Weekly Weekender




hey guys
happy freaking saturday what’s today i’m
not even keeping track of the days
anymore after covid
it’s really totally irrelevant right uh
but i believe it is the 29th
of august and we are finally back here
weekly weekender uh just quick shout out
to you guys watching right now i know
we’ve got
the one the only and the infamous mr
jordy lyons here in the chat
as well as the one and only infamous mr
levesque i hope i’ve pronounced that
right paulie francaise
i don’t know sounds very french to me
and of course very special shout out to
another moderator
mr digital nomad sage or mrs
digital nomad sage i will not confirm
either one
do not want to offend you either but
guys i just want to thank you so much
for being here
i’m hoping you can hear me right now i
know we’ve had some technical
difficulties coming back um on the live
stream we got a new setup here
a whole brand new like kind of like
hardware thing going on here so i’m
going to take a quick look
at the live chat kind of go over the new
format for the show today it’s kind of a
kind of a soft reboot we’ve only got
five topics kind of some light topics
but i wanted to turn it to
viewer letters and really engage with
you and talk with you guys so let me
just take a look here quick in the live
chat here
uh we’ve got digital nomads saying hello
hello joshua leves saying hello hello
um digital nomad saying i’m also glad to
have movie pop
back in business good morning guys um
let’s see here uh joshua levesque does
confirm it is on francais
uh merci monsieur uh uh i’m i’m half
french myself uh
i’m half black so actually i guess you
can call me an oreo
or creel whatever half black half white
is so
uh jordy yes i am real in the flesh
baby uh what else we got here okay so
digital nomad stage is confirming you
can hear me thank god because that was
so hard guys
before i had a crappy webcam that had a
um whatever thing going on with the
software but now i’ve got a great dslr
i’ve got
anyhow boring stuff like that glad you
can hear me here
joshua levesque here says uh the volume
is working but it’s not
matching up to the lip movement okay i’m
gonna have to figure that out because i
know currently i’m streaming at 4k
and 60 frames per second so technical
difficulties aside guys
before we move forward with the five
topics for today
as well as a viewer letter submitted to
us from jordy lyons
i’m going to cover these five topics say
my thoughts turn it back to you
engage in the live chat hopefully we’ll
be in and out of here within a half an
hour at the very most so uh if this
works for you right now
and you think um you know perhaps the
lip sync is a little bit off if this
let’s move forward with it so let’s find
out in the live chat here guys
uh joshua says it could just be me
though i’m watching him on the iphone
uh digital nomad says uh oh no never
mind it works so
i think we are a-okay
here guys it’s looking fine on my side
here i’ve got
what three screens here trying to work
with i’m trying to do a campia style
thing here
um so yeah guys again thank you all
so very much for being here i do not
take it lightly at
all members of the pgas members of the
campia fan community members of the
movie pop channel
it’s been a long road and um honestly
this is my favorite part about doing
this whole movie review thing is talking
with y’all
um so yeah if you guys can hear me let’s
just jump right into it for our first
ah today saturday ah it’s some sad news
guys i know you’ve heard about it we’ve
talked about it privately amongst
ourselves um
this is regarding chadwick boseman
he has succumbed to uh to i guess a
three or four year battle of colon
which honestly i had no idea no idea
that was going on and
i i i can’t imagine the monkey wrench
covent has thrown into all of our lives
especially movie production uh the film
the film communities uh
production schedules it’s been one
bad issue after another and with the mcu
being delayed i can’t imagine what this
moving forward and i think this might be
a topic we might kind of settle on
um about the mcu first but let’s first
pay respects to to chad bozeman he died
at age 43 battling colon cancer
and that god it breaks my heart really
to hear about something about
someone dying so young with so much
promise someone who is
presumably you know on top of their
and life just happens that way sometimes
to the best of us despite
our best efforts so you know rest in
rest in peace chadwick boseman
very sad news to start off the channel
here with uh but i i think it was
definitely worth mentioning um so guys
you know i want to turn it to you first
let’s kind of talk about
uh how this news hit you i i told you
how it hit me
it’s it’s very sad just for for anyone
in general
and then also let’s kind of talk about
what this means what you think it means
for um for the mcu moving forward
because we know black panther 2 is
slated to be released
in the soon in the near coming future so
yeah let’s
let’s start there uh with respects to
chad bozeman if you have any thoughts
you’d like to share i’d love to read it
right now
and then moving forward on into um
what this may mean for the mcu guys so
let’s check out the live chat here uh
let me check my second mouse
okay um joshua
man you you’re an awesome guy dude and
i’m so glad to see that you have a
a moderator wrench there and rob’s
channel because you know we’ve been
we’ve talked a little bit between the
two of us
on his channel and i i find you to be a
very very very mellow very
cool guy and i’m glad to see it somebody
somebody level-headed like you is there
um keeping keeping people in check on
rob’s channel um but yeah he uh joshua
all hail dj he actually reads the live
chat dude
i i know so i know campia he has
the the awesome glory of having to
charge you to talk to people and that’s
fine i get it you know i would love to
be at that point
too um but i think it might be kind of
a little bit of a point at rob right
like rob
come on man you’ve edited movies dude
the hills run red that’s
all i hear about like surely you can you
can look at a screen here for your own
broadcast and
check out the live chat from time to
time especially when your broadcast
is going on for 15 30 minutes without
any audio so
hey i’m trying my best but dude you know
rob i love you man and um you know
shizzle happens but yes i’m glad uh i am
checking out the live chat here guys so
cool uh let’s see else what else we got
jordy lines all hail the king
uh king of none for sure uh king of
myself and my own domain
name that’s another story as well
but um yeah guys yeah hey i’m i’m going
through my own personal issues it’s not
a happy time
i’m putting on my best face honestly
here to be here for you guys
and for the channel for the community um
so yeah i hope you appreciate it thank
you jordy
uh digital nomad sage we’ve got some
prayer hands
joshua some thanks thank you sir
um so let’s see here um digital nomads
say it
says in regards to chadwick boseman
he was a great actor man and you know i
didn’t want to wake up to the news
that sucks dude none of us did i
i especially it you know it’s so
unexpected when it happens
especially with somebody who you really
have no inclination of thinking it would
ever happen
right i mean let’s for example first
names that come to my mind is robin
uh the funniest comedian on earth
committing suicide i mean you’ve got uh
what’s his name uh
uh the food guy the hardcore sex drugs
and rock and roll food guy
no reservations anthony bourdain i’m
gone too soon uh yeah man sad news to
wake up to for sure and
uh with all with all with all uh intents
and purposes and hearts i
really hearts going out to him um and
his family and all of us
so uh let’s see what else we got here
joshua levesque says has they have too
many viewers to read the live
chat uh of course and i totally get it
you know i’m
kind of i’m i’m a tongue-in-cheek kind
of guy and i’m
i’m mostly joking like 80 90
of the time with anything i say if it
sounds offensive or anything like that
but yeah for sure you know campy has got
a business uh
rob’s got a booming live chat but i’ve
got you know some of the best people
from those two groups
here so i’m able to do that and i guess
that’s perhaps my niche
but guys you know what i want to ask you
is and i saw some of
some private chats i’ve had amongst
private members uh some of you
may or may have not been included in
those chats
what do you think this means for the mcu
moving forward now i’ve seen it
suggested that perhaps
well um how do you pronounce it shuri
black panther sister uh should take the
mantle of
of the black panther or perhaps uh
kilgore could return
i’m not sure how that would work you
know i think his his story his
his character is kind of set in stone
he’s not someone who would want to lead
into a new future that is open in terms
of globalization
open in terms of being uh part of the
normal world as
uh as contrast to how they were before
when they were you know
isolated secluded and secret uh
i i think just thinking off the top of
my head i think
shuri at least might be a um a a
worthy or not worthy mention to take the
mantle of black panther
but of course you know you’ve got some
political connotations that might go
along with that oh here we go
we got another black black woman of
taken over well i guess not it’s not a
superhero so i don’t know what the
appropriation would be there but
i i really i don’t know how that would
work honestly although i think it may
you know off the cuff seem like the most
logical thing to do
not really thinking about it but like
anything else
and i think campia does agree with this
i think that um
recasting the character would be the
best thing to do and you know what
if i may say so myself i think why don’t
we recast
a real african person with a real
african accent who doesn’t
have to talk like this because you know
i’m born in america
off the 21 bridges and somehow i speak
like this
that kind of bothered me if we’re being
if we’re being real
but um yeah guys let’s let’s see what
you guys have to say here
um jordy line says wait until the woke
decides to have a moan
when they recast oh of course you know
that’s going to happen what do you want
what do you want a fully cgi
chadwick boseman to play black panther
or perhaps i mean black panther you know
probably was
70 cgi in post-production when he was in
full costume
so um so what that plus a deep fake
uh i don’t know what what are the
options really or just
just kill the character completely and
not wrap it up narratively somehow
something has to be done that is for
sure number one something has to be done
black panther 2
has to continue um as a as a
as a conclusion to the black panther
story within the mcu
or somebody has to be recast or we do
the cgi thing or we have shuri take up
the mantle
um or perhaps it just surprised us with
something out of left field
um that pleases most everyone right
all right let’s see what else we’ve got
here here um holy freaking chisel
paul in long beach what’s up brother
glad to have you here man it’s been a
hot minute it’s been two whole hot
and by that i mean two months and then
some um
joshua leves says isn’t kilgore dead i’d
go with shuri
yeah so did he die
you know they had their nice little
sentimental moment watching the sunset
as his uh life force escaped from him
but you know spoiler alert for those of
you who have not seen kingsman 2 the
crappiest sequel to
an awesome movie uh they brought back
colin firth
they found a way i’m sure they could
find a way somehow to bring
kill monger back but even even though so
why like why he is not he’s not suit
he’s not suited for the role
uh to to lead the wakandan people yeah
i take her point isn’t he dead it
presumably yes he is dead
but it we didn’t really necessarily see
him die
right okay anyhow uh paula long beach uh
hey he says
oh yes baby welcome back dj thank you so
much man welcome
back paul i’m glad to have glad to have
you here seriously
thank you so much for tuning in like i
said paul we’re going to try and wrap
this up
within a half an hour to an hour i’ve
only got five topics today
i’m gonna mostly focus on you guys as i
said welcome back this is kind of a soft
um and then of course we’ve got a letter
from jordy lyons which
is about star trek i think
i haven’t read it because i want to keep
it authentic and read it on screen but i
know jordy always writes some very
some very choice pieces there might uh
let’s see here what else
we got here um digital nomad stage says
cgi deep fake would work i think
you know the technology is there but
then there’s a whole voice thing too
like but hey uh if you can recast
grand moff tarkin uh what’s his name
peter is it it’s not peter sellers
i’m thinking of a doctor love strange oh
man i am totally yeah missing on the
name the name of grand moff tarkin
anyhow recast cgi
on um rogue one it looked good-ish
uncanny valley-ish for the time but
that’s not gonna age well
cgi does not age well um but yeah
could happen man i’m open to it
uh what else we got up in here oh and
guys remember i’m sorry for those of you
who are not familiar if you could do me
a favor do me a flavor
if you have a comment you’d like me to
read on screen and answer on screen just
highlight my name in the live chat
at moviepop i’ll see you highlighted in
orange and i’ll read it on screen that’s
how we’re going to do this moving
that way i don’t get lost in your guys
personal chats okay
but let me just make sure we’re on board
with that before we move
into me uh responding to the orange
highlighted questions to myself
jordy lyon says wasn’t shuri on the dead
list an
end game yeah but didn’t she come back
right everyone came back in the portal
scene so
i don’t know how do you mean jordi damn
this topic is really taking a lot of
time we love some black panther don’t we
we love
we love a little blackness here uh peter
cushing thank you paul in long beach yes
peter cushing
brought back from the dead by disney
uh perhaps sadly maybe uh i don’t think
they’ll do that to chadwick boseman um
unfortunately not unfortunately but i
think respectfully it’s
it’s not right yeah i mean
anyhow uh yeah so guys uh that is where
we’re at right
now regarding the first topic for today
we’ve got former cover we’ve got
a viewer letter from jordanline so um if
you allow me to indulge myself and you
let’s move forward into our second topic
for the day
and this is regarding the new mutants
you guys notice there are no um
no like uh web clips here to the side i
was i was doing that before
reading off uh verbatim what the the
trade magazines were reporting in
regards to
movie news uh i did a little bit of a
poll seems about 73 of you said you know
nix that give me the vitamin dj i want
my daily dose of vitamin dj
100 pure and unfiltered unadulterated dj
so you’re getting it right now uh we’ll
do a poll later and see maybe it might
be too much but yeah guys um
new mutants came out was it yesterday
did i see it yesterday i i’ve totally
even forgotten
i mean that’s how that is how how how
little of an
impact that film had on me was it
yesterday what’s today saturday
yesterday was friday
it was either yesterday or thursday i
saw the movie completely forgot about it
as jeremy jones would say yep uh forgot
about it and t minus uh
one minute uh but yeah you know what it
has pulled in
three million dollars on its first day i
believe it was 750 million
sorry 750 000 on a thursday preview
so considering uh the times that we’re
in uh these seem to be at least
according to the trades on behalf of the
studios these are
confident numbers uh for rebooting the
movie film
uh exhibition uh experience for those of
us here in america and abroad so
um despite my thoughts about the mutants
kind of being a total suck bag
uh glad to see that people are ready to
come back to amc theaters which is safe
and clean
which is well movie pop we’re safe and
clean here too
i don’t know if you’ve noticed um so my
thoughts on that hey
congratulations we’re getting movies uh
back in theaters
it’s making some profits i know jordy
you’ve got the insider knowledge on the
movie industry so if you have any
comments please let us know
educate me educate us all but uh yeah
let’s turn it to you guys’s thoughts
on this what are your thoughts those of
you watching now
of course leave your comments down below
as well what are your thoughts on this
uh box office numbers right now with the
thursday um
preview 750 000
uh 3 million on opening day i believe
it was um and how do you think that
factors into
what the movie landscape would look like
for us
going to theaters moving forward so in
the live chat let’s see what’s happening
you guys are all talking amongst
yourself i love it i do see hap kiddo
lock here saying hey everybody
have kiddo lock i know you didn’t
highlight my name but hey to you man
uh another awesome pgs member thank you
so much for being here man it’s it’s
awesome to have all you guys here
um i just want to wrap up some of the
big topics this week
and of course hapkido lock we’ve got a
letter from jordyline so stick around
for that here
um yeah yeah let’s see what do we got
going on up in here
allow me a moment
um yeah i don’t got
anything here highlighted with my name
oh here we go jordy line says
disney pulling out of new po sorry
let me do it in jordy lion’s voice which
i presume is his voice i’ve seen his
good job by the way man you really
travel the world and some really awesome
planes um
i’d like to join you one day jordy lyons
disney putting on new mutants was
basically take
out the trash die i don’t know if you
speak like that or perhaps with
a cockney saying it’s taking out the
trash day or perhaps you’ve got a more
refined london
or oxford accent i don’t know anyhow but
you are correct man and you know that
was so disappointing dude because
you know and if you guys seen my review
i kind of broke down a little bit the
timeline how it’s postponed i know all
of you guys know about it it’s been
postponed essentially for two and a half
mired in production hell uh
i honestly was hoping that this was
going to be you know because this
was a fox production under the marvel
banner uh before disney took over
i was hoping that perhaps that the the
delay was due to the fact that
fox was doing something a little too
a little too gory uh for their at the
time before the
disney merger or takeover fox at the
time maybe disney would have been uh
like hey
this is a little too graphic you know
and then you saw the trailers you saw it
was built as a
horror film so i thought like yeah man
this is gonna be some scary shizzle
as it turns out no it wasn’t it was just
it was a complete
dud it was trashed just like jordy said
and like yeah disney was like you know
budget we’ll dump this out and which you
know guys
what do you think i’m surprised i
thought the inverse
might have been true that mulan would
have been released in theaters alongside
which is now coming out the 31st uh for
i believe the third of the fourth in
america i know has international release
i thought disney might have held strong
for that and then new mutants would have
been the one to be dumped on disney plus
because it is a
netflix streaming level quality of film
what do you guys think about that am i
let’s find out
joshua levesque says i love your british
accent well thank you monsieur
uh you know living in france i like to
speak to some of the english peoples uh
sometimes i get to talk like them
eat some crumpets have some air gray
um i don’t know if that’s a good french
accent but yeah all right
thanks thanks bro uh paul in long beach
says i saw
bill and ted yesterday really fun movie
and dude
that is a shocker for me especially
considering it went straight to vod
right i imagine the production budget
for that was pretty low
i honestly i didn’t really have much
much hope in it but i’m hearing
stellar reviews about it um and that
probably is all tied into that’s not
really taking itself
seriously i don’t know but yeah dude i’m
glad you enjoyed it uh
i trust your opinion so you know what if
i can’t watch it in theaters
here in texas i definitely i will be
checking that out on fandango go or
um hbo streaming
max now go whatever where wherever i can
get it so
i will get back to you on that sir but
yeah thanks for letting us know man
uh jordy does follow up with saying of
this uh
of this was normal circumstances sorry
okay jordy i think it’s meant to say uh
this was normal circumstances new
mutants would be getting
uh pasted sorry you know i’m gonna make
this larger because apparently i’m going
i am going blind actually i’m i’m 30 i’m
pushing 33 now
i’m getting gray hairs
can’t read back hurts
let’s try this again jordy lyon says if
this was
normal circumstances new mutants would
be getting
pasted in the press 3 million is abysmal
oh yeah dude of course
what opening weekend 3 million like
forget about it um but like you said if
this was
normal circumstances that would be the
case however it is not at the moment
um so i mean yeah my question tying back
to my question i mean
what what do you guys think about that i
think considering the situation here we
are we’re all in
so i’m taking kovid more seriously than
others for reasons that are
uh totally within their own rights um
how do you feel this box office opening
a property as big as a marvel
mutant fox banner um
film how how how much confidence does
that give you moving forward i feel
fully confident quite frankly within the
first week or two
amc has not uh they have not resumed
full operations they’re only open in a
handful of states
a couple hundred theaters if i’m not
um so i don’t think necessarily this is
precedent but i i do think it um
it’s it’s a good it’s a good show of
faith so yeah
all right uh joshua says i think new
mutants is a pretty good movie
interesting joshua i saw you say that in
the chat privately
so it’s sad to see the low box office
but it makes sense
given the pandemic and josh you know
feel free to elaborate on this man
because this is all about us just
talking amongst ourselves
good movie um i think i gave it a c
rating which is a three and a half out
of five bags of popcorn for my review
uh it wasn’t a bag of complete shite
it it passed all the levels of typical
competencies i would expect especially
from somebody like fox
but in terms of one my issue with the
biggest issue i took with this film was
one the marketing
hey marketing they did their job well
they sold me i thought this movie was
going to scare the pants off me
like some horror film which this film
was not two
and joshua i know you alluded to this
this had similar vibes to glass
and if i’m not mistaken glass had a
similar concept although they have the
of having what uh i’m unbreakable with
bruce willis um uh
what’s the other one with xavier
split with james mcavoy so they kind of
had their universe kind of built up
and then coalesce into this third final
act um
and i thought honestly that film did it
better it made sense
the logic was tight no spoiler reviews
here guys but
i was wondering like who is who what is
why is this happening essex corporation
dropped in here
uh wash rinse repeat crazy cgi
you know vera similitude that’s my game
too just like robert meyer burnett
i don’t need much but i need it to make
sense and i don’t
know i don’t i don’t feel that the movie
explained itself explain where it sat in
the in the
fox marvel uh x-man universe
uh and then that aside let’s on on a
micro level not even on a macro mcu fox
on a micro level who’s managing this
how how how is this one doctor keeping
all these superpower mutants at bay
none of that’s explained um but yeah it
was decent
uh but hey we can agree to agree to
disagree if you enjoyed the film hey man
seriously more power to you honestly i
know what we’re both
happy to be back in theaters right all
right let’s move this forward here um
apollo long beach say is thanks for
making me feel oh
youngster dude i’m an old soul of heart
honestly man
um and you know what honestly age is
nothing but a number dude
you guys know i’ve had the provision of
meeting robert meyer burnett you guys
i know we all know robert um you know
at least we get a good sense of who they
are and john and you know they’re
they’re pushing late 40s or late
50s somewhere around there um but dude
young at heart
as just as much as any of us so um it’s
it’s all a number it’s all gray hairs
it really doesn’t matter i’ve met people
younger than myself who are just old
um maybe not decrepit
but let’s call them curmudgeons for lack
of a better word right
yeah uh paul in long beach also does
uh we’re still dead here in california
thank god i’d left
kind of but yeah so sad uh and joshua is
dead in new york and you know what i
used to live in new york too so god my
two favorite cities or states
yeah dead in the water man like why
sorry i don’t want to get political here
but i think even john is realizing like
dude john and i believe john and rob
they drove out to nevada to watch the
film if this really was
something to be so afraid of i mean i’m
sorry if i knew that uh chernobyl
happened in nevada
there’s no way in hell i’m taking a six
hour drive to a radioactive zone to
watch something and come back and
bring that radiation with me so i don’t
but yeah um i
totally got off on a tangent there sorry
but uh paul does continue to say so so 3
is pretty good considering new york and
la um
in california really the biggest markets
in america are completely shut down
agreed man i think i think agreed with
you on that for sure
this is totally a test so i think maybe
that’s what disney was trying to do
right just test test the waters um
even though mulan’s coming to streaming
we’ll see how that works for 30 bucks a
i show is how i’m downloading it for 30
bucks a pop i’ll wait
um all right guys uh i’m gonna go
through uh two more from joshua before
we get to the next topic here
joshua says i thought the story was kind
of good and this is regarding the new
i allow myself to refresh me
with some vitamin water nutrients good
for you
um i really enjoy the action
however i will say that it felt like a
horror movie
but with very few terrifying moments
i get that you know if we’re talking in
terms of cinematography
lighting um tone uh the premise
you know kind of like this the the
foundation if you will was
mostly there but the eventual structure
i felt like
in terms of how they built it and how
how um
it played out to the end i don’t think
we got
that i at least i didn’t get that for
myself but
that’s just me man you know i was
expecting blood gore
uh you know even even the cheap cheap
jump scares
um i think i mentioned uh the bleeding
disintegrating walls the the slenderman
type character
those things if they would have ran with
that and really propel that forward um i
that kind of occurred during the second
act uh till the end
or sorry second act to the third
beginning of the third act before they
started to wrap it up
i mean if they really like hammered at
home that would have been great um
but hey that’s me man you know all right
last one from
joshua before we move into the next
topic here
um he says yeah i wouldn’t mind three
million dollars yeah according to the
box office yeah why not
you know this film was dead on the rival
i think you know when i reviewed it
i believe there was a uh what there was
a credit embargo guys right
so that’s never really a good sign uh
when i reviewed it the same night it
came out a couple hours after
rotten tomatoes had no score from
critics so yikes
yeah take we can get before uh before
the critics start putting in their two
cents yeah definitely not covert
all right guys so let’s move in uh to
our uh are we at the third topic now yes
third topic
then viewer letters and we’ll wrap up
with our two topics and then free chat
and then boom we’re out of here i think
we’re making good time we’re half an
hour in so we got a half an hour left
so let’s do this no commercials this
time guys so again
thank you all for being here this is so
much fun i’m glad to have you all here
uh our third topic for the day is
more horror ooh resident evil
a tv series what
officially a go at netflix holy freaking
now i like this
because of two things i have a hardcore
bone for resident evil
the video game franchise the first film
i thought was serviceable
especially considering the time it was
released video game movies
or comic or sci-fi properties were not
really taken with the level of
and seriousness that they’re taking
today but i especially like this because
netflix seems to always have their
sexy little finger on the pulse and
i have full confidence in their tv
production capabilities
the fact that they’re taking this
property they’re giving it a tv
treatment which means we’re probably
going to have
between 8 and 10 episodes between 40
minutes and an hour long probably at the
very least what eight hours
uh of story time on screen i think
they’re gonna have a lot of time
hopefully to flesh out a great story
they’ve got a huge fantastic
back catalog of films comics video games
novels ad infinitum right so
really the ball is in netflix’s park i
really hope they do this
well um i think they have the track
record to do it well you know let’s le
and first thing that’s coming to my mind
is before mike flanagan really was a big
name with dr sleep
uh he did the that was uh the haunting
at hill house
and now doing uh the haunting uh at
blime manor i believe it was
so yeah man more power to netflix guys
i don’t know if you heard about this
news but i thought it was cool
um so yeah i’m gonna turn it back to you
let’s see what you guys have to say
about this topic here
um g wolf is in the hazel remember g
wolf highlight my name at movie pop let
me know that uh
you got something to say for me on
screen i’ve been answering questions
from joshua from paul from jordy from
digital nomad sage uh but yeah hey man
thanks so much for dropping in
no worries dude um we’re just trying to
get this done i know
i couldn’t get it done last weekend
hopefully all the production value
issues are
on point even though apparently my my
voice sync might be off so we’ll work on
but we’re just talking about resident
evil being released sorry
um having broken news that it is
a go from netflix so i wanted to know
about your guys’s thoughts
on that digital nomad stage didn’t say
this to me but i see him say
aydah wong with heart eyes oh yeah
ada wong indeed that was my crush as a
i’m curious to see how aydah wong looks
if i were to go back and look at the
playstation one version of her because
you know i used to have a hardcore crush
laura croft and her pixelated you know
triangle boobs
laughable now to look at but hey back in
when you know the only prawn we have the
watch was on channel 99 that was
i i took what i could get so yeah that
aside guys so
uh that is the news regarding um
resident evil ago and remember guys we
can always jump back to topics if you
have your questions
for um that come up later if i’m on
another subject here so
uh i do want to move into our oh
hold on g wolf is here he’s saying is
resident evil series
going to be as funny as the movies
that’s what i said oh did i really say
that no i said i thought the first
resident evil was a
worthy entry right guys it was worthy
you know it had uh i think it had
resident evil
one or two vibes it it pretty much got
um as well as you could expect a video
game movie to
get at that time much like mortal kombat
which i think is the worst best
the worst best video game movie ever i
still love that movie
today although i recognize it’s a total
yeah i wouldn’t say a total piece of
crap i love it i love the super mario
brothers movie
that gets a lot of slack too i mean
really can i can i just
just indulge me for a second this is
totally off tangent but guys a lot of
hate on that super mario brothers movie
and i’m wondering like what what did you
did you really expect bob hoskins and
john leguizamo to be jumping
on literal goombas and you know
propelling themselves in the air and
jumping on a flagstaff and grabbing it
and dropping down and saving the
princess in that respect like no
but hey i beg to differ that aside yeah
will the resident evil movie or tv show
be as funny as the movies
i i hope that god not but
you know g wolf like i said guys correct
me if i’m wrong you know
i’m i’m just another dude like you guys
as someone would say about zaphod
bieberbrocks from the hitchhiker’s guide
to the galaxy uh uh you know z zafad
zafad’s just
he’s just this guy you know and i’m just
a guy you know so
let’s talk about this i i have i have
confidence uh provided what they’ve done
with the haunting hill house um
the upcoming haunting and blind manner
um some of their other television
productions which of course are
all a-class ozark comes to mind you know
you guys know the list
you know their track record for films
are not so great so i like the fact
is doing this as a series i’m not sure
who’s really behind the screen on that
but yeah let’s hope it’s not so funny
all right paul in long beach says uh
well you’re still ugly and so
nothing has really changed and i miss
your mom
um well thank you sir yeah i know i’m
hard to look at i i’ve been told i have
a face
or radio and a voice to match as well
and um you know my mom said she had a
good time with you last week uh she’s
really hoping you would call her back
so hey papa paul man come on
we’re waiting for you
i don’t know all right guys i want to
move into our viewer letters you’re
going to have to
excuse me the setup is totally different
i’m going to be looking on this side
for our viewer letters and you know what
guys remember our viewer letters as well
as our topics of the week
can be submitted to me personally at
dj moviepop.org that’s right
you’ve got a direct access link to me to
send me your topics of the week whatever
you want me to talk about
i will and also viewer letters so
whatever’s on your mind
i’ll read it and guess what we’ve got a
viewer letter today
from the one the only mr jordy lines i’m
excited as
well as you may be to hear what mr jordy
has to say so let’s get on to it here
this one’s coming to us from jody lyons
what is he saying can i can i pull this
up on this computer right here let me
trying not to lag the internet here
apparently i cannot
i will not waste your guys time cause we
got 20 minutes left on this biatch
jordy says
can y’all see this i’m sure you can yeah
so i was asked a question last night and
i initially answered it it struck me
this morning that it meant
more than it first appeared the question
why does politics matter in star trek
the simple answer is
it doesn’t and importantly never has
for an hour each episode you didn’t
care if it was a man or a woman whether
their skin color was white black
brown pink or blue ah
the andorians even right to the left
you did sorry even right to left you
respected the officer
in that uniform you importantly wanted
to be a starfleet officer oh hell yes
i do you dreamt of being respected and
i’m going to come back to
that word quote unquote respect
because it meant more than it first
appeared you dreamt of going away on
taking orders from the captain
protecting your fellow crewmates and
signing off on a job well
oh man i’m loving this so far i’m loving
the fact that it’s a trek letter
as well but i digress
let me get back into the final sentence
here for this
one of three on jordy’s letters you were
totally invested because it made you
feel like you were quote unquote
part of something bigger than yourself
oh okay all right all right all right
jordy does continue to say here
you respected the captain you wanted to
be the captain
and let’s face it star trek has had some
magnificent captains
but why were they the captain
that okay sir but why were they the
captain what made you respect him it
matter that catherine jameway was a
woman or ben cisco as a black person
a lot a maid a lot i made before the
of ds9 sorry jordy there are some typos
here i’m not sure if it’s me or you
but i take your point sir how could a
quote-unquote person of color
be the captain be the be they the lead
of this television series but the truth
is you never looked at his skin color
you respected him because he was the
i grew up with ds9 for those of you who
don’t know ds9 is
deep space nine it is a series of star
trek that premiered alongside
uh the next generation in its final
seasons i grew up with ds9 and i were
sorry i grew up with ds9 and were i
live is not that far from where
or where i live i’m sorry i’m an idiot
i’m a stupid american here
allowing jordy to not sorry
i grew up with ds9 and where i oh okay
see it’s the where there’s no h there
got it okay sorry i’m not a stupid
american you’re a stupid brit
just kidding i grew up with ds9
and where i live is not that far from
where i grew up
and back then there were not a lot of
black people
it’s changed today but i learned respect
for black people by respecting captain
ben cisco
because how could i say i respected the
captain if i didn’t respect him
on the street damn deep cut man yeah
respect is why star trek lost its way oh
okay we’re getting good here i don’t
respect a captain smoking a cigar in the
bridge of his ship
who did that i know lorca didn’t do that
okay but anyhow swearing or drinking and
okay who was vaping it was a chick who
kept calling picard jl
oh jl oh jail hold on let me hit my
space vape here
on jail okay you guys know discovery ugh
sorry no that’s picard uh
same thing uh kurtzman ugh anyhow
star trek taught you morals it taught
you right from wrong
and that’s why modern star trek has
it’s not respected you don’t see
yourself being with these people
yep it feels wrong and then to rub
salt in the wound you see jean-luc
picard the greatest starfleet captain
in starfleet history being made to look
disrespected having seen shot with
taller women to make him look small
having him apologize for what made him
great god
dang that’s good okay there’s one
particular scene
throughout the history of star trek that
is more important than
everything else that’s ever been said on
it actually occurred in star trek first
contact all right
and i know it has critical issues in
plot holes
you could abseil oh that’s a new word
for me abseil
damn i’m really i’m really quite uh the
cunning linguist here
uh coming linguist in both sense of the
words by the way
um you could have sailed down but
there’s this one
scene where jordy is calibrating a
i’m laughing already where is this going
jordy is calibrating a telescope to
prove to zefram cochrane
that the enterprise is an orbit oh geez
he checks the telescope as if he’s being
tricked turns to the crew
and then looks out to the sky and says
so you’re all astronauts on some sort of
star trek get it
because that’s the title of the movie
star star trek
we’re trekking through yeah
sorry it’s that’s great i totally forgot
about that
okay that’s awesome jordy continues
he actually breaks the fourth walnut
scene because he’s saying it to all of
and that’s why it matters to all of us
oh my dear lord
i’m gonna go back to the third lower
third here before i reveal to you what
the fourth topic will be
jordy yeah jordy you know this is a very
contentious issue for um for us
i think how can i say this guys let’s
talk about this
let’s let’s let’s put on our nerd hats
here let’s put on our com badges
let’s get ready to engage and talk about
star trek and most
uh most importantly it’s it’s new in in
current incarnation with um with the
debut of discovery
uh the forthcoming debut of strange new
lower dex is now um streaming on cbs all
access i believe
um and then we’ve we’ve we’ve been
we’ve been forced to watch uh picard
the like malcolm mcdowell and
clockwork orange and during the ludovico
technique uh just
being forced to watch it it’s it’s
happening to us take it in
right i’ve seen the interviews with
kurtzman i i’ve
i’ve i’ve done my due diligence i’m a
nerd i love star trek jordan
and jordy man jordy jordy hey your name
is jordy
like jody laforge it’s spelled
differently but hey that’s cool just
realize that now
yeah star trek was star trek is supposed
to be and it was
um it was supposed to embody the best of
what we can aspire to especially during
the time it was created you know like
you know oh her
first black woman on um having a
prominent role on an
all-white cast first interracial kiss on
tv yada yada
star trek has always pushed
how can i say this best
all boundaries in our lives are only
simply this they’re conventions waiting
to be broken
and i think star trek did this best you
know and it did it in a manner that it
it exemplified and illuminated our
current social conventions
and allowed us to push forward maybe not
necessarily break them
and not do it in a way that’s
prostrating to you for being
left or right or having this opinion or
another but simply for saying
here’s an issue that demands attention
in our contemporary time
here are the other perspectives and of
course this is all done within the
framework of um
science fiction and i thought that was
the magic of star trek
now i will acknowledge as well that i do
wish that star trek you know
did have a little bit more grit to it
because you know
let’s just imagine for real like the
interstellar space
travel what what we’ve got
the alpha the beta quadrants um sorry
i’m i’m i’m i’m i’m
blanking on the names of all the other
quadrants in the galaxies that they’ve
traveled but
interstellar travel all the same at warp
i mean there have to be some serious
consequences to that so i’m not
necessarily opposed to graphic violence
and the new incar incarnation of star
i’m not opposed to um evil admirals
because we’ve had them
in next generation the s9 the tos
all that um but yeah i do
definitely do feel like you know as far
as a
composition of the show in of itself the
body of its show
uh the essence of it um the tone
of it has leaned too too far heavily
into that
and it is a bit of a dour sour look
at our future um
honestly i i did enjoy discovery season
one and i think that’s largely in part
because i think
brian fuller kind of shares my
sentiments you know star trek
does suppose is supposed to have these
elements of hope
uh but let’s let’s ground it a bit and
make it a bit more gritty and i think
his vision
had it been allowed the play out would
have been awesome and obviously
with his exit uh we saw just the the
crap that season two was i have no
interest from where season three is
whatever yeah jordy um
yeah you’re right looking at the current
state of trek
uh do i feel inspired as you did with
ben cisco
um does do these characters and inspire
me and embody the values that you know
we as a as an individual society as a
type zero civilization aspiring to be a
type one
civilization should be no
sorry i can go on and on about this so
lyons thank you so much for your letter
you guys have heard me steal my thoughts
i want to get back to you guys here
because this is what what it’s all about
you know you guys are probably going to
correct me um
uh let’s see what do we got here in the
okay g wolf says we see it not sure what
you’re talking about but i think it
might have been about jordy’s letters so
thank you man thank you for keeping it
on track here
um have kid a lock says great letter
in regards to jordy lyons it always
comes back to the simple fact
of a lack of basic storytelling skills
and modern track for me
as though the writers have just watched
tv and not
lived yeah i think that’s the case
um what’s what’s the girl’s name she’s
she’s a new screenwriter for trek
uh she’s korean her last name is kim i
believe it’s
yo yo bon kim i i’m
i’m probably mistaking that mixing it up
with bong joon ho
but i know her last name i think is kim
anyhow she’s a new writer i think she
has great promise but yeah
it’s very evident it’s very clear that
despite kurtzman being a showrunner and
despite their supposed you know
dedication to the trek
lore they’re taking great liberties with
some of the established science within
50-plus year ongoing
um universe and then turning into their
own thing and the first thing that’s
popping in my mind is transporter
sorry you have to get a transporter
signature on a specific individual get a
and then you transport them over and
we’ve seen time and time again that
we’ve got
a supposed lock on one individual
somebody else or some item jumping
into that beam and then simultaneously
having the two of them being beamed
on site that does not work that’s
totally against that’s just basic
basic basic uh we could talk about the
spore drive which i actually
liked uh if you guys are familiar with
the works of mycologist
paul stamets not not astromycologist
paul stamets um
you know i i will grant them that
artistic liberty that perhaps there is
some sort of
celestial mycelial network that connects
uh you know the fabrics of our known
universe to some other alternative
universe and
maybe we can traverse through them and
go from point a to point b
in in between the galaxies or the
universe um
infinitely but that aside you know
things that i agree with the point is
here they’re missing a lot and yeah you
are right man
like i’m not sure what the writers what
the what the heads at cbs are thinking
uh and it’s it’s so especially hard to
judge it because we don’t get numbers in
terms of viewership
we get the pr gloss from cbs um
but hey you know what at least les
moonves head of cbs is out
i know he was not a trek fan at all so
hopefully the new
the new people in charge will really
push trek back in the direction it
should go
but you know what i’m gonna i’m gonna
relegate this to
me uh not expecting it to happen
just the same as every political
candidate i vote for never gets voted in
because you know sex drugs rock and roll
big bang and flashes apparently cells
we’ll see
anyhow guys let’s talk about um some of
your more topics before we move to the
topic of the day um
joshua says discovery and picard seem
like the star wars prequels of star trek
no yeah man i wouldn’t go that far
i mean at least good lord
at least yeah i mean you’re not wrong
uh at least you know with the prequels
george lucas
made everyone in in lucasfilm and the
whole production
of his prequels his biatch
rick mccallum especially
so yeah it was lucas um without having
any any any um
any rains put on him you know and i
creativity does have to have a little
bit of rains put on it to kind of reel
it back in
bring it back in the reality and have
some dialogue amongst others
whereas i think trek does also suffer
the same thing as as the star wars
prequels as you said
joshua but um at least i do feel like
there is some elements of some people
who do understand
what trek is and they tried especially
in its inception with discovery and
brian fuller
um but yeah dude prequels
g wolf my man the orville is the best
star trek on right now yeah man i’ve
heard so much
um i stopped watching the orville uh
um on one of the best episodes actually
it was the episode where
rob lowe came on board and he played
some i think he was either an alien or
he played himself but
he was charismatic and he was basically
able to
woo anybody into his own sexual needs
because that was just kind of like i
guess part of his
race was uh non-monogamous and
that was that was at that time the best
episode of the orville that i’ve seen
ever i laughed my
butt off so hard um but for me the
orville had been hit or miss
you know uh there was one episode in
particular where they went on i forgot
what those green alien characters were
called they’re kind of like a
combination between klingons and uh
um but um god i can’t even remember what
seth macfarlane’s name was in the show
but he was a captain him and his uh his
chief engineer i believe the
the ginger they went on board and they
had like kind of like an espionage
mission they got caught but anyways
there was a real
heart and message to that episode it was
kind of dramatic and kind of serious
and that gave me pause like damn wow
this show can really go from slapstick
humor to something very serious and i
wanted to see more of that
i wasn’t getting it um but i’ve heard
i’ve heard as much
and uh perhaps i should catch up more on
that dude so yeah if you’re gonna
recommend that to me
by all means as a as a trek lover as a
next generation lover man yeah i think
i think i should all right i’m gonna go
to paul here
and then we’ll move into the fourth
topic um don’t tell rmb about you being
okay with the spore drive
he made this own you oh my lord
i would love to have that conversation
with him man we uh we got in a little
bit of a heated argument about i think
it was a cura
and the nature yeah no it was about uh i
think it was actually about
and this is in person during john
campio’s 100 million viewer show
last year but it was about the nature of
anime adaptations and how how studios
have failed and
um he was dead set on that point and you
know i point blank said hey dude
akira akira elita battle angel robert
rodriguez james cameron
that’s that’s what you want moving
forward and it’s been done and it can be
done and
the studios are figuring it out much
like dc they’re finding their footing
you know give it time give it time but
yeah in regards to the sport drive
you know i take their points and
concerns um
um yeah i would love to have that
uh i won’t go into any more detail on
that just for the sake of time guys
because i think
we’re pushing almost an hour here so we
should probably wrap it up closely here
i’ve got two more topics and then we’ll
wrap this bad boy up guys
thanks for hanging around and sticking
here um
g wolf does say uh the first seasons are
always hard they get better yeah
especially with track man i even me
i think when i re-watch next generation
for like the 10th or 15th time which i’m
actually currently watching now
yeah i usually skip over season one
except for um
uh what was it what’s the first episode
uh with q not the best of both worlds
oh man this is gonna kill me
part one of two oh wow what’s the first
episode of star trek
season one anyhow yeah
um turf seasons are never really too
good so you know i gave it a pass
although i did enjoy discovery season
one i thought there was a lot of great
stuff in there
and a lot of brian fuller’s influence i
could feel season two while it started
off strong
first two one two maybe three episodes
and then from there it was like
all right joshua’s got to go hey man
thanks man thanks for being here
we’re wrapping it up shortly uh we’ll
see you hopefully next weekend provided
everything goes well
on my end here um but yeah
guys i won’t waste any more time here
let’s move forward into the fourth
regarding scream reboots again wow
uh funny guys i’m gonna give you kind of
the synopsis here uh
david arquette is returning from his uh
hiatus i guess from being a professional
wrestler and in case you’re not aware of
david arquette has been a professional
wrestler for some time he’s even got a
new movie slash documentary coming out
if it’s not out already
i think it’s called something like i’m
the baddest mother effer on earth and
you can’t kill me
starring david arquette but he’s back
courtney cox is back
this is apparently going to be a reboot
not sure how you do that with them 20
years later but hey uh as long as wes
craven is involved you got the principal
actors involved
um yeah why not let’s see what happens
it’s not like scream is uh
one film in the library of the criterion
um so yeah why not i’m i’m looking
forward to it i thought it was cool news
to mention i hadn’t seen it mentioned
anywhere else so
guys of course let me know your thoughts
we’ll come to it now or later but
without further ado we’re move into our
last topic and then we’ll wrap this uh
we’ll wrap this
inaugural broadcast of weekly weekender
so our fifth topic
haunted mansion is in the works wow did
anything everybody do that with any
i guess something happened along the
lines with mulan
and eddie murphy not getting his role
recast as mushu
as a cgi dragon in the new mulan so they
said you know what
no problem we’ll give you some royalties
for the haunted mansion property here
and uh
just keep your mouth shut we’re gonna
move on without you
um why he’s not back in this i don’t
know but hey that’s fine i didn’t
i never even saw the movie um i think
it’s interesting that we’re getting this
uh reboot again they tried it didn’t
i think disney has a lot more properties
they could focus their money on time on
but hey
you know what that’s where we’re at you
know disney’s got a lot of money to
recoup especially after that 70
billion dollar buyout of fox but yeah
they’re the american their milk
they’re milking their ip as much as they
so um guys
that’s a wrap here i just wanted to do a
soft reboot
if you have any other thoughts here you
want to share i did want to turn it over
to you guys i’m calling this american
freedom prize
aka free chat um
open mic whatever’s on your mind right
now let’s take about five minutes
ten minutes at most i know we’re over
time here
if you got anything else you want to
stay here welcome to um american freedom
fries let’s
let’s do it um what is going
on in your minds
of course regarding movie topics or
anything else here
i’m looking at the live chat here have i
missed anything
no i don’t believe i have live chat’s
looking pretty
pretty steady with regards to you guys
nobody wants to support america american
freedom fries nothing
ah come on guys
all right then well hey you know what
all the same seriously guys a very
thank you from me for showing up here
you know
we don’t really know each other
personally but i honestly do genuinely
support i appreciate all of your support
for being here
taking the time um i love talking with
all of you guys i love being a part of
the community and i’m glad to be back
um despite this really shitty year
2020 has been for all of us and honestly
it’s not a good time for me
right now personally either um
but i’m trying to put on a happy face
here for you guys because it’s been much
too long and i know we all have our own
issues so um seriously guys
i hope uh you guys have a fantastic
rest of your weekend i will do my best
to be back next week
we’ll see what happens on my end here in
my life but movie reviews of course i’ll
try to do that but hey
at least you know i’m back i’m alive um
g wolf is saying my mind is blank right
now no problem brother
it’s all good uh paula lombie says hey
welcome back again dj missed your
brother dude
missed you too missed seeing you i
haven’t seen you in rob’s chat
hope you’re okay um and he’s also saying
more commercials with mom
more commercials shall be coming of
um yeah guys let’s wrap this up i know
campy is on for open mic at one o’clock
this time so quite soon anyhow guys
we will be back next saturday um
at some time between 11 and 12 p.m
central standard time
uh follow me on uh movie pop
that’s this youtube channel uh my
instagram is at moviepop
official and my twitter is at real
so hit me up there guys seriously thank
you all so much for being here
love all of you hope you all are doing
well without any
any falsehood to that statement
seriously guys um and feel free to hit
me up anytime i love talking to all of
which i do of course on twitter and on
instagram i talk to you individually so
yeah guys thank you so much have
hapkidolak again thank you for being
here too brother
glad to see you man um thank you g wolf
glad you enjoyed the stream
paul in long beach digital nomad stage
jordy lyons
joshua levesque um and for those of you
after the live stream broadcast again
thank you so much stay safe
have a great rest your day and weekend
we’ll see you soon
oh do i cancel this way or cancel that
where am i going