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hey guys thank you so much for tuning
into weekly weekender it’s Sunday
Superbowl Sunday February 2nd 2020 and
guys so sorry first off the bat I just
want to say I’m totally sorry for the
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on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. Pacific
Standard Time they give you the biggest
best stories in Hollywood and movie news
and as a consequence of my own personal
work schedule I am totally beyond
exhausted 40 hours at work 40 hours on
the channel here I couldn’t keep up so I
needed a little bit of rest but hey it’s
Super Bowl Sunday so hopefully we still
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cool so let’s start with our first topic
for the day force combat the fan-made
Star Wars fighting game is released for
free and this is coming to us from app
trigger calm
force combat created by a passionate fan
force combat reminds us how much we
desperately need a Star Wars fighting
game ain’t that the truth
make it happen yeah some of you may be
too you too young to remember but back
in 1997
LucasArts developed and released a game
called Star Wars masters of teras kasi
for the original PlayStation it was a
fighting game with all the promise in
the world taking characters from the
Star Wars universe and pitting them in
one-on-one combat
now since last year a fan by the handle
of last Jawa has been single-handedly
developing a Star Wars fighting game
called force combat and while fan made
projects are nothing new this one
actually looked like it had some pretty
amazing potential especially given the
resources so cool I don’t know if you
guys have heard about this or had a
chance to look at it but it is
absolutely stunning I believe it is
being rendered in the Unreal Engine and
a lot of the character of polygon
sprites I believe that refer to the
mapping is pulled directly from one of
the EA games maybe it was battlefront
I’m not entirely sure but I did watch
the live demo on YouTube I did download
the game myself so you guys haven’t
heard about this yet check it out
for an old man Star Wars fan like myself
this definitely does ring true to the
original spirit of the terrorists Kosti
which came out on the PlayStation I
loved playing that as a kid and yeah to
my knowledge I don’t think there’s been
any like hand-to-hand Star Wars themed
combat game since so ea take notice guys
we want this alright so moving on
through our second topic this is going
to be coming to us from IGN the
Uncharted movie release date is being
pushed back the drama behind the
upcoming Uncharted movie continues as
sony has announced that the film has
been delayed by three months likely a
result of losing its sixth director last
month good god that’s I think that’s on
par or
as worse a losing streak as Kathleen
Kennedy has done with her firing of
directors over at Lucasville
anyways moving back to IGN article
according to The Hollywood Reporter’s
Erin couch Thank You mr. couch the
Uncharted movie has been delayed into
March 5th 2021 almost three months later
than its initial December 2020 release
yikes further the film will be taking
over the March 2021 release date that
was originally being held for Hemans
Masters of the Universe movie which has
now been taken off the calendar
according to mr. couches report while
this news is likely disappointing to
fans the news shouldn’t be too
surprising getting the long strange
history of the Uncharted movie which has
experienced a handful of director
changes and casting rollercoasters the
film will star Tom Holland as Nathan
Drake and potentially Mark Wahlberg as
Drake’s mentor Victor Sully Sullivan
further Sony is reportedly in talks with
Venom’s ruben fleischer which would make
him the film’s seventh director in 2019
Sony announced PlayStation Productions a
production studio that aims to take
Sony’s catalog of video game titles and
franchises and adapt them for film and
so right off the bat guys uh you know I
I’m sure we’ve all become pretty
accustomed to mix ups and productions
and timetables being changed so provided
that this is Sony Studios kind of
following in lockstep with what’s
happening at Lucasfilm for this
particular project we’re talking about I
can’t say I’m surprised by it I’m
perhaps probably numb to the news here
it is a little disappointing to hear off
the bat but you know first and foremost
what matters most during the production
cycle it’s making sure you have a
quality product and streamlining that
vision for quality and a great narrative
and a fantastic movie all the way
through even if it means you know
initiating production delays
no one is gonna be well served by
rushing a brushing a product out to
market earlier than it should be just
because you had set a date for it so I’m
gonna be cautiously optimistic about
this I’m gonna hope the studios are
doing this for good reason and there’s
trying to maintain quality control over
this debut film which would presumably
be the launch pad for a whole series of
films starring Nathan Drake or excuse me
starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in
the Uncharted series so let’s hope all
this means something good and let’s move
forward with our next topic this is
coming to us from The Hollywood Reporter
and it’s about something nobody asked
for the new Transformers movies are in
the works with zodiac an army of the
Dead writers okay all right I’m game
tickles me tickled me curious perhaps
Netflix is poised to let go of roughly
15 marketing staffers from its Los
Angeles office in the wake of last
year’s shift in marketing leadership
variety has learned the layoffs
represent a whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
what is happening here I’m jumping the
gun guys sorry let me back it up for
those of you watching I’m so sorry
jumping the gun here we’re talking about
transformers and guys while you’re
watching thank you so much for liking by
the way really appreciate it
Geordi Lyons what the hell bro what’s up
man hey dude great to see you too glad
you’re here
and John D arc well thank you so much
for the great reviews really appreciate
you watching Jen the arc Jory Uncharted
was moved because Disney has competition
issues and to avoid two of their own
overlapping yeah yeah and the two of
their own are you referring to the
he-man project and the Uncharted project
Geordi either way man let me know I’ll
come back to that thank you so much for
commenting and liking appreciate it guys
but let’s get back to the
popping of Transformers here paramount
and Hasbro are pursuing concurrent
development as they seek to expand the
war between the Autobots and the
Decepticons paramount and Hasbro are
rebuilding transformers rebuilding I
think you’re gonna have to do a whole
retooling but locate let’s see
hiring not one but two riders – pen
scripts for the multibillion-dollar film
franchise Joby Harold who co-wrote the
upcoming Zack Snyder’s zombie movie army
of the Dead in James Vanderbilt perhaps
best known for writing David Fincher’s
zodiac have been topped excuse me have
been tapped depends separate scripts as
the companies pursue concurrent
development takes on the direction of
the new projects were not revealed but
paramount and Hasbro see the hires as
getting the franchise a chance to build
out multiple arcs and to also expand the
Transformers Universe the toy brands
underlying storyline is a seemingly
never-ending battle between the good
robots who could turn in the cars
and the Autobots and the wicked robots
who can turn into military hardware the
little bit of a loaded topic here first
of all as I said this is the property
that nobody is asking for and I think
it’s exemplified perfectly well in the
fact that the box office returns for the
Transformers series has steadily gone
down which each concurrent release up
until Travis Knight’s reimagining or
reboot the the latest Transformers movie
which is more of a tail between
bumblebee and some chick forgot her name
already but you know obviously there’s
not much of a taste for transformers in
the market provided what what we’ve had
established anyways not to say that a
reboot could not work if they reimagine
it retool it give it the credibility
perhaps the franchise deserves but it
does lead me to a little bit of concern
provided that context and also in
addition to the fact what I’ve Geordi
what scared brother just trying to get
this thing out the way man
this Super Bowl Sunday I’m a day away on
this but uh you know I had all these
stories compiled I’m tired AF but I’m
here I’m doing it so I’m glad you’re
tuning in thank you so much
so here’s my concern about this because
paramount is attached to the project and
we all know paramount has had a shall we
say anemic release schedule and I’m
always referencing this movie right here
man this is one of my favorite IPS that
it’s been stuck in development hell for
20 years even had the wonderful Steven
Spielberg attached to produce maybe even
direct and you know paramount was a
studio that you know dropped a hundred
seventy million dollars marker into the
budget not including marketing or I mean
really when you were investing that
amount of money and it seems like they
really they’re they’re they’re putting
their best foot forward they’re putting
their money where their mouth is right
with these properties but oftentimes I
find that the end product is really
leading a lot to be desired so I’m not
sure who’s running things at Paramount
and regards to script approval
overseeing the whole production of stuff
but yeah they got a lot of stinkers on
their hands so paramount really does
need some wins and I’m not at least
initially I’m not entirely sure that
rebooting the transformers IP is the
right way to go but you never know Jordy
Lyons says you get your partner status
yet if you’re referring to my partner on
the show which I don’t think you are he
is mi a he’s got other duties right now
if you’re referring to a YouTube partner
status oh yeah absolutely we are totally
a YouTube partner program official now
so that’s awesome we’ve got a hundred
sorry 1030 subscribers as of today
looking to boost those numbers come the
Oscars which we are live streaming on
Sunday February 9th so be there but yeah
man it’s great I love talking to all of
you guys in the comment sections on the
videos in the livestream it’s definitely
because I’m so isolated doing all the
research and doing all the video editing
and prepping and the shooting on camera
all by myself coming on-screen talking
with you guys and in the comments at any
point all the interaction that’s really
it’s my favorite part of this whole
endeavor so thank you truly for being
so that out the way let’s move on to our
next topic and this is coming you
already says that good that start start
monetizing your work well you know what
guys full disclosure we’re totally
monetized now you’re gonna notice some
changes in terms of the production with
with regard specifically to the movie
reviews you know I could play
full-length trailer clips for the
reactions which we’ve I’ve decided to
cancel reactions because I honestly I
never really cared about trailer
reactions I think they’re stupid but we
got a lot of views on them so that was
trying a strategic strategy in the
beginning but now that we’ve we’ve
reached the threshold for subscribers to
allow us to be monetized I just I think
it’s really it’s unnecessary and it’s a
lot of work to do something I don’t
really care about and then I actually uh
I had a poll for the channel which I
think 80% of viewers said they wanted
movie reviews zero percent said trailer
reactions and then I think we had about
11 to 15% for movie news I’ve got to
develop the format a little bit more you
know brush it up but you know I’m
working I’m doing my best guys so don’t
don’t worry I’m putting in the work so
but yeah monetizing a fun fact I think
right now I’ve accumulated a grand total
of $2 so yeah it’s awesome
oh shit Geordi if I want to make you a
moderator you’ll help any way you can to
grow dude yeah I would absolutely love
that dude Paula ballers actually made
her a moderator she’s down she’s going
to be here on February 9th for the
Oscars livestream now if the past is
precedent when I did the Golden Globes
livestream I think we had about a
hundred and five thousand active viewers
so you can imagine that
live-chat was blowing up a lot of crazy
stuff going on in there I couldn’t
manage it by myself while concurrently
doing the the live stream so yeah man if
you want to come on board for that and
simultaneously watch the Oscars through
the live stream awesome if you can’t
make it no worries but future forward
for weekly weekend or yeah they’d be
great man we don’t have many viewers on
the live stream for weekly weekender at
the moment but anything you want to do
dude totally awesome that’s freaking
amazing of you to offer bro so thank you
so much man really appreciate it dude
crazy love that PGS community so little
hats off to Robert Myer Burnett’s pdf’s
community you guys were all fantastic
Jordy you’re fantastic from the
beginning man truly oh thank you so
anyways I know all you guys don’t know
what the hell we’re talking about what
I’m talking about for the most part so
we’ll move forward into our next topic
but before we do that let’s give you a
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craze so guys watch out okay so netflix
is to layoff roughly fifteen and
marketing department shift now this is
coming through us from variety Netflix
is poised to let go of roughly fifteen
marketing staffers from its Los Angeles
office in the wake of last year’s shift
and marketing leadership variety has
learned this recently the layoffs
represent a small percentage of the
greater marketing division according to
a source and follows the hiring last
July of Jackie Lee Joe as chief
marketing officer who hails from BBC
studios and served as its chief
marketing officer for nearly four years
the move whittles down what Lee Joe
believes to have been perhaps a slightly
bloated marketing department okay a
person familiar with the situation told
variety the company will continue to
promote individual shows um promote okay
as part of its greater marketing
initiatives to promote the whole service
so a little bit here I find funny I mean
not funny because it’s terrible the fact
that people are getting laid off that’s
always a sad subject to talk about but I
find it interesting perhaps there’s a
better way to phrase it the fact that
you know they say it’s an over bloated
marketing department but I’ve noticed
for this John Campea has talked about
this a nice ignores talked about this I
think even Robert miner Burnett has
talked about this all the you know top
YouTube pundits for movie news and
entertainment news often complain about
the fact that Netflix has a horrible
marketing algorithm I mean there are so
many awesome shows on the platform that
I don’t come into learning about through
the platform directly it’s always
through word of mouth or through some
other channel out
side of Netflix so I don’t know I mean
obviously I’m not involved in the whole
the whole Netflix operation so I I’m
just some random guy on YouTube talking
about it but from the outside it seems
to me you might want to bolster your
marketing division a little bit more
because what you guys are doing clearly
is not working I don’t know if cutting
people out is the best way to get your
message out even more I don’t know or
maybe those 15 people were the ones who
are holding back the whole lot of
marketing drive making those bad ideas
and whatever they’re doing on Netflix
but it is something noteworthy to
mention in the light of recent events oh
hey um $2 is a great start Wow
hold up hold up hold up hold up 50 K in
no time right I was like wait hold on
are you can you see my analytics Geordi
I saw that 50 km wait hold up hold up
there’s no way in hell made 50 K because
the last videos that I don’t like 105
thousand views on four Golden Globes of
course because it’s copyrighted material
I can’t monetize that but it’s a great
way to give a service to a lot of our
international viewers I think about 30
36 % of the viewers on this channel are
in the United States so a lot of a big
international audience so I think it’s
cool to broadcast these award ceremonies
to those of you outside the US in a
quality format and also of course I’m
not gonna lie it does drive up the
metrics for me too which is always a
great thing it also gives you more
exposure I talked to you guys
Oh a Storm Shadow what’s up dude ah
thank you so much for being here man
sorry for the delay I know 11:30 on
Saturday today is not it’s Super Bowl
Sunday but again in the beginning the
broadcast I explained the reasons behind
the late start here so anyhow Storm
Shadow what’s what do you say I don’t
care about Uncharted only games I like
don’t ask me why so you know I’m gonna
be honest with you Storm Shadow Man I
like where we’re always on the same page
about a lot of things and I like the
fact that you give me a lot of like
great commentary and you show me a lot
of like movie news and movie topics that
are of interest to me and I agree with
you I mean I haven’t really played any
console games since the original
PlayStation some PlayStation 2
and that’s about it and there are
properties that I will drop into play
but I don’t own a console because just
to own a console to play a couple games
not really my bag
final fantasy Metal Gear Solid Super
Smash Brothers
those are like what come to top of my
head but yeah Uncharted I’ve heard
fantastic things about it that it has
very cinematic feel great gameplay great
cutscenes but yeah I haven’t played it
honestly so I’m personally not like
super like excited about it as if like
Final Fantasy 7 was being adapted for a
movie or the Metal Gear Solid movie
which is in production what’s his name
Robert Jordan Robert bought something
like that you know the director of Kong
Skull Island who’s working hand in hand
with Hideo Kojima for the Metal Gear
Solid movie that’s something like that’s
near and dear to my heart I would love
to see something like that man so yeah I
feel you on that point dude judi lines
hit the like button
absolutely you’re a true moderator bro
he this is a professional here right now
he moderates the the livestream in
Robert Myer Burnett’s Channel and yeah I
need to get better on those calls to
action hit that like button definitely
drives it up Jordi Thank You Man for the
reminder you’re a very talented guy I
believe in you and don’t sell yourself
yeah Jordi I truly appreciate it man I
I’m doing my absolute best
dude like I’m really I’m taking this
whole thing very seriously and I’m doing
my best to bring quality content to you
guys so really definitely do you
appreciate that dude seriously thanks
man you’re up you’re awesome do you
think Rick Stein says hello hello Rick
welcome to the live stream thank you so
much for tuning in we’re talking about
movie news so join the conversation with
us here let’s move forward through one
of the next topics here and I’m really
excited about this one here this is
coming to us from Variety regarding the
matrix for Priyanka Chopra Jones in
final negotiations to join the matrix
for Priyanka Chopra Jones is taking the
red pill the actress and
International beauty icon is in final
talks to join the cast of the untitled
fourth film in the matrix saga the
Wachowskis game-changing action
franchise insiders or getting all mixed
up there sorry
insiders close to the negotiation said
you guys can piece that together you
know what I mean the Warner Brothers in
Village Roadshow film is being directed
by series co-creator lana wachowski
she’ll join the previously announced
Keanu Reeves carrie-anne moss and Yaya
Abdul Mateen the second and Neil Patrick
Harris details about her prospective
character are currently under wraps as
they should be the matrix forecast has
been in fight training for weeks for the
production start which will begin and
meet eminently in Northern California so
really cool I like that we were seeing a
diverse casting of actors for the
property if you guys haven’t seen since
8:00 off the bat I’m going to say guys
you need to watch since 8:00 I know
there were tchotchkes or one of the
Wachowskis outside of the matrix a lot
of their films have been box-office
flops Speed Racer one of which which is
a mitigated totally underrated
masterpiece of filmmaking that movie is
excellent it’s one of my top films of
all time what they did in that movie in
terms of cinematography with nothing
short of breathtaking like totally just
reinvented the concept of how to bring a
formerly animated feature into a
live-action presentation it’s it’s a
masterclass of filmmaking guys outside
of that though you know you have Jupiter
ascending I personally did not like to
not really get on well with narrative
Lee the story I mean anything really
Cloud Atlas though however I just think
standalone now I love Cloud Atlas I do
think it has its issues but in terms of
what they’re trying to do narrative Lee
with the filmmaking total
and coming back to what I said with
sense eight since eight is kind of the
amalgamation of everything they’ve done
before that and everything in the
affirmation I’ve mentioned all their
filmmaking talents with the
cinematography the screenwriting the
character development all of it comes to
the forefront and is an executed action
like an a class action psychological
psychedelic politically poignant drama
that is this engaging and it’s totally
grounded in reality in terms of the
cinematography because it’s low-budget
its most for the most part everything is
shot in camera and it’s it’s truly
breathtaking its reimagine ative awesome
television so moving through to the
matrix for this is my segue now what
I’ve seen with what they’ve done with
sense eight I truly think and I hope
that what they have to bring what lana
wachowski has to present for us for
matrix for will fall in line with
everything I’ve mentioned beforehand and
I think we’re gonna get something really
special here and I’m really excited for
it and just knowing that we’ve got some
awesome cast in addition to this I think
is really just the cherry on top does
hey we got another comment here dr. Nina
were cell hey I work for Jordi’s company
and he asked me to drop by subscribed
and enjoying the show damn Jordy come on
man you just hooking it up here dr. Nina
thank you doctor thank you so much for
dropping by I’m glad you’re enjoying the
show this is our live stream movie
segment we do it every weekend and this
is like a time for us to engage and talk
to each other live so this is one of my
favorite things to do and of course
during the week we’ll have movie reviews
and sometimes TV reviews and obviously
I’m gonna be you know commenting talking
to you guys about your comments on those
movie reviews so Thank You Nina for
dropping by thank you for the comment I
hope you’re enjoying the show as you
one more comment from mr. Rick Stein I
was asked to train in and loving the
engagement and knowledge damn another
one Geordie bro I’m thinking I’m gonna
have to take those two dollars from
monetization and hand it to you brother
Rick thank you so much for dropping in
man glad you’re enjoying the content
guys make sure the like subscribe if
you’re truly enjoying the content no
pity lights no pity subscribes but
actually maybe if you want to just a
little bit but not really but kinda okay
so without the way guys let’s move into
our next topic and this is coming to us
from The Hollywood Reporter FX orders
Matthew McConaughey drama from Nick
Palazzo ooh all right I think I’m
getting getting more hype here we’re on
the hype train it’s the true detective
reunion and I say that in quotes
pizzolatto has also moved his overall
deal from HBO to Fox 21 TV studios and
FX productions while the Emmy none while
the Emmy nominated McConaughey has inked
a first-look pact with the latter the
true detective creator and showrunner is
moving his overall deal from HBO to
Disney’s Cable and streaming focused
studio Fox 21 and Fox productions under
the new pact pizzolatto would create and
develop new projects for the studio’s
various platforms as well as outside
platforms the Creator has also already
has his first project lined up as a part
of the deal and he’s reuniting a
familiar face with it so here we go here
is the money shot it’s true detective
grad Matthew McConaughey who will star
in the series called Redeemer there are
no details on redeemer outside the I
believe it was the the through line is
what they called a sport puts a lot of
decision to leave HBO sources say the
showrunner met with executives at Warner
Media own premium cable network to
discuss a new deal and all parties
involved agreed it was time to part ways
interesting he inked his first overall
pact with HBO regarding the true
detective series and renew the deal
pizzolatto says I’m very excited at the
opportunity to work with Matthew again
and really grateful and thrilled to have
the chance to create new shows for Fox
21 and FX still his departure does not
mean the end of true detective HBO owns
the rights to the series and sources say
could renew the anthology for 4th season
with a new showrunner who could bring a
different point of view to the Emmy
winning franchise so this is really
interesting and we’re gonna move into
more discussion about the whole
streaming wars but guys you see you see
there’s so many platforms so many shows
so many new like digital networks
offering quality content I mean they’re
really they’re really amping up their
game and this is no exception to that so
I I’m very pleased to hear this because
obviously imagine McConaughey mm-hmm
excuse me for a moment Matthew
McConaughey doing anything is always a
treat to watch and knowing that he’s
gonna be pairing up with his former
partner Nick Perata pizzolatto I’m
hoping for something in the vein of true
detective what do your guys has thought
on the subject I’m really curious to
hear about that ah Rick Stein uncharted
movie Uncharted was moved due to anti
competition deals between the studios
its standard practice yeah Rick I
believe Geordi did mention this to me I
don’t recall seeing that in the article
outlined exactly so that’s an
interesting bit of information you know
there are other issues involved with the
production as I understand from the
article that I read
obviously this seems to be one of them
so there seems to be a lot of moving
parts here I’m not sure how much this
one particular issue as you mentioned a
ways on the the moving of it but seems
to me based off what the two of you have
said that it is a larger part about it
whatever whatever has to be done to get
a quality proper project out for us to
view you know I’ll wait patiently
because if you rush things and you don’t
do it correctly and it bombs and then
you have no no audience support no
studio support no enthusiasm to carry
the project through perhaps to a sequel
to reinvigorate the franchise then yeah
it’ll be dead in the water so better to
you know sit on your laurels and do it
right and as always I reference
referencing this movie ghost in the
shell’ Paramount Studios Rupert Sanders
director you know I had all the makings
of yet Scarlett Johansson at the
forefront a wonderful visual director
and Rupert Sanders although the
screenplays for the film’s he’s done
have been questionable 20 years in
development hell a Steven Spielberg
attached to the project it’s gone
through multiple hands and you know
obviously they didn’t did I mean they
took their time but in a sense when it
really got greenlit and was being
developed I think they really rushed to
market and they they rested more on star
power and Scarlett Johansson presumably
being able to carry the franchise to a
box-office blowout and not really
focusing on the screenplay which was
horrible and the French I suffered you
know there’s not going to be a ghost in
the shell’ – there’s not gonna be reboot
and any foreseeable future if it took 20
years to get this made I’m expecting it
probably in another 20 years before we
see a reboot reboot or reimagining so
Jodie Lyons says it’s inside baseball in
the industry it’s like laws and sausages
the public aren’t aware how it is done
yeah I know yeah right all we can do is
speculate from the outside and then eat
the pork and the sausage that they
produce outside the factory gobble it
down and then you know if it tastes
funny all we can do is really wonder and
speculate about what happens inside that
factory that made that sausage taste
funny but they’ll never tell us it’s
made of anuses and
pick feed and all that stuff so yeah
Jordy you’re right man
hey guys so let’s move into our next
topic here and this is regarding the
whole streaming Wars 18 losses one point
one six million streaming pay TV
subscribers and HBO Max hits warner
media earnings now this is interesting
because it’s coming to us from The
Hollywood Reporter and I’ll talk about
this briefly the telecom giant 18 t on
Wednesday reported its fourth quarter
financials disclosing that it had lost
on two hundred nineteen thousand
subscribers at its AT&T; TV now streaming
service in the period and nine hundred
forty five thousand subscribers for its
premium TV services at DIRECTV and you
verse with Warner Media earnings in the
quarter down amid investment and
foregone revenue tied to HBO max which
is about to release shortly now the
biggest part is homme article here I’m
gonna summarize overall xviii he has
lost nearly 1.2 million subscribers for
their streaming and premium TV platforms
in the fourth quarter after losing 2.9
million in the first three quarters of
2019 bringing the total losses for the
year to nearly 4.1 million and bringing
the firm’s total number of video
connections to 20 point 4 million in the
end of 2019 so you know I’m gonna forgo
reading the rest of the article here but
it seems what the parent company here
which also owns or has a large
shareholding in HBO or HBO max is that
basically they’re they’re they’re really
putting their best foot forward for the
whole HBO HBO max thing and I find this
interesting again because we just talked
about another streaming subscriber what
was it for the Fox 21 Fox productions
for the the whole NIC pizzolatto
series so it seems like HBO is really
trying to ramp up their HBO max thing
but what I’m wondering what I’m
questioning here and guys correct me if
I’m wrong you know you’ve got the HBO
the traditional terrestrial service
which you subscribe you can you can
subscribe to and then get access to the
digital equivalent which is I believe
HBO GO and if you don’t have the HBO
terrestrial service as an internet
consumer you can purchase HBO now which
gives you access to the full content as
well as well as they’re either live I
don’t know if it’s live streaming for
like for example Real Time with Bill
Maher I think you might get the the
upload after the live broadcast but
either way the same content library is
available to you so it I find it curious
that they’re launching a sister service
to HBO GO HBO now and then HBO Macs and
there are properties on HBO max I am
genuinely interested to see an HBO I
think a class like that catalogs so
while they have their best foot forward
in terms of like delivering quality
content I’m curious about whether or not
audiences or consumers are gonna be
willing to pay for another sub service
because presumably as I understand you
have to pay for HBO now and HBO max so
Geordi he says let’s see this is topical
here Geordi line says they need to take
in account the natural shed of Game of
Thrones fans with no sequel greenlit
there is no reason for them to stay yeah
true point man uh-huh yeah the natural
shed of the the game of Thrones fans and
you know III think you’re on board with
Watchmen at least I know a lot of the
PGS community has been on board with it
I’m one of them love what they’re doing
with it I’m getting conflicting reports
on regards in regards to the whole
numbers of how many people are actually
watching Watchmen I’m hearing of course
from the company itself
HBO that they’re getting fantastic
numbers but also from other third-party
reporters and so yeah with the drop off
of Game of Thrones fan
and what reason would they have for them
to stay artistic merits aside as I
mentioned HBO is just a champion of
quality content really letting creatives
bring their vision to the forefront
without much studio involvement outside
of that yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s
questionable man I I would have to
wonder that myself but yeah tying it
back into here with this whole AT
thing and HBO max I don’t know I want to
know what your guys thoughts are on that
let me know in the thoughts I thought it
was worth mentioning there because AT
is savaging hemorrhaging numbers here
they’re really they’re really betting on
this whole HBO max thing so hopefully it
works out I think it’s one thing before
we move into the next topic I think it’s
very interesting because one of the one
of the properties on HBO max was the
boondocks reboot which I was so excited
to see because the boondocks was one of
Adult Swim’s most critically acclaimed
audience revered anime cartoons and it
really dipped in quality I think in the
fourth season because the pre-show
runner creator writer director Aaron
McGruder was removed from the project
and Sony brought somebody else in and it
totally sucked so HBO max picked it up
brought Aaron McGruder back in it was in
development in the process ready to go
and then the unfortunately untimely
death of John Witherspoon
I’m sure had an impact on the production
because he was one of the star leading
voice talents for the property so that
aside totally kind of int Angele Angele
related I don’t know if that’s gonna be
one of the properties on HBO max but it
did have my interest marginally
interested in subscribing to see it but
they’re just there’s too many
subscription services now out there guys
so let me know what you think before we
move into the next topic Geordi line
says there’s an issue with tax credits
and grants due to an unstable
Northern Ireland government and breaks
it oh man we do a lot of work with HBO
they are scaling back and they are they
outlet in Ireland and the UK oh yes okay
so I think what you mean or what I’m
interpreting here is that a lot of the
production work is happening in Ireland
and the UK and they’re scaling back
interesting credits and grants I’m sure
grants is the key word there because
that’s where the money is huh
now I don’t want to speak offhand here
when you say they are scaling back are
you referring to they got the the UK
government or HBO I’m presuming you mean
the UK government because of the whole
issue with brexit and I know there’s a
bit of a delay here so I want to hear
your response on this Rory will come
back around to it during the next topic
but moving forward guys before we get
into that let us give you a fantastic
message from our sponsors the wonderful
people at Popeye’s Popeye’s Louisiana
fresh kitchen is launching a new food
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head on down the Papa’s now I know a lot
of people have talked about this already
but I think it’s big news it’s regarding
the Lethal Weapon 5 which is apparently
close to happening with Danny lover and
Mel Gibson in talks so this is going to
be coming to us from Collider could we
really be getting another Lethal Weapon
movie in the near future
well according to producer Daniel Lin
probably yes alright for boomers like us
we’re excited but the Millennials I
don’t know it’s been more than 20 years
since Lethal Weapon 4 Grace
movie screens everywhere peatlands
recent comments in a producer’s
roundtable interview for The Hollywood
Reporter said we could be very close to
getting the filth the filth that v film
franchise installments since talks with
the leads Gibson and Glover as well as
director Richard Donner are currently
happening according to Lynn we’re trying
to make the last Lethal Weapon movie oh
sure I think you got one more after this
and they’ll be in a deathbed but that
aside and dick Donner is coming back the
original cast is coming back and it’s
just amazing the story itself is very
personal to him Mel and Danny are ready
to go so it’s about the script to
reference a non iconic Lethal Weapon
line it seems that Gibson Glover and
Donner aren’t too old for this shit
at this time it is all rather vague and
unclear what the direction would even be
Warner Brothers Studios hasn’t even
solidly committed to this property at
the time so I know there’s been a lot of
talk about the Lethal Weapon franchise
guys um you know sounds good to me
not sure what a millennial audience
would think about this or if they have
any interest in seeing it but you know
if you market it the right way anything
is possible but I thought it was an
interesting bit of news because this is
an iconic property that is getting a
little bit of a resurgence apparently
it’s still in talks nothing is concrete
no studios have been attached to the
project yet but development is moving
along for the most part oh yes okay so
Geordi uh in regards to our last topic
for HBO Geordi lines says no HBO are
scaling back they have a lot of shows on
hiatus or have been cancelled it becomes
less advantageous to film and Ireland
grants are backed by the European Union
and it’s now a minefield Wow very
interesting okay cool um very good of
you the clarify Geordi Thank You Man
hmm HBO is scaling back okay yeah and
obviously because the money pool is
drying up
in light of the whole brexit in the UK
pulling out of the EU very interesting
well that’s sad really sad and I’m sure
that might impact particularly some
people in Ireland as I understand there
always are pretty happy when you have
opportunities brought there in terms of
production in whatever scale it may be
for entertainment or industry first
thing that comes to mind and this is a
little dated but I’m saying I’m always
thinking when I think of Ireland and
foreign companies coming in and
developing work opportunities I always
come back to the whole DeLorean plant
issue with John DeLorean and you know
how it really was a boon as I understand
for the people of Ireland they have
manufacturing work brought there I mean
in some large capacity and then have it
unceremoniously removed so it seems that
the past is precedent unfortunately so
sad to hear Geordie thanks for for that
commentary there man thank you for
keeping me uh on the toes of world
events as well okay guys so two more
topics before we’re out of here so stay
tuned let’s move into our next one
because I think this is a big one it’s
coming to us from gamespot Netflix and
Apple in early talks to by James Bond
and the Rocky movies really MGM has now
been reported and that the company is in
early acquisition talks for a deal that
went involved selling off its impressed
impressive movie and TV catalog as
reported by CNBC MGM has held
preliminary talks with a number of
companies to gauge interest in an
acquisition and these companies include
Netflix and Apple ooh interesting MGM is
home to several major movie franchises
most notably the James Bond series as
well as Rocky Mad Max and Robocop it has
also produced TV shows such as The
Handmaid’s Tale and various Stargate
series okay
MGM is owned by a group of hedge funds
who save the company from bankruptcy in
2010 as CNBC points out the decision to
sit on its catalog instead of selling it
right away has proved to be an extremely
good one given the kiddin the current
demand for high profile content among
the new streaming platforms in addition
the fact that Disney and Warner spent
huge sums of money on their own
acquisitions last year could mean that
Netflix or Apple are potentially in
strong positions to make the bids for
the MGM catalogue alright so moving
along with our whole stream of topics
regarding the streaming wars and
companies vying for hot ip’s hot
properties you know if MGM is in a
position to sell off some of their
catalog and they’re doing it so
willingly you know the article didn’t
really detail whether or not this would
be I I shouldn’t say they didn’t detail
as I can tell it seems that MGM is
trying to outright sell the rights to
their catalogue as opposed to licensing
it through a potential buyer like
Netflix or Apple at least that’s my take
on this particle here whether or not
that has any merit in the long term and
the whole development process of selling
off or I’m licensing their catalogue is
yet to be seen as far as I could tell I
do find it questionable because I mean
these are huge properties namely James
Bond’s I’m curious as to why MGM would
want to just outright sell it off so
interesting there but if this is the
case and whatever capacity and yeah
Netflix and Apple are in early talks to
buy it apparently yeah I think they’re
one of the top streaming companies
technology companies right next to
Amazon so they would seem to be a right
fit for it
I’m always concerned about consolidation
but you know in lieu of us having a
small segment of streaming services yeah
I think a little bit cuz a little bit
consolidation would be a good thing here
and the more that I can get quality
content into quality content holders
hands at least right now I think is for
the better now I’m not saying a whole
monopoly like just Netflix but if we
have maybe a top three at most top five
streaming service contenders to deliver
our content to us I think we’d be in a
good position to spend out our income
amongst them to get you know all the top
level content we love as well as some
indie content all that stuff oh okay
comments guys Geordi line says oh okay
rhythm section for example the rhythm
section was one of the last projects to
be backed by the European Union film
fund curious okay I love that movie by
the way oh I would say I loved it but I
really I enjoyed it I gave it a see you
guys can watch my review for it not sure
what people were expecting when they’re
complaining about it but I thought it
did what the trailer suggested would do
but an interesting fact there Geordi man
you are just a wealth of information
brother where is your YouTube channel
bro come on man Geordi Lyons also says
the problems with these companies buying
these IPs
excuse me there are serious union issues
actors and back-end payments slash
points these IP need to be bought by
experienced Studios damn yes and that
incidentally does tie into my subject
here on screen right now with the the
the MDM catalog being potentially sold
to Apple and Netflix yeah experienced
Studios now I think the latter being
Apple not so much of an experienced
studio but I mean from what they’ve
presented to us thus far yeah seems like
the despite not being experienced what
I’ve seen so far with their content top
quality top-shelf stuff but Netflix
obviously would be one of them but yeah
man um I would agree the problem with
these companies are buying these IPs
yeah they need
experience Studios for sure there’s a
whole wealth of Asians we can talk about
and I’m so frustrated man just as a
normal dude you know yeah experience
studios yes but also having people who
are passionate about the product or the
subject or the IP and having you know if
this IP does have a back catalogue or a
Canon that preceded it you know 5 10 30
years back really just getting people on
board who really understand this subject
material and can vet you know drafts of
scripts or story ideas or storyboards or
whatever be involved in some at some
level of the production and it just
baffles me like what dude I if any large
studio you know look it here I’m really
big on Star Trek The Next Generation
ghost in the shell’ one of my favorite
properties I’m familiar with like all
the animes the manga everything you know
if these companies would literally reach
out to me and for a consulting fee of $0
I would be there and I would go through
the whole production process so it just
baffles me obviously studios I don’t
think we do it for 0 but to just reach
out to notable nor worthy bigger than me
content creators who are well-versed in
whatever subject matter they’re
developing why this doesn’t happen at
least to my knowledge it’s not happening
right Johnny Lyon says MGM doesn’t only
James Bond IP Dan Jack investments
actually own the rights interesting ok I
didn’t I didn’t know if MGM actually
owned it and perhaps they were just
distributing it so if I did say own it
my apologies I’m not gonna lie to you
though I did not know Dan jacked
investments actually owned the rights I
thought I thought it was Eon Productions
Barbara broccoli that was my that was my
assumption actually if we’re speaking of
honestly Jordy so yeah I thought MGM
with it was the distributor for the
rights perhaps had the distribution
rights correct me if I’m wrong but yeah
still interesting nonetheless so why
this article as far as I could tell with
this article they only spoke about right
to the property is not distribution
rights but perhaps I overlooked that so
good on you Jordy for looking out
they’re all the same whether its
distribution rights or rights to the IP
which Jordy is correcting me on thank
you so much brother
I’m at the very least it might be
distribution rights for the property
still it’s a chief property so if
Netflix and Apple has distribution
rights to it still a big win for them
okay guys so before we close out the day
I want to move into our last topic for
the day and guys for those of you
watching right now thank you so much for
tuning in commenting Geordi lines
awesome as always do thank you so much
Storm Shadow thanks for coming in as
always I know it’s a Sunday it’s totally
beyond our normally scheduled 11:30 time
but thank you for bearing with me guys
leave me your thoughts and comments on
any of the subjects in the comment
section down below and as Geordi says
and has reminded me like if you liked
the video like the topics at hand
subscribe if you like movie news movie
reviews and I’m not totally annoying you
so all right guys last topic of the day
here and this is coming to us from
polygon comm footage is reportedly from
the abandoned Star Wars TV series
surfaces it’s more Attack of the Clones
than Mandalorian move over the
Mandalorian a much older Star Wars TV
series is back on the scene footage
reportedly from George Lucas’s scrapped
TV series Star Wars underworld has
resurfaced online bringing fans back to
a very different time in the Star Wars
universe I like this I don’t know if you
guys had a chance to check the leaked
footage yet but it’s awesome so let’s
move forward with the article first of
all here a clip making the rounds
includes one segment of test footage
from the series as well as a brief
behind-the-scenes look at how it was
made in the test footage a mysterious
figure clad in robes of course clad in
robes because Jedi arrives at the
streets of Khorasan to find plans for an
stardestroyer once she finds the plan
she heads through a small weapons store
to try and buy a ship ba bababa ba I’m
not gonna give you the whole synopsis of
the series check it out if you haven’t
but some more important article details
in the article I’d like to let you guys
know if you haven’t read it yet let me
uh lubricate the vocal cords here Lucas
has explained that the problem with this
series was always that it costs too much
to make right now quote right now it
looks like the Star Wars features but we
have to figure out a way to make it at
about a tenth of the cost of the
features because it’s television Lucas
had said on g4s attack of the show now
this recent rediscovery of these clips
comes at a tumultuous times for the top
Star Wars TV projects while the first
season of Amendola reign on Disney Plus
was a huge success for the company the
obi-wan Kenobi series has been or rather
that was in in development has
reportedly been put on hold
reportedly so that the script can be
now with the idea of stolen imperial
plans planted directly in the center of
the Star Wars underworld test footage
it’s hard not to feel like the casseon
series which doesn’t have a release date
yet could end up with the same kind of
spirit as Lucas’s canceled TV project so
yeah off let’s start off with that last
part there I hope the casseon and/or
series does take notes from this because
the the test footage looks awesome if
it’s real or if it’s fan made I don’t
know I’m inclined to think it’s real the
production value does is rather high
I’m loving the dark gritty tone about it
so I’m hoping that you know Mandalorian
provided its semi dark tone gritty tone
provided the context of this supposed
test footage and then also the nature of
the subject matter for casting Andrew
series which would deal with the
underbelly of the rebellion if all those
things combined give us a really dark
I’ve set a course on and other other you
know city landscapes and planets yeah I
would be all about it
hey Arsenal supporters discord says hey
I subdued thank you good sir truly
appreciate it man and you know more
important than you subbing because I’m
not gonna lie of course I like having
more subscribers I like having more
I like having more comments but the
biggest thing about this whole thing and
I say this to you guys genuinely my
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players but I have my own take I have my
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guys here if you’re really truly
enjoying the content that I put a lot of
hard work into for you guys I mean that
that really that’s the best part here so
more important than you subscribing
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thank you I really truly hope you enjoy
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truth straight up let me know what your
thoughts on this topic the subject the
channel anything I just want to improve
and make it better for you guys so thank
you man thank you truly appreciate it
but I’m closing out with this topic here
guys for the supposed Star Wars
you know Star Wars a TV show TV footage
show I’m gonna leave links in the
comment section and also in the video
description once this broadcast is over
so you can check it out but of course
you guys aren’t retarded look I know
it’s not politically correct to say but
I don’t mean it negatively so you know
what I mean you ain’t retarded you know
how to use a Google just type in Star
Wars TV show leaked footage for the test
footage or whatever you can watch it
yourself if you can’t wait for the
description but yeah guys it looks
awesome I just wanted to bring it to
your attention if you haven’t heard
about it because what’s the whole point
about weekly weekend it’s about me
curating ten of the biggest topics in
Hollywood and movie news some of them
that have been covered by other pundits
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I think are big but
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iMovie pop weekly weekend or I’ll wrap
it up for you I mean in about an hour
life can broadcast and I’ll talk to you
here so yeah that’s the whole gist guys
that’s all the topics we have for today
a special shout out to Jordan lines from
Robert Myer Burnett’s page for dropping
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