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without further ado guys we’re gonna
move on into our first topic of the week
and this one is going to be coming to a
from the fantastic people at deadline so
guys I know Campea has covered this ad
Robert Meyer Burnett has covered this ad
infinitum as well but if you haven’t
heard already well here’s the skinny on
what’s been going down this week really
big news because this is coming to us
from AMC an AMC is telling Universal
Studios one of the largest movie
production companies in the world that
it will not license the studio’s movies
after some of the CEO statements
regarding trolls world tour and also
some of their movie content plans for
video on-demand releases through the
pandemic and also perhaps afterwards so
if you haven’t heard trolls world tour
of course was released on video in
demand on demand with AMC that was a
talk between the two studio magnets or
stood two movies one exhibitionist one
studio property but thin Jeff shell who
is the CEO of NBC Universal said you
know what I think we kind of like the
taste of getting this money directly in
our pockets without having the
exhibitors take some of the cost or some
of some of the profits away so let’s
follow and see what deadline has to
report regarding is I have a lot of
clarified points actually do you want to
talk about this because I was kind of
confused guys if you’ve watched Campea
talk about this subject and you’ve
watched bindi Ed’s
edges Minda edge is reports on the
subject matter can’t be a saying one
thing midnite edge is saying the another
thing and I’m reading reading the actual
press releases I’m seeing what both
pundits are saying and I think they have
a little bit of differing opinions I’m
gonna try to do my best to clarify what
I think the truth is and yeah let’s just
get into the article first we’ll follow
up on that so let’s go over yonder uh
AMC boss Adam Aaron just fired off a
letter to Universal Studios chairman
Donna Longley and a response to NBC
Universal CEOs Jeff shell statements in
the Wall Street Journal this morning
about the ninety-five million dollar
paid video on-demand success of trolls
world tour are you guys are you you want
some trolls in your life because I
didn’t know this movie existed before
the press releases I didn’t know the
first movie existed but apparently it’s
a hit
thanks kovat so as Erin explains and
that’s Adam Aaron of AMC Theaters he’s a
CEO to Langley in this letter theaters
were closed and the decision to take
trolls world tour in the homes was an
exception but Shell’s words and that’s
Jeff Schell
right from NBC in The Wall Street
Journal this morning said something that
has really stoked the ire as soon as
theaters reopen we expect to release
movies on both formats now this is
coming from NBC’s reversal CEO Jeff
Schell they want to release this is what
he’s saying all right this is the press
release I tried to find the official
press release but I think this was
actually from a Wall Street Journal
article that referenced a statement call
amongst investors I couldn’t find any
official statements outside of the Wall
Street Journal article and of course
this deadline article I’m reading yours
so what are you saying is as soon as
theaters open we at Universal we’re
going to release films not only in
theaters we’re gonna release it online
because we had such big success with
trolls world tour now I’m going forward
this is what Adam Aaron said in response
going forward AMC will not license any
Universal movies in any of our 1,000
theaters globally on these terms this is
big news because I don’t know if you
know but AMC not only has Sears here in
the United States also United Kingdom
and also oddly enough Saudi Arabia so I
go figure
so I know Campea and Robert and of
course other pundits online have covered
this in great depth so I’m not gonna
bother you with any of the finite
details but what I really wanted to
cover here was some of the things I
noticed Campea said and correct me if
I’m wrong and the live chat guys because
I will get to your questions to your
statements you can do so by highlighting
my name in the chat you submit your
statement your question by typing first
at movie pop that way I’ll see my name
highlighted here I’ll note Arita on
screen and comment on it so correct me
if I’m wrong guys let me know but it
seems to me that Campea said well you
know Universal is not going to bet I’m
sorry AMC is not going to ban all you
versal films outright they were just
going to ban the films that Universal
releases on VOD video on-demand with a
simultaneous theatrical release and then
I’m militias listening to midnight edges
at midnight edge and other pundits read
what I’m reading of regarding these
statements and it seems to me that AMC
was pretty definitive about saying no
we’re putting a flat-out ban on all
Universal Pictures films so think about
like fast and furious right that’s a
universal distributed film Jurassic
world I mean these are big box office
blockbusters so first for AMC to stay
flat-out right you know what if you
release anything on through video on
demand especially without consulting us
first we’re just gonna flat out ban all
of your films so I did some digging guys
I wanted to get to the truth of this and
I actually went to the AMC website here
as you can see I read the press release
myself and I wanted to bring it to your
just in case can’t be a robbed or anyone
I don’t anyone else has not done that
and there was actually some fun facts in
here as well but I’m gonna get to the
highlighted part here so here is the
press release from Adam Aaron CEO of AMC
Theaters and he says for 100 years AMC
Theaters have served as a strategically
critically strategically critical and
highly profitable distribution platform
for movie makers and for all that time
the exclusivity of theatric release has
been fundamental when a movie is quote
only in theaters unquote consumers
perceive it to be of a higher quality
entertainment now I don’t know about you
and I hate to admit this but I think
it’s really that really is the case not
to say that you know a video on demand
or a Netflix film or you know some other
released format movie is but inherently
of lower quality by default but i think
you know i think how i phrase this i
think we all know what we see what we
get when we watch a film on netflix
right it’s usually a second tier second
rate so he’s not wrong about that
statement he does continue to say for
much of the past four and a half years i
have been in direct dialogue with jess
shell that’s the CEO of NBC Universal
and Peter I’m not gonna Peter Levinson
of universal about this about the
importance of a robust theatrical window
to the viability of the motion picture
exhibition industry Universal stated it
only pursued a direct a home
entertainment release for trolls world
tour because theaters were closed and
Universal was committed to a lucrative
toy licensing deal that’s a fun fact I
was mentioning I had not heard that
anywhere else so that was one of
universals argument the toy licensing
deal we had our doubts that’s big news
to we had her doubts about Universal was
saying regarding the toy where I said
licensing deal okay but he continues we
had our doubts that this was wholly
Universal from motivations as it has
been a long-standing desire by Universal
to go to the home day in date
nonetheless we accepted this action as
an exception to our long-standing
business practices in these
unprecedented times Jeff Schell is
quoted as responding the results for
trolls world tour has exceeded our
expectations and demonstrated the
viability of P VOD that’s paid video on
demand and mister mister shell said as
soon as theaters reopen we expect to
release movies on both formats so again
confirming what I said earlier and the
press statement it does continue to
respond going forward this is the
biggest part I took from this and I
think this unequivocally settles the
issue between Campea and Midnight’s edge
and correct me again if I’m wrong going
AMC will not license any Universal
movies in any of our 1000 theaters
globally on these terms
therefore effectively immediately AMC
will no longer play any Universal movies
in any of our theaters in the United
States Europe or the Middle East okay
I’m sure those movies are heavily edited
in the Middle East but many how the
policy affects any and all Universal
movies per se goes into effect today and
as our feeders reopen and is is not some
this is not some hollow or ill
considered threat incidentally this
policy is not aimed solely at you
versal out of peak pike peak or to be
punitive in any way it also extends to
any movie maker who unilaterally
abandons current windowing practices
absent good-faith negotiations between
sincerely Adam Aaron I Love You CEO and
president of AMC Theaters entertainment
so yeah guys I think that’s one of the
things I wanted to clarify on this big
topic here NATO does have a response as
well and there’s press release statement
which I have uploaded to my website you
can check it out
via links on Twitter at real movie pop
also on Instagram at movie pop official
which will give you a link to this main
page at movie pops org with the official
press release from NATO not the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization but the
North American theater organization
regarding their response to this which I
will kind of cut trying to cover it in
summary here and I know I’ve been
talking a lot guys I’m gonna go to your
questions shortly but I mean they just
kind of mirror my thoughts on this Nieto
says basically consumer behavior over
the last decade and a half shows that
transactional video isn’t secular
decline sales and rentals of individual
titles to the home were twenty four
point nine billion dollars in 2004
that’s before we had the streaming
content providers like Netflix Amazon
Prime yada yada yada and shrank
sixty-two percent to nine point three
billion in 2019 so obviously because
most people can access films on demand
online through Netflix and other
providers of course naturally you would
seen out like an outright purchase of
these films decline in the what over 17
years check my math 15 years since 2004
this does continue to say this
demonstrates that consumers are more
price sensitive when considering at home
entertainment during normal times duh I
mean I don’t know who this Jeff Schell
guy is I know he was tested positive for
Kovac recently so obviously it’s
affecting his brain because it seems to
me as a nobody I’m not a CEO of some
large multimedia conglomerate but it
seems to me obviously you’re gonna have
a higher influx of customers watching
your shitty films online because they’re
locked down at home don’t extrapolate
that that whole thought process or that
that profit margin into normal time so
Nate owed
references as well so oh that’s some of
the biggest news this week guys I wanted
to open up here with a broadcast on that
so let’s turn to your thoughts let’s
talk about this some more see if you
have to correct me I’m not looking the
live chat here all right so we got let’s
see we got Paul and Lumbees here he’s
saying cheers back at us DJ dude
cheers Paul thank you so much for being
here man seriously man awesome awesome
have all you guys you’re tuning in right
Jordi lines does have a little something
the side to me yeah he says did you get
my gangs of London revue in your DMS no
Jordi you know what Jori yes I did I did
get your message unfortunate I did not
open it because so many Twitter from
Twitter notifications I didn’t know if
you were a letter because you know what
I said
Jordi I said say to me yo la your topic
of the week to DJ at movie punk and
that’s why I primarily check tannin I
should have checked your DN so Jordi
dammit man you know what I’ll perhaps
give me the heads up on the live chat I
can open up Twitter I can read it live
on screen it won’t be beautiful
beautiful to look at but uh yeah we can
do that dude I’d be happy to read it cuz
I was kind of sad I don’t have any of
you were letters so yeah alright guys uh
let’s see what else we got up in here
Paul in Long Beach says hey I’m here to
troll you oh nice hey no worries man I
you know why I’m glad you are trolling
as long as you’re doing it in good faith
so it’s roll away my good sir holy crap
we got Gary damn it Gary he’s here gee
wolf 33333 he says hey deep movie pop
and Tiffani Paul in Long Beach and of
course he’s just giving shoutouts and
sexy platitudes so Thank You Man glad to
have you here bro glad you’re here for
the broadcast
Jordy does say hey you know what go
ahead and read it
all right Jordy you know what I will go
ahead and read it guys we’re gonna do
this after the how do I normally do this
I do three topics and then I do the
viewer letter so let’s do three topics
and then I’ll read majority’s review on
gangs of London which I actually I don’t
think I’ve ever heard about that so
alright guys that is the summary of what
was going
down between AMC and Universal this week
for our first topic I hope hopefully I
gave you some clarification it does seem
that AMC is outright banning all
Universal films from exhibition provided
that they continue with releasing these
P VOD releases unilaterally without any
negotiations so yeah alright boys let’s
move on to the next topic and this is
coming to us Oh from deadline here we go
again Universal Pete Davidson and Judd
Apatow movie the king of Staten Island
is skipping a theatrical release and
will be hitting video on demand this
summer so guys you know Pete Davidson
he’s the funny freak from Saturday Night
Live and Judd Apatow he’s the funny
freaky writer who’s wrote in some of
your favorites Seth Rogen films well
they’ve got a film uh distributed by
Universal Pictures and it’s going
straight the VOD skipping that
theatrical release again and I presume
it was without the the blessing of any
exhibitors so the comedy is based on
Davidson’s life directed by Apatow and
ripped co-written by Davidson Apatow and
formal former SNL scribe David Cirrus
was expected to make its world premiere
at South by Southwest in Austin Texas
with further play at the Tribeca Film
Festival in New York City and both
events were canceled because of the
coronavirus lockdown so Apatow in
conversation with Davidson does say
quote they’re all into it so don’t tell
and they being Universal it’s a secret
they’re going to do some fancy
announcements if you call what the
announcement they did this week fancy if
not fists handed or ham-fisted yeah
alright deadline says we had been
hearing whispers of the distribution
community that kings of Staten Island
would potentially be moved but no one
was expecting this as another budget
comedy bites this is another budget
comedy bites the dust’
at least from a theatrical release
standpoint in heading to homes king of
Staten Island follows such movies as my
spy which is going to Amazon that’s the
Dave Bautista film that was scheduled
for release American pickle which is
headed to HBO max lovebirds Camille
Nanjiani sra which is now going to
Netflix that was a paramount film in
skipping theatrical and heading to
streaming Warner Brothers announced last
week that they’re seeking seeking to
release Scoob a Scoob Scoob
uh-huh directly to pee VOD and I believe
you know all of these of course they had
negotiating negotiations with their
theatrical exhibitors and partners so
it’s all aboveboard
unlike the situation we discussed with
Universal so yeah looks like Universal
is really tripling down here because I
know they had some other press release
statements regarding their P VOD
releases in tandem with this so
yikes guys hey you know what let me know
what your thoughts are here in the live
chat of course I’m gonna read it I’m
gonna comment on it as we go through
these topics this is the best part about
the broadcast is speaking with you guys
and having it putting a dialogue or
write because it’s all this pent-up
sexual movie tension we’ve been building
up throughout the week and I’m just
ready to blow so let’s see we got here
in the live chat G wolf was not saying
this to me but I saw it he said alright
P South by Southwest yeah dude sucks man
yeah okay alright guys so third topic
here and then we’re gonna go to the
viewer letter of course I have to queue
that up it’s gonna be a little janky
since I don’t have it pre-prepared but
let’s go to the guys at indieWIRE cuz
this one’s pretty cool man it’s
regarding the matrix for and lana
wachowski directing the matrix for
action herself no second unit needed so
Jordy I know Jordy we spoke about second
units directors or second unit crews if
I say anything and it’s incorrect or not
factual please be sure to hold my feet
to the fire here in live chat bro really
appreciate it we all like to keep it
keep it real up in here and of course
give some good content so matrix stunt
worker and John wick director Chad
Strahovski Strahovski promises the
franchise is quote coming back with a
vengeance alright hello mr. Anderson
hello miss
lana wachowski isn’t relying on second
units when it comes to filming the
action sequences in the matrix for it’s
become increasingly common for major
Hollywood productions to use second
units to assist with the filming of
large-scale action scenes such a movie
is common or such a move is common on
Marvel movies for instance yeah we
actually spoke about that last time
regarding second units and the I guess
the second units for the CGI side of the
film’s largely being independent from
the director of that film okay so quote
here from Stravinsky ours for healthy
what makes Lana so great is she directs
her own action we’ve had second unit
directors on some of the Matrix films
just because of the logistics involved
but as of late and especially on matrix
for I don’t know why he’s talking like
this by the way but he is she’s
directing her own action the second
units for them are mostly establishing
shots the b-sides of some of the
compositions for some locations but Lana
she does her own action she weaves it
into the main unit stuff which is why
their stuff looks so good
cool thanks for henskee stank thank you
sir as for Hills for hell skis for in
ski spamboni okay let’s see your
Strahovski saying light worked on the
original matrix trilogy the former being
like doubling for Keanu Reeves during
his action scene so that’s cool both men
have become top action directors in
Hollywood and Strahovski specifically
with the John wick sequels and lights
with atomic blondes and Hobbes and Shaw
and they told Collider that their
involvement with the matrix for was
limited to a supervising role that’s
pretty cool here I think right cuz I
mean lana wachowski did a fantastic job
on sense8 if you have not seen yet which
i know john campea you have not seen yet
you’re doing yourself a damn disservice
dude because that’s some of the best
fight and visual choreography
cinematography I’ve seen since they made
the matrix oh yeah I’ve got full vote of
confidence for lana wachowski filming
choreo choreographing filming fight
sequences act an act
and sequences for the matrix for
Strahovski also does continue to say
quote it’s more about the creative
concept of some of the choreography and
backing them up with stuff they asked us
to help out with the choreography and
some of the physical training for the
guys I’m helping out a little bit for a
sequence I think Dave’s helping out for
a sequence
Lana’s come back with a whole lot of
love to have a pseudo family reunions so
that’s been a lot of fun it’s been good
to see a lot of the crew members again
we just finished doing a sequence in San
Francisco before the pandemic started
and Strahovski does describe the matrix
for as being incredibly fun adding that
I think if you’re a fan of the original
trilogy you’re gonna live this it’s
coming back with a vengeance yeah guys
you know I love covering topics about
the matrix love covering news about
their matrix I knew they were doing some
of the principal photography in San
Francisco just as early as like two
months ago before this whole pandemic
hit so sad to hear that um you know it’s
been kind of postponed but good to know
we’ve got some news coming out of the
production on that so yeah full votive
conference on this guy’s my question for
you though is how do you feel about this
have you seen sense8 do you have a full
vote of confidence in lana wachowski
taking over the responsibilities I guess
traditionally assigned to a second unit
let me know your thoughts in the comment
section down below also in the live chat
over yonder so let’s see what we got up
in here did I miss anything no nothing
highlighted that my name so you know
what we’re gonna go over to thee is this
the second or third this is the third
okay so you know what guys we got there
if you were a letter from last week here
we’re gonna move over to Jory lines
letter guys bear with me here I’m gonna
pull it up on Twitter I’m also gonna
take a bite a piece of here because I’m
Jory Lyons says he’s got something for
us to read so you know what there’s a
viewer letter from last week
mmm ASMR all right here we go I think I
found a jewelry lines letter on Twitter
so let me just finish some one more bite
Katniss please I’m starving far okay
okay so okay hold on let me wash it down
with some Jim Crow thank you guys so
much for allowing me to take a bite of
food here I’m living in a ghetto
apartment in San Francisco so uh let’s
see jewel says I forgot that wear
headphones Jim Crow whiskey come free
all right guys
oops mean to do that we’re gonna move
into viewer letters here so let’s get
this viewer panel here it goes let’s
move it down boo boo boo boo boo – boo
put that bad boy right there and you
guys are seeing how the cheddar cheese
is being made
sorry I should have read Jordi’s letter
before and boom there we are
okay well have you got to say Geordie
Jory lines fantastic moderator movie
insider working in the film industry
himself from Robert Myer Burnett’s
Channel Paulin Wendy says San Rafael
isn’t ghetto DJ it kind of is dude but
no I know it’s real I’m being facetious
here it’s really not ghetto at all but I
mean compared to like places I grew up
in in Southern California I mean it’s
probably just because it’s older right
it’s not necessarily ghetto but I’ll
tell you there’s no central air
conditioning in here there are no light
switches in here like you have to use an
actual light stand with the that little
turning turn on each individual lamp on
so you know for all practical purposes
and concerns it’s a bit ghetto all right
guys let’s read Jordy Lyons letter here
for the viewer letters let’s see here
Jordy Lyons says for those of us who
grew up on a diet of the bill EastEnders
and The Sweeney taking modern British
crime dramas seriously can be quite a
challenge the same actors Craig
Fairbrass delivering the same cliched
lines in the same cockney accent you wot
yeah how’s my cockney driving through
Peckham and one shot yet appearing in
Islington in the next if you know London
London dramas aren’t escapism they’re
unconvincing and more often than not
they don’t quite deliver the hard knocks
they promise thankfully gangs of London
while not terribly original has a bite
that matches its bark oh it’s a crime
thriller that delivers a high quality
production combined with a convincing
cast and crucially a script and that’s
very true dude a script that avoids the
obvious while somehow delivering the
familiar the opening is certainly
attention catching Sean Wallace as Joe
Cole or the opposite vice versa
is an emotional young suave gangster who
we fine
hanging a tow ran criminal bias feet
from a high-rise building site before
setting fire to the petrified lad and
dropping his blazing screaming body to
the ground below it’s stylish ballsy and
immediately intriguing which of course
is the point there quote seven days
earlier unquote title card that follows
is almost forgettable yeah I know right
those are pretty cliched right like
three days three day three days later or
like two months ago almost unforgivable
or almost forgivable to quote Rick’s
Morty we should probably start our
stories where do they begin not where
they get interesting yeah but we live in
a youtube society where content makers
fear viewers dropping off if an opening
isn’t strong enough very true what’s
frustrating about the whole sequence is
that what follows is plenty strong
enough a couple of young travelers
getting themselves into a situation that
results in the death of gangland kingpin
Finn Wallace Oh played by colm meaney
that’s uh come on Star Trek next
generation and Deep Space nine O’Brien
right chief chief engineer O’Brien yeah
Cole meanie awesome cool all right now
you’ve got my interest piqued Geordi not
only does his death lead to the world’s
longest funeral Vlada vowed the mirror
Lennon oh okay I think you meant
Vladimir right is it what yeah okay or
whatever we’ll go with Valda me or
Lennon I think it’s why I’m here anyhow
Valda mere led in and will be buried
quicker quicker than Finn Wallace but
also the splintering of relationships
between London’s chief crime lords for
Finn for Finn was the big boss who held
it all together and his son Sean is only
interested in vengeance so business is
closed until the killers are punished
fortunately for Sean a lowly Street hood
by the name of Eliot Finch soap Darice
ooh could be the answer to getting to
the bottom of the mystery but what
exactly is
Finch’s game and why is he so obsessed
with the Wallace family I don’t know why
with so much going on in the opening
episode so many characters being
introduced and killed it’s a testament
to the writing room direction and
editing that the plot is this easy to
follow very true
you have a very paper thin like
insultingly stupid plot in the ghost in
the shell’ live-action film that was
ridiculously hard to follow for various
reasons but true to your point Geordi
that should not be something that should
be lost on viewers upon watching a film
if it’s simple to follow that doesn’t
happen my accident or easy to follow
doesn’t happen by accident
right there’s enough betrayal here to
compete with Game of Thrones which
figures given that half a dozen cast
members are G ot alumni oh wow okay
interest further piqued Geordi and in a
monkfish scheming and arguing were
subjected to a series of gut-wrenching –
smashing fight sequences including one
extended punch-up that makes old boy
looked like that last karate sequel
nobody lasts Karate Kid sequel nobody
saw dude shut the front door
Geordi are you seriously bro you’re
making this sound really good like my
interest is piqued piqued and now like
I’m not like Red Rocket boner levels are
you telling me that fight sequence and
old boy you’re right I haven’t seen the
Karate Kid sequel so this is damn dude
your fingers on the pulse man this is
great I’m doing I’m ready to watch this
I I think I have to see it I will see it
all right
the London backdrops are used to good
effect are used to good effect with the
long Good Friday a bigger influence than
anything featuring detective Burnside
and the gore of which there is plenty
speaks to a production team that aren’t
interested in pulling punches always a
pleasure to know it’s a strongly start
for a show with a top dog potential with
top dog potential within the lung London
crime thriller order alright guys that
was a fantastic letter from mr. Jordan
lines our moderator here fantastic movie
insider as well
dude Jordy you’ve got my nipples hard if
that sounded amazing dude I mean I’m all
joking and kidding aside like I’m
genuinely interested in this now cuz
honestly I had no idea what the hell you
were talking about on the onset of this
letter but you’ve convinced me sir so
hopefully you guys watching you’re
equally as convinced as Jordi has done
for me so thank you so much for
submitting that letter Jordi I’m guys
I’m gonna turn it back to you over here
in the chat and of course for those who
are you’re watching after the broadcast
leave me your comments down below I’ve
got a blaze through these topics if
we’re only on or on the fourth topic
coming up now so we’ve got about a half
hour left guys so yeah yeah
so I do cg wolf here he says it’s only
going to be good if they get D&D for
their final fucking right guys if you
don’t know he’s not talking about
Dungeons & Dragons he’s talking about
what David Benioff and David Weiss DB
Weiss whatever yeah
well played sir okay guys Geordi dude
thank for the letter bro thanks for the
recommendation I think the wife and I
will be watching that right baby it’s a
little delayed she’s in the other room
there yeah all right raise the roof okay
guys let’s move into our fourth topic we
got one more and of course another
commercial I’m working on a new
commercial by the way requiring a bit
more production value than I’m
accustomed to working on so I promise it
will be coming within the next month at
the latest but bear with me any out
fourth topic guys let’s move on to it
this one will be coming to us from
indieWIRE and it’s regarding one of my
favourite directors of all time
Christopher Nolan the tenant box-office
fear and owners excuse me here goes okay
sorry about that
excuse me theater owners predict lower
opening tremendous word-of-mouth the
National Association of theater owners
is coming up
guidelines to ensure movie-going remain
safe should tenant be allowed to open
nationwide in July oh boy the future of
movie theaters could be in Christopher
Nolan’s hands as indieWIRE reported last
week Warner Brothers is sticking with
its July 17th opening for Nolan’s quote
tenant and will release the action
tentpole as planned
if movie theaters across the country are
reopened here we go again
John 15 the CEO of the National
Association of theater owners aka Nadeau
told variety in a new interview the plan
is to have major chains such as MC &
Cinemark up and running by mid-july for
the openings of Tennant and Mulan on
July 24th as long as it’s safe to do so
based on government and CDC guidelines
NATO is in the midst of planning safety
measures and guidelines for theaters to
use to keep workers and movie goers safe
which also happens to be a topic and
discussion on the broadcast as well
forthcoming quote we’ve put together a
task force of our members as well as
experts on health and safety and supply
chains Fithian said we’re planning for
how we open up our seating so we can
adhere to strict social distancing
guidelines we’re encouraging companies
to lean in on reserved ticketing and to
train their staff to prevent congestion
and the lobby’s members are staggering
yeah members are staggering showtimes
members being theaters are staggering
show times so everyone isn’t arriving at
the multiplex at the same time we are
also considering innovative way of
innovative ways to sell concessions in
order to reduce human contact and we’re
making sure that employees stay home if
they feel sick honestly all this all
this crap sounds freaking amazing I
think that should continue to practice
well beyond the whole epidemic has you
know passed over limit my human
interaction as much as possible great I
don’t have to tip you to have to talk to
you or just grab my popcorn and grab my
a robot and go making sure you know SiC
employees aren’t and a theater is I
think a non-starter awesome great cool
okay much of the release calendar has
been cleared given Tennant and Milan the
chance to play in theaters without
competition for a longer period of time
that’s a big part 15 said he’s not
predicting either temple has a massive
opening opening but the new landscape
and great word-of-mouth could yield
strong box office returns okay
interesting second point as well
15 also continued to say people are
going to talk about how impressed they
are with how seriously seers are taking
their responsibility to provide a safe
environment a safe space these films
will also have staying power because
people will be so sick of being stuck in
their houses that they’re going to flood
to cinemas the flood gates fled athough
and the movie goers are ready to ravage
your fantastic seating for cinemas all
right here’s the one of the big parts I
highlighted highlighted in red Indy
wires box-office expert Tom Berger man
said as much last week saying being the
first movie out of the gate would allow
for tenants to play on virtually every
screen in the country so that’s
obviously something that’s unprecedented
because as theaters have closed roughly
two months ago now naturally the film’s
they were playing beforehand will not be
in rotation presumably for the largest
part and with a lack of new releases on
the forefront in June or July
most of them being pushed back later
into the year or next year yeah
if tenant Mu Lan do hold to their
suggested dates July 14th July 24th
respectively they’re gonna be the only
game in town combined with a hungry
movie fanbase who’s just ready to go to
the theaters yeah you could see some
potential profits at least approximating
what they would have expected in a
normal theatrical run so
good news here guys I think I like
hearing that theatres owners through
NATO are developing guidelines to reopen
more on that subject later regarding
other states that are open but I think
it’s good we’re starting to get a little
bit of a roadmap on like what to do here
so yeah it’s good news and I’m glad that
Christopher Nolan not only is leading
the charge here with getting his film
released on schedule but I’m doing
everything he can to make sure it’s done
in a safe way for all exhibitors and all
patrons of those exhibition companies so
guys less about what I have to say about
this let’s talk about this topic because
it’s really important to me
opening the theaters getting back our
society getting back our freedom and
getting back to the movies damn it
so let’s see what we got here in the
live chat of course make sure if you
want me to read your comment or question
on screen you highlight my name by
saying at movie pop before your
statement G wolf says it’s only going to
be good nope sorry Paul in Long Beach
says life is just like I’m 16 years old
again gas is cheap and I’m grounded yeah
dude true that’s pretty good very true
right except we’re all a little bit
older a little bit longer the two thing
we got hair has grown out of places they
weren’t growing 10 years ago well I just
down below is a anyhow bad sexual joke I
get what you’re saying you like it G
wolf says well there should see well
there should some box office results
this weekend I don’t see much happening
though G wolf what you mean bro G wolf
let me read it again G wolf says well
there should box off there should some
box office results this weekend I don’t
see much happening though box office
results what theatres are open oh well
are you talking about the feeders in
Texas cuz yeah that is one of our topics
as well yeah interesting but you see
with the I think the well what box
office results if you’re referring to
theatres opening and I think if some in
Georgia as well what what do they have
the show I know in Texas I think some
exhibitors are going to be doing the
trolls world tour but beyond that I mean
they’d have to be past releases no and
that will only be an incremental add to
what they’ve been doing for streaming in
terms of box office so yeah interesting
let me know if you have any clarifying
points on that gee-off but yeah it would
be interesting to see what they do this
weekend I agree I agree with you though
I’m ultimately I don’t see much
happening though all right guys I think
we got our fifth topic here before our
commercial break but okay G wolf does
clarify they’re gonna open today got you
yeah I thought it was yesterday but okay
today you’re in Texas right now I know
that much so I will defer to your
judgment good sir and yeah okay cool
so box office results for Texas I think
is you we’ll talk about that later
because I’ve got it covered here some
other topics as well so yeah I’ll see
you in Texas soon by the way anyhow yeah
v topic let’s move on guys this one is
coming in to us from Collider
ooh rawson marshall thurber rawson what
the hell kind of name is that
rawson hey guys my name is Rossen rawson
marshall thurber in talks to direct spy
versus spy movie for WB and imagine
alright rawson a feature adaptation of
the long-running mad magazine comic
strip spy vs. spy has been works for
nearly a decade who would have known I
had no idea and now Collider has
exclusively learned that rawson mama
blah blah blah blah isn’t talks to
direct the live-action movie for Warner
Brothers and imagine entertainment funny
enough Ron Howard and bright Brian
Grazer will produce for imagine which
had initially developed a project as a
potential directing vehicle for Ron
Howard interesting with the exception of
we’re the Millers uber has written every
movie has directed so it seems safe to
assume that he’ll do his own pass
on spy versus spy as well for those who
didn’t grow up reading Mad Magazine Spy
vs spy follows two rival spies black spy
in white spy it’s black versus white who
pursue each other in relentless and
comical fashion cool when the project
was first announced it was said that
Warner Brothers and imagine were
planning a physical and highly visual
action comedy genre that uber has
experience with thanks to new lines
Central Intelligence which paired Dwayne
Johnson with Kevin Hart years before the
Jumanji franchise that film led to
Thurber becoming Johnson’s go-to guy as
they retain Don the underrated
action movie skyscraper was that good by
the way I didn’t bother with it honestly
but apparently it’s underrated so I
might have to check it out as well as
Netflix is upcoming blockbuster red
notice uber made a name for himself with
his Terry Tate office linebacker shorts
those led to foo burr making his feature
debut with a 2004 comedy dodgeball a
true underdog story well hot damn
alright goober alright rawson I think I
like you you maybe you can give it to me
Ron the feeders you know which dodgeball
which grossed 168 million dollars
worldwide on a twenty million dollar
budget and launched his career boom
money’s in the bank two four six eight
two four six so that’s like what seven
to eight times the production budget
twenty million hundred sixty eight
million dollar budget worldwide yeah and
as a shoe-in this guy knows what he’s
and provided the pedigree here yeah I’m
curious and really weird IP to pick I
didn’t know anybody else knew about spy
versus spy I loved reading that comic
strip in Mad Magazine
I loved the the little run they had on
MADtv the animated run so cool guys let
me know what your thoughts are maybe
you’re too young to even know what spy
versus spy is I know Gary and Paul and
Jory I think you guys probably have a
heads up on that but um and if your
younger viewers here yeah it’s a really
funny comic strip it’s cool to see that
they’re making a
making a movie for a live-action very
curious live-action did I say
live-action let’s go back yeah it’s a
live-action movie Wow surprising I
thought it might have been CG animated
or something or animated okay
live-action interesting guys let me know
of course your thoughts here in the live
chat and of course down in the comment
section down below
let’s see what the goal yeah my wife is
telling me because she’s seen more
movies than me this has been a big point
of contention amongst us both skyscraper
wasn’t that great I wouldn’t watch it
again okay good that’s really great than
know that you have somebody who can
mirror exactly your thoughts and
opinions on like anything so she can
save me I can literally trust exactly in
what she’s saying it wasn’t that great
I presumed as much which is why I didn’t
say it but yeah thank you baby
G wolf also says here yep I read it a
lot back in the old days and he’s
referring to a spy versus spy yeah dude
right so how interesting is it that you
know you know I think I don’t know if
Mad Magazine is still in circulation
MADtv I know has now been cancelled so
interesting to see that there is a
desire or at least a studio vote of
confidence in this property from Matt
right anyhow well right Tiffany is
really just really hammering it down
hard there in caps I’ve watched more
than you all right guys you know what
think about to put it up to a vote you
probably like seeing her on screen more
than me anyway so she very well may be
taking over here thanks baby
Paul in Long Beach says welcome to the
married life DJ thank you sir I’m loving
it thus far so alright guys we’re gonna
take a quick little break here I’m gonna
eat this freaking hot delicious pizza
drink some great freakin leek all
good stuff I might play the commercial
twice so bear with me that would mean a
total of a four-minute commercial break
we’re gonna play our sponsors one last
time hopefully I’ll have a new one for
you next weekend but here we go again
one more time you guys of course chat
amongst yourselves let’s take a quick
commercial break y’all be going on
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okay guys thank you so much for
indulging me not once not twice largest
twice no I was gonna say thrice but yeah
thank you so much I just need a little
bit of a break here today yeah eat some
food I want to move into some of the
questions here I saw on the live chat
Gary I know you had some comments there
so let’s start with that and then we’re
gonna move into our sixth topic and
that’s all tangentially related so
without further ado G wolf says well I
just checked the local theaters and none
are open this weekend but I’m sure there
will be some somewhere okay so he’s
referring to the feeder openings in
Texas which I think you said was today
yes funny you mentioned that Gary we’re
covering that here in the topic I will
tell you which theaters in Texas are
opening so um he does say but my city is
only about 150,000 people what city is
that man will you be living I want to
know where you are I already got your IP
address okay yeah he clarifies her
Midland all right cool
thanks for letting us know man
appreciate it all right guys so uh let’s
start with the next report here coming
from The Hollywood Reporter many
Americans would return to theaters if
new protocols were in place yeah I’m
ready to go baby sign me up
consumers want sanitizing measures and
staggered seating along with White House
compliance a new th our morning consult
consult poll finds more than half
Americans half of Americans say they
would take a trip to the theater within
a month of their respective states
meeting White House guidelines for
reopening businesses provided that movie
theaters offered staggered seating and
sanitized high-traffic areas that’s a
non-starter that’s what we should have
been doing for a long time now but I
won’t get into that great okay cool the
survey of 2,200 people was conducted
between April 22nd and
six as a number of states including
Texas Florida and Georgia lift the
shelter-in-place orders even if their
locales or locals don’t satisfy
benchmarks laid out by the White House
earlier this month regarding the number
of kovat 19 cases interesting the combo
of adhering to sorry the combo of
adhering by White House guidelines
sanitizing and staggered seating
resulted in 53 percent to 51 percent of
those 2200 people respond who has
responded saying that they would likely
buy a movie ticket within the first
month so that’s 53 to 51 percent of two
thousand plus pool that you pulled from
which is a large enough group to
extrapolate a national response so
basically 51 to 53 percent of Americans
said they would be likely to buy a movie
ticket within the first month of these
measures being put in place to visit a
movie theater so that’s good consumer
content confidence is marginally above
half that’s great
provided how earlier where we are into
this whole shelter-in-place thing
Americans between the ages of 18 and 29
a demo demographic that includes the
most frequent moviegoers appears to be
the most inclined to return to the
cinema across all categories according
to the poll the current hope in
Hollywood is that cinemas will reopen in
time for Christopher Nolan’s Tennant on
July 17th
see how it’s all coming back around full
circle guys I’m doing my damnedest here
to make it all relevant make it all flow
together this is great news no surprises
here that you know the youngest amongst
our population are the most eager that
go back out and also are the the least
susceptible to any ko vid
virus penetrating their bottles so yeah
good news now I think the next topic
here that I’m going to cover is this one
of them no I may have I may have missed
on that but I thought maybe we covered
it previously but I know Nadeau in a
press statement anyhow they are they’re
working on measures as I described in
this article here to establish how fear
operators theater exhibitors can best
utilize their available resources to
make the movie-going experience as safe
and sanitized as possible so good to
know that these measures in place with
the white house guidelines of w-h-o
guidelines is a vote of confidence for
the public so guys of course what are
your thoughts here I know Paul you’d
like to be an ice and shelter G wolf
same as you man and that’s totally
understandable you know you can’t go
wrong being safe right so I get it as
I’ve said many times before though I am
ready to go right now dude I’ll wear a
freakin trash bag I’ll put on a Donald
Trump mask to protect myself from the co
vid and it’s all good you know just Dow
some Lysol on that on that seat maybe
inject a couple little Lysol 50cc
injections into my body some UV rays
I’ll be good to go baby so anyhow it
guys let me know your thoughts here in
the live chat and of course down in the
comments other way around but you know
what I mean oh yeah let’s see what we
got here Paul says I will go but not
into it public right dude I think that
should be par for the course you can’t
really speak you only go to the public
restroom for number one and number two
unless you literally cannot hold it like
nature is not only knocking and calling
it’s like beating down the door it’s
foaming out the mouth and just ready to
go to town on you like that’s the only
time you should be in a public restroom
which is all the time for me because I
have no bladder control so alright hey
Paul’s got a split dude thank you so
much man appreciate you being here I
know we’re past the hour Thank You Man
have a great rest of your weekend and
great rest of your week we’ll see you
next weekend there’s and hopefully I can
catch you in Rob’s chat if time permits
thanks man
gee wolf does say
hey you know what yep us saying old
folks don’t want to go out for a bit and
you know what dude
Gary I mean you’re completely right on
that point because honestly the issue
with kovat as the data has come out now
we’ve shelve it in place for essentially
two months now we understand that yeah
it has a large population infection rate
but in terms of national fatality rates
it’s less than half of a percent and
that’s more specifically for non
immunocompromised people which are
people who are not you know dealing with
some sort of infectious disease or some
sort of disease in general or elderly
just generally healthy people which
tends to be younger people so yeah to
that point I get it if you’re in the
anger in the angry age range or if you
have any medical conditions etc so it
makes sense I understand it but for all
of us young folk want to get to the
film’s you know I think measures should
be in place of course to limit the
spread from the younger to the older
population regardless if you’re
asymptomatic or not immunocompromised
etc yeah it makes sense is to have
sanitized public spaces that we all use
and mass regardless of covert 19 was in
place so I get it bro no worries here
man I appreciate the comment dude all
right guys let’s move into the seventh
topic here because we’re a bit in the
overtime I’m gonna try and breeze
through these really quickly this next
one’s a little bit of a doozy it’s
coming to us from variety did you know
the Russo brothers were making a
live-action not CGI animated live-action
remakes of Hercules what if that
interesting who would play Hercules who
do you think would best play Hercules
for some reason I’m thinking about
brendan fraiser but I mean like Brendan
Fraser from 20 years ago that’s a total
like 90s era casting right who would it
be the rock ooh
Jason Statham ooh Arnold Schwarzenegger
anyhow Disney is an early development of
a live-action remake of its
1997 animated movie Hercules with
Avengers filmmakers Joe and Anthony
Russa are producing through their a GB o
production company what the hell kind of
name is that Disney has hired action
specialists Steve Callahan to write the
Hercules script Callaham teamed with
Sylvester Stallone for the original
screenplay for The Expendables he also
has credits on Godzilla Zombieland
double tap as well as the upcoming
Wonder Woman 1984 and Disney Marvel’s
shang-chi and the legend of the ten
rings so pedigree is in place vote of
confidence is instilled I’m excited now
in combination with the Russo brothers
producing not directing so if we’re
judging the Russo’s based off their
producing credits it’s not as strong of
a vote of confidence as I’d like
because 21 bridges his extraction was
that another one that they did and then
something else I can’t recall off the
top of my head but their production
involvement has not garnered the amount
of quality that I would have come to
expect with their directorial projects
such as what they’ve done with the MCU
anyhow Hercules carried an 85 million
dollar budget and generated 252 million
dollars at the worldwide box office that
performance however lagged behind
predecessors such as 1991’s Beauty and
the Beast 92s
Aladdin 94s The Lion King and all of
which would become lucrative react
live-action remakes for Disney yeah this
is a little tidbit here of Russo
brothers a directed Captain America
Winter Soldier or Civil War infinity war
end game end game of course being the
highest-grossing film of all time with
2.79 billion dollars in global ticket
sales they also won an Emmy Award for
Arrested Development fantastic comedy
and worked on community another
fantastic comedy I have not seen
honestly happy endings have not seen in
deadly class so the pedigree seems to be
all there for behind the screen talents
I’m excited about it I think you can’t
go wrong if it’s as good as a Latin was
I think we’re not gonna have any issues
here so hopefully it’s better than the
if it’s a as good I think it’d be worth
a viewing in screen so guys let me know
your thoughts here of course in the
comments and in the live chat over
here we go Jubal says it’s because the
last Hercules did so well it would be
funny if they got the rock to do it
again seems that all Disney wants to do
nowadays though is make remakes yeah I
know dude it’s tiring honestly but um
you know I think it’s I think they’re in
a better position now to do it than
anytime they had done or had been
previously in the past like imagine if
they made like live-action remakes of
their films in the 90s how horribly
dated that would have been right cuz CGI
technology wasn’t as developed you had a
lot of practical Phet practical effects
a lot of a lot of sets taking place of
the CGI backdrops and landscapes
it would have aged very poorly so I
think now is the proper time for Disney
to capitalize on that but yeah dude I
agree with you it’s kind of a bit tiring
I mean though as long as our landscape
is diverse enough to offset you know
what would be potentially a sigh
inducing remake live-action remake of a
formerly animated film from Disney I
think yeah why not why not we got a list
or at least we had a list before before
the lockdown we can view films twelve of
them a month for twenty bucks
so yeah alright guys for the sake of
time I’m gonna move into the next topic
here and this one is coming to us again
from indieWIRE regarding our bullet
Christopher Nolan who is working harder
than anyone to get feeders open says the
imax CEO okay um let’s see in case it
isn’t clear Christopher Nolan is working
overtime to ensure theaters can reopen
and the movie exhibition business can
come roaring back to life so basically
I’m gonna kind of summarize here for you
guys the CEO of IMAX is kind of talking
about some of the pre-production efforts
of his staff with an IMAX in tandem with
Christopher Nolan on this biggest box
for the summer everything they’re doing
to work on it as well as getting it
distributed through theaters across the
country via statements released by John
15 who we’ve covered previously the CEO
of the NATO again this kind of just kind
of summarizes what we’ve talked about
already word of mouth with a very hungry
movie base who wants to see a film in
combination with a big blockbuster
property like Tennant or Milan they
think they have a lot of confidence that
this film can garner the box office that
they would expect or close to with
etiquette they could expect from a
normal X abyssion run so I’ll save time
that’s a summary there you can check out
the article of course on any wire so
I saw G wolf say he disagrees 90s CGI
Disney movies would be hilarious no
interesting 90 CGI Disney movies would
be hilarious now they would I mean it
depends on what you want in the film
right like have you ever seen the old
Captain America the first one it was
like I think dude that’s the one where
freaking who played Nick Fury who was it
Oh God he played Knight Rider I’ve got
its face in my head
it wasn’t Baywatch to Knight Rider
Baywatch sexy man nice angular jaw
he was also another movie I just saw
recently – who thank you
David hats off thank you baby David ass
off yeah he played Nick Fury and one of
the original like 90s produced Captain
America movies that did not age well I
mean it’s hilarious to watch you’re not
wrong dude but in terms of a cinema that
I would want to revisit ad infinitum
yeah it would be hilarious bro you’re
not wrong about that all right guys I
think this is the second the last topic
so let’s move on to it
mm boom this is regarding a Lovecraft
country guys I’m gonna give you the
short and skinny on this Jordan Peele
from gay
out and us teaming up with JJ Abrams
from our favorite Star Trek movies best
Star Trek properties ever made they’re
working on a big HBO series called
Lovecraft country based off the famous
authors works HP Lovecraft
which is also um I guess I should say
specifically is based off a book written
by who who’s just written by where’s a
book at right here what is it that David
nolley is it David Miller anyhow some
dude I’ve never heard of I’m sure you
probably never heard I’ve wrote a book
that is referencing HP Lovecraft II and
themes was a just a big deal in the
novel community well you know what
they’re making am a nice horror serious
guys and you know what it looks amazing
here look at this it’s it’s a horror
based film or series based with a
historical context and black southern
America in the 1950s and 60s if you guys
like what Jordan Peele has done with get
out what he’s done with us if you like
JJ Abrams television pursuits which I do
actually I’m a big fan of lost I like
alias enough I think this sounds like
it’s a fantastic combination of behind
the screens talent as well as in front
of the camera talent and you know HBO of
course is always all about quality so
guys check out this trailer check out
the series trailer it looks amazing I’m
really excited to see it it’s a horror
based live crafty and themed
HBO max release coming soon so I do
yourself a flavor check it out that’s
some of the news it’s called Lovecraft
country alright guys so the last topic
here before we close this bad boy out
thank you all so much for hanging in
there we’re at the final topic here guys
hopefully I wrapped it up well enough
for you trying to keep it interesting
here this one is going to be coming to
us from variety and of course we’re
going to close that with Texas movie
theaters through reopen with health and
temperature checks in place
this is coming from variety who says a
handful of movie theaters in San Antonio
and Austin Texas are set to reopen in
the coming days providing an early test
case for corona virus protection
measures Evo or Evo Entertainment plans
to open two theaters on Monday
using airport security style chicken
says CEO Mitchell Roberts guests will
insert a cordoned cordoned cordon area
near the front door where they will be
asked if they are anyone if they are
anyone in their household what the hell
they will be asked if they are anyone in
their household have had ok that’s not
me that’s just bad copywriting they will
be asked if they or anyone in their
household have had flu symptoms in the
last 14 days thanks variety they’ll also
be subjected to an infrared temperature
screening with anyone over a hundred
point four degrees turned away so even
if you’re not sick you’re high on meth
or cocaine and your body temperatures
skyrocketing your heart’s beating out
your chest dude you can’t watch a film
sorry do your coke once you get inside
the theater anyhow I feel like it’s
really important for our guests to come
in and see what we’re doing to protect
them Roberts says the focus is on
earning that customers confidence back
isn’t that sweet
Texas governor Greg Abbott allowed
theaters to reopen beginning on Friday
at 25% capacity as several states around
the country have loosened their
coronavirus restrictions in San Antonio
however Santikos entertainment will open
three of its nine locations on Saturday
making it one of the first operators in
the nation to open its doors the chain
will screen universals trolls world tour
which has been playing at drive-ins and
video on demand for $20 as well as
several other films like the hunt that
just came out just before the shut down
quote we’re opening more for
psychological value than net income the
CEO says that’s what theaters are for an
escape we’re going to provide that
escape hand ring says the employees at
the three locations of the Palladium
Casablanca and Cibola theaters are
eager to get back to work quote it’s
going to be incredibly incredibly safe
he says we’re going to be a finely tuned
machine with all the protocols that are
required so cool guys I thought that was
a nice little tidbit to read here with
Texas amongst other states reopening
their feeders with safety measures and
precautions in place so we can get back
to doing what we do best and that’s
exhibiting films watching our favorite
movies talking about them here on this
channel on YouTube on social media in
our own lives and just adding films that
come out into the tapestry of just this
chronology of awesome movies we’d like
to remember a reminisce upon so yeah
cool good on you Texas awesome
Cowboys I’ll be seeing you soon be ready
to watch in those films guys I think
we’re about 15 minutes past the hour
here so seriously want to thank each and
every one of you for being here it’s
been great talking to all of you here
I’m really excited to talk to you next
week I hope everything has been working
out well for you in your own lives and
this news wrap-up has been a of some
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alright guys so that wraps up so hope
you have a fantastic rest of your
weekend we’ll see you next week that’s
Saturday at 12 noon and yeah stay safe
stay sexy thanks for finding out what’s
popping in cinema let me guess thanks G
wolf thanks Jordi booth
since our closest