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Today’s topics will include:

The Irishman streaming numbers, Home Alone and Power Rangers reboot, Marvel TV shutting down, Rene Auberjonois, Alma Har’el comments on female directors snubbed for awards, Golden Globe and SAG Nominations, Akira movie delayed indefinitely, Mortal Kombat movie wraps fiming, Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 inspire Keanu Day, Bob Iger and Martin Scorcese plan to meet.

Weekly Weekender
Episode 01

hey guys thank you so much for tuning in
the movie pop and thank you for so much
for tuning in to the debut episode of
weekly weekender where we’re gonna cover
some of the latest news for the week in
Hollywood and of course TV shows as well
Lawrence I just want to have him
introduced here first or fabulous sexy
co-host Lawrence yeah yeah we got a ton
of news to cover um I want to start us
off right off the top here we’ve got a
report from The Hollywood Reporter
regarding the irishman numbers just
released from Netflix currently holding
26 million members in the first week
which is kind of surprising because it
is Martin Scorsese we haven’t seen a
film from him in a long time and the
reason why I say this is surprising it’s
because that crappy semi mediocre film
that came out last year bird box got 46
million viewers in its first week so
comparatively speaking seems like the
audiences are really not on board I mean
what are your thoughts on that Lawrence
how do you feel about this
itself I thought was pretty good I
didn’t watch the movie in its entirety
but the scenes that I saw I thought it
was really good I would you really
intrigued I you know I have it’s
definitely on my list to watch all the
way through so yeah yeah it’s kind of
unfortunate I mean I don’t mean to fan
the flames that Scorsese has been you
know kind of trying to make a brushfire
with with regard to those comments about
Marvel and audience is not really being
in tune with true cinema quote-unquote
but uh yeah I mean the numbers don’t lie
oh yeah yeah I think I wonder how this
movie would have done and I’d always
released it here’s I’m curious to know
how this movie might have done if it was
released fully released in theaters
first like a full run because it dad
they did have a limited theatrical run
yeah I didn’t have limited right and I
think I think maybe if it had a full I
don’t know if it would have saved that
know if it’s just that because it’s hard
because there like it you like you said
it does have limited but I didn’t see it
in my area so I don’t I don’t know maybe
it I don’t know where they released it I
don’t know that but it may be like
because I feel like the film was was
pretty good so I’m just I’m thinking
it’s may be a Netflix issue or maybe
like I told you maybe this is kind of
one of those things that could we’ll
watch it when they have the time it’s
not like oh it’s in theaters now go
watch it right now you know look there’s
that kind of tense tenseness with movies
coming out like they come out you gotta
watch them as soon as they’re out
looking good the good movies alright I
don’t know no dude and that’s a
fantastic point and that’s actually one
of the largest points I had last year or
two or three years ago I can’t remember
but there’s a show that since 8:00 on
Netflix that was cancer remember yeah
hey still watch it yeah love that show I
mean absolutely love that show
and I hated the fact that Ted Saran dose
the CEO of Netflix one of his kind of
lines throughout the cancellation of
that show was that well you know what
the show was not getting the numbers we
wanted and the whole time he canceled it
exactly but I’m like exactly as you said
the whole time I’m thinking dude this is
Netflix like there is no impetus for me
to watch something immediately it’s at
my convenience
so really like the scope in terms of
like which they measure
audience engagement should be widened
significantly than I think and point in
case with the Irishman I mean obviously
the quality’s there
but yet it’s very less than something
like bird box sure yeah I know I totally
agree I don’t think your detergents on
that flip well when I really feel like
watching something it’ll be waiting for
me that’s how I feel about Netflix like
I’m watching a movie and you know maybe
I’m with people who also want to watch a
movie oh I got that waiting for me right
I don’t feel that sense of urgency I do
with it with movies that released in
theaters so no all right well let’s move
on to our next topic guys but before we
do that I want to get a very special
shout out here to our sponsor
nice yeah the electric feels us a little
extra shocking right
alright moving on to our next topic Jojo
rabbits star breakout star Archie Yates
is starting to lead for a home alone
reboot why feel about that
hi I’m like I’m willing to be it I don’t
know if it will live up who like so hard
to replace Macaulay Culkin I have to say
you know what ah I’m gonna take I’m
gonna take I’m gonna take a wild guess
here you have not seen Jojo rabbit yet
I’ve not know did you get to see it
precisely yes I have I have a nice
within that context this this news
absolutely like makes me like this
excited for this reboot because had I
not see that I would be saying the exact
same thing as you yeah so he did really
good jobs so good I love him more than
because only child actor in that film I
mean they just these little fat jobs man
like come on
yeah there’s actually a lot of good
child actors right now out in the in the
scene I have to say they’re really
Milken I don’t know his name
I don’t know him off top of my head the
kid from from stranger things oh yeah
yeah the black haired Bingley kid he’s a
masters after life yeah new horror film
what was in it they’re really milking
him yeah that’s right yeah hair milk and
yeah I’m looking good yeah I’m really
excited about this I’m very curious
though you know conceptually like how
this is gonna work though because the
original film had the advantage of being
stuck in time in the 80s where there
were no cell phones there were no GPS
tracking there is no find my friends
apps so how a child is gonna be
estranged from his family during a
vacation and then not being able to
contact him in any way I’m curious to
see how they can do it obviously they
have to have something if they’re going
ahead with production but I mean what do
you think that might be Lawrence that’s
that’s actually a really good question
I really don’t know I they’re either
going to freeze it in the 80s because
they find that
or or they’re gonna do it modern and
they’re gonna but see if they do a
modern they’re gonna have to call him
with all these new tricks right wait
modern technology that he can use is a
disposal to create like a house trap you
know yep like Alexa’s gonna have like
machine guns in the house that shoot
like nerf guns that she will you then
you know like stuff like that all right
crazy stuff so I don’t know it’s it’s
it’s that’s a lot of work though you
really got a you really got a look and
see like what can we do that’s clever
that’s using modern technology you know
also how are they gonna relate you know
they always relate the kid to like you
know they’re like oh it’s his cousin now
or something
you’re like he uh you know what cool the
cool kids character now grows up and and
then he’s the parent and now he’s having
a kid and this kid is the one doing you
know write me something weird like that
yeah I think it would I mean
without seeing this he’s hearing about
the script of the story Prentiss I think
yeah it would be a little contrived if
they had it in modern times and you
really have to go through leaps and
bounds to make the story work in a
modern context and dude you said it
perfectly that’s a great idea just
isolate it in time
like like that’s why yeah the best way
to go you you cut yourself off from
having to do all these complex issues
like with modern mythology like things
are so different now than they were in
the 80s that movie just like works so
well in the 80s be hey there wasn’t
anything and you know what they can
throw that even the added bonus though
that stranger kids a stranger things kid
in there they always love to throw like
kids in there so like like usually it’s
not most of the movies lately they’ve
had like a young kid and it’s never like
one so I could see them throwing him as
a cameo I just had a fantastic idea so
you know yeah all right so Joe Pesci was
the original like burglar and I forgot
the other guy his kids buddy yeah but
what if this time the burglars are an
older Macaulay Culkin and Haley Joel
Osment but would there be the reasoning
for robbing one slit well I mean not
like any or mean they’re just playing
they’re playing me the robbers okay like
just does cameo actors okay because they
were both famous child actors one being
the original star in there I don’t think
I think the Pope Macaulay Culkin in the
front put him as a main role the kind of
a meow I’m gonna get shovels the snow
outside or sands salts the streets look
like what my colleagues look in is that
guy just like a no guy outside I could
see that yeah probably some cameos most
likely but no in my dream fantasy like
that’s who would be actors would be ya
know I’d be cool to see stuff like that
that’d be really nostalgia all right
well hey let’s say I move forward from
this topic I’m guys in there
whoo all right so on to our next topic
this is a sad news perhaps from one
perspective but if you ask this guy it’s
great news Marvel TV is to shut down the
series is being folded into Marvel
Studios which is of course producing all
the wonderful yet to be released
TV shows on the Disney Plus streaming
platform which will be under the
supervision of master Kevin Feige
lawrence off the top
how’re you feeling about that so for me
I don’t really watch a lot of these um
Marvel TV shows I don’t you know i am
aiways i heard it was like okay i really
no one ever told me oh my god you have
to watch agents of shield I’m very very
selective when it comes to shows guys
are show ho for me it’s like ya know but
like super selective like I only watch a
handful of shows like there’s like I can
name there’s probably less than 10 total
shows that I like track and watch you
know total so I’ve never really got him
the Marvel stuff it was never I never
heard like amazing things like you gotta
watch this like it’s no it’s not even
doesn’t really hold a candle that Game
of Thrones everything so I never really
was like intrigued by them I love the
movies but the shows I heard like we’re
kind of some season 3 hit or miss you
know I’m scenes were good some were just
like confusing and weird so I was never
super pulled in so when you read this
article and you see this headline like
what’s your thoughts or what’s your
feeling yeah so I’m like not really that
surprised because like I said never any
of the shows were like like GameChanger
yeah just like here’s a show for Marvel
I’m walk yeah I mean honestly it breaks
my heart because agents of shield I
think is one of like the pinnacle points
of like quality television like writing
acting every week I’m just on the edge
of my seat to watch these stories unfold
and I just can’t wait to see I’m fucking
like I’m not I’m totally kidding bro I’m
just totally dude
oh that shows that you happy going it’s
a bag of shit sorry
I hate those coming out though and I was
wondering how they were gonna do like
one division looked interesting
well that’s on Disney Plus and that’s
gonna be under Marvel Studios properness
is this oh I see is this um so are these
shows just the ones on Netflix right now
so yeah I mean Netflix and the broadcast
television on ABC particularly agents of
shield Runaways and all those other
shows yeah
so that’s studio which was the
production company for those properties
yes is being is being shut down I see it
fortunately there is some sad news
people are being laid off so that is
yeah of course it’s always but for the
IP as a whole this is great news because
as you said Wan division the Winter
Soldier and the Falcon yeah Loki
she-hulk I mean on and on and on we’ve
got some fantastic things coming up
under Marvel Studios through Disney Plus
yeah yeah for sure
upping their game on those shows for
sure like that the most recent release
those shows sound actually pretty cool
yeah I like that stuff before I was like
yeah it’s there whatever right right
alright then well hey that’s uh that’s
it for that topic there um I do want to
move into one a little bit of sad news
guys uh famous actor if you’re a Trekkie
Rene Auberjonois who plays constable odo
did die this week he starred on the Star
Trek television series Deep Space nine
he died at 79 so it’s you know it’s a
sad to hear but he did have a storied
and very I guess you could say a very uh
he didn’t have a huge profile but for
those who didn’t know him III in
particularly loved watching him on Star
Trek and also Boston Legal he’s been a
fantastic character actor and it’s just
a little bit of sad news for those of us
who enjoy the actor yeah his face is
very memorable definitely member very
well from Deep Space nine just being his
picture I was like what said yeah
especially under all that makeup – I
mean his face is still ya knows about
and his voice yeah oh yeah absolutely
how long man that was a long time ago
yeah I really almost 80 Wow yeah we’ll
move forward out from that topic guys
I’m into some more sensational news this
is gonna get a little political a little
heated so guys make sure to put your
oven mitts on because we’re about to get
burned honey boy director Alma Alma
Horrell on the Golden Globes she says
they have no awareness at all and this
is a kind of moving in line with a
stream of headlines we’ve seen from
other female directors or other female
individuals in the industry
let most recently was a little is abit
banks with her comments for Charlie’s
Angels because it absolutely bombed and
flopped and she just basically blamed it
on oh well yeah that movie just sucked
like shut up
people weren’t awoke enough to see this
they weren’t ready for an all-female led
action movie and I’m just like bitch
have you seen a later battle angel have
you seen aliens yeah we could go on but
it’s just so anyhow al mahalla you know
apparently she’s you know dis concerned
with getting snubbed with the Golden
Globe and the SAG Award nominations that
were released this week because her film
honey boy which is absolutely fantastic
it’s getting critical praise all across
the board so it’s not like her comments
are with merit because if you’re getting
this huge amount of critical base from
the fan base and critic pool on large
and you have this institutional body of
that has an award ceremony that doesn’t
honor your film in particular doesn’t
mean that the society or the zeitgeist
of society is you know on the offensive
against female directors
yeah I don’t I don’t really Elizabeth
Banks thinks is just like whoa – we
called that – I was like watch it’s good
because it’s like shit and I’m gonna be
like well you hate women okay I don’t
see it yeah I mean it’s I don’t it’s too
bad to see I like how they mentioned
that there should be a female category
for screenwriters as well as male kind
of separate it I think that’s
understandable I’m surprised there isn’t
but you know I guess we’re not there yet
well just I’m being more include
so I don’t think it’s we need to I mean
it’s tough it’s hard to say honestly
it’s I can understand that argument for
that but here’s where I take issue with
that and this is kind of in tandem with
the issue of like okay so then if we’re
gonna do that why don’t we have like
best black screenwriter best Indian
screenwriter like excuse the thing we
already have a Best Actor Best Actor
Award but then you can start writing
everything into subcategories based off
your ethnicity sexuality that’s like
known in an Internet I know of course
well I’m just saying like because they
have those categories already just
making throughout rather than of course
you can add more but that’s not I’m just
saying because they already have
categories elsewhere make all of it the
same all their categories similar that’s
all oh yeah I get it
I mostly could do that too but that’s
that’s kind of more nuanced right yeah I
understand your argument at that point
yeah but and it’s it’s just gonna cause
too much bifurcation too many issues
it’s just like no no no let’s just let’s
just you know honor the best of the best
and even though I mean we’re just do
actors and actresses I mean I don’t like
that distinction either I think it’s
just you’re an actor male or female
right you know but yeah is what it is I
want to move on to our next topic
actually which ties right into this
regarding the Golden Globe nominations
that are recently revealed this week did
you happen to see anything that stood
out to you there Lawrence there’s a lot
to go through there yeah blood
um no hmm did why don’t you tell me some
of yours that you liked cuz betting saw
a lot more of these I’m sorry what was
that did you say saw was one of them no
no no I’m saying like give me give me
some of the ones that you I didn’t
remember to know there would be good
okay okay right um well you know for um
yeah Chernobyl was one of them foss foss
Verdun which I’ve been dying to see it’s
starring Sam Rockwell I’m glad to see it
is getting praised because it does look
absolutely fantastic
those were two in particular
the Chernobyl and phosphor and the other
ones I unfortunately just for television
I haven’t had time to go see these films
yet I’m sorry these shows you ya know
there’s a lot of nominated stuff that
I’m just like I haven’t really had a
chance to see these right Noble was
great and it’s nominated like everywhere
yeah not thing that was an excellent
show yeah
but for the film’s though I had no
surprises with what they chose of course
I have my own personal preference but
let’s go over the list there’s once upon
a time in Hollywood
Jojo rat really yeah yeah yeah of course
of course now I would knives out is
there you’ve got Rocket Man and actually
surprisingly dolomite is my name that
come out or yeah it’s been out for at
least a month or two now oh it’s right
that is it surprising list yeah yeah oh
and that’s surprising and not surprising
so these are musical or comedy FK I see
usually um how does once upon a time in
Hollywood fit into that category uh yeah
there are some questionable things to
hell but it’s like yeah I think there
was one that was very questionable with
regards to uh was it best stunt oh yeah
I think like the Irishman was nominated
for like best stunt work and it’s like
why Robert De Niro Joe Pesci like
they’re aging and they’re like late 70s
like yeah geriatric lean walking around
my words it’s not work here well just
getting up off your cane like yeah look
at that look at how insane the stunts
are no this is yeah is interesting I
feel like I really need to watch them my
exam now and never had a chance I really
want to watch ginger rabbit but they
never had it here you have to rather
wait a second into things yeah I know
it’s a fun time in Hollywood didn’t
leave a huge impression on me although I
liked it I didn’t think it was like oh
my god this is the best movie I’ve seen
all year you know right yeah the let’s
move the Motion Picture Drama section I
think a lot of these are fair 19:17 to
that no it’s a coming out man yeah it
sounds like LT had some deters yet right
yeah you see I didn’t have super high
expectations for that one I it looked
like this could also be very mediocre
what 1917 yeah get out you didn’t have
high expectations let’s start let’s
first of all director of Skyfall
fantastic film love his direction yeah
Benedict Cumberbatch all right and I
just don’t get that impression from the
trailer that like I feel like the best
scenes are in the trailer type movie uh
Roger Deakins director of photography
honestly I’m jaded I think I’m jaded
because there’s so many movies that come
out where it’s like the trailer is over
the top and then the movie just sucks I
can understand that unless shit yeah
however we are we are in Oscar seasons
now nomination season so all these films
I mean this just been fantastic film
unlike in the beginning of the year
where we’re like yeah having that
concern like okay this is being released
in March like how good of the film is
gonna be like the end of the year man
it’s just that’s where they’re just
aiming for them Awards you know yeah
yeah yeah a woman picture foreign
language we have the farewell in there
nice yeah yeah that one I didn’t get a
chance to man I’m very very good
did you watch anything else on this list
which one are we looking at in
particular this is before the best
motion picture foreign language huh what
do we have there if you don’t mind tell
me farewell
pain and glory portrait of a lady on
fire parasite and limbs wrong uh
parasite and oh my god do you that’s a
fantastic list holy shit yeah it’s
pretty good all of it wanna watch
parasite parasite I saw amazing worth
the praise yeah a nice portrait of a
lady on fire I’m seeing this week pain
and glory I’m trying to find out where I
can see it I don’t know if it’s still
having a theatrical run yeah and then
lame is Rob that’s the French film not
the musical this is actually basically
the equivalent of a French version of
training day and black clansmen and
actually it’s water house like a modern
film yeah basically it’s about police
brutality in France because France has a
large like most of Europe has a larger
Muslim and
what’s the word when you leave a country
and you’re trying to seek asylum oh not
immigrants but they’re oh do not do to
this know you’re close yeah what is it
I’m thinking Fugees refugees refugees
you know I can
Fuji’s are stuck in my head because I’ve
been watching children on repeat and
they call the refugees Fugees but yeah
I’ll go ahead a friends in huge refugee
population and Muslim populations so
that of course they are at the forefront
of getting police abuse and this is what
the film details basically one officer
in particular so it looks stunning um I
was like Queen and slim before for
France I’m sad to see is not on this
list as I’ve seen yet maybe I missed it
which one like nominated I mean all
these out of all these lists there’s no
Queen and slimmer any mention oh yeah
yeah that’s they were snubbed
quote-unquote snubbed which one director
of that film did make some comments on
that as well same as Omaha rel and her
comments I don’t think there’s any merit
with these comments that these
filmmakers are making because of course
both these firms are getting praised
highly but whether or not they’re at the
creme de la creme to get these awards is
debatable honestly yeah there’s there’s
really well we’ve covered that already
yeah yeah yeah yeah all right well no
sorry I was just looking to see if
there’s anything else on these other
lists there’s a lot to go through here
there is serious yeah they just got
animated stuff okay yeah I think that’s
good we think we can move on yeah okay
let’s move forward then guys but before
we do
excited about this one acura movie is
officially removed from the Warner
Brothers release slates now this was
followed by reports that it was going to
be delayed indefinitely because the
title director who was attached to this
project and I was so excited to see this
because this has been stuck in
development hell much like ghost in the
shell’ right here for over 20 years it’s
gone through so many hands most well
most recently Tacoma TT was attached to
direct this film as we all know he’s
directing a Thor love and thunder now so
you can imagine he’s got his his slate
filled to the brim at the moment yeah
but yeah it’s official this just came
out I think about 20 hours ago it’s
officially it’s off the release late
date so right back to square one who
knows where it may go after this with
regards to which director is gonna be
attached to as screenwriters even the
production company who knows because
initially I believe it was either go6
Joseph gordon-levitt or Lena not
Leonardo DiCaprio they actually had the
rights or were in production for this
film and somehow it’s exchanged hands
over time and you know most recently
with Tyco with TD and Warner Brothers to
to produce this but yeah that’s sad news
man cuz yeah you’re looking forward to
this I’m not in tune with this one’s no
range really have you seen the original
on a man no no not huge and there’s a
lot of enemies likewise I’m very select
few but most most notably these are
original enemies that really just
brought anime to America like Akira
ghost in the shell’ and Ninja Scroll
wicked City Mac Ross like gotcha man all
those things and they were like an
animated Home Video VHS like those are
the films that are near and dear to my
heart but uh yeah yeah it’s it’s a sad
story the season so yeah
but you know on the flip side I I do I
would rather much rather have them do
this film justice do it the right way
take as much time as you need then rush
through with it and destroy the IP like
they did with ghost in the shell which
was just not only a financial
stinker but critically pan as well and
this guy here just hated it good things
I didn’t even watch her because I heard
such bad thing you’re indeed alright
guys well before we move forward I just
want to remind you
can you buzz
Oh grandpa oh yeah he loves it buzzes
and fatalities mortal collied on this
oh hell yeah but the film it finally
it’s dude it wrapped up filming it has a
2021 release date it’s real it’s coming
it’s in post-production now so Lawrence
I mean why don’t you just take this away
in post-production
a year almost a year ahead of schedule
like I feel like they’re ahead of
schedule door filming anyways I’m super
excited for this because they
specifically said that they are going to
make this film like the games they’re
not gonna like you know this isn’t give
me some g-rated shit like they’re going
all out they want to be true to the
films I wanna be violent like the films
just super exciting stuff haven’t really
had a Mortal Kombat movie like that so
and we hadn’t worked on the movie in a
very long time how do you how do you
feel about all those stuff dude I I’m
stoked bro I’m really curious though I’m
I’m cautiously optimistic we’ve got a
lot okay so the James Wan is producing I
wish he was directing but he is
producing so at least we know we will
have his invisible hands you know kind
of navigating the director who is a
first-time director for the film
we got a first-time screenwriter and
Bible obviously and let me specify when
I say first time it’s not like this is
the first time they’ve ever written
anything or directly anything but in
terms of feature-length productions this
is their first time so it’s always
always a concern how there can be good
and bad in that I mean look at the the
guys who me that’s relatively new to the
scene so oh yeah and absolutely I mean
look at a first-time director and I just
maybe you could say writer Jordan Peele
came out of the gates with us oh he came
out swinging yeah yeah I get out right
that was amazing I was like oh you can
do that
bomb you know um you know you just you
just never know these days yeah but I
feel like you can get a lot of good
stuff out of new
directors because they’re very ambitious
if they’re if they are if they’re very
ambitious they can read some stuff
that’s like very fresh very unique very
new so I’m always you know it’s looking
that stuff you know and this is true but
I mean I’ll now give you a counterpoint
just to play devil’s advocate sure
first-time director and this is gonna
blow your balls off man first-time
director Dave Filoni not even doing a
feature-length film doing the with two
episodes of the mandalorian which is the
first episode and your favorite if you
haven’t seen it yet episode 5 the by far
the worst episodes of the mandalorian
thus far really the worst or just five
was the worst one in five I mean I guess
I let me specify five was one of the
worst undoubtedly one was something good
enough but you could see issues because
Dave Filoni he’s not a he’s known at a
live action director he’s an animated
director so you could see he had issues
with pacing and some of the dialogue and
all the setups and all this stuff yeah
so my counterpoint through that see that
I mean honestly comparing five to
something six I don’t have you seen it
six was really good oh yeah my deep will
only had nothing to do with that though
yeah I know no I’m just saying you
compare five just you’re like well
there’s about yeah I have not seen six I
will watch it today though okay dude
it’s good it’s good alright five Oh what
it’s steeper though right yeah don’t
watch the middle baby here what do you
do i walker comic relief opening scene
on five is great though that was great
but then they had the brunette like I
could bring you in cold or bring it in
warm he’s like that’s my line he was
basically winking at the camera that’s
my line stupid all right so yeah but no
with regard to mortal kombat ah dude I
am I’m loving part of the casting I know
Hideyuki Sanada he is I think playing
scorpion or sub-zero and I do
Hideyuki Sanada fantastic in the Last
Samurai loved him as Dogon and lost
anywhere I see this
I just I just I’m captivated by his
presence on screen now I don’t recall if
this was confirmed or if this is just a
or just plain old bull gisle but I
thought I read somewhere that Chris
Pratt was going to be playing Johnny
Cage Pratt yeah really yeah and you know
kind of I was kind of jealous but I was
like how’s this sick looking they have I
don’t know if you scroll to the bottom
they have every character side by side
with the actor I don’t know I did not
yeah it’s it’s at the if you scroll past
the Twitter post there is a picture of
Mortal Kombat okay and below has images
of the all actors said by Senator okay
pretty good look good spicy all right
well let’s move forward from this topic
man we’ve got some some more brilliant
action related news because John wick
and matrix four star Keanu Reeves is
scheduled to release and star in a film
on the same freakin day for a friend
both on their fourth film so let’s just
call it national Keanu Reeves day guys
that wasn’t the case though because then
yeah like it says in not I mean count
Ariza like yeah come come to Daddy but
alright yeah obviously I mean what do
you think is how do you think it’s gonna
play out what are your thoughts first of
all I don’t I don’t know like I feel
like they might end up it might end up
hurting like if both if each film it
released individually like why would you
want to compete to versus each other
like have them individually at both I
think you’re better from it I don’t know
but that’s my act that’s what I’m
thinking like definitely do better if
they were released individually look
different new year well they are being
released individually but simultaneously
know yeah I know that like different
different times of the year like okay I
wasn’t sure if you thought there gonna
be like a matrix for John wick for
mashup no no no that’s I mean like the
let’s go very excited to see what matrix
4 looks like though I have been I feel
like start I feel like that no no that
series is like Star Wars now or it’s
like it had its run great I mean I think
2 & 3 we’re not as good as one it was
still a pretty good series and I’m
really curious to see where they’re
gonna take it going wow dude
hi I’m honestly look you could go in a
great direction or a bad you know yeah I
I’m honestly I’m inclined to think that
it’s gonna go in a great fantastic
direction because not only is lineup
which asked you who is the sole director
on this Lara is not going to be there
but one on the chest Lana Wachowski geez
that’s a mouthful she’s gonna be
directing writing this is a property
that this is what the one that made them
they’re intimately familiar with the
source material oh yeah that’s so much
time since that last film came out to
really develop a story and so much more
experience like in terms of developing a
narrative working with newer
technologies and film directing because
we’ve had you’ve seen like you’ve seen
sprinkles of this magical filmmaking
that these directors are absolutely
capable of let me start it off first off
with one of my favorite films of all
time it is an underrated masterpiece
speed racer is absolutely fucking
phenomenal man visually yeah story-wise
the adaptation bringing something as
stupid and like without any narrative
story weight as speed racer and making
it their own absolutely incredible the
world-building building in the film
everything a class then you have an
adaptation for Cloud Atlas adapted from
the novel another fantastic adaptation I
love that film I thought it was just I
did like Cloud Atlas I feel like there
are it’s the old experience but I think
the good stuff in that film is pretty
good yeah it wasn’t a perfect film you
know absolutely but you have to hand it
to them for trying to narrow it weave a
narrative between what for multiple
timelines with the same actors playing
different kids like a show but like
instead of a show yeah you’re watching
this it’s like a lot of episodes it
feels like feels like each each section
of the film is like an episode
you know I’m saying right no any and
then I have even more confidence in the
fact for them to expertly delve between
such properties and frustrating
narratives as Cloud Atlas was because
incentive sense8 they did that
brilliantly with the camerawork and all
what eight different actors in eight
different parts of the world with eight
different stories and bring them all
together on screen an ensemble action
set piece it was just like nothing I’ve
ever seen before and they had to limit
their limit their storytelling with just
you know within within the camera so I’m
Neverland still hurts still hurts which
was he no I’m saying it’s over it’s a
sense a like cancel I know yes still
hurts but you know what thank God
listen they don’t hurt us and you at
least kind of tried to close out the
story they did with the last movie thank
God but that aside you know I’m to bring
it bring it back in with the matrix for
I have high confidence with everything
I’ve just said that yeah she’s gonna
knock it out of the park and the gasping
– have you seen the casting no I would
see anything on matrix for sure that
these are gonna be released on the same
day um but also I’m just excited to see
like what make you play tricks it’s been
a while it’s been a hot minute since the
Matrix movie came out yeah yeah yeah I’m
sure see what a matrix form would look
like in modern context too so yeah oh
all right but yeah you know I think that
one of these has to move if one of them
has to move I’m gonna say it’s John wick
for sorry bro John wick is great but
matrix really not only is a box-office
success but it penetrated some kind of
like the cultural membrane and it’s just
a part of culture now yeah it’s more
memorable yeah yeah it’s a more member
John wick is good but it’s not I don’t
think John wick in like 10 years just so
many people are gonna look back and be
like that was the best series ever like
it didn’t it did break that much ground
you know like the series doesn’t break
do that much new it’s just a good action
movie yeah as you know the matrix it’s
like it is breaking it when it came out
and even that hope with it’s gonna break
a lot of new ground it’s a very unique
story very has a lot of particulars to
connect Star Wars it has a lot
stuff that you don’t see anywhere else
you know it’s very very good
so yeah agreed mm-hmm all right well
yeah man we’re both excited for that so
you know thanks to nipple now maybe
we’ll get me a stranger kids in there
too kids this is the stranger things kid
welcome welcome some more throw them in
a matrix film who knows yeah guys make
sure remember
hey Bob Iger CEO of Disney is planning
to meet with fee megalomaniac mr. what
mr. Martin Scorsese over his marvel
comments oh Jesus Christ his spicy
this story’s not dying man I know I know
man what’s going on words are nasty and
not fair people are making movies he
says oh dude I have I have a I have a
hot take on this you know
let’s look before you even start like
let’s not forget Martin Scorsese is one
of the greatest filmmakers of all time
he he does have any certain perspective
and we should all come to appreciate
that but with that being said I can
never value or validate or respect the
opinion of someone who’s never and
admittedly so never seen any of the
Marvel films maybe except for one I
think he said he watched Captain America
the First Avenger for him to make a
blanket statement as derogatory Dreiling
as that like that just I don’t yeah yeah
do that you haven’t even seen what
you’re talking about
I understand where he’s coming from my
age just has a lot of animosity watching
but like you can’t make comments on them
but actually seeing them yourself you
see some of them you know you can’t
you’re just not qualified to comment on
people aren’t gonna take you seriously
if you’re like I’ve never seen them but
the shit yeah time to watch them as
painful as it may be or at least some of
them and just say the few that I saw I
did not like because of X & Y you know
right just weird yeah it’s weird but you
know what’s even weirder is the fact
that they’re both meeting up to talk
about this and who knows what else I
don’t know if this is one big PR game
and we’re gonna have yeah yeah the
newest Marvel film directed by Martin
Scorsese and it’s all just some dark
super dark Marvel taxi driver and
spider-man yeah yeah interesting yeah I
just I thought yeah and like this story
was dead like a month ago and then he
wrote like a New York Times op-ed
peace came back it came back to the
surface of the news headlines and then
I’m like all right well three three or
two weeks ago I’m like are I the story’s
dead now and then boom here we are again
like Bob Iger Martin Scorsese meetin up
ah strange I think they’re just milking
it their mocha because everyone’s got
their eyes on this stuff right now hey I
think so I mean I say this in jest about
the whole like PR thing being played up
but yeah it does like big one person to
wonder like seriously this is still
going on and now you’re meeting up I
feel like something is happening behind
the scenes we might get something tasty
hopefully though let’s talk about this
but I also have a deal for you right
right yeah precisely oh yeah okay well
you know what um I think that that’s a
good point for us to end on that’s
really actually there’s one more that I
think we skimmed over you can correct me
if I’m wrong we never talked about the
Power Rangers reboot ooh you know what
we totally did skim over that so let’s
go back to that headline you know what
we’ll just we’ll just dip our toes into
this one I did skim over it and that’s
because I didn’t make a title graphic
for it so oh I see I’ve got the home
alone reboot headline up right now but
yes guys Wow
here we are there confirmed a Power
Rangers reboot of the reboot is
happening again if you all talk about
this one because I thought the very
mediocre and I’m a big power interest
fan as a kid growing up I think a lot of
people during my generation were enemies
baby’s teeth they’re just gonna keep
rebooting it until they’re like well
until that one that’s like watchable
yeah I’m not really surprised at the
rebooting I I guess I mean I’m I knew
they were gonna have another not I’m
kind of surprised they’re just rebooting
it I thought maybe they’re gonna do
something else I don’t want this series
these Power Rangers to turn into like
the reboot child where they just reboot
at seven times until they get it right
Oh kinda don’t know how to feel about
this one you know this is like near and
dear to my heart so Manju right I don’t
know how to feel about it either I’m not
I’ll say that because like he said the
the most recent reboot was here a film
actually there was a film right Ivan
news that was the original film back in
late 98 well did we have another reboot
besides that most recent one with Bryan
Cranston I don’t think so yeah we did it
right okay so that’s how they did films
was when they shows we keep that one
with those shows they released every now
and then but yeah it’s been a long time
and this is like this is kind of like
none of them had like a crazy theatrical
release so it’s like this is their word
that was their chance right and it was
kind of like hmm yeah I didn’t get the
finish to film honest I saw about half
of it I liked what I saw honestly I did
too I didn’t finish it because it wasn’t
that good oh really
I just I was pressed for time but I was
actually enjoying what I saw halfway
through I mean the film came yeah yeah I
mean it was it was yeah I don’t know
what I saw I was like yeah I agree with
you like it was cool initially and then
I was like okay where this is going and
stuff yeah well we’ll see I mean so this
the last well not the last but the only
I’m so used to saying because Studios
reboot franchises and properties so
often reflects me to say yeah the last
reboot or the most recent reboot where
in this case this is only the second
reboot so but the first reboot the only
reboot thus far that we’ve seen on
screen okay tongue twister don’t Jesus
that film was more of a darker has a
darker like young adults kind of edgy
kind of scary right so we have this one
I think Saban is principally involved in
the production along side and I’ll touch
on this point later with Paramount
Pictures then that’s that’s concerning
I’ll explain why later
but Saban and Paramount are producing
this they’re going for more of a
light-hearted approach more in line with
what the original TV show was that’s
that I’m not sure if that’s a good thing
or a bad thing I’m inclined to me
neither at my age now yeah I think going
darker a little more young adults
approach like The Hunger Games was the
right way to go yeah because younger
generations now unless you’re trying to
you know capture the minds of the
younger audience now but do they even
care about Power Rangers if they even
know about them
you know that aside the fact that
paramount is the studio behind this
project is concerning for me as well
because as we all know paramount has not
had a good run of films most notably
again behind me this property ghost in
the shell’ one of my favorite films of
whatever mount responsible for it killed
it I think Star Trek as well crap and
most recently uh the most the biggest
box-office blunder Gemini man paramount
so you know paramount can’t catch a
break and I’m like man I don’t think
this is a property you really want to be
investing in there was Gemini man
actually like a blunder like a huge
blunder Oh big time
big time I thought the movie was like it
was okay critically yeah but box office
yeah definitely they law a couple
hundred miles crazy because it’s uh
because Will Smith you know like when
does that happen with the Will Smith
film precisely now and Angley two
Academy award-winning director and actor
but it was just a crap story so the
story was not interesting at all is yeah
very ok well there’s nothing special
it’s film yeah so yeah that’s a that’s
what my thoughts on it man anything else
you want to add to that before we close
out the broadcast here for a weekly
weekender well I think that’s everything
there’s not much to say here that seeing
like Power Rangers rebooted through
their times before they get it right but
you know but hopefully they do it right
this time
what can I say right right ok guys
smelled like fried grandpa instead of
grand performance delicious
with that guys we want to thank you so
much for tuning in make sure to follow
us on social media