too man
I lose immersion it is distracting for
sure and I hate having that I hate the
fact that I’m not being able to focus on
like what’s happening visually on screen
so I hear you there it’s it’s a catch-22
because I also really want to know like
what the dialogue is and sometimes the
dialogue is so radically changed you
know just it doesn’t make sense so
palma also says yes they also they have
been doing voice matching for dubs on
Netflix shows like money heist
yep yep okay cool cool cool confirmed
thank you yes Paula says voice matching
to mouth can’t help the bad acting
fucking that with some of the dubs I
know right like come on let’s put some
oomph into it come on you’re getting
paid for this man I mean yeah it’s often
it’s frustrating
um I agree with you grow G wolf also
says cheap dubs with a poor translation
aren’t the worst guys we’re all in the
greenie here so I think you know dubs
are dubs i but you know when they do it
cheaply on the fly and poor translation
and the tonal quality is not matching or
the acting is bad it’s just mmm
don’t even bother I’m really truly right
don’t even bother at that point because
it’s annoying and it’s doubly like
doubly jarring and doubly like pulls me
out of the uh pulls me out of the
experience so I think we’re all on the
same page there guys yeah interesting
article but uh yeah so let’s get this
bad boy moving along here I get two more
uh two more topics to talk about I
didn’t have a pending bonus topic to
talk about we may or may not get there I
provide at the time we have left so
let’s uh let’s keep this bad boy moving
along and this is coming to us from
Collider our favorite media source high
impact entertainment Tom Holland says
he’s had conversations about a Back to
the Future reboot now this is very
curious this is actually coming out on
the heels of Wow look at this I didn’t
know I wanted this but personally I
think wow I think he’d be perfectly cast
as a doppelganger of two Michael J Fox
as Marty McFly but as I was saying
before this is coming on the heels of
that deep fake that was recently
released where they had superimposed Tom
Hollands likeness on Michael J Fox is
and Robert Downey jr. is likeness on
Christopher Lloyd’s and when I saw it
I’m like holy heaven in hell this is a
do epic duo i I did not know I wanted I
didn’t think we could work never haven’t
even considered it but seeing it on
screen I’m like you if they were to
reboot back to the future yeah I’m down
for that
like I am so down for that because not
only at least within the context of the
MCU which of course is supported not
only by the fantastic actors but the
screenwriters the production staff all
that good stuff that whole combination
of a confluence of circumstances is what
made that on-screen chemistry work I
think I would imagine though that
something similar could be done for this
now I know with Robert Zemeckis right he
still owns the rights I believe to the
Back to the Future franchise and has
been like holding on to them with an
iron fist not willing to have it license
out to another company or make any
production deals to reboot it for
artistic integrity sake right and I
commend that I think in the world of you
know reboots and rehashes and second
rates reboots it’s it’s probably wise I
think to maintain the integrity of this
classic timeless trilogy right but hey
our DJ he’s done with the MCU and he is
thirsty f-for something hot a hot
property the hop on board with right
because that doolittle obviously it was
not working out for him going it’s not
gonna go anywhere so what’s the next
thing on his plate Tom Holland
up-and-coming rising star as we’ve
discussed before with the Uncharted film
which presumably Sony does want to build
out into another movie franchise Empire
has had production issues has been
delayed the thing is still delayed
currently I don’t recall those
indefinitely but the release date has
been pushed back considerably so it may
stand to reason that the timing just
might be right and I think the actors
are just right so the issue would be
who’s gonna write it who’s gonna direct
it which Studios are gonna get behind it
I mean yeah yeah but it’s interesting
cuz this article here oh he does say
let’s see here what is what did you say
exactly but bump up okay here we go so a
Tom Holland says
in an interview I’d be lying if I said
there hadn’t been conversations in the
past about doing some sort of remake but
that film is the most perfect film or
one of the most perfect films one that
could never be made better that said if
Robert Downey jr. and I could just shoot
that one scene that they had remade for
fun he could pay for it cuz he’s got
loads of money I would do it for my fee
and we could remake that scene I think
we owe it to deep fake because they did
such a good job I think I’m gonna speak
to Robert and see if we can try to
recreate something for deep fate so
doubly interesting like at the very
least if we don’t get an official Back
to the Future reboot starring these two
actors it seems like there’s definitely
interest at least on Tom Horne’s part to
do you know a little a little deep
faking not montage but a you know an
actual live-action version of that scene
then shot IRL in real life so I you know
I’d be happy with that too just like how
you know all of us who are big lebowski
fans we’ve been during the see the dude
again right back on screen again before
Jeff Bridges dies
we haven’t gotten shizzle but we did get
a TV spot I think two of them a little
teaser in the national commercial of the
dude of course it’s sucked it was for a
Superbowl commercial but it was it was
exciting cool nonetheless to see the
dude still abiding so guys I’m gonna
turn it to you now let me know your
comments down below here on why is it’s
a Monster Hunter that’s not what I
wanted but okay my bad anyhow so that’s
gonna be one of the topics coming up
there sorry about the lower third there
your thoughts guys here let’s go back to
the comments but Bubba got nothing for
me you guys are talking amongst yourself
so keep it going
alright cool um so next topic here guys
this is the last one it’s Monster Hunter
man I totally I totally ruined the
Paul WS Anderson teases the first
monster hunter in the form of a couple
posters so it looks like we are going to
another video game adaptation on film by
another director who’s done just that
with Resident Evil and I have mixed
feelings about this I am NOT I’m what
would blow cautiously optomistic be
whatever that is that’s where I’m at
I would hope he learned some lessons
from the failures from the Resident Evil
franchise it’s because when it started
out I thought it was a cool adaptation I
thought it was interesting it was great
it was fresh I was well made but for me
from that point forward with the
consecutive releases I thought just bags
of crap but anyhow Paul WS Anderson is
back folks Screen Gems has released the
first posters for the Resident Evil
filmmakers new video game adaptation
Monster Hunter which is actually our
first look at the movie period the
Capcom video game series launched in
2004 on PlayStation 2 and basically had
you playing the role of a guess who a
monster hunter who’s tasked with hunting
and killing various monsters a basic
premise to be pure but a fun one a
surprise to be sure but a welcome one
god I really hope that Mika will be one
see your series I mean come on
that should that should have been first
order number one or general order 66 or
266 make the obi-wan series face but
yeah hey we got Tony Jaa here he’s up in
here cool cool casting a fantastic actor
from non America obviously and then we
got Milla Jovovich we’re looking like a
badass looking like Cloud Strife
actually holding that big old buster
sword so you know it’s not much to go
off here guys I mean the movie could be
crap it could be amazing but I think
it’s cool we’re getting an enemy ish
Japanese video game property again in
the form of a live-action film and
hopefully it’s good so you know that’s
my thoughts on that let me turn it back
over to you get you guys out what’s your
thoughts on this how you feeling about
it you’re feeling cautiously optimistic
or a little below cautiously optimistic
or are you just like totally lit about
it I’m gonna turn it over here to Jimbo
says I’m below cautiously optimistic
his borderline pessimistic yeah that’s a
totally understandable place to be bro
it doesn’t have the best pedigree Paul
WS Anderson so yes
yeah dude Jason I’m seeing Jim say I’m
commenting to you guys yes that’s that’s
Mila I thought that was a dude that’s
what I thought too bro cuz I’m not like
okay I’m gonna show you something right
like let’s check this out
that’s is why I mentioned Final Fantasy
7 and video game properties from Japan
yeah it looks like Cloud Strife I mean
look at that big old Buster Sword
there’s one image in particular where
he’s doing like a similar kind of pose
to her like here like that naturally I
can’t find it here mmm
yeah but yeah Jamie does look like a
dude I’m not sure which character she’s
supposed to be playing in Monster Hunter
either I’m not familiar with the the
property I played it when I was a kid I
was like 10 years old so what was that
like oh god 22 years ago now jeez it’s
so weird to say 22 years ago I was a wee
little 10 year old last playing video
games in 1999 or 98 or whatever whatever
it was anyhow guys let me get to your
cuz this is the last topic I have here I
do have a bonus topic if you guys want
to hear it I don’t have any lower thirds
for it but I do want to see what your
thoughts are on it and discuss about
that cuz that’s most important first and
foremost and my favorite thing to do so
let’s start there
Brian Hepburn says the images seem more
like more of the same with Mila and a
different kind of imposter is that right
um so a Brian correct me if I’m wrong I
thought there was just these two
promotional images here the posters
right Mila Jovovich and then Tony Jaa am
i incorrect in it let’s see
and let me read your comment over again
I might be miss reading it the images
seem like more of the same with Mila and
a different kinds of monsters I think I
understood what you’re saying but let’s
see if there was anything else out here
there’s any other images while I’m doing
that oh we got G wolf here he says well
if they keep making video game
adaptations someday they might get it
right yeah man well someday actually is
yesterday with Sonic I think they got it
right I mean what more could you really
ask for guys you don’t want to have that
movie taking place in Sonic’s world per
se right I mean you could do it that way
but I mean it’s too literal of an
adaptation and it’d be a fully CGI movie
I suppose I mean no I can’t say you
can’t do that of course you could do it
of course it could work but in terms of
at least adapting video game properties
with a live-action context to it I think
that’s as good as you have could have
done I’m among some of the I am the
small cabal of internet people trolls
hiding the corners who said you know
what the super mario movie was actually
really good I liked it because I did
like she liked the Super Mario Brothers
movie Bob Hoskins John Leguizamo I think
they killed it I think if you’re gonna
do an adaptation of Mario right and it
was kind of gritty it wasn’t like a
straight out kids movie it was set in
reality uh you know had they done that
back in 93 I think when that’s when the
film came out I mean what are you gonna
do you’re gonna build up sets of the
Mushroom Kingdom and literally have
Mario like hopping on hunt goombas like
mushroom goombahs you know and like
eating mushrooms and then like expanding
in size like you know 80 times size and
it just it wouldn’t have worked on
screen and I even now with the
technology like I don’t know
I mean sure anything can work but
especially back then it just it would
not have looked good it would have not
done well and I just I like the real
realistic gritty take you know to
plumbers living in Brooklyn hey I’m
walking here Mario come on man grab grab
the wrench let’s do this thing you know
I thought it’s cool anyhow we’re not
Mario we’re talking about video game
adaptations here and Monster Hunter
specifically I’m totally being ADHD and
not looking up the set images whoa Soji
wolf was a G wolf or Brian he told me
that about the set images I think was
Brian yeah yeah Brian did so Brian okay
cool bro thank you for letting me know
that Wow what in the hell mm okay I’ll
see you looking good
you guys see you then yeah oh okay all
right hey dude I mean if the production
value is good cool it’ll be a visual
treat to look at for sure
I’m just hoping you’re Paul WS Anderson
can pull it off and not make the
mistakes he did with with Resident Evil
after the first one so alright guys so
let’s go on through some of the
questions comments all that jazz you’re
in the live chat but Papa Papa Bob let’s
see Brian says oh yeah Brian Hepburn
says the game has different monsters
than Resident Evil is what I meant oh
yeah oh dude yeah totally totally
different monsters even I know that
I don’t know offhand which monsters are
in Monster Hunter
but like I know there ain’t no liquor
and Monster Hunter you know a big thing
that was like crawling on the walls with
a long tongue and Resident Evil 2
I forgot what what are the final bosses
with the name of that was but yeah
definitely not on that level that would
scare the children playing on their game
boys or the game boy you DS’s or colors
or whatever it was back in the time Game
Boy Advance yeah G wolf says I’m talking
more about monsters slash zombie games
oh okay okay okay got you got you
interesting okay yeah fair point then so
that stuff that might might might rent
about Sonic and then continued rant
about Super Mario Brothers was totally
unfounded that’s what you’re saying
right shut up bro I’m not talking about
that talking about those monster and
zombie movies or zombie games excuse me
yeah okay fair point dude yeah Resident
Evil is a prime example of that so yeah
III agree
guys that is all we have here today for
the 10 topics uh you know I like to keep
this you know within the hour don’t want
to take up too much of your time I’m so
grateful for you all being here talking
amongst yourselves talking with me it’s
always fantastic I’m so sorry uh
Stephanie couldn’t be here today like I
said she just came on board last week
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make me a sandwich woman like clearly
I’m joking it’s just like you shouldn’t
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you bright no I’m not just in the first
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you next time
yeah damn it
so a DD